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OnePlus One Hype Continues, European Price of Under 350€ Announced Via Twitter

The startup OEM manufacturer, OnePlus, continues to drum up some grassroots excitement about its upcoming device, the One. We have heard hints towards the phone’s specs and accessory options, and we even have a launch date, but up until today nothing as far as pricing goes. OnePlus took to Twitter to change that. 

In a quote that was then publicized on OnePlus’ Twitter account today, CEO Pete Lau said that the European market has shown good interest in the One. He apparently went on to say that they could expect a sub-350€ price point when the device eventually launches. That translates to about $480 for the unlocked, Cyanogen-powered smartphone.

With an alleged 5.5″ screen packed into a 5″ body, swappable backs made from different materials like denim and bamboo, and customized Cyanogenmod skins, the OnePlus One is stacking up to be a pretty decent device.

Would a price point under $500 for an unlocked phone catch your attention?

oneplus one

Via: Twitter
  • James

    “…but up until today nothing as far as pricing goes.” Wrong. OnePlus was talking pricing (albeit in the same vague terms as this report) as far back as February.

  • Can I use it on VZW?! Part of the reason I got the G2 was cuz it dipped down to 450 unlocked so i keep my unlimited data

    • Rob

      And sadly they brought it back up to $500. I know this because I remember it being $450 and the day before I went in to buy it it was at $500 (and still is).

      • ahh darn, on ebay there are some going for $350 though if you’re interested

        • Rob

          I ended up buying it though. If I had some extra cash I would sell it on eBay and get an M8 but I’m just hoping they update the G2 to 4.4 soon. Tired of waiting.

    • sc0rch3d

      i’m on AT&T with 2 phones and 10GB of data for $160. How long are you gonna let Verizon keep you? 🙂

      • cuz i pay $60/mo for unlimited data 🙁

        • El_Big_CHRIS


        • Pedro

          But, if you don’t NEED the unlimited data, unlocked GSM phones offer a bunch more options.
          I paid for 2 ETFs (10 and 11 months left), two N4s and was ahead of the money game in 7-8 months with T-Mo and Straight Talk.And farther ahead every month. Now I’m on the ATT 10GB and three lines for the ~ same price (with work 18% discount) I was paying before (with another pre-paid line added in). And I can always jump to T-Mo again if ATT pisses me off. No ETFs ever again, because I won’t sign a contract.

          Every situation is different. But check yours, and the math. You may be surprised.

          • I average about 6-8 gigs of LTE per month…

            How much is your bill? It’s just my mom and I who both have the $60 a month unlimited plan. Really no issues at all and I think it’s pretty cheap. I’d DEFINITELY say my mom doesnt need the unlimited data….. she uses like 100 megs a month and it KILLS me!

          • Pedro

            For two folks, it would be $130 (if you bring your own phone).
            I pay $140 and change after all taxes/fees ($145 before discount, taxes and fees). No joining the Jump/Edge/Next whatever ATT offers. I’ll buy our phones outright from Google or Swappa going forward, so it’s $100 for 10GBs and $15 for each line.

          • Not bad at all!

    • j

      Don’t think so.. And it wouldn’t be an upgrade from the G2 hardware wise. Same SoC.

      • michael arazan

        Will not be on VZW

  • Orion

    I’m definitely interested in this device….to go along with what moto is doing this summer.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Pretty much.

    • The Narrator

      Let’s hope they learned their lesson. Going to be a good device hopefully

  • Daniel Walsh

    This phone is definitely interesting.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’m getting pretty excited about this phone. Especially to see what’s happening with CYAN. Under $400(US) as rumored has my attention. “With an alleged 5.5″ screen packed into a 5″ body,” is a bit of a tall order. Let’s see if they can pull it off and still have a nice design.

    • a) youth.in.asia

      Said about $480 , €350

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        It never translates directly based on exchange rate. I’m talking about the initial rumored US price. Which is Sub $400

        • Stefan

          Don’t worry, sub-400 ain’t a rumor. Pete Lau said under 400