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Friday App Sales: Combat Mission: Touch, Per-App Modes, Star Walk – Astronomy Guide, and More

Earned some dough through Google’s Opinion Rewards app and need some apps and games to blow it on? First, go buy Domo, the latest icon pack from our friend kovdev. Next, take a look at this week’s list of deals on Google Play.

Our list this week is fairly lengthy, and includes some great apps like Combat Mission: Touch, Francisco Franco’s Per-App Modes, and Star Walk – Astronomy Guide.

Get in on all of them right down below.

Friday app sales

Go help support those devs!

  • IcerC

    Music Remix has a really good dev behind it. I use google play but got it a while ago and it’s a quality app. He first made it for WebOS back in the day. Thanks DL!

  • Colton

    Music Player (Remix) sounds pretty neat! Don’t know if I have a real NEED for it though.

  • antu

    How big are the discounts on these?

  • T4rd

    I hope Smash Hit goes on sale soon. I want to buy it, but it would take all of my Play Rewards credit (I’m a cheap-a**, can you tell?). =p

    • Tyson TJ

      I was unaware of this game, best $2 I spent.

      • T4rd

        Ooh, it’s only $2, I thought it was $3. I may buy it now. B-)