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HTC USA President Says Sense 6 Coming to HTC One (M7) By “End of May”

This year’s flagship HTC device, the One (M8), may have just been released, but HTC doesn’t want you to think that it has forgotten about its older devices. At the M8 announcement, HTC announced that it would be updating older devices “sometime this spring,” but we now have a better indication of when exactly that will be. 

The President of HTC USA, Jason Mackenzie, took to his Twitter account today to shine a light on when we would be seeing the “sixth sense” appear on last year’s HTC One (M7). The end of May is the new date we have to expect this upgrade to roll through as a part of the HTC Advantage.

Mackenzie has been known to fire shots towards Samsung in defense of his company over gimmicks and design. Maybe he should instead be happy about how much quicker his company is at updating phones than worrying about.

Any One 2013 owners excited to hear about Sense 6 coming soon?

2013 htc one update

Via: @Jason Mackenzie
  • Michael Shorey

    keeping my phone up to date saves me money. thank you HTC.

  • Knlegend1


  • TheDrunkenClam

    Cool. As long as they keep up with Sense, I’ll continue not buying their products. Stock AOSP or bust.

    • Chris

      enjoy your boring interface

      • Lucky Armpit

        I’ll take a “boring” interface over bloat every time. And have you seen the latest iteration of stock Android? It’s hardly boring. Where have you been the past two years?

        • Chris

          And sense is hardly bloat. Where have you’ve been the past two years?

    • cizzlen

      Then don’t. Have fun with your boring, black and white bare bones and featureless stock Android with crappy camera software.

  • likesogared

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  • paul_cus

    Looking forward to it. Good to see HTC stepping up their update game.

  • Ruel Smith

    Sense is only beat out by plain Android for the most boring UI out. No wonder they don’t sell!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Stop trying to Troll.

      • Ruel Smith

        I see all the HTC owners have shown up in this thread. All 12 of them…

        No one is trolling, just stating fact. Sense is the lamest UI in Android next to stock/Moto. No wonder no one buys an otherwise good phone! Such a shame, too…

    • Kisuk3

      Buy a Samsung, you’ll get lost in Touchwiz (what a stupid name Samsung, seriously)

      • T4rd

        I think they stopped calling it TouchWiz when the GS4 launched. They just referred to it as the “Nature UX”. Everyone else just kept calling it that.

        • Chris

          everyone keeps calling it touchwiz

          • T4rd

            Except Samsung..

        • Felix

          TouchWiz is still the name, used and referred to on Note 3.

        • Ruel Smith

          Nope. Using Home Launcher, the TW launcher shows up named “Touchwiz”.

      • PoisonApple31

        I didn’t realize that UI was so complicated for such simpletons.

    • Grayson

      Only boring if you prefer being wizzed on while using your phone.

    • Chris

      stock android is boring. sense has class while still keeping some stock nerds happy.

      • Bonedatt

        Sense 5.5 had class! Sense 6 is going the “me too” route.

        • PoisonApple31

          Sense 6 is trying to grab the attention of some of those metrosexual iPhone users.

          • Chris

            Someone’s mad

  • p4

    i have to say, sense 6 is pretty nice .. i havent had the itch to flash AOSP bc Sense 6 hasn’t annoyed me .. As petty as it sounds, the only thing i think is missing is the choose-your-own-colors to the theme section .. the provided color schemes are blehhh

    • Chris

      maybe a update, 6.5 or sense 7…. much like the scenes of yesterday, just more simple.

    • KingofPing

      Switched to GPe just for a day. Switching back to Sense already. GPe is suddenly…meh.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Good Job by THC to get this out as fast as possible.

    • John Davids

      freudian slip?

      • eagletrippin


    • KingofPing

      I wouldn’t say, “as possible”….

      Lord knows how many people are already running it on their M7 devices just peachy. 🙂

      Had Sense 6 on my m7 the moment it got ported (has it really only been 11 days?).

      I think we were all amazed how well it worked with just a few changes.

      What it does go to show how, is how well a job HTC is doing of making the interface less “hardware” dependent…possibly as part of their push towards using the app store. Something I hope we all can appreciate.

      • Chris

        You mean the nerds?

        • KingofPing

          The nerds, geeks, dweebs, dorks…

          All of ’em, man…

          They’re everywhere!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Hey Eric that line before the last one isn’t complete “worrying about”