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Google Hangouts Updated to v2.1.075 – Simplified Contact List, Merged SMS Conversations, Widget

Google Hangouts on Android received a major update today to version 2.1.075. The update introduces a merged conversation list that combines SMS and Hangouts from the same recipient. Through that conversation, you can tell Hangouts how you’d like to send new messages to that person via switch. You can also tell the difference between messages that are sent via SMS or as a standard Hangouts message.

The update also includes a simplified contact list with two main sections for phone contacts and people you Hangout with. Google even included a Hangouts widget for your home screen and improved performance throughout things like video calls.

The full changelog is below, along with an .apk download link. 

– Merged conversations: SMS and Hangout conversations with the same recipient are now combined into a single conversation. You can control whether you want to send a message via Hangouts or SMS with the flip of a switch, and different message types will be easy to tell apart in the conversation. Of course, you can always merge and unmerge conversations if you’d like.

– Simplified contact list: now there’s two main sections in contacts — People you Hangout With, and Phone Contacts — making it simpler to navigate, and easier to use for SMS.
– Homescreen widget: add the Hangouts widget to your homescreen for quick access to your recent conversations.

– Performance improvements: today’s update includes better quality video calls, as well as improved SMS and MMS reliability.

Play Link | Download Link

Via:  +Mike Dodd
Cheers Albert!
  • Zer0724

    Has anyone figured out how to re-merge a hangout and SMS conversation after you un-merge them?

  • Rob Miller

    This update is garbage. No longer are you able to respond to an entire group when someone starts a group message. It makes it look as though you’re the only one who received the message…unless I’m missing something.

  • jamisles02

    This did a great job of syncing my text & Hangout conversations. Now if they just let me have different notifications for different ppl, this will replace the stock Galaxy S4 messaging app for me.

  • JRomeo

    Could someone please explain to me, where did the pindrop icon go? on previous update, you could click on it and share your location with a friend……… on the new update…. its gone… its nice that sms/hangouts is merged…. but…. where did the pindrop button go!!!!! It was very useful ! it used to be right next to the text box for writing your text message… its completely gone now……

  • Gomzy

    Thanks, but no thanks. I have given them a chance and merged it, and realised my horrifying error. I have kept them separate since.

  • My friend got this update on their Moto X but I’m still waiting for my Hangouts to have its update up on the Playstore. I tried installing the apk for Hangouts 2.1 but it does not open on my Moto X. Has anyone run into either of these problems or am I the only one?

  • yungqb7

    Hangouts still needs to be able to wake the screen when a message comes in like the stock sms app does

  • rotard777

    how do you remerge sms and hangout messages? i hit the button to unmerge to see if i could change some settings but i cant figure out how to remerge

    • drrichardkimble

      Long press and select the conversations you want to merge

  • well honestly…whens the update so we can send you know like slide shows/voice notes and such….all the fun things we could on the stock sms app and can no longer on hangouts….

  • wooo….nice update thats what we been waiting for….and where is my update!! nothing in play store 🙁

  • Still waiting for the ability to “send sms” from computer. So i can drop Mightytext.

  • A2theC

    What are they thinking? It’s not Wednesday!

  • Jack

    If you were to install the download link would you get the updates from the Play store in the future? I’d like to try out this feature but I wouldn’t want to accidentally miss out on future updates.

  • Patrick Hulton

    I LOVE how the G+ profile takes priority over your phone contact info. Now I have blue place holder images all over because half of my friends never bothered to set up their G+ profile. It also feels it necessary to change their displayed name, you know it’s not like I had them set up how I wanted or anything. WTF, Google?

    PS. Anyone know a fix for this?

    • Yea this is annoying cause i use Haxsync to grab FB pictures that are what i see most of the time and associate with said people. I even have it upload those photos to my gmail but G+ still overwriting that grrr

      • is haxsync fixed? its been in a funk for a while i switched over to a dif app that does the job but over does it im not a fan miss the ease of haxsync

        • Seems to be. A while ago in an update he said he had to remove certain features or else Facebook servers would block him.

    • Aaron C

      Google continues its push to make all Android GUIs less and less useful and more and more frustrating, removing all control from the user. If I wanted that, I’d get an iPhone.

  • REAL6

    Please google, when people tell you they don’t like your new service, you do what they say.

    Give us the option to at least choose between Gtalk and Hangouts. Or make hangouts as good as your last endeavour.

  • Nicholas Shaun


  • Dorian Brooks

    I guess my DNA really is stuck in the past. I check for updates weekly. (I don’t use auto-update.) I was on ver. 2.0.0 & my update for today is ver 2.0.3. Looks like it’s side-loading time.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Is it only me or you guys have same problem as me too?

    Whenever my sms turns to mms, it fails to send and i don’t realy know my msg been sent or not. Or same SMS turns into more than an sms, it fails too. Hope you underestand and Google really hacks with this!!!

  • But can I save picture messages?

    • JSo

      I believe you were always able to save picture messages. Maybe I’m wrong but if you werent before, you can now.

      • they added a “save media” button! This is the best day ever lol

    • if you open the picture…there is a 3dot menu button on the top right you can save with…you cant save from the tread itsself

  • Luxferro

    when are they integrating google voice, like iOS has had for 10 months?

  • tylerc23

    Did they ever do the HD Video Calling in an Update? I know they were talking about it

  • JimmyHACK

    Hello new notification sound! (slightly modified) I LIKE!

  • Drome

    make sure your contacts are properly merged or you will not be able to toggle between SMS/hangouts

    • rotard777

      how do you do that?

      • JRomeo

        visit http://contacts.google.com and make sure that everybody in your contacts has BOTH a phone number AND their associated gmail address

        • rotard777

          is this different than my phone contacts also saying i have their google plus attached to it already? i have emails inputted but only one has merged so far

          • Drome

            best way it to go to the link he provided. and for all the phone contacts that do not have a gmail listed next to it that you hangout chat with. you need to merge the two contacts

          • rotard777

            i figured it out. while im looking at these peoples contacts in my phone they already have gmails attached to them because of google plus but i have to manually input the gmail again to make it merge. Its stupid that it doesnt auto detect the fact that its already merged into one contact and i have to manually put in the gmail again

          • JSo

            Its more about the Gmail address and not the Google+ account.

          • Colin Huber

            Do you know of any way to force Hangouts to NOT display the G+ name and photo? I have some contacts I’d like to have the name and photo I entered in for them to be displayed. It seems to default to G+ when a gmail email is connected.

          • JRomeo

            hangouts is basically all of google’s chat services merged….. gmail chat, gchat, google+ messenger, its all been merged into 1 thing… hangouts….. updating your contacts on that website, is the same thing as updating your contacts on your phone…. any contact you update on that website, automatically gets updated on your phone (assuming you have sync turned on your phone) you’ll be able to switch between text and hangout msg as long as each contact has both a phone# and a gmail address saved in the contact under the same name (it doesnt matter if they don’t have a google+ account, they don’t need one) their gmail address is sufficient.

      • Drome

        you can copy/paste the email/phone number manually from one contact to another.

        or go to gmail on your desk top.. switch to contacts on the left top.. then go through your contacts list and merge all of the contacts that show a phone number but no email and vice versa. its a PITA but it works.

        • arthuruscg

          Google also needs to come up with a way for a contact to have multiple names. I have a friend that has been married multiple times and I get tired of changing and looking for her new last name.

      • JSo

        I had contacts not merging automatically at first. I think you need to have an actual Gmail account in there contact info. I had to add it, then the hangouts and sms were merged.

    • Adam Neighbors

      I think it only works with contacts that have added their number to their Google+ account. Which is B.S.

      • Drome

        no. it means you have 2 contacts in your phone.. a google one and a phone number one. you must merge them so the phone contact has their email in it as well and then it will work

        • Adam Neighbors

          You are correct. Strange how you have to put the email onto the original phone contact instead of being able to just merge it with the Google contact that is associated with email. :/

          • Drome

            such a lazy rollout by google. I mean it is for the best that my contacts get merged but to have to do this manually is a PITA and if i werent an advanced android user i wouldnt have figured this out. Imagine all the confused people who are going to accidentally send hangouts now when they intended to send SMS and vice versa.

          • Adam Neighbors

            Especially with this new update you’d think that they would have streamlined this when focusing on the switching from sms/hangouts feature. It’s not often I am given someone’s email when i’m hangingout with them.

          • Drome

            i think you need the email to initially add them to hangouts chat so you had to have it at some point. Google should have just made all android devices suggest a list of merges to your contacts to you that you could just review and approve before pushing this app out. that way the app would work as intended

          • Adam Neighbors

            I’ve always just messaged my Google+ friends.

      • JRomeo

        make sure your contacts have both a phone number, and gmail address, and it’ll work. you can use hangouts even without a G+ acct, as long as they have a gmail address. because remember hangouts messenger is replacing gmail chat.

  • rotard777

    you can only merge contacts if that person inputted their phone number into google plus right? since none of mine have integrated. Is there a manual option to mate sms and hangouts?

    • JRomeo

      hangouts messenger is replacing gmail chat. make sure your contacts have both a phone number, and gmail address, and it’ll work. you can use hangouts even without a G+ acct, as long as they have a gmail address.

  • ohcalcutta

    I guess getting MMS messages into a consistently usable state isn’t very high on the list of priorities.

  • B T

    Maybe video calls will actually start go through more than 10% of the time for me. Anyone else have an issue with video calling? I’m wondering if it’s something in my settings or something. It won’t ring on their end.

  • fartbubbler

    still using Textra.

    • Drome

      you poor thing…

    • Trent Callahan

      Slowly getting bloated, very slowly.

  • Liquidretro

    They have changed the sound the apps make too slightly.

    • JSo

      Good catch. The Hangouts notification does sound slightly different.

    • Adam Truelove

      Yes, it has a bit more twang.

  • j

    In case anyone else dislikes hangouts as much as I do, check out 8sms. Stock kit kat style messaging app from cyanogen.

  • DC_Guy

    Would be nice to be able to SMS from my tablet/PC or Mac using Hangouts. Just sayin…

  • Josh Martin

    where’s the video messaging and stickers that iOS was given over a month ago?

    • DC_Guy

      Enter “red-headed stepchild”…

      • Josh Martin

        LOL no kidding right?? I could care less about hangout updates unless they pertain to video messaging, “stickers” or GV Integration. 😛

    • JRomeo

      I used an iPhone the other day with hangouts installed…… I could not find the video messaging button………. there was only video chat button.

  • Thank god they finally got rid of that long list of people in the Hangouts section that I don’t know..

  • Manthas

    *sigh* Still no sign of per-contact notification customization. Pretty basic stuff here, Google.

    • ddpacino

      Won’t ever see it here. Hit the Play Store.

      • Manthas

        I’ve already got an open feature request with them which has gathered a good amount of support; this is just venting. My experience says that leaving this feedback on the Play Store is just as useless for trying to get things actually accomplished.

  • Stinker

    I assume you still can’t send an SMS from gmail though… ?

  • Kurt Landis

    Anyone else having problems viewing multi-picture MMS messages after updating to this version? The text of the message shows but not the pictures! Single pic MMS working fine. The same multi-pic MMS are working correctly in stock messaging app. I love when updates introduce new bugs!

  • mmark27

    Seeing my pictures taken in portrait orientation show up sideways when received now with this version. Was fixed previously. It’s a samsung phone quirk, I know, but it was ironed out before this update. This does pick up my SMS contacts better than the previous version did for starting new convos.

  • Justin Tierney

    Just in time!

    I was just Googling this at work seeing if there was a way, since I have family traveling abroad, and hated that their contact for Hangouts (Which they barely use) and SMS were separated. This article came out 10 minutes before my search. I’m so glad that it worked out this way! So much cleaner UI.

    No more Lil Wayne in my “People i hangout with” (How embarrassing!)

  • nabooska

    Is there a way to hide a contacts phone number that’s in the top left from the message thread?

  • faganm24

    Why doesn’t clicking on the contact photo take me to my phone contact? Silly.

    • Bradon

      I’m pretty sure it’s an ineffectual and scummy way to encourage people to use G+, very aggravating.

      • Adam Truelove

        And in an SMS conversation, clicking on the a contact photo does nothing.

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  • 213ninja

    this is nice, i’m a fan, and wish i could rock hangouts as a full time SMS replacement, but until they iron out the issues with visual voicemail and with non-hangouts/older phones not receiving group messages, i can’t do it….

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    I keep asking this question everywhere and no one answers. Is there any news on the Google I/O invites?

  • mcdonsco

    I tried using hangouts as google apparently wants people to for sms and for the life of me could not get it to pull contact names from my exchange account, it kept coming up with Google+ names instead.

    Back to normal FUNCTIONAL sms for me…nice try google.

  • Tomek G

    Still no contacts integration

    • mcdonsco

      Is this why when I tried to use it for default sms the other day it refused to use my exchange contacts?

      If so, that’s STUPID. FAIL FAIL FAIL

  • Nick

    Now it just needs to the ability to auto choose whether to send to hangouts or SMS

    • Lakerfan

      bottom left corner of a conversation. switch to sms or hangout by pressing the green icon.

      • Nick

        How is that in any way automatic? I realize that the toggle is easy, but I’d rather not have to think about it

        • Lakerfan

          in what way do you expect it to be automatic… unless… you want google to read your mind?

          • Nick

            iMessage seems to do it rather seamlessly, and mind reading isn’t planned until iOS 14.

            What I’m hoping for is a check to see if a user is logged into hangouts, and if not send through SMS, no toggles required. Although I’m sure much of it is due to Apple’s appetite for going to court

          • joseph barrientos

            well the issue with that is (and i could be really wrong) there is your phone, and then theres your hangouts. your phone has to decided which to send it to, where as apple does it on their own. Also, this would be annoying with someone like me that has a personal account, personal business and a business account who needs to share things at different times through different accounts.

      • joseph barrientos

        thank you, i felt so stupid not knowing how to do this 🙁

    • Drome

      you have to make sure the contact has email and phone # in order to do this. I just spent the last 20 min merging contacts in gmail/contacts view

  • Steven Berger

    Anyone else having problems with installing the application….just says Application not installed. no error message.

    • Phil

      installed fine for me from the play store via my phone

      • Steven Berger

        Oh, i was trying the APK…dont see the update on my phone yet

  • Lakerfan

    the iOS version has “favorite conversations” … sure wish they would add that to the Android version ASAP…

  • John Davids

    Merged SMS is huge. Very very much looking forward to this.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Google needs to update the Play Store Site to show when an app needs to be updated. Instead of just saying “Installed”

    • Phil

      why even when it says update and choose to install it it never gets to my phone and just have to go to the play store on my phone to update it

    • jwildman16

      Erm, like this?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Mr. Wildman 16…. I said the Play Store Site. Web Site

        • jwildman16

          Gotcha. I agree, then. Would be nice to see available updates from my computer and even initiate them.

          • Lakerfan

            Before google brought out the Google Play brand you used to be able to do that…not anymore 🙁

      • Phil

        he means the play store web site from your pc

    • Gary Criswell

      If you swipe in from the left and go to My Apps it will show you want apps need to be updated and which apps have been update recently.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Swipe from the left? I’m talking about the Web Site.

    • Silver Veloz

      YES! I remember when it used to be like that. That would be great.

  • Hothfox

    Welcomed changes. The contacts section is so much easier to figure out now, and of course the merged conversations was sorely needed. The only thing I’d still like to see is the promised/hinted at Google Voice integration.

  • panicswhenubered

    “Merged SMS Conversations” YEESSSSS!!!!

  • Christopher

    This is pretty cool! I wish it wasn’t still having trouble with group conversations though.

  • hoodieNation

    Now just give me a blacked out version.

  • evan brown


  • Cael

    I want those read/seen receipts. Make it happen Google.

    • Hothfox

      They are kind of already there. Wherever the avatar icon is in the thread of the person you’re chatting with, that’s where they’ve read up to.

      • Cael

        Sorry, I meant for SMS/MMS lol
        If Google implemented that for the SMS/MMS this would probably be the best messaging app ever.

        • Hothfox

          I guess I didn’t know it didn’t show those as read. Then again, how would it? Hopefully they add that.

          • Cael

            They could do it in the same was that Apple does it with iOS devices.

          • Hothfox

            They’d have to do it with some kind of read receipt – read receipt = read, move down avatar.

        • T4rd

          I don’t think that’s possible since the carrier or SMS tech doesn’t support it (from what I know). The only way to do that is to get the other person on Hangouts instead of SMS, just like Apple does it for iMessage. The best they could do is show you the confirmed received/sent flag that most other SMS apps show.

          • Cael

            Google needs to put that hammer down and pull an iMessage. Texts messages are not the primary way a carrier makes money anymore anyway and iMessage is probably the cause of why they bundle unlimited messaging with all plans now.

            Or atleast make Hangouts to Hangouts Texts receipts possible.

        • Gary Criswell

          There is already a Delivery Reports option in the Settings. Is that what you were wanting?

          • Cael

            No, I want that “Seen at 4:27 PM”.

          • You must get ignored and late replies alot

          • Cael

            No I don’t, I think the feature is nifty. Plus it wouldn’t work outside of Hangouts/Android so the people I text on iOS and Blackberry wouldn’t affect it anyway/

  • Jon Crecca

    About time they finally merged SMS/Hangout threads. THANK YOU GOOGLE!

    • sc0rch3d

      gah, Synergy (i think it was called) was one thing that webOS was great at. took long enuff big G but appreciated!

  • Mike Aurin

    What the hell is up with the change log box? You guys are better than this<3

    • Ray

      Calm down

      • Cael

        He can’t keep calm it’s different.

  • Robert Macri

    UI is updated and it looks like I can also call people via hangouts. Sweet update.

    • Lakerfan

      doesn’t look like its a data voip call tho, it uses your minutes to make the call…

  • teevirus

    All things on my wish list except for Google voice integration.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    This is one of the only apps i manually install. Everything looks a little bigger. It would be interesting to see them take on a circular approach that doesnt look like imessage.

  • randompsychology

    Mandatory “GOOGLE VOICE INTEGRATION NAO!!!!!” comment.

    • Ray

      Probably won’t happen until after may 15

    • Mordecaidrake

      They’ll likely going to kill Google Voice 🙁

      • Hothfox

        I’d like to say I don’t believe they’d do that, but the have a habit of killing off less popular except for niche groups services. I would just really like them to keep it going so I can forward my Verizon number to it if I don’t pick up and continue using it for free visual voicemail.

      • Exactly, because at I/O, it’ll finally be integrated with Hangouts. About friggin time.

        • Yeah if they “kill it off” by making it fully integrated with Hangouts, I’m totally OK with that. YES PLEASE.

    • Nowai

      WTB free VoIP 🙁

  • This update is legit.

  • Robert Macri

    But its Monday…

  • I think you guys should make the changelog background a bit lighter so it’s easier to read.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Kellen’s working on it. Thanks!

      • wendyo123

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        • Kyle Wiggers

          Sounds legit.

      • JRomeo

        Do you know what happened to the pin drop icon? the new update removed it? the previous version allowed you to click on the pin drop and share your location with anybody…….. the new update, while its nice they merged sms/hangout messages, totally removed this pin drop button !!!!!!!! is it hidden somewhere?

    • JRUIV

      No, darker! Lolz

      • Carlos Lopez

        Darker with white letters

        • That would look nice.

        • Emily Cadot

          I agree! That’d be awesome. Or an option to change between preferred backgrounds.

    • Fancy meeting you here

  • Brandon Yip

    So how about that revamped UI update? Google pls

    • Scott Tucker

      No. It’s hideous on iOS and anyone that likes it should be incarcerated for life. Follows exactly none of the Holo guidelines.

  • d-rock

    How about an interactive notification??????

    • d-rock

      I won’t use it for SMS until I can reply from notification and mark as read from notification.

      • A2theC

        you know, it helps to send feedback to google via app to suggest new/missing features/problems especially if it a big deal to you. I do this all the time. Forgive me if you already have, as I’m not all up in your business, so I am unaware if you have/not. 😀 (I did after reading your post)

    • PhilD41

      Agree 100%. Why should I have to open the full app to simply do a quick reply or mark and item read… or delete it for that matter. So many better options for this out there right now…

    • DC_Guy

      Yeah really. I found that to be an odd omission on their part.

  • Ricky Blanco

    This is it!!! Thank you from millions!!!