Leaked Image Hints Towards FitBit Force Relaunch Later This Year

In January, reports started to surface suggesting that people who purchased the FitBit Force were having an allergic reaction to the material used in the band. Even though these reports only constituted 1.7% of the customer base, FitBit issued a recall for the device and offered refunds for anyone affected by it. They have not been on sale since, but @evleaks seems to have found evidence that they are working on getting it back out there.  (more…)

Fitbit Force Sales Stopped and Recall Issued Because 1.7% of Users Reported Skin Irritation

Back in January, reports of the Fitbit Force activity tracker causing nasty skin irritation began to surface, causing the company to issue an apology and start an investigation into a potentially harmful threat. That investigation is now complete, and Fitbit has decided it will stop selling the product and issue a voluntary recall. Their investigation showed that only 1.7% of Force users reported any sort of skin irritation while wearing the product, but since they “care about every one of” their customers, they felt the need to take further action.   (more…)

Fitbit Unveils Force, the Newest Watch to Help Track Your Activity and Sleep

Fitbit Force

Fitbit unveiled the newest product in the company’s fitness lineup this morning, the Force watch. The device has a sleek, minimal look to it, letting users track their daily activities, while also tracking sleep cycles. The watch automatically syncs to the the manager application running on your device, which then syncs to the online tools Fitbit provides. This includes trackers for calories, steps taken, floors conquered, and a lot more. With tracking comes competition, so competing against your friends that also have a Force is a great way to motivate yourself to get out there and stay healthy.  (more…)