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Google Hangouts Updated to v2.1.075 – Simplified Contact List, Merged SMS Conversations, Widget

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Google Hangouts on Android received a major update today to version 2.1.075. The update introduces a merged conversation list that combines SMS and Hangouts from the same recipient. Through that conversation, you can tell Hangouts how you’d like to send new messages to that person via switch. You can also tell the difference between messages that are sent via SMS or as a standard Hangouts message.

The update also includes a simplified contact list with two main sections for phone contacts and people you Hangout with. Google even included a Hangouts widget for your home screen and improved performance throughout things like video calls.

The full changelog is below, along with an .apk download link. 

– Merged conversations: SMS and Hangout conversations with the same recipient are now combined into a single conversation. You can control whether you want to send a message via Hangouts or SMS with the flip of a switch, and different message types will be easy to tell apart in the conversation. Of course, you can always merge and unmerge conversations if you’d like.

– Simplified contact list: now there’s two main sections in contacts — People you Hangout With, and Phone Contacts — making it simpler to navigate, and easier to use for SMS.
– Homescreen widget: add the Hangouts widget to your homescreen for quick access to your recent conversations.

– Performance improvements: today’s update includes better quality video calls, as well as improved SMS and MMS reliability.

Play Link | Download Link

Via:  +Mike Dodd
Cheers Albert!
  • Zer0724

    Has anyone figured out how to re-merge a hangout and SMS conversation after you un-merge them?

  • Rob Miller

    This update is garbage. No longer are you able to respond to an entire group when someone starts a group message. It makes it look as though you’re the only one who received the message…unless I’m missing something.

  • jamisles02

    This did a great job of syncing my text & Hangout conversations. Now if they just let me have different notifications for different ppl, this will replace the stock Galaxy S4 messaging app for me.

  • JRomeo

    Could someone please explain to me, where did the pindrop icon go? on previous update, you could click on it and share your location with a friend……… on the new update…. its gone… its nice that sms/hangouts is merged…. but…. where did the pindrop button go!!!!! It was very useful ! it used to be right next to the text box for writing your text message… its completely gone now……

  • Gomzy

    Thanks, but no thanks. I have given them a chance and merged it, and realised my horrifying error. I have kept them separate since.

  • My friend got this update on their Moto X but I’m still waiting for my Hangouts to have its update up on the Playstore. I tried installing the apk for Hangouts 2.1 but it does not open on my Moto X. Has anyone run into either of these problems or am I the only one?

  • yungqb7

    Hangouts still needs to be able to wake the screen when a message comes in like the stock sms app does

  • rotard777

    how do you remerge sms and hangout messages? i hit the button to unmerge to see if i could change some settings but i cant figure out how to remerge

    • drrichardkimble

      Long press and select the conversations you want to merge

  • well honestly…whens the update so we can send you know like slide shows/voice notes and such….all the fun things we could on the stock sms app and can no longer on hangouts….

  • wooo….nice update thats what we been waiting for….and where is my update!! nothing in play store 🙁

  • Still waiting for the ability to “send sms” from computer. So i can drop Mightytext.

  • A2theC

    What are they thinking? It’s not Wednesday!

  • Jack

    If you were to install the download link would you get the updates from the Play store in the future? I’d like to try out this feature but I wouldn’t want to accidentally miss out on future updates.

  • Patrick Hulton

    I LOVE how the G+ profile takes priority over your phone contact info. Now I have blue place holder images all over because half of my friends never bothered to set up their G+ profile. It also feels it necessary to change their displayed name, you know it’s not like I had them set up how I wanted or anything. WTF, Google?

    PS. Anyone know a fix for this?

    • Yea this is annoying cause i use Haxsync to grab FB pictures that are what i see most of the time and associate with said people. I even have it upload those photos to my gmail but G+ still overwriting that grrr

      • is haxsync fixed? its been in a funk for a while i switched over to a dif app that does the job but over does it im not a fan miss the ease of haxsync

        • Seems to be. A while ago in an update he said he had to remove certain features or else Facebook servers would block him.

    • Aaron C

      Google continues its push to make all Android GUIs less and less useful and more and more frustrating, removing all control from the user. If I wanted that, I’d get an iPhone.

  • REAL6

    Please google, when people tell you they don’t like your new service, you do what they say.

    Give us the option to at least choose between Gtalk and Hangouts. Or make hangouts as good as your last endeavour.

  • Nicholas Shaun


  • Dorian Brooks

    I guess my DNA really is stuck in the past. I check for updates weekly. (I don’t use auto-update.) I was on ver. 2.0.0 & my update for today is ver 2.0.3. Looks like it’s side-loading time.