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Study Finds Kit Kat to be Most Stable Mobile OS Available

For a long time, Android has been saddled with the stereotype of being a buggy operating system when compared to the competition. Times have changed, and with that, so has Android. The launch of Android 4.4 brought a very mature-looking OS to the mobile world, as well as a very stable one. 

Crittercism is a company that produces the Mobile Experience Benchmark Report, which puts different operating systems through stress tests to find weak points. In its latest Report, Crittercism tested 2,582 devices across 691 mobile carriers and 106 different operating systems. The company found a lot of statistics, but the OS that was most likely to crash was Android 2.3 Gingerbread at 1.7%.

In comparison, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and Kit Kat were all rated at 0.7% crash rates. Those are pretty good numbers when compared with the best performing version of iOS (version 7.1), which got a 1.6% crash rate. It’s also worth noting that according to this report, the most stable Android phones on the market are manufactured by Samsung.

As with most statistics, you should take these numbers with a grain of salt. iOS is much more widely spread around the world than Kit Kat, which as of the last distribution chart,was only on 2.5% Android devices worldwide.

That being said, this is a good sign for Android, no doubt helping its market share going forward. If you want to see the full report, click the source link below.

Via: Information Week
  • My Nexus 4 with CM 11 (4.2.2) is ridiculously stable, even on nightlies.

  • Blaine Johnson

    Considering how much more advanced Android OS is over Crapple that’s great news!

  • DeannaKPelletier

    iOS has always presented the illusion that it is more stable than Android because whenever an app crashes in iOS, it just returns you to the home screen (as if you pressed the Home button) whereas in Android, it gives you FC messages when an app crashes/does not respond. Looks like the stats speak for themselves. http://qr.net/rtcX

  • Chris Hannan

    Weird that Samsung phones are the most stable since my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 seems to crash a lot more than my Nexus 4 and my old Nexus 7. I know it’s not a phone, but you’d think someone with the most stable phones would also have the most stable tablets.

  • JackT

    Everyone’s agreeing in the comments?! Wow, I thought there would be at least one iOS fanboy on DL to start a huge argument here..

  • Vermin_Cain

    Take that, bitches!

    • Chris

      settle down

      • Vermin_Cain

        Sorry my Lord.

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    “the most stable Android phones on the market are manufactured by Samsung”

    I like Samsung phones but this was surprising.

  • Engadget just posted about this study and the comments over there are GOLDEN! Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

    • flosserelli

      Wow I figured Applegadget would bebthe last place to find that article.

      • The thing is, no where in Engadget’s article do they actually state the facts, the entire article sounds like the author was trying his / her best to avoid stating the truth. They pretty much estranged the results and made it seem as tho it wasn’t a direct comparison to iOS / Android even though it kinda was. Kinda sad to see that fanboys have taken over a website I used to consider my tech-news source.

        • flosserelli

          Look who wrote the article. John Fingas is one of the biggest Apple apologists on the planet.

          • Chris

            you need mental help

          • The graphics come from the company that did the study. They’re in the source link on Engadget.

          • needa

            lol. jon fingas wirtes all kinds of apple bashing articles. he owns and likes android. he also owns and likes apple. by the way… those were the two pics offered from the source that had to do with the article.

  • Smity

    What’s Kit Kat? It’s not on my phone.
    Verizon Customer.

  • ckeegan

    Ooo, I can’t wait to have this on my GS4. Samsung?

  • Ruurd Bijlsma

    “the OS that was most likely to crash was Android 2.3 Gingerbread at 1.7%.”, That makes it sound like android 2.3 is the most likely os to crash, but according to your source ios 5 has a crash rate of 2.5%

    • flosserelli

      Agreed. But the original article is somewhat misleading also.

      Quoted from the source:
      “According to Crittercism’s data, Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread has the highest total crash rate, at 1.7%. It’s more than twice as prone to crashes as Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and KitKat, which have crash rates of 0.7%.

      These latter three systems are all more stable than Apple’s iOS. The best-performing version of iOS is the most recent, iOS 7.1, which has a crash rate of 1.6%. It offers improved performance over iOS 7.0 (2.1%), and iOS 5 (2.5%).”

  • ravenofdoom

    “Stable” is a vague assessment – especially when just going off app crashes (which include crappy apps from nascent developers). What a true assessment of stability should measure is native OS service crashes and device reboots. I’ve been on Android for 4 years (and wouldn’t go back), but I truly doubt the random reboot rate of android (even on 4.4.2) is better than iOS. My Nexus 10 on 4.4.2 reboots at least once a week, and run-away app battery drain (e.g. NY times widget using 40% battery in background when idle – which the OS should be aware of / kill) is still an area for improvement in Android vs. iOS that is just as/a more important factory of “stability.”

  • Ethan Kirkmeyer

    Moto X user here, switched from an iPhone 4 on iOS 7 about two months ago. Since getting 4.4.2, my phone has yet to crash. To be honest, there are still a few small things (like not being able to put my phone on silent/adjust volume in the lock screen) that are inconveniences, but on the whole, I love Android and will be sticking with it for a while 🙂

    • Wolfpack93

      On my Moto X, I can put the phone in silent mode from the lock screen by long-pressing the power button. I can also adjust the volume with the volume buttons.

      • Ethan Kirkmeyer

        Sweet, thank you.

  • Maxim∑

    7.1 is a lot better, but my Nexus 5 never crashed except once with google play. so i can believe this

    • Ameshican

      Yeah I only recently got an iPhone for the first time back in Feb. and haven’t have a single issue with iOS. The OS is solid but then again I never had an issue with Android either. Or I should say, stock Android. My Nexus 4 when I wasn’t dinking with it was superb.

  • Ryan5609

    About 520 hours up time as of right now. Running 4.4.2 ART Nexus 5. Certainly didn’t used to be this stable.

    • archercc

      I havent had instability since I had a Nexus device (although I didnt get on the bandwagon until 2.3.6). But I noticed my earlier gripes were always with skins, specifically earlier versions of Sense. I think those were coded by monkeys subjected to meth.

  • Guest

    Na. I converted to Android (MOTO X) from IOS, and I’m very happy with my decision, but if I have to handle it with kid gloves b/c of bug that drains the battery then I can’t rank it higher. It’s almost laughable that 4.4.3 hasn’t dropped to patch that up. Oddly enough, switching to ART seems to lessen the damage. Maybe I missed a followup article explaining a one time permanent cure on this, but the battery drain article was running a few hundred comments deep with naysayers.

    • Gilbert Estrada

      Every instance of battery issues I’ve seen with 4.4.2 (and as the family geek I see EVERYTHING tech-related my family and friends have trouble with) has boiled down to a misbehaving/out of date app or a setting that wouldn’t normally be enabled anyway (like leaving Wifi Hotspot turned on 24/7).

  • bernt

    Moto x is BY FAR the best phone on the market hands down.. Anyone who says says otherwise does not own a moto x.. Everything else is just good..

    • preach

    • fred

      Think I would still prefer the battery life offered by my droid maxx

    • itznfb

      My Moto X is the first smartphone I’ve owned (I’ve owned a lot) where I’ve been completely satisfied with it exactly as it came out of the box. It just does everything perfectly. It really is an amazing device.

      • Stevedub40

        You got it man. I am the same exact way (owned a lot of phones) and this is the first one I have not rooted. I hope Lenovorola can continue with this success.

  • Transdence1

    ” iOS is much more widely spread around the world than Kit Kat”

    ” Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and Kit Kat were all rated at 0.7% crash rates”

    which makes up more than 80% of Android. So Android in general is stable

    • earthzero

      Absolutely correct. I find it sad that the author does not clarify their statement with this simple fact that demonstrates that only around 20% or so of the Android devices that are still active actually run on anything below Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’re going to use such statistics, just tell the full story instead of being selective about it.

  • Dustin Casper

    When RIL issues aren’t happening, yeah sure, maybe.

  • maxx1987

    While I’m not denying the results, isn’t crittercism in some way funded by Google? Not saying that undermines objectivity, but it’s going to be difficult to convince ios users if that’s the context

    • JSo

      You think iOS users pay attention to the facts? Haha

      • Mark Aaron Collado

        they only listen if there’s an “i” in front of it lol

    • flosserelli

      The vast majority of iOS users (or soon-to-be iOS users) won’t be swayed by any of this. They made up their minds long before walking into the store.

  • johntb

    can I just add some Moto X Love right here? more than satisfied with this incredible phone.

  • Cael

    I’m not a Samsung fan but maybe its the plastic? LMAO

  • abhele

    except that camera bug on nexus 5 tho

    • NorCalGuy

      And which bug would that be…don’t have any problems with my n5’s camera

  • JSo

    Android is the most stable…It’s science.

  • SDM

    Just because Kit Kat doesn’t have a large market share yet doesn’t mean that the statistic should be thrown out or taken likely. It isn’t about who has more, its about sample size and percentages. As long as the sample size is large enough to get a good picture it is comparable. Let alone it has the last three versions of both android and iOS on the study and of the last three there is a much better score for android.

  • The Narrator

    Even more stable than iOS?


      ” Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and Kit Kat were all rated at 0.7% crash rates. Those are pretty good numbers when compared with the best performing version of iOS (version 7.1), which got a 1.6% crash rate.”

      • The Narrator

        I read it, just surprising.

        • ERIFNOMI

          Then we’ll say my comment was just reiterating the point. Though I don’t find it that surprising. I’m always hearing of people having problems with their iPhones. My roommate and my girlfriend both switched to Android after their first iPhone.

    • K

      You probably won’t be seeing this reported across all the tech sites…yet if iOS was found to be more stable then I’m sure it’d be making headlines

      • The Narrator

        Well, this is a first for Android.

        • JSo

          It’s not surprising. Android keeps getting better with every update. iOS just kind of stays the same. So Android catching up was inevitable.

          • KleenDroid

            No, IOS flattened their icons. That is progress isn’t it?

          • JSo

            And they added more processing power to handle all those icons.

          • Pedro

            How can you forget they added ANOTHER row of icons on the iPhone 5!

            Seriously. What’s more progressive than moar?

          • flosserelli

            That and getting a patent on stuff like a transparent texting app (which has been available on android for years).

      • Droid Ronin

        iOS has always presented the illusion that it is more stable than Android because whenever an app crashes in iOS, it just returns you to the home screen (as if you pressed the Home button) whereas in Android, it gives you FC messages when an app crashes/does not respond. Looks like the stats speak for themselves.

      • flosserelli

        Exactly. This will never get widespread attention because most tech web sites get bent for anything related to Apple or Steve Jobs. And to say anything that is counter to the Apple culture is blasphemy.

  • paticao

    i remember with my galaxy nexus on its prime days where i had to reboot the device at least once every 1-2 days.
    now with the nexus 5 i probably do that 1-2 a month

    • Jared Denman

      Mine would reboot at least once a day due to me swapping batteries! lol

  • Defenestratus

    I think the uptime on my Note 3 is somewhere around 30 days. Now that the play services bug is seemingly squashed.

  • NickA

    Good. Now people can stop saying “quit whining for your update” to users without the latest version of Android. In most cases, the latest OS is the best OS.

    • Daistaar

      … until the next one comes along and people start saying everything they hate and is broken with the current one. I remember how awesome and stable Gingerbread was a few years ago and how everyone had to have it lol.

    • jboogie1289

      And not everyone is on the Kitkat wagon yet!! AT&T just pushed out their version for the Note 3 and Big Red is still mum about their OTA for the Note 3 still. But, I can say that 4.3 has done me good.

  • I’ve gone weeks without rebooting my Moto X. That was just laughable blasphemy on my Thunderbolt.

    • Blasphemy. Fantastic word choice sir.

    • Jared Denman

      I’m almost 2 months in without a reboot on my x. Seems crazy.

      • Jared Denman

        To be totally fair and honest, I believe it was when the phone updated to 4.4.2

    • KleenDroid

      I agree. Don’t remember the last time I had to reboot my Verizon S4 running 4.4.2

      My poor wife with my old Thunderbolt and Gnex is a whole different thing.

      Got my daughter an X for Christmas and she can’t even mess it up 🙂

      • Jonathan Williams

        My Gnex on 4.4.2 is pretty stable.

        • ravenofdoom

          what rom? I’ve been rocking the official 4.2.2 OTA (rooted) for the last 7-8 months.

          • Jonathan Williams

            Fork My Life (FML) OmniRom. Check XDA for it. Very smooth with no issues.

          • Tyler Lipshutz

            As someone who is always trying out the newest ROMS, FML has great features. It can be a little slugish at times. I miss the auto-open feature with Omnimetal, turning on the display just by pulling it out of your pocket. But I felt it was a battery-drainer. FML doesn’t have profiles. but cover covers(heh) that for the most part.

        • Simon Belmont

          Yeah. My GSM G’Nex is retired from daily use, but I’ve thrown CM11 on it and it runs extremely well.

          I keep mine as a backup phone. I actually really love my trusty old G’Nex.

    • athorax

      I don’t get the TBolt hate…. I loved mine.

      • flosserelli

        I loved mine, except for the abysmal battery life. I would usually be on my 3rd battery by the end of each day. But otherwise, having a Tbolt on Verizon’s brand spankin’ new LTE was freaking awesome.

      • I bought the extended battery and case and loved it too. Rugged little phone that could be dropped never broke due to the plastic bezels.

    • MikeKorby

      Coming from the daily reboots on my GNex to the nearly nonexistent reboots on my Droid Maxx, its a strange feeling. Sometimes I almost feel compelled to reboot it out of habit..

      • michael arazan

        Have toi reboot my GS3 all the time, to help stop it from eating up so much Ram and lagging the phone down, then go back and force close everything, then the process starts all over week after week. TW sucks.

        • MicroNix

          I don’t here with the GS3. A reboot maybe every 3 to 4 weeks.

      • j

        4.4.2 on my gnex (shiny), weeks without reboot. dunno..

        • Simon Belmont

          I never had to reboot my G’Nex (GSM) either. It could be up for a couple weeks without a reboot.

          Honestly, I think the G’Nex gets downed a lot because this website is heavily skewed at to the Verizon variant. Just my theory.

    • I reboot my phone every day regardless of how stable it is.