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OnePlus Finally Confirms Snapdragon 801, Tosses in 3GB RAM to One

A few weeks back, OnePlus changed its Google+ profile to reflect an unannounced change in processor for their phone, the One. Originally set as the Snapdragon 800, the company quietly turned up a digit, moving to the Snapdragon 801 without a peep. Today, that change has become official through an announcement by CEO Pete Lau on the company’s forums.

The OnePlus One will indeed sport a Snapdragon 801 processor. To be exact, we’re looking at the APQ8974AC, clocked at 2.5GHz. 

The change won’t impact the launch time, according to the announcement. The move will help “bring the real-world performance enhancements” that wouldn’t have been seen with the 800. The move to the 801 will also “bring more overall speed and an increased experience to the user. A higher GPU clock of 578MHz instead of 450MHz will allow for less time spent waiting.”

The company also announced that the phone will feature 3GB of RAM, a spec they had previously been quiet about.

The OnePlus One should be here around April 23 for under $400, unless something changes.

To help celebrate the announcement, OnePlus grabbed Cyanogen Inc. founder Steve Kondik and had him do this really cheesy fake unboxing. Yeah, it’s painful.

Via:  OnePlus
  • yummy

    Verizon-man is yucking it up, having all our nuts over a rock about unlimited data.
    You are a sicko Verizon-man, seek help.

  • chris

    Do we know which carriers will get the phone?

    • Verizon would be nice!

    • Justin W

      The device should be Unlocked for the US, and will work on both T-Mo and AT&T, but likely will not see light of day on Verizon or Sprint since it’s not getting CDMA bands in the US.

  • kryspena

    Its either the Quazar IV, The One+One, or the Sony Z2…Waiting for what this phone brings to the table. Has to be waterproof though. We will See!

    • Justin W

      The hell is a Quazar IV?

  • BakerDude

    >$400, expect many compromises. This is a startup company playing on the fact that the founder was once an Oppo employee. Google, with its buying power, and LG’s similar internal components, manage to pump out a Nexus device for $350 with no profit. An 801 and 3gb of RAM… there will be trade-offs. I’m following it closely but it will fall short somewhere. It has to. Something will suck and everyone here knows it.

    • Orion

      Most of the specs seems to be on point. So what’s going to be the trade off?

      • PyroHoltz

        Build Quality….materials?

        • Grizzy

          You guys need to get off of this whole build quality bs. If they’re able to do all of this for under $400, they can make the damn phone out of jello for all I care. You can slap on a $5 cover and still have an amazing phone for under $400.

          • PyroHoltz

            Whoa, chill. Keep in mind, build quality/materials means more than just the feel of the phone, where you might be able to cover up, crappy feel with a bumper. Things like fit/finish are tough to master and how tightly the device is put together to avoid creaks. Also, how well components are arranged inside the phone and how well everything holds up to day after day use. The big 3 manufactures didn’t just get it right on their first device, it takes time. I’m not hoping these guys fail, in just curious how it will all turn out.

          • Grizzy

            I wasn’t trying to come off non-chill. I just think people blow the whole build quality thing out of proportion. You make good points, even some of the established companies like motorola still struggle with it in my opinion. But these guys aren’t exactly new on the block either. Ya, it could end up being a huge failure, but so far I’m very encouraged with what they’re trying to do. Too bad I probably won’t be able to experience it first hand cuz I’m sticking with my unlimited plan on Verizon.

    • needa

      no profit? think again.

    • Jim Davis

      Someone needs a refresher course on the “less than” () symbols. I wasn’t sure how greater than $400 in price means compromises.

  • danix180

    Sign me up! That’s all I could say.
    These guys know what they are doing.

  • jimbob

    At this point, does this phone have a known “weakness” that a large number of DL followers would have an issue with? Every phone usually has at least one (design, build, camera, screen, bloat, internals, etc), but I haven’t seen anyone rip anything about this yet. I know we haven’t gotten a real hands on and such, but as of now, it seems like this is going to be pretty great. Given what we know so far, is this potentially the closest we have come to a perfect phone, at least for the DL community?

    • lookatmyfunnyusername

      My inside sources say that it will be triangle shaped. About the weakness I see, and even then that’s subjective.

      • Eric J.

        Yeah, I’m not sure many people could resist putting 8 of them together to make an octagon.

      • Raj Bhatt


    • Grizzy

      Yeah, it’s not the moto x.

    • OF

      Well we still don’t know much about this phone. Build quality? Camera quality? Battery life? Screen quality? There is still much to be uncovered. I’ve learned not to get my hopes up anymore.

    • Carrier/Availability!

  • Daniel Walsh

    I’ve never been a fan of selling and ditching my current phone, but now I’m really thinking about this. Never thought I’d say that.

  • Orion

    Wow the specs for this phone gets more and more amazing. Hopefully moto comes with something big this summer or this will be my next phone.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Motorola isn’t chasing specs, so while I hope for something amazing like Medfield/Moorefield, or a custom Krait 450 SoC, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to a custom dual-core version of the SD801, similar to the custom dual-core SD600 they had in there last year.

      In which case, I really really hope they are focusing heavily on a greatly improved camera and an app with advanced controls as an option.

      • Orion

        I’m aware about the specs department. I just want that rumored moto phablet coming Q3. That phone would be the best of both worlds for me. If not, OnePlus is a serious contender.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          I figure MotoMaker 2.0 will have screen size as an option, with the smaller Moto X and the larger version (Moto X+1 that’s been flying around lately?). It’s not terribly difficult to offer it. You can use the exact same mainboard as the smaller version, and fill the rest of the space gained with a battery. The software would then be nearly identical as well, unless they added some large-screen-specific apps like stylus support or multi-window, but I don’t really see them doing that honestly.

          • Fresh360

            I think we should take your MotoMaker 2.0 theory and seed it as a rumor throughout the blogshpere that my friend is what tech dreams are made of…

          • Justin W

            Less than $400USD for a device with a 1080p screen and SD801? Definitely sounds too good to be true. Makes me wonder what corners they cut to get the price that low. That or they just aren’t going to advertise it outside of word of mouth and the random YouTube video, and their overhead is non-existent, but I doubt that very much.

  • htowngtr

    Will likely ditch my N5 for this.

  • Daniel Walsh

    I always thought one or more small Android makers could make an awesome Android phone that stands out of the crowd,

  • The Narrator

    Pulp Fiction style

  • Dlongb13

    So glad I made the switch to ATT. This is my next for sure!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Could be better than the nexus.

    • Daniel Walsh

      The Nexus program is not even that amazing.

      • The Narrator

        If you’re not on Verizon, it’s amazing

        • Daniel Walsh

          I used to love the Nexus program and Vanilla Android, but my viewpoints have adapted over the years.

          • needa

            indeed. the nexus program was good when it was the only way to have a decent android experience.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        I was just looking at what you get for the price. That phone will supported for like 10 years.

  • anon

    What US carriers will this be on?

    • Orion

      It’s going to be sold unlocked. So you can only use it for T-Mobile and at&t.

  • Nicholas Slaughter

    I almost want this phone…damn Verizon and my grandfathered unlimited data

    • Fresh360

      I shall be parting with my grandfathered plan soon after the OnePlus ONE launch…I may not be purchasing this phone but all of the proverbial cards shall be on the table.

    • Joel Gautraud

      I’m selling off my 2 unlimited data lines. Assumption of Liability. I don’t need unlimited anymore and I’ve given Verizon enough money. On to MetroPCS, Republic, or maybe T-Mobile.

      • Nicholas Slaughter

        How much

        • Joel Gautraud

          Well, on ebay, they go for $330+ each, but if I could sell outside of ebay I wouldn’t be opposed to that.

          I’m really just looking for cash to offset the cost of 2 unlocked Moto Xs that I’d be buying and using on MetroPCS. So, I’d definitely be interested in trading Moto Xs or selling for ~$300 per line. $550 for both.

          One line (on the family plan) is out of contract and one is out of contract in July.

          Example on ebay:

  • Daniel Walsh

    This is awesome.

  • jeff manning

    This and the Samsung gear fit updated with portrait display. Huge news

  • Nexoduss

    Why can’t phones like this come to verizon

    • fartbubbler


      • Nexoduss

        Lol your name is cracking me up.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      ….I think we all already know why.

    • The Narrator

      Verizon is the devil.

      • Nexoduss

        Yeah but when the devil is the only viable option you’re screwed either way.

      • michael arazan

        You know Verizon is bad when the Devil calls Verizon the Devil and takes pointers.

    • K

      Verizon would butcher the experience…but a butchered OnePlus One experience is better than none at all 🙁
      Can’t wait till I make the switch to AT&T

      • Nexoduss

        I might switch once I graduate college in a month and have to pay for my own plan haha but it’s hard to leave grandfathered unlimited. And I agree I’d rather have the phone and have to put up with verizon screwing with it than not have it at all.

      • Fresh360

        HA! Hello, I and the rest of the VZW GNex horde beg to differ…

    • Cael