Pebble Watches Should Work Through 2017

Now that Fitbit has purchased dying wearable maker Pebble, likely in order to shut them down, Pebble owners are probably wondering how much longer their smartwatches have before Fitbit cuts the cord on the back-end. Pebble initially offered some reassurance, noting that Pebble devices will continue to work for now, but that their service quality “may be reduced in the future.” Today, thanks to a blog post on the Pebble developers forum, we now have a clearer timeframe for when all will come crashing down.  (more…)

Pebble is Officially Joining Fitbit and There is a Lot to Take In, Pebble Owners

Last week, word snuck out suggesting that Pebble was joining Fitbit for around $40 million. While we don’t have official numbers just yet, the acquisition is indeed official and Pebble will shutdown as some of their team members and technology make their way over to the wearable king. If you are a Pebble owner or had a pre-order in on future products, you’ll want to read along as there are tons of things happening here.  (more…)

Report: Fitbit Buying Pebble for a Cool $40 Million

Pebble, darling of Kickstarter and lover of e-paper, will be acquired by Fitbit, according to a report out of The Information. Fitbit responded by saying that they “don’t comment on rumors or speculation,” which was followed by a Tweet from Pebble this morning (now deleted) that included the shruggy emoji. I think it’s safe to assume that this deal is going down and will be announced before long.  (more…)

Fitbit Intros Charge 2 and Flex 2 Fitness Trackers, Pre-Sale Starts Today

Fitbit introduced two updated fitness tracking devices this morning, the Charge 2 and Flex 2. The Charge 2, a sequel to Fitbit’s successful Charge HR, features updated tracking data, as well as an enlarged display and interchangeable bands. The Flex 2, a follow-up to the Fitbit Flex, brings a redesigned look, swim-proof design with swim tracking and a completely automatic exercise tracking experience.  (more…)

Fitbit Acquires Coin’s Wearable Payments Platform, Will be Used in Future Products

This morning, Fitbit announced its acquisition of the wearable payments platform from Coin, the payments startup that released a universal credit card replacement. According to Fitbit and Coin, the acquisition will include, “key personnel and intellectual property specific to Coin’s wearables payment platform.”

Undoubtedly, Fitbit will use this purchase to create wearable devices that feature Coin’s technology, allowing users to not only track their steps, but to make purchases at supported retailers. As reported by Engadget, Fitbit previously mentioned that there are no plans to release such a device in 2016, but the door has been left wide open for a release in 2017.  (more…)

Question of the Day: Do You Own a Fitness Band, Tracker, or Wearable?

Yesterday, Fitbit reported earnings that beat analysts expectations while announcing that the wearable company sold close to 5 million devices. Sure, their stock is getting hammered today because their outlook isn’t great, but with those kinds of sales figures, it’s clear that people are still very much interested in tracking fitness, steps, running, sleep, etc. So, because we haven’t ever asked this question, it’s time to ask if any of you own or plan to own a fitness tracker of some kind.  (more…)

Deal: Grab a Fitbit Flex for Just $69.99

Still haven’t taken on a fitness tracker to help give you the motivation needed to hit new health goals? They can be useful, for sure. I’ve worn one for years to at least give me an idea as to where I am in terms of steps, general activity, and sleep on a daily basis. Part of me is hoping that at some point in the future, all of the data I’ve accumulated will be useful in some way at making me healthier when I’m old as dirt.

Oh, I also really love them because they are awesome at waking you in the morning as a silent alarm. Seriously, there is no better way to wake up than by killing your annoying, beeping alarm clock and instead replacing it with tiny wrist vibrations.

Over on the DL Deals store, we are currently selling a Fitbit Flex, one of the most popular fitness and sleep trackers on the planet. This is a “refurbished” model, but at $69.99, you are looking at a solid $20 discount over new ones on Amazon.

Deal Link  (more…)

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