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OnePlus Gets a Clue: Gives Donate Option to 100 Smash the Past Winners

Shortly after the OnePlus One was announced and a contest called Smash the Past went live – a contest which asked participants to smash phones in order to receive a One for $1 – we couldn’t help but call this is a terrible idea. Outside of the fact that the list of phones was limited to top tier devices that could be sold in online shops for much more than the $299 it would cost to outright buy a new OnePlus One, there are some other factors at play that make this a terrible contest. Thankfully, OnePlus finally realized this, sort of. 

Smashing a phone is a complete waste. Not only does it create unnecessary waste, but the proper thing to do if you no longer want your phone, is to donate it to a good cause. There are all sorts of charities that accept phones you no longer need, like Cell Phones for Soldiers or Verizon’s HopeLine, a program that gives phones to victims of domestic violence.

OnePlus has heard the criticism over its contest, announcing today that they are changing up the winners’ options a tad. The 100 winners of Smash the Past now have two choices – smash their phone or donate it to Medic Mobile, a non-profit that recycles old phones for use by healthcare workers in remote areas of the world. Medic Mobile figures it can turn those 100 phones into 1,000 phones for people who are “left behind in the tech revolution.”

You know what you should do if you win.

On a related note, OnePlus claims that 140,000+ people signed up for their contest and has decided to take to their forum to list out creative ways that you could still smash your phone. Seriously? Why would they even make smashing your phone an option at all at this point? Medic Mobile just told us that 100 phones would become 1,000, all of which will be used for the greater good. I give up.

Via:  OnePlus
Cheers Tony!
  • Oieasu

    I did what I bet quite a few people did and said I’d destroy a Nexus 5. By my math I can pick up a used/scratched up N5 for $250-$300 and come out ahead in the end. I’d be glad to donate instead though, my destruction method would be a little difficult to pull off and I do think this competition is pants on head stupid. According to the OnePlus forums invites should start going out around noon eastern. I’m curious to see what the invites will sell for or if they’re implementing some way to prevent selling them. I’d certainly prefer the 64Gb over the 16 but I’ve been living fine on a 16Gb N4 for a year and a half now.

  • Les A Lancaster

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  • dizel123

    They are now off my list of phones to consider getting. I wanted to see some phones smashed, i’m pissed that they’re changing that. Its deceptive practices like this that make me sick. “Hey, we’re gonna have people smash phones!!…errr…maybe not”

  • Im going to try and buy 20 of these ASAP so I can re sell them in my retail locations and maybe on eBay.

  • Matt G

    I signed up for fun just to see if I would get picked. I have a Moto X that I would donate and get the One for a dollar. If I don’t like the One then I can sell that thing for more than its actually worth due to its limited availability. Then go buy myself a brand new moto x and maybe have some extra cash. Odds are slim so more than likely I will never have to make that decision

  • Brandon Nicholson

    Your Portland is showing! I agree with the minority sentiments, might be making too big a deal out of this. While I agree with donating to cause, let owners waste their money/phone how they see fit.

  • needa

    it seems like a huge deal is being made out of this. i would bet that there are way more than 100 phones a day that are thrown in the trash. i mean seriously… its just a hundred phones. think about all of the nasty ass coal that gets burned everyday just to provide the excess power it takes to load the fifty freaking adverts on this site.

  • Daistaar

    couldn’t you in theory smash your phone, get a OPPO, then just claim insurance for your phone and pay the deductable? Also, what if you just smash a dummy phone? GS4 Dummy phone?

    • Ryan

      Insurance fraud would be the problem going that route. Though, the dummy phone route I’m not sure. Maybe that’d work.

  • ki11ak3nn

    If I get picked I’ll donate my G2. It’s still in great condition. Someone else can put it to good use.

    • George264

      Dude! I’ll buy your G2 for 300

  • acashe42

    Isn’t it already too late?

  • 213ninja

    i’m telling you fake jordans…

  • lensgrabber

    It’s too late. They should have used this donate promotion the day the stupid contest was hinted at. Instead they wait even though it was clear by reading their own forums and many other sites that this was not sitting well with potential customers. They wait until there is so much bad press that something else needed to be done. This company is clearly out of touch with it’s customer base or is it? There are still idiots out there willing to smash flagship phones before the contest is even started just to have their thirty seconds of fame on youtube.

  • Kyle Todoulakis

    At this point I’ll never want any of their phones. Terrible ethics.

  • Dave12308

    Not a big fan of the way this company does ANYTHING. Also not so thrilled with the Cyanogenmod team for having anything to do with these f*&ktards. I’ll stick to my $400 Nexus 5, thank you very much. I get REAL AOSP Android AND didn’t have to do anything stupid to get my phone.

  • Tony Byatt

    Their first idea…


    • Mark2134

      Lol the over dramatic I’ve been shot fall down.

  • jer85008

    Honestly, as I sat down to enter the contest and figure out a way to beat the system (buy a phone on the list from e-bay in semi-working order and smash it, bla bla bla, whatever), I looked down at my Nexus 5 and just didn’t even bother. My interest went from high to nothing just on the way this company is running things. I can overlook the shady “plucky start-up” thing (lots of companies do this), but now I’m just losing interest more and more with each passing day. By the time I would be sufficiently convinced that the support and software/hardware are strong there will be either a new Nexus phone (or a Silver program equivalent). I’ll pay a bit more to support a company I like. Right now, I just don’t LIKE OnePlus.

  • MistaButters

    I still don’t understand smashing or giving away a $400-$700 phone to get a $300 phone.

    • The Narrator

      because insurance. or it’s about having fun. who knows. everyone’s all bitter these days. Must be the hatred towards China.

      • ki11ak3nn

        Because by not smashing phones means that the big companies can still charge us an arm and a leg for a phone that really only costs about the price of a Nexus to make. Not everyone is made of money and can buy top-tier flagship phones all the time. Hopefully they’ll learn once more people start buying the phones like the One, Nexus, or BLU.

      • sc0rch3d

        If I win, I’m totally doing that. Never thought about using my insurance to pay just $99 to get a new one and use $1 for a OnePlus.

        Original MotoX ($100) + Replaced MotoX ($99) + OnePlus ($1) = $200 for 2 top of the line smartphones and 15 seconds of fame


        • supremekizzle

          That’s called insurance fraud and I hope you get caught.

      • Packratako

        Its not really a $400-700 phone thats just the markup value it probably only cost samsung, iphone etc. no more than what the 2 year contract costs are.

        For $300 thats still a good deal..

        BUT Im bitter too, that its not Verizon wireless capable. I mean seriously just because Verizon is a Nazi when it comes to bloatware and strict phone rule doesnt mean that oneplus one cant be compatible with Verizon. Verizon is only strict with the phones they have on contract. I have seen many others that have no contract phones that switch to Verizon and still work. SO again Why oneplus one why… not Verizon.

      • michael arazan

        Or about people who really hate their phones and how bad the jankiness and lag is frustrating, like the TW in my SG3. I give they GS3 great durability though as I have dropped it over twenty times with out a scratch, crack, or any problems, the phone is solid.

        Warning, do not smash Iphones ever, the insides are considered toxic to breath in as most of their products are.

    • OF

      My Galaxy S3 isn’t worth $200 lol.

    • Sum Ting Wong

      The Oppo One = Cheap Chinese Junk

      • Luxferro

        News flash. Everything is made in China. US is all about marketing… they are even moving engineering overseas… Gotta keep those CEO golden parachutes ready.

        • Capt

          So in other words….cheap chinese junk.

          • Pearl Carry

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  • yummy

    Who are these people? How about “Dont smash your f+-*:king phone??!! There, was that so hard? Dont smash your damn phones its a stupid stupid idea totally lacking in humor or other value. K, done now

  • Plus_One_1_Plus_X_Maxx_MiniOne

    donate the past!

    One Plus Plus One.

  • Arnold

    Nice backpedaling. Pretty bad that they can’t come right out and say it was a bad idea though.

    • Ian

      Not really backpedaling so much as providing more options to would-be participants.

      Maybe they didn’t say it was a bad idea because they and various others don’t believe it is. I’m all about helping out worthwhile causes but if someone else is not then that’s their prerogative. I’m tired of this mentality: “I would donate my phone, and everyone else has to do as I do.”

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Can I barrow someones !phone to smash ? ^_^

  • JT3

    What if the current phone is under contract? I have a Galaxy phone, under contract that’s sitting on a shelf, since I’m using my Nexus 5. I can’t sell it because it will show up as currently under contract if anyone tries to activate it. Will it still be accepted by the charity, should I be one of the lucky 100?

    • Kane Desousa

      Are you using the SIM from that phone on your Nexuys 5?

      • JT3


        • Kane Desousa

          Then you’ll be fine as long as the bill is paid every month.

    • d-rock

      That phone is yours..it’s not owned by the contract. You’re solely responsible for that contract and the phone has nothing to do with it. You paid for that phone at a discounted rate because you signed a contract, but they can’t limit what you do with that phone. If it were stolen, that would be a different story.