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Major Snapchat Update Headed to Android and iOS, Adds Live Video Chat

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Snapchatters around the world today will be excited, as a major update to Snapchat is set to bring a completely new take on the way people use the application.

Since its release, the main idea behind Snapchat was that one person would snap a photo, place a self-destruction timer on the photo, and then send it out to friends. Once the photo was viewed for the selected amount of time, it would then be deleted from Snapchat’s servers, never to be seen again.

Today, Snapchat introduces “Chat,” not just for real time conversations, but also for face-to-face conversations with your friends. 

If both parties are “Here,” then you can swipe on their name, allowing you two to chat as you would in any other chatting application. The only difference is that when both of you leave, the conversation is deleted. If you need to save any of the information from the chat, just snap a screenshot. In addition, if both parties are inside the chat, then you can start up a live face-to-face video chat. For an app that was thought to be just a sexting app for teens, this is a pretty big step.

The update is expected to be rolling out to users today through Google Play.

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  • Syed

    is it not for android

  • TC Infantino

    Skype pretty much does all this. So basically Snapchat is adding the ability to have video with the sexting and nude pic sharing. LOL

  • Tyler

    One thing that snapchat does right is how they introduce new features. Most people don’t read change logs and miss out on certain features. The fact that they have a video that explains how to use it is great and what you can do that’s new.

  • MikeSaver


  • IncCo

    Very bold move. This changes the whole dynamic of the app. Now you dont HAVE to reply with an image anymore. It will undeniably lead to less pics being taken and less attraction compared to similar apps.

  • R.

    This new update is G.O.A.T.

  • Shawn John

    Is there a messenger app that allows you to text in just Emoji’s yet? or Translate a whole chat conversation into Emoji’s? or Vice Versa? It’s funny how google offered to buy Snapchat for a few billion, got turned down, and then they got hacked..lol..What a coinkidink..

  • Cael

    I don’t like how the snaps won’t go away…

  • Shawn John

    Soon there will be a SnapChat social network.

    • Ian Dalton

      And then it will disappear

  • LcW

    How come It says it’s updated on my Note 3 but none of the new features are showing?

  • coolsilver

    This is more welcome than messaging with Vine. Seriously I have a vine with a twitter account that I do my “Messaging” already via mentions.

  • riggaman


    • Blue Sun

      Thanks, that made me laugh.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Never really had the urge to download snap chat.

  • Snapchat makes me feel old

  • T4rd

    Just got the update, who what’s to cyberz with me?! =D

    • Cael

      Me ;D

      • T4rd

        ASL?! Lolz

        • Cael


  • I still prefer the old Snapchat. It’s simple and to the point, now it’s like all other messaging apps.

  • Mathew Colburn

    I got this update this morning and I’ve been thoroughly impressed.

  • James

    I disagree with the praise. To me these changes confuse the purpose of Snapchat. Are people really going to choose this video chat service over the many others already out there?

    • Michael

      Yes. Everyone has it!

      • :-|

        Wrong. Hey it’s like Facebook.
        I don’t have that either.

      • James

        “Everyone”? Really? Do you Snapchat with your parents regularly? Work colleagues?

    • Willeminx

      Yes. I have 4 teen/preteens who use Snapchat constantly. Two use it in lieu of texting. This will only further engage them!

      • James

        I agree it has an appeal in the youth market. But that market is notoriously fickle. I work with kids and have already seen some of them moving to other services.

        • Willeminx

          True. The older two are moving into apps designed for private texting. But the younger two aren’t yet there. And I know the idea of having the texts disappear appeals to them when I go on the “my device, my business” route!

          • James

            Ha, right on.

  • Michael

    This is amazing news! Snapchat is doing what Google Skype and many others are trying to do! Combine texting, video chat and photo sharing into one app and to top it off it’s cross platform! Bravo Snapchat!

    • James

      I do agree that the cross platform nature of the service is worth noting.

  • Jem

    I’ve been wondering if this was coming. Puts real terms to “snapchat”. Haven’t attempted it yet, but the implementation looks good.