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Galaxy S5: 25+ Tips and Tricks

A new flagship has landed, so as always, we want to make sure you know how to use all of its best features with 25+ tips and tricks. Actually, most would consider the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be the flagship of the year, that is, until someone comes along and dethrones it. So since this device is as important as any, we spent some extra time running through this series of feature highlights. 18-minutes worth, to be exact. 

The clip below starts off with a look at the lock screen and then moves onto things like how you can disable Samsung’s painfully bare bones My Magazine. There are camera tips and tricks, a look at Ultra Power Saving Mode and One-handed Operation, how to enable Toolbox and Multi Window, the easiest ways to customize your home screens, how to quickly disable apps, and finally, how the tinkerers in the building can find Developer Options.

Again, it’s a lengthy video that covers a major portion of the Galaxy S5’s best features. Give it a look and then let us know if you need more.


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  • Over_and_Out

    I just went through all my feedly saved articles on the GS5 and found that this video was best overview of the GS5’s features.

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  • Sporttster

    If it has the same terrible radio my Note 3 has, forget it…..next….

  • Ghost Of Steve

    Tip #26: Get the iPhone 6 with 5.5″ screen and superior CPU/GPU and features.

    • balls

      If you’re a sheep and don’t like customizing your phone, then yes. IOS is too locked down and so overrated. But if you want something idiot proof than go with apple anything.

  • Buckoman

    The S5 is the only phone in a very long time that I’ve actually considered getting in black instead of white. Anyone else?

    • Tony

      I have it in black

  • Has anyone tried side-loading the GNL onto this S5?

  • socalrailroader

    “Actually, most would consider the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be the flagship of the year” You’ve been Samsunged. 😀

  • Mordecaidrake

    Nova launcher + wallpaper replacement = set. I love Samsungs hardware, but the bloat/modifications they make often annoy me.

  • nick

    What is that clock widget

    • Q

      Zooper by Beard

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i didnt know they ramped up 1 handed mode like that. Im using it now and its not bad.

  • dean gordon

    No lock screen shortcuts? I use that alot. That might be a killer

  • Patrick Maher

    Mega Android!

  • Garrett

    I wish you could replace my magazine with Google Now like on the Google Launcher

    • mcdonsco

      Ditto…so far I find my magazine annoying at best…good to know I can disable it. But yea, would be nice to replace it.

    • turdbogls

      I’m confused…why not just install google now launcher?
      I admit, I haven’t used touchwiz launcher much, but there really dont think there is much I would miss by switching to G-now Launcher.

  • Mike Jones

    Link to the wallpaper Kellen?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      It’s bundled with Kovdev’s (Dave Kover) Domo icon pack.

      • Mike Jones

        Cool, thanxs

  • Adamania

    I’m coming back to Android on Friday or Saturday, but I’m not sure whether I want the S5 or the M8. I just don’t like how plastic and gimmicky the S5 feels (I had the S4 and was terribly unimpressed), but I also have heard mixed reviews on the M8’s camera, which is also important to me.

    • Nexoduss

      Wait for g3

      • Adamania

        Any word on its release? I haven’t seen anything.

        • Tony Byatt

          May? June?

      • MicroNix

        Possibly. The G2 didn’t stack up well against the S5 and *older* models of the S series in Phone Arena’s in depth comparison of cameras, which the OP said was important to him. Not saying the G2 is bad in the photo department but there were some obvious weaknesses.

        • Apostrafee

          Have you ever taken a photo with the G2? Or a side by side comparison with the G2 and S5 cameras?

        • The G2 camera is awesome. The G2 has identical specs except an 800 over an 801, the camera is a wash, 16MP vs 13MP but the G2 has OIS, and the G2 also has a larger 5.2″ screen in a smaller form factor phone.

      • socalrailroader

        I wouldn’t, LG has been horrible with updates in the past. The G3 is certainly an awesome phone, but good luck getting updates on it in a few months. I had a OG Pro, and they have basically forgotten about it.

        • Sporttster

          While my Note 3 on Verizon still runs minus the Kit Kat update every other phone is getting…..

    • Dave

      Without a case, the M8 metal finish will look awful in 6 months. My plastic Note 2 is 16 months old and still looks like it just came out of the box. Just food for thought….

      • snobrdr2324

        This is just speculation and anecdotal evidence. My M7 looked great after a year while my Galaxy Nexus was scratched up after less than 6 months. You can replace the back on samsung devices but that didn’t help me because the cheap sides were scratched also. I wouldn’t cite yours or my experience as a reason not to get the M8 since everyone treats phones differently.

        I would go to a store and play with both and see what you like. Both phones are great but have downsides so only you can weigh those out and make a decision. T

      • Adamania

        Maybe, but my 5s has a similar build style and there is no evidence of the finish rubbing off. I don’t use cases because I appreciate the feel and build of the phone; that, and I am typically pretty careful with my phone (now that I say that, watch me drop it and crack the screen today). It’s all about how a person takes care of their phone, IMO. I guess the camera is the biggest drawback for me. I use it enough to know that it would bother me after a while.

    • RichFromBX

      I had the M8 and now I have the S5 – Go with the S5. I thought people who complained about the bezel were crazy and I quickly found out they weren’t.

      That to me was really the only difference that made a difference. The speakers were pretty dope on the M8 but I found that I didn’t have too many chances to really use them.

      • dean gordon

        I have the M8 and really liked it, what about the s5 do you prefer?

        • RichFromBX

          did you read the comment in it’s entirety? I said the screen was the difference for me and why I choose the the S5 over the M8. While the screens are relatively the same size, utilization of the real estate is better on the S5.

    • mberk

      My wife got the S5 and I got the M8 as part of the BOGO deal. I am now returning my M8 to get the S5. One of the main reasons is so that we’d have the same phone. But I feel I was duped with the screen size. The M8 is 5.0″, but the buttons take up part of that screen size, so the usable screen size is actually smaller. The S5’s screen size is 5.1″, but the buttons are actually below the screen, so you get full use of the 5.1″ screen. Other than that, the M8 is a great phone. The build materials, don’t matter to me since I use a case and the TouchWiz/Sense 6.0 don’t have any effect on me since I use a launcher. Hope this helps.

  • Justin Larmay

    I’m pretty disappointed by how terrible my magazine is on the s5. Even on the note 3 my magazine is much better. Doesn’t really make sense to me.

  • Adam Jewl

    One of the best mobile videos http://goo.gl/yIKAIx

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Spam… Flagged

  • pd240

    Still debating whether or not I want to pick this phone up. Looking forward to the full review.

  • Rashad

    Is that clock widget in the main picture only on the Galaxy S5?