Fitbit Acquires Coin’s Wearable Payments Platform, Will be Used in Future Products

This morning, Fitbit announced its acquisition of the wearable payments platform from Coin, the payments startup that released a universal credit card replacement. According to Fitbit and Coin, the acquisition will include, “key personnel and intellectual property specific to Coin’s wearables payment platform.”

Undoubtedly, Fitbit will use this purchase to create wearable devices that feature Coin’s technology, allowing users to not only track their steps, but to make purchases at supported retailers. As reported by Engadget, Fitbit previously mentioned that there are no plans to release such a device in 2016, but the door has been left wide open for a release in 2017.  (more…)

Question of the Day: Do You Own a Fitness Band, Tracker, or Wearable?

Yesterday, Fitbit reported earnings that beat analysts expectations while announcing that the wearable company sold close to 5 million devices. Sure, their stock is getting hammered today because their outlook isn’t great, but with those kinds of sales figures, it’s clear that people are still very much interested in tracking fitness, steps, running, sleep, etc. So, because we haven’t ever asked this question, it’s time to ask if any of you own or plan to own a fitness tracker of some kind.  (more…)

Deal: Grab a Fitbit Flex for Just $69.99

Still haven’t taken on a fitness tracker to help give you the motivation needed to hit new health goals? They can be useful, for sure. I’ve worn one for years to at least give me an idea as to where I am in terms of steps, general activity, and sleep on a daily basis. Part of me is hoping that at some point in the future, all of the data I’ve accumulated will be useful in some way at making me healthier when I’m old as dirt.

Oh, I also really love them because they are awesome at waking you in the morning as a silent alarm. Seriously, there is no better way to wake up than by killing your annoying, beeping alarm clock and instead replacing it with tiny wrist vibrations.

Over on the DL Deals store, we are currently selling a Fitbit Flex, one of the most popular fitness and sleep trackers on the planet. This is a “refurbished” model, but at $69.99, you are looking at a solid $20 discount over new ones on Amazon.

Deal Link  (more…)

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Buy an HTC One (M8) at AT&T, Save $50 on FitBit One or Flex

Starting today, if you pick up a One (M8) from HTC at an AT&T retail location, you could walk away with either a FitBit One or FitBit Flex for $50 off of its suggested retail price. Apparently, AT&T is the only carrier to pre-install the FitBit app as bloatware on its version of the One (M8), a fact we were unaware of.

Without the $50 discount, both FitBit devices retail for $99, so bringing them to $49 sounds like quite the bargain.  (more…)

Leaked Image Hints Towards FitBit Force Relaunch Later This Year

In January, reports started to surface suggesting that people who purchased the FitBit Force were having an allergic reaction to the material used in the band. Even though these reports only constituted 1.7% of the customer base, FitBit issued a recall for the device and offered refunds for anyone affected by it. They have not been on sale since, but @evleaks seems to have found evidence that they are working on getting it back out there.  (more…)

Latest Fitbit Update Adds MobileTrack and BlinkFeed Badges for “All New HTC One”

So, Fitbit rolled out an update today for its Android app. You now have a widget for your activity goal, design updates, and support for simplified and traditional Chinese. But that’s not the story here — looking through the update’s changelog, we also have “Adds MobileTrack for All New HTC One” and “Adds ability to view badges in BlinkFeed for HTC devices running Sense 6.0+.” What does this mean? (more…)

Fitbit Force Sales Stopped and Recall Issued Because 1.7% of Users Reported Skin Irritation

Back in January, reports of the Fitbit Force activity tracker causing nasty skin irritation began to surface, causing the company to issue an apology and start an investigation into a potentially harmful threat. That investigation is now complete, and Fitbit has decided it will stop selling the product and issue a voluntary recall. Their investigation showed that only 1.7% of Force users reported any sort of skin irritation while wearing the product, but since they “care about every one of” their customers, they felt the need to take further action.   (more…)