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Renders Leak of OnePlus One and StyleSwap Back Covers, New Images of CyanogenMod 11S

We’re only a few days away from the launch of the OnePlus One, the “Never Settle” smartphone from former Oppo employee Pete Lau. The phone, from what we know of it, has shaped up to be a decent product, packing impressive specs such as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz and 3GB of RAM. Today, we’re finally seeing some leaked images of the device and its replaceable “StyleSwap” back covers, along with a preview of the custom CyanogenMod 11S Android flavor.

Android Authority was able to nab images of what seem to be press renders of a device from an Internet forum, and the design language found within them seem in line with leaks from the past. The device looks pretty minimal, which is what we’d expect from ex-Oppo staffers.

We also have fresh new images of the StyleSwap covers that we presume are options if you want to swap the back cover on your device. We have everything from leathery materials to Moto X-inspired woods pictured here, and this leaves us with a little excitement as to what OnePlus plans to do with regard to customizing their device.

oneplus one styleswap

Finally, we’re now seeing screenshots of a pre-production version of CyanogenMod 11S, the version of the custom ROM optimized for the OnePlus One. We’re seeing some new holo-inspired features and a slightly redone look for the version of Android it is running, and glimpses of the theme engine found on the One. There seems to be no word on whether CyanogenMod 11S features will be made available for devices other than the OnePlus One, or whether these new additions will end up being exclusives.

cyanogenmod 11s oneplus one 4 cyanogenmod 11s oneplus one 2 cyanogenmod 11s oneplus one 1

The OnePlus One will be made official on this Wednesday, April 23. Anyone going to be purchasing this phone?

Via: OnePlus Forums | Android Authority | Engadget | OnePlus BBS
  • NexusMan

    Moto X much?

  • AndrewScottRox

    I’ve seen a lot of articles about this device but can someone please break it down for me? What’s the deal? High powered phone that runs the newest version of CM?

    • Cutting edge everything in terms of hardware (high end Snapdragon 801, 3gb of ram, 16 and 64gb models. 13mp Sony camera, 3100 mah batter). Top notch build quality.

      It runs a forked version of CM that’s specifically built for the One+One. The new version includes a new lockscreen, new camera app, new launcher, new theme engine, and moto-x style voice controls.

      The price is under $400 US unlocked. It will be the best device on the market regardless of the price. The only question is if they can keep up with demand.

      • needa

        all that and the ‘capacitive’ back button is on the wrong side. psa: sony is now onto 20.7mp. there is nothing cutting edge about the 13. and the verdict is still out on the rest of the hardware the you failed to mention, including the quality and speed of the memory. at $400, there is only so much they can do. if it really is as good as the hype is… then i would consider it. but it does look a bit huge for my tastes.

        • Yeah, the capacitive button layout is total B.S. but it doesn’t effect me since I’ll be using the on screen keys anyway. Google did a lot with $400 in the Nexus, my hope is that One+One can do as much and more.

          • needa

            the good news is, speaking of quality for price, only one company to reap the profits. the moto x price cut has shown that the two can actually go hand in hand. while i was a bit of a hater… i am definitely looking forward to this phone. i think i would ditch my x in a heartbeat if it were a bit smaller.

  • napes22

    I’ll be heading to T-Mobile if I manage to get an invite.

  • I’m not impressed…you can oneplusone my d

  • T_Dizzle

    I haven’t been this excited for a phone launch since the GNex on Verizon. This phone sounds sweet. The premium phone at an affordable off contract price is needed in the new no contract era. Before people start saying “you call $400 affordable”, remember it’s a premium phone.

    • I’m with you. I love my Nexus 5, but the One+One solves both issues I have with the Nexus. Battery life and camera.

  • Colts5609

    If the leaks are true the capacitive buttons could be a turn off (and no wireless charging). I much prefer the onscreen buttons of the M8, Nexus 5/4, etc. Probably wont buy another phone with the the buttons outside of the screen.

    • Colts5609

      I just read on the OPO forum, that users will have the ability to turn the outside capacitive buttons on or off. Thus giving the user full flexibility to use capacitive or on screen buttons, which is totally awesome.

      • Yes. Apparently they go completely dark and when they’re off you can’t even tell they’re there.

  • punkroyale

    I am ready to purchase, just tell me where to enter my cc info.

  • If you guys want to see how this things stacks up to a DSLR, here you go: http://forums.oneplus.net/threads/comparison-oneplus-one-camera-against-find-5-and-a-dslr.2105/

    • JMonkeYJ

      The low light performance is impressive, but the colors are pretty off (very noticeable in challenge 2). It’s no match for a DSLR, of course, but it’s nice to have that in there as a baseline for high quality. Thanks for the link.

      • The nice part is the quality is there. I agree on the colors, but hopefully that can be corrected with software.

    • needa

      those are some pretty impressive pics. quite surprised i must say.

  • rcpa

    I can’t believe any of this is real. Just look at those StyleSwap cover renders. The wood ones are laminate flooring images. Literally laminate flooring image like what you would see on the Home Depot website. Those little specks are the knots in the wood that would be an inch or more wide in real life. You can also see the staggered pattern of the planks like you would lay out flooring. Now I don’t expect the StyleSwap covers to be real wood. I fully expect them to be images of wood. But they wouldn’t use images of flooring shrunk down to 1/10th scale.

    • Aooga

      I just noticed that. They might have wanted it to look like that though (really odd decision, but maybe).

  • Chris Hilbert

    I did my own size comparison. This thing is huge based on those press renders. It’s almost Note 3 size. It’s actually taller than the Note 3 if the measurements provided are accurate.

    • Fresh360

      152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 [1+] vs 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 [Note]…Other Android sites have more leaks…

  • Fresh360

    Just saw some more leaks and the phone is taller and thicker than the Note 3 (152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 [1+] vs 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 [Note]) the few mm difference isn’t the deal breaker for me it’s the size period. They touted a 5.5 inch screen in a 5inch body which, if these leaks turn out to be true it has the same size body as the Note and a smaller screen, was the Holy Grail of phone size for me. I am just not a phablet guy, I appreciate what these guys have done and they may have a great phone and Note competitor on their hands but I just want a high end smaller phone.
    As with anything these are only leaks so these could be all wrong but if they are not couple this with the invite system and 1+ has just lost one.

  • Zach Davis

    So far this phone is looking pretty good for me. I’m not really a fan of capacative buttons anymore, at least the back button is on the right side. And my birthday is the 23rd as well, so it wouldn’t suck getting this phone that day 😀

  • Bruce Purvis

    Yep, I’m buying it as soon as I receive the dumb invite thing. My wife is getting my Note III.

  • yummy

    Oh God the oozers are arguing about bezels. Nurse! More Oxy! Back the truck up, it’s gonna be a long day.

    I missed the FCC post, but assuming no FZW bands, cause they hate interesting phones.

  • Zara Thompson

    Good looking phone with good features.I liked it!

  • Guest

    Good looking phone with good features i liked it

  • Pretty excited for this phone. The camera samples so far are suggesting this thing packs one of the best cameras ever put in a phone. Low light performance is truly unbelievable, which is my biggest complaint with the Nexus 5.

    This will be my new phone…. assuming I even get an invite.

    • geedee82

      Says the guy with the OnePlus logo…

      • Your point? That’s I’m speaking the truth?

  • Patrick Crumpler

    If I can buy and use on AT&T and if I don’t need to use a PC to update the software then yes. Otherwise, Nexus 6 or Moto X2, in red leather.

  • saru

    yessssss. my denim cowboy texudo will be complete

  • Declan RG

    The physical design of the phone looks great but the UI looks like a weird version of stock android with ugly icons. The specs are good but 3 gigs of ram is overkill for a phone. I’d rather have 2 gigs and pay $25 – 50 less. Not that it matters too much but they could have picked a better name then ‘OnePlus One’.

    • You can fully theme the phone with the built in theme engine.

      • Declan RG

        That’s good, this phone looks a lot better than a lot of the other ones on the market. It seems more innovative.

      • as can cyanogenmod on any phone…

        • Yeah, with the old Theme Engine. This is new and infinitely more flexible.

          Think Gravity Box with theming.

  • Jason Melling

    Definitely shopped.

  • Intellectua1

    Then I remembered I need an invite just to buy this phone. I’ll pass..

  • Money in hand and ready to throw at screen, waiting for my invite

  • Intellectua1

    Wow it looks good. BUT, (and that’s a big but) can’t it up me away from Samsung.

  • Orion

    So its going to have capacative and on screen buttons? So those that prefer on screen will have to deal with that wasted bezel…..ugh! I’ll just wait until the 23rd to see what happens.

    • krudl3rx

      Have you ever tried a Moto X? TINY bezel… and it is not very functional. Phone need SOME bottom bezel! As long as it doesn’t creep up into the M8 size, this is exactly a great idea.

      • Ryan

        I dunno. The bezel on the Moto X seem fine to me and I’ve been using it for about 2 and a half months now. No complaints here.

        • JoshGroff

          I’ve been using it since the cyber Monday sale, definitely no complaints.

        • krudl3rx

          OK, but do you think it could be smaller? If not, then you are getting my point.

          • Ryan

            The Moto X? No, bezel on it is fine. At least for me. The Droid X was perfect, but this one is fine as well.

      • jeff manning

        i think you are the first person to complain about the bezel’s on the moto x

        • James

          i hope this post gets 1000 up votes

          • krudl3rx

            Me too!

        • michael arazan

          Better than the Bezel on my gs3, hit that dam thing accidentally 6 times a day hitting the back button, so annoying. Got the moto X for my dad, and its pretty great device.

      • C-Law

        Not functional? What? That bezel is perfect! Could even be a tiny bit smaller

        • krudl3rx

          If they could only be a TINY bit smaller, then you are in fact very close to agreeing with me.

      • Orion

        Lmao you’re joking right? There’s no problems with the small bezels on the moto x. Stop creating crap. And no, if the bezels are huge like those alleged leaks ……its a no go for me.

        • axis_power

          i’m searching google for any leaked picture of the oneplus one where the screen is on so that I can see these huge bezels with no luck. Can anyone provide a link?

        • krudl3rx

          I was referring only to the bottom bezel and how that affects how you hold it. If you keep your pinky under the bottom, then it makes it harder for your thumb to reach down to the home button. The top and bottom bezels should be swapped on the Moto X. I was not referring to side bezel at all.

      • LMAO…this guy…this guy doesnt get it…he must be high…as are the 3 weirdos who liked not sure their agreeing or being fecetious

        • krudl3rx

          I have spent quite a bit of time with the device and am stating an opinion based on that experience. You don’t get it.

      • Frettfreak

        this phone is bigger than the m8 apparently from what i have been reading. Not sure if this is accurate, but check it out: http://www.phonearena.com/phones/size/Sony-Xperia-Z1,Sony-Xperia-Z2,OPPO-Find-7/phones/8000,8323,8351#/phones/size/OPPO-Find-7,Samsung-Galaxy-S5,HTC-One-M8/phones/8351,8202,8242

    • Michael Scott

      Pie control eliminates the need for both. I guess I’ve been living in the future for too long.

      • JoshGroff

        I haven’t used Pie in ages, thanks for indirectly reminding me it exists!

    • Fresh360

      I was thinking the same thing but it may just be early press renders…With Cyanogen doing the software side, hopefully they pressed for on screen buttons.

  • tylerc23

    This has BOTH Capacative Buttons and On-Screen you guys.
    You can chose whatever one you want whatever, it comes with both

    • PoisonApple31

      Just like the HTC One M8, oh wait…

      • tylerc23


  • tylerc23

    That phone design looks beautiful. So Clean and Slim
    I wonder how it’s gonna work?

  • Xavier_NYC

    If the LG G3 disappoints, I may get this instead.

    • lo

      Hopefully, LG releases the G3 in time to actually compete. Well, for me that is. I WILL be buying a new phone at the end of May. The last 2 G phones came out in the Fall. Maybe the leaks of the Japanese G3 mean they’re pushing up their schedule.

      • Noel

        I hope so…cuz I have both the LG G3 and this phone on my radar.

  • lo

    Is this thing really 6″x3″x0.35″? If so, this phablet better come with a Wacom stylus and slot for it, SD card and removable battery.

    • The Narrator

      You’ve got a lot of entitlements there, buddy

      • Menger40

        I think he’s saying it will need all those things to compete with the similarly sized Note 3.

    • interstellarmind

      SD Cards are a waste of space,big you ask me (use that room for more battery!!!).

      Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) ate the future.

      • Mark2134

        Oh no! I knew I couldn’t trust Cloud Storage. Running around eating the future. 😛 lol

      • Adrynalyne

        Until they can save data in realtime, no they are not.

        Tell me, what happens when you are recording 1080p video and run out of space?

        Aw shucks, I guess this memory will have to wait? Riiiight.

        • Guest

          Maybe you shouldn’t save it all to your phone. Transfer it off some moment when you have the chance. You know, like what any sane individual who doesn’t need to have everything and its mother saved on their phone would do.

          And frankly, is that memory really worth saving? In 1080p no less? I highly doubt it. Unless it’s something extremely significant and the majority of recordings and pictures are anything but. Not in the age of the selfie.

          • Adrynalyne

            Not everyone has an opportunity to do such things and thats not even relevant anyway. I shot 11GB of 1080p video one time. That removes the ability to use a 16GB phone for such a task, even if nearly empty. Are these phones not meant for convenience?

            As for it not being worth it, maybe you don’t have kids, but yeah, 1080p is completely worth it.

          • Gr8Ray

            Apparently you don’t have children. You sound like one though.

      • Christopher Moore

        Just be quiet! Not everyone has unlimited data. Knowing Verizon their going to one day end unlimited data for everyone.
        And adding a SD card will not make the phone that big. Who wants a phone as thin as a credit card?

        • BillySuede


  • r00zilla

    Nice looking phone. Checked out their site. Looks like Verizon is not in the picture. sigh. =(

  • Richard

    Wow!!! looks good. My only problem is, i’m stuck with verizon. I hope the device works on verizon.

    • Intellectua1

      You are never stuck buddy. It’s only a mental thing

      • creed

        You are if you have unlimited data and use 90 gigs between two phones.

        • Damn that’s a lot. Sounds to me like you need a laptop and some wifi.

          • LSH99

            No doubt. Or maybe even set down your phone for a minute or two and interact with a human being!

  • JimmyHACK

    Why hardware capacative buttons though? Being CM I would think they would opt for newer android standards.

    • Jared Denman

      That one screenshot shows on screen nav keys so maybe the render isn’t legit or isn’t final.

      • tylerc23

        The Render image at very top

      • lo

        The main photo on top.

      • There was news a while back that both capacitive and on-screen options would be available for the device

    • lo

      Well, it could be a mistake in the render. These are supposedly “leaks” so mistakes or old images are shown.

      • lo

        *could be shown.

      • tylerc23

        It has both, you can Toggle which you want, Off or On-Screen Buttons

    • tylerc23

      It has BOTH Capacative and On-Screen, you get to use whatever you want. So sick

      • lo

        I wonder if it could have been less tall if it didn’t have dedicated capacitive buttons.

      • techy

        is that a “menu” button the far side?

  • Prizmatik

    All I can say is damn! O_O

  • Captain_Doug

    Really liking how CM11s looks.

  • ForrestTracey

    I want it! Stupid Verizon though…. :

    • Peter Blanco

      If I could agree more I would, but I can’t…

    • simp1istic

      It’s more your fault than Verizon’s

      • ForrestTracey

        I could always switch carriers but sadly if I want cell service where I live and work (rural NM) I have to go with Verizon. :

      • Nowai

        Dat unlimited, doe

      • How is it his fault that his carrier won’t carry a phone he wants? Do you expect people to pay their ETF, drop their carrier that probably gets the best service in their area (after all that’s probably why they have them), just to get a phone? Then another carrier will have an exclusive phone and do you expect him to switch back?

        • simp1istic

          Because his money directly supports a company that continues to be incredibly anti-consumer at almost every single decision. It’s like getting in bed with a tiger and bitching when it claws and bites you.

          Even the slightly-less-pure-evil AT&T lets you throw your SIM in almost anything.

          • I’m not saying they are a good company, but some people don’t have the luxury of having several wireless carriers that are good in there area. There is no denying that Verizon (overall) has the most coverage out of any other carrier.

          • Gr8Ray

            But does the hardware even support Verizon’s LTE bands, or CDMA for that matter?

          • mustbepbs

            Do you even read what you type? That sounds absolutely ridiculous and immature.

          • simp1istic

            One of us is certainly ridiculous.

        • I dropped Verizon because they didn’t get the Note 1 and I used to love Verizon always bragged about their coverage. But they miss out on too many phones.