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Crazy Deal Part 2: Galaxy S4 “Certified Like-New” From AT&T for $179 Off-Contract

Over the weekend, many of you took advantage of AT&T’s “certified like-new” Galaxy Note 3 sale, which had the device listed for $249 without a contract. That’s completely insane, in terms of deals. We initially thought that the price was wrong, but it held up all weekend and is still there, though the device in either black or white is unsurprisingly sold out. If you missed out, don’t worry, there is another deal going on that’s just as good for the Galaxy S4

AT&T has their version of the Galaxy S4 listed as “certified like-new” for $179 off-contract. The device is sold out in black, but is still available in both red and white. The device typically sells for $199 on-contract, so to see it drop below that price with no contract attached is simply, incredible.

These devices were obviously, previously used, but “certified like-new” at least sounds like they have been brought back up to “like-new” standards. And for $179, how can you beat it, even if it is last year’s Galaxy S? If you ask me, the Galaxy S4 feels a hell of a lot better in hand that this year’s Galaxy S5.

A line of service is required, but commenters in the Note 3 thread will tell you exactly how to quickly cancel or work around it.

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  • Kumar

    I got a response from AT&T that the order that I placed was cancelled! They gave some crazy stupid reason that they could not verify something. Anyone else faced the same issue? Is this a gimmick on their part to drive traffic?

    • Aj Bastedo

      i got mine…line cancelled….phone for sale

      • Kumar

        How much are you selling it for?

        • Aj Bastedo

          410$ with extras on swappa

  • socalrailroader

    It’s showing this now-

    Regular Price


    Due Today


  • Jesse Myers

    I purchased a white one yesterday and I did not have to have a line of service like the note 3 deal. I tried to buy the note 3 a couple of minutes too late.

  • Chris Hannan

    I wish Verizon had these deals. I would have jumped on the Note 3, but would have even settled for this since I’m keeping unlimited data.

    Both of my parents got Notes, though. My dad has owned every iteration of the iPhone since the beginning and hasn’t had used any other phone. My mom has owned iPhones for almost as long and hasn’t even touched Android. A $250 Note 3 was just too good for them to pass up, though. I hope they like it. My dad already likes Android after giving him my old Nexus 7, but I’m not sure how he’ll like the size after using it for a while.

  • freddie g

    lmaooo certified like new note 3 is 674.99$$$$$$ good job att, hope those who got theirs for the 250 price are happy, i was an hour too late before they went out of stock =(

  • Austin Flygare

    This had to have been a mixup with their inventory system. Both the S4 and Note are back in stock, however they are listed between 5 and 650 dollars for the certified like new devices. Damn, I was too late for the note and close to pulling the trigger for the S4 but wanted to wait to see if they got the Note back in stock. I’ll to keep an eye open to see if anywhere else has a pricing mixup like this.

  • kelly1519

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  • patt

    Prices show almost 600$ now not sure why? sold out?

  • Tucker Nebel

    I was going to get one but they all appear to be out of stock now..

  • J2886M

    I have a broken screen LGG2 on Tmobile, would this on TMobile? My Insurance will cost $150 to replace my G2. Figured use this for a Lil bit, then sell make a few then get my G2

  • jnj

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  • zionlion02

    Just an FYI, the Lumia 925 is 79 bones. I’m a moto x user, but that’s a damn good phone to have around as a spare or travel phone.

  • Jacob Mustin

    im so nervous this isnt going to work. I am about to click “order.” It looks like they would have the full authority to charge me for at least the first month bill as well as the activation fee. that brings my total up to over $250. Still a deal, but not such a steal

  • So tempted to do this but I don’t feel like having to deal with having to cancel and getting your activation fee and partial month refunded.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    They seem to be doing this for a few phones because the Lumia 925 (great camera) is $79.99 of contract.

  • Ssl0408

    Is the phone unlocked? I have an AT&T account but my dad is on TMobile and needs a new phone. Would it work on TMobile?

    • CaptainHowdy13

      No, it’s SIM locked. You have to go through there SIM unlock process.

      • Ssl0408

        Ok, thanks.

  • Justin Tierney

    Love how its $179 for the 16GB…
    …but the 32GB is $515…

    • MistaButters

      Fortunately Samsung includes SD slots 🙂

      • Justin Tierney

        Still, with a 16GB and only having 8GB of actual space left, I’d rather have the extra space for apps. Never trusted Apps on SD anyway, just media

        • MistaButters

          Yeah I know Internal >> SD, but it’s $180 off contract and at least you have the option to expand.

  • Cody

    Can this be unlocked easily to use on Sprint?

    • snobrdr2324

      No, this is GSM carriers only, so ATT/Tmobile in the US and nearly every carrier in the world EXCEPT Sprint and Verizon.

  • enigmaco

    I have been trying to get this phone for the last 12 hours lol, had to go into a att store today to get a line to use it on.

  • Cael

    That red is tempting…

    • The Narrator

      good thing they named it aurora to remind you of the theater shooting.

      • Time

        Seriously. what is wrong with you?

        • The Narrator

          I was calling it a terrible name. What’s wrong with that? You should be asking that to Samsung.

          • DainLaguna

            This is the worst argument in the history of arguments ever. Aurora is the name of several types of things and associating it with an awful event that took place somewhere that shares the same name is ludicrous

          • The Narrator

            Considering it came out shortly after, or not long after, meany people did. But hey , cry me a riverrrrrrrrrrr

          • mcdonsco

            You really are an idiot.

      • Cael

        Why’d they call it Black Mist when Mist is gray? Why not Black Storm?

        • The Narrator

          Because samsung

      • a) youth.in.asia

        Thanks for the reminder


        The color Aurora has been around longer than the theater shooting. Do you freak out ever September 11th too?

  • j

    Grrr.. best recent deals on VZW are $350 moto x, and Free G2 with $350 ETF + extra line charges.. not exactly door busters.

    • Neil Fujiwara

      Yeah. They are really pushing the Edge program.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    If you don’t mind having a hard pull on your credit it’s pretty easy to cancel.

    • MistaButters

      Does it still hard pull if you already have an AT&T account?

      • CaptainHowdy13

        Not that I was reading.

  • beerme828

    I’m waiting for the HTC One (M7) to replace my N5 with a shattered screen… fingers crossed!

    • guest


    • Maxim∑

      Buying the M7 at this time is illegal

  • Collin Chapin

    Was anyone able to successfully order the Note 3? I ordered one Saturday but they’re telling me the order is “being reviewed” and now i’m a little worried…

    • Andrew Osborn

      Same with me. People already have had theirs delivered who ordered after me.

      • Collin Chapin

        Well that makes me feel better at least, I was kinda worried they weren’t going to honor the pricing for some reason.

        I don’t really care when I get it as long as it comes 🙂

    • snobrdr2324

      Mines been “in progress” since Saturday and I’ve read some people have had their shipped and others have had theirs cancelled so I don’t know what to think right now.

      • Collin Chapin

        I did see that they are obviously out of stock now… and any time I call AT&T they just tell me that the order is “in review” and they won’t give me any more info.

        • snobrdr2324

          Yea I’m trying to be patient since I know this deal is very possibly too good to be true but I’m struggling to not check the order status page every 5 min.

        • ImmaDroid

          Well also, because they are running a credit check and all that on you. So if you have any issues, it might hold you up.

          • Collin Chapin

            Why do they run a credit check when you’re purchasing an off contract device?

          • ImmaDroid

            Because you’re still signing up for a plan, so I guess they want to make sure you’re gonna be able to pay it monthly by looking at your credit history. Im going through the order process and read where they said they check credit, thats why they ask for your DOB and SS#

          • Collin Chapin

            If you’re adding new service, yes… but this price was available for existing AT&T customers as well. I just added it to my existing line they never asked for my DOB or anything.

          • ImmaDroid

            ohh ok, then yea thats a different story i guess

      • Nw_adventure

        Just got mail from Att- order got hung up by some identify verification protocol – Even though I am a current att customer the separate line threw them off – lol Anyways answered a few questions and the order is now shipping.

    • CaptainHowdy13

      Mine’s on the truck for delivery right now!

      • Collin Chapin

        Nice, what day/time did you order it? If you don’t mind me asking…

        • CaptainHowdy13

          Saturday around 10:30 AM PST. I know because I called my girlflriend to see what she thought of the deal haha

          • Collin Chapin

            Gotcha. Well I ordered mine a few hours later but I finally just received shipping confirmation. WOO

          • CaptainHowdy13

            Nice! Mine will be on Swappa soon enough. Not SIM unlocked so I can’t use on straight talk. I’ll stick with Nexus 5.

          • Collin Chapin

            I thought I read it could be SIM unlocked? I also have a N5 i’m planning on basically using the Note whenever I travel and need that 2 day battery life + bigger screen for movies.

          • CaptainHowdy13

            I believe it can be with a little hackery, though I think that’s technically illegal

          • Collin Chapin

            I thought ATT had a sim unlock process? I may have misunderstood, but before you give up altogether it may be worth looking into a little more.

          • CaptainHowdy13

            They do, but you have to have an active account for at least 60 days which I don’t/ won’t

          • chrisj979

            call their International support number

          • CaptainHowdy13

            Already sold for $440, yay profit

      • Justin Larmay

        Boo! I want mine today.

    • Nw_adventure

      Ordered and still shows “in-progress” under ATT order confirmation. CC has not been billed.. Hopefully it moves in the right direction soon.

    • Justin Larmay

      Mines shipped. Should be here tomorrow.

  • The Narrator

    holy bomba