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Google Maps 8.0.0 Update Brings More Info to Navigation, Offline Maps Management, Transit Walking Times, More

Google Maps is seeing an update today (v8.0.0), one that Google seems proud enough of to give us a changelog for already.

Thanks to the update, you will now see more information during turn-by-turn navigation, like distance, arrival time, and quick access to alternate routes. You will be able to save and manage offline maps in a custom list for when you are traveling, see total walking time in transit directions, and be able to launch Google Maps if you have Uber installed. Oh, they also tossed in an option to see “Places to review” for previously searched-for place if signed-in.

The update is slowly rolling out as build 8.0.0. We will try to get a download for you. Edit: Download below.

  • Turn-by-turn navigation now displays distance, arrival time, and quick access to alternate routes
  • Save and manage offline maps in a custom list for when you’re traveling or have a slow connection
  • Transit results now display total walking time of your trip and the next scheduled bus or train
  • Sign in to see your “Places to review” list from recently saved or searched-for places
  • If you have the Uber app installed, open it right from Google Maps when comparing route options
  • Bug fixes

Play Link | Download [2] (apk)

Update:  Google posted additional details about the 8.0.0 update to their LatLong blog. Here are the major points –

  • Lane guidance:  The Google Maps app now shows you which lane to stay in or move to so you’ll never find yourself driving for miles down the wrong road. You’ll also have easy access to alternate routes while you’re navigating, so you can choose the best drive for you. Lane guidance is available throughout the US, and in parts of Canada and Japan.
  • Offline maps:  Before setting off on your next vacation, hike, or roadtrip, search for an area and tap on its place info sheet, then when available, you can select “Save map to use offline,” and give your map a custom name, like “Toronto Vacation.” To find your offline maps, sign-in, tap the profile icon next to the search box in the top right corner, and scroll to see “Toronto Vacation” and other saved maps. 
  • Places filters:  With new filters, you can browse through restaurants, bars and hotels by opening hours, rating, price, and more—where available—to find just what you’re looking for, right when you need it.
  • Uber connection:  Frequent Uber rider? If you have the Uber app installed, you can now compare your ride with transit and walking directions right from Google Maps in some cities. And if you choose the Uber option, you’ll jump right into the Uber app with just one click.
  • Better transit info:  With more than a million public transit stops on Google Maps, you’ll get reliable information to help you get where you’re going. Next time you’re in Chicago, search for directions to Lincoln Park Zoo, tap the train icon, and select “Depart at” to choose the time and day you want to leave—or even “last train home” for those night owls—so you get the most accurate transit information for your needs.
  • Favorite places:  See places you’ve saved on Google Maps across all your devices when you’re signed in. And if you find a place you want to save on the go, search for the location you’re interested in, tap on the place card, and hit the star icon to save the location for later. 
  • More Street View:  Search for your ideal destination—anywhere from the Gateway Arch to the Taj Mahal—then tap on the place card to dive into Street View where available. You might even get a peek inside some hotels, restaurants, and more.

Navigation with Lane GuidanceLocal Search FiltersOffline MapsTransit DirectionsStreet View

Cheers Moosa, Gregg, Derek, Nathaniel, Mark, and Dave!
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  • john

    Multiple destinations 🙂

  • Sway

    Is anyone else having issues with it changing the route while you are driving. It keeps changing to routes that are insanely long.

  • 21chip

    How do you shut off the night vision? I can’t see the roads well with the blacked out map. Need to be able to disable at night. Any ideas google?

  • Higher_Ground

    I really don’t like the direction Google is taking the mobile maps app. I still think the browser version is excellent, but the mobile version seems to lack basic features while incorporating those that only appeal to people in a select few cities.

    Also, whilte it’s nice that they are integrating so much of maps into the rest of google, I don’t like that they almost require you to use the search feature now. It may be because I for whatever reason really like maps in general, but I enjoy actually using the map myself, not typing a query and a search button all the time. I also have a crappy connection, so the less back and forth I need to do with the maps server the better.

    Give me a way to measure distance. It was there years ago and they removed it. (I know there’s a scale bar). Give me the option to import KML files so when I’m planning that hike I can include actual waypoints and not just a satellite photo.

    I mean it’s great they’re doing so much with public transit, but I live hundreds of miles from the nearest light rail.

  • Bryan

    The lane guidance is already updated on the server side voice prompts. I used maps to navigate today and haven’t updated the app/UI yet. However, the voice instructions said “Use the right line to turn right” which is new. So the voice prompts will also tell you the lane to use.

  • Android Monster

    For people still missing the contacts search feature (click contact to navigate) please checkout the below app:


    A small attempt by me and my friend to bring back the feature 🙂

  • Travis Halfman

    Warning: Just installed the apk and got some visual corruption on N7 (2012). Will wait for official roll-out.

  • Tom Z

    Hopefully Version 8 is a major improvement over 7… I still rocking Version 6.14.4, because it’s better than 7, IMHO. I will have to give Version 8 a try!

  • BoFiS

    Ugh, why is Disqus broken today…anyway, does it let you view and pick alternate routes WHILE STILL NAVIGATING? Because that was one of the worst changes in Maps 7, and why I still use Maps 6 to this day even if my phone is running Kit Kat. Additionally it would be nice to have the zoom buttons as an option as they are a lot easier to use than pinching or dragging, especially with one hand.

    • Alex Hutchins

      I believe so, yes. Tried it today.

  • Adam Truelove

    Lane Guidance = awesome. Still needs speed limits and “Search Along Route”, then it’ll have all the functions I miss from my Garmin.

    • Bryan

      I agree, search along route is a feature that they really need to add to maps. I used that all of the time on my Garmin nuvi.

  • Pakmann2k

    Since day 1 with my OG droid I have been asking for multiple waypoints or destinations, no bueno. In 2002, my Realtor had this in his Toyota and I loved it. He plugged in addresses of 6 houses and the unit computed the fastest route to travel to all of them in a circuit. I just want to be able to leave work and plug in my daughter’s school and then to home and know when I will arrive at my final destination.

  • James Briano

    Uber integration? Well done, Google.

  • Raj Bhatt

    I have missed the quick alternate route feature so much. There are 4 routes I can take to work, and checking traffic on the in the morning and evening is awesome.

  • driving55

    I would like to edit the names of Saved places. Home and Work are ok, but if I save the address of a specialty parts store to visit again in a few months, i may not remember the name per the address. Am I doing it wrong?

    • Why not just star the actual business listing of the specialty parts store? If you do this, it will show up by name under Saved Places.

  • Bring back terrain view!

  • Raven

    8.0 is getting better, but although it looks nicer, it is still not as useful as 6.0. Bring back the simple +/- zoom buttons which are much easier to use when driving. Bring back the ability to change the name of a “Dropped Pin”. Bring back the distance measuring tool. Bring back the ability to load and navigate routes saved from My Tracks or created on the desktop app.

    • MH

      and measure from the labs

      • Raven

        That would be the “the distance measuring tool” I referred to above.

        • MH

          Totally missed it. oops.

          • Higher_Ground

            worth repeating until they add it back >:(

    • Adam Truelove

      The +/- zoom buttons were redundant and took up space. Mobile users are used to “pinch to zoom”, so there was no reason to keep them.

      • Raven

        Redundant, maybe. Took up space, no, plenty around the edge. No reason to keep them, definitely not. When the phone is in a dock and you are driving and just want to zoom in or out one level the one tap +/- was so much easier. With pinch to zoom (or worse, the stupid double tap up/down thing) in a dock I am always overshooting and correcting and just generally getting frustrated which isn’t good when you are driving.

        • sdcoiner76

          I agree with the taking up space. I use Google Nav on a daily basis for years now and I would hate it if the zoom buttons came back. The less clutter on the screen the better.

          • ScoobySnack

            Get a bigger phone.

      • ukoioku

        with so much lag, no one even bothers with using newer maps. Why did they remove the buttons before removing the lag?

      • hldc1

        Double-tap and drag is easier to use, and doesn’t require two hands. When holding your phone in your hand, double-tap with your thumb, and drag down to zoom in, and go upwards to zoom out. Super easy.

    • Tom Z

      I agree… I’m still running 6.14.4, because it is just easier to use while Navigating in the car. I will check out this new version 8…

      Bring back the simpler way to pick a new route, unless this is one of the fixes in version 8…

  • Alex Hutchins

    Am I the only one who is super excited about the lane guidance?

    • Bryan

      I miss this from my old Garmin Nuvi unit. I’m glad to have it back. When you’re traveling in a new place with confusing freeway interchanges, it’s nice to know which lane you need to be in ahead of time. Think Los Angeles during rush hour and you can’t easily/safely make lane changes at the last minute.
      Next they need to add speed limit info!
      Also, I want full screen immersive mode to get rid of the nav bars and notification bar so I don’t get burn in on my Moto X during a long trip.

  • duke69111

    How about bringing back My Maps?

    • nissmo66

      Yes please!!!

    • ilgoldst

      Yes Yes Yes!!!

  • cjlee89

    Let’s bring back where it tells you if the destination is on the left or right!

    • Alex Hutchins

      It still says right or left. Some businesses don’t have that into though.

  • jhlinka

    Liking the uber integration. Wonder how much Uber had to pay to get on there…

  • kriegaffe

    When i try to launch downloaded apk i get error “There was a problem parsing the package”. Download is complete, trief from second mirror and Unknown source option is on. Any help?

    • Tyson Atwood

      I got the same error at first. I’m assuming you are pushing a link to your phone. If you push the link from DL it takes you to the Mediafire download page. Go to that page first then push the “downlaod” link to your phone. You should get the full APK from there.

      • kriegaffe

        Tried that, didn’t worked. But I installed from official rollout and it’s all good now.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    I don’t get the offline maps thing from within the actual app. When making a long trip which goes through areas that likely won’t have service of any sort, how does one save the route/map for offline use?
    Do I really have to zoom in on each individual area and type “OK maps” ???

    • duke69111

      I’m work in Real Estate and just last Monday I cached an entire county for offline map viewing as two-thirds of the county are poor to no service. I had all of the available streets, roads, ect. with my properties outlined showing me where to drive. It was really helpful.

  • James_C_L

    I’m a little confused on how the alternate route works now? I just see a little box that shows “6 min faster, etc” . What happened to the 3 clearly labeled alternative routes?

    • sdcoiner76

      The three routes are still there where they were before.

  • WPN

    I miss being able to add a layer for “food” while navigating. Then you can just look ahead to see of any good food places.
    When they introduced waze i found that looking for high traffic got worse. Seemed like I had to be zoomed in at the right level for it to show me slow downs. Before the route would be green, yellow, or red. Also offline maps is very limited. You can’t navigate with offline maps or search for places in the offline map (with data turned off).

  • archercc

    Yes! Welcome back arrival time, I have missed you.

    • Hoff16

      It was always there, you just had to tap on the text at the bottom, whether that was distance, arrival time, or time remaining. It would cycle through those three.

      • archercc

        I could only get time and distance for some reason.

        • sdcoiner76

          Arrival time never left. Don’t know why you couldn’t get it but it was there. Strange

  • Jay Reynolds

    I’m getting a “there was a problem parsing the package” error every time I try to install either of the above linked files.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      If you have root, you might try uninstalling Maps, rebooting, and then trying to install the APK.

    • mmark27

      I usually get those if I am downloading the links directly on my phone. I have to download them on a computer and push them to my phone, then the apks from droid life work for me. No idea why that’s the case, probably the file hosting software links and all those faux links they throw in there.

  • renegad3

    nice, update. Like the added information.

  • Gnote 3 user

    I’m liking this new version. Everything’s bigger, lots of information without cluttering up the screen, easier to get to alternate routes.

  • TheDave1022

    How about bringing back Route Preview travel time. I normally use route preview when driving long distances and it would be nice if that bar on the bottom would stick so it shows arrival time, distance, etc.

    • renegad3

      it sticks on the top now when you go into a route preview.

      • TheDave1022

        Is alternative routes now route preview? I’m not in a car to try it out moving around, but it seems that way so far.


      When you’re navigating to a place, just tap on the bar at the bottom and the information changes to arrival time, time left in the trip, and miles left.

      • TheDave1022

        That didnt work for route preview. No longer the case in version 8. Clicking that bar (which now shows amount of time left in hours/minutes, miles to go, and ETA time of arrival), will show the route directions. The nice thing is the bar sticks in the “Route Preview” view, which seems to be now “Alternate routes” to zoom out

        • sdcoiner76

          When I am on navigation and look for alternative routes it shows my route and 2 others. At the bottom of the screen it shows something like 31 min and each other route has a label that says something like 4 min slower or Same ETA. If you don’t see that it is probably because the routes are so close together the pop up does not show. Zoom in a little and see if it shows up then.

  • coolsilver

    Still miss being able to search with navigation running in background as a passenger. Still much work needed for navigation UI. Still pisses me off when it is night, navigation ends and I am blinded as I pull into the lot or driveway at home.

  • DrBenji

    Please bring back the “update route” function in maps. Please.

  • T4rd

    Pffft… Google Maps..? Does anyone use this over Verizon Navigator..?! =p

    • BeejRich

      Dude, totally. I <3 Verizon Navigator!

    • tharealoc

      VZ Navigator was a lifesaver!…..that one time back in 2006

      • MattyB65

        Not even kidding, it really did save my life in 2006. Good times.

    • archercc

      And only $9 a month! What a steal!

  • Dan Lopez

    Have they incorporated anything from Waze yet? I keep using that?

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Accidents are shown along your route through Waze.. Idk if that’s new or not

    • jwildman16

      Yep. You can’t report anything, but the reports from Waze show up in gMaps. Your route will also now be automatically redirected due to traffic problems.

      • Dan Lopez

        Awesome. Thank you. Maybe I’ll try it out today. I haven’t used it in like a year or so.

    • j

      waze incidents are reported.. no reason to use waze IMO since all sourced info is displayed in maps.

      • andydrives2fast

        If everyone does this, where will all the reports come from then?

        Also, do police reports show on Google Maps yet or is it just accidents? I still use Waze for the police reports alone. In fact, I leave Waze running in the background to announce police and hazards and run Google Maps in the foreground for navigation

        • LionStone

          Think it’s just accidents and delays, haven’t seen any police reporting

    • Dean

      Not sure if Police are incorporated yet. Tough feature to beat.

  • MikeSaver

    TBH not sure why they ever got rid of alternate routes in the first place

    • jwildman16

      They didn’t get rid of alternate routes. When you search for directions, just swipe left on the pull-up tile at the bottom.

      • Raj Bhatt

        Well they did get rid of all alternate routes on one map. So glad it is back.

      • Pete Taylor

        They surely didn’t make that very easy to find, but thanks for letting us know how to do that.

        For clarification, when the route comes up at the BOTTOM, swipe on the route at the bottom and that’s where you can preview alternate routes.

  • I’m still not a fan of the navigation UI, the green on top makes it look old.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      i was hoping it would be updated

    • Adam Truelove

      That is intentional so it matches the color and style of roadway signs. Notice it’s not the old school Android green, but the roadway sign green.

  • PhxJay

    I wish that it would show your current speed and the posted speed limit like every single stand-alone GPS unit does. This one feature is what keeps me from using navitation & maps more especially when navigating downtown.

    • MettaWorldTroll
    • Hothfox

      One of the things my Garmin used to do was tell me the speed limit for the road I was travelling on, if it knew it. It was accurate 90% of the time. I would think Google would be able to do that.

      • Blue Sun

        When I was traveling in Scotland, my Garmin would tell me where the speed photo enforcement areas were too. The speed limit & photo enforcement notifications would be nice features.

      • morgan boyle

        yeah, street view is definitely reading those signs, they probably dont want to have liability if they are wrong.

        • Higher_Ground

          You can see most of them in at least one frame along the road, but the automatic censoring softward blurs a lot of highway signs. I wish it didn’t, as it would make my job a whole lot easier 🙂

      • antwonw

        Check out my comment above.

        • Hothfox

          Interesting, but not useful if it’s not actually in production.

      • Higher_Ground

        Speed limit is definitely a data field in Google Map Maker so I don’t see why they can’t at least include the verified ones, even if it would be rather sporadic coverage.

    • Mark Mann

      Or… Your car has a speedometer and there are speed limit signs every block or so…

      • Hothfox

        You say that, but pretty frequently I find myself in a suburban area with no clue if the speed limit is 30 or 45, and it’s been at least a mile with no posted sign.

        • Mark Mann

          So why not use what you’re taught, and figure that they can’t pull you over on surface streets for going too slow, and assume the slower of the two until you know for sure, in interstates why not drive 60 until you know for sure … Also, at least in the state of Iowa dot manual, they give general speed guidelines for the type of neighborhood… Follow those

          • Hothfox

            It’s a nice theory, but you tell me how well that works for you when you get several cars behind you tailgating because you’re doing 15 under because you don’t know what the speed limit is. Even if it’s posted at the lower limit, people are still pretty jerky in cities (usually because they’re late for something). I don’t know about you, but if I’m in an area I’m not familiar with, people driving too close to me is pretty stressful as I try to navigate using my GPS and not miss turns, etc.

            Obviously I agree that it’s not an OMGCRUCIAL function missing from maps, but it’s something “lesser” GPS units can provide, so I miss the ability.

    • antwonw

      Just so you know, and not many people do, this information such as seepd limit on the road you’re traveling, IS in the metadata code for most roads in America on Google Maps backend. My guess is that they will eventually, whenever that might be, put it into Google Maps for iOS and Android. Don’t believe me that the info is in the database? Check out the image below or head to Google Maps Maker.

    • Mr_Brady

      Ulysse Speedometer Pro has an “overlay” feature that will overlay speed, altitude and heading over apps. You can have a speedometer in Google Maps with this. It even has a speed warning feature based on the speed limit for the road you’re on.


  • Marc

    I am really hoping Nokia Maps will come to Android. Still think it’s the best navigation suite for mobile devices.

  • KingofPing

    The offline features should make some folks pretty happy.

    • j

      Unsure what this update does specifically, but you’ve been able to save offline maps for basically ever.

      • KingofPing

        They’ve had them, you are correct – but they buried it around a year ago in a few interface updates. This means Google is still working on this feature and it won’t (hopefully) quietly disappear altogether…

        • j

          yah they definitely made it more difficult to locate.. but I still use it 🙂

  • Justin Foster

    Any apk direct download link??

    • Just added 2 of them.

      • Justin Foster


  • AtanRaca

    I want navigation without a destination back.

    • Frettfreak

      you just want it to navigate you to no where?

      • AtanRaca

        I want is to show street names in the same format that it uses with a destination. I believe it worked like that until they updated to 7.

        I hope that makes sense.

        • David

          I know what you mean. I keep Waze on my phone just for that purpose, but always use Maps when I’m actually going to use turn-by-turn navigation.

          • morgan boyle

            i want google maps to search for information and locations and starred locations but i WANT Waze to get me there. allow Waze to launch when you hit navigation!

        • c_topher_v

          Hitting the blue target in the bottom right doesn’t give you that view?

          • AtanRaca

            It does with a “fly over” effect. i want a street view.

            I keep my Nexus 7 in my car as a dashboard for music and maps and want it to operate like a standard nav system in a car. Wishful thinking, I know.

    • The Narrator

      Leaving, on a jet plane! Don’t know when I’ll be back againnnnnnn

    • DC Da Composer

      That Was One Of My Favorite Features!! I Was Mad When They Took That OFF!!

    • mmark27

      Every update they have for Maps, I pray that its in there. Then I submit request after request in the app. Until then, I’ll have to use Waze and its ugly maps. (but there’s a lot I like about Waze too, hope they bring the good stuff over to Google Maps soon)

    • Mr_Brady

      I agree with you 100%. The “driving mode” is the one major feature missing since Maps bumped to version 7 (and now 8).

      I did find a solution though. You can run Maps 6 and 7/8 side-by-side. Details on XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2566159

  • Guest

    Idk if its me or not but when I use turn by turn nav in Gmaps it has a different look on my ATT phone rather than my Verizon or T-Mobile phone. Kinda weird. It shows on overhead view rather than i guess a 3rd person view.

    • Jacob Mustin

      tap the compass icon. fixed?

    • Muddy B00ts

      Maybe try tapping on the compass in the corner? That toggles from overhead north/south view to the over the shoulder one. Unless you’ve already done that, then I dunno.

  • James

    Some solid updates. But I really could care less about “reviewing” places, and have been seeing this push more and more.

    • The Narrator

      So you do care a little bit, eh?

      • jwildman16

        I could care less about it, too. A lot less.

      • James

        We’re calling out grammar on posts now? Isn’t that cute.

        • The Narrator

          It’s nice to know what people are talking about

    • morgan boyle

      I am very happy to see these reviews. i still prefer to search for locations and phones numbers from Google Maps vs yelp. yelp definitely has a higher definition review system but i prefer how google handles the information.