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Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Render Leaks in White and Black

With all the fervor surrounding the Galaxy S5, it’s easy to forget Samsung has product upon product in the pipeline, one of which is the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0. Today, we have some news on that from in the form of a leaked renders, courtesy of @evleaks, which showed a restyled tablet more in line with the Galaxy S5’s design.

The device renders are of the white and black Tab 4 7.0 model. Notable changes include the replacement of the menu button found on previous Galaxy Tabs with a multitasking button. The tablet also appears more rectangular in shape, reflecting the Galaxy S5’s refinements.

Hardware rumors suggest all Tab 4 models will sport a  WXGA (1280×800) display and an unknown 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. The 7-inch Tab is decidedly low-end, with reportedly only 1GB of RAM  compared to 1.5GB for the 10.1-inch variant, a 4,450mAh battery (the 8- and 10-inch pack a 6,800mAh battery), and 8GB of storage. Still, it might be a good budget buy.


Samsung inadvertently revealed the refreshed line of Galaxy Tabs on its promo page for the Gear Fit. If the information proves accurate, we should see a Tab 4 8.0 and 10.1 alongside the 7.0 when it eventually launches.

Anyone excited for the new Tabs?

Via: @evleaks [2] | Trusted Reviews
  • Trysta

    I wish Samsung would come out with a higher end version of their 7-inch tablets. The form factor for this looks wonderful but knowing samsung they will gimp the specs and still charge more than the Nexus 7…

  • BornRight

    Why no refresh for the Note 8.0?

  • SplashMTN

    After dealing with the 2012 Nexus 7 for the last ~1.5 years I don’t think I’ll ever get another tablet/phone with only 1gb of ram.

  • Ricky blaze

    If it’s 16GB, And under $200, then this wouldn’t be a bad budget tablet. And guys, remember, Apple is still selling the 1st gen iPad mini. Way worst specs than this, for $299. So everyone quit complaining!

    • Chris Hannan

      Worse specs, probably better performance.

      • Ricky blaze

        You’re probally right. That’s why i always recomend the Nexus 7 Over any of the GalaxyTabs. Has anyone seen the comparisons Of the Nexus 7 Vs Galaxytab pro? The Nexus is still smoother than a S800 on a GalaxyTab -.- Stupid Touchwiz

  • Severo Rivera

    If the price is $199 or below then I could see this as a viable option in the 7 inch market.

  • Wagner

    Looks like a Note 3 Max

  • paul_cus

    There’s fervor surrounding the S5?

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    What? No 1024X768 screen!?


  • hkklife

    Previous Tab 7.0 models were 1024×600, so it’s at least inching upwards spec-wise. 1024×600 is netbook-style painful! 1.5GB RAM was on the previous Tab 3 8.0 but strangely the Tab 3 10.1 only had 1GB RAM. But 8GB storage is an insult on anything over $99, honestly.

    I am still holding for a price drop + 32GB internal storage variant of the Tab Pro 8.4. The screen on that thing is phenomenal!

  • renz

    why not putting snapdragon 600 and 2GB or RAM in this?

    • ddpacino

      They have hundreds of other tabs for you to buy.

  • Blue Sun

    I swear that home button in the black device render looks slanted.

    • ddpacino

      You said it and made me think so. Yes. Very similar to what I learned on Freakonomics last week.

    • MistaButters

      It does in the white too

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Soo…manyyyyy Tablets… It’s crazy how samsung does this. What’s wrong with the line they just released a couple weeks ago?

    • ddpacino

      There isn’t a 7″ option, of course. They need all sizes covered.

  • coolsilver

    That home button… Good thing my Nexus 7 does everything I ever wanted.

    • Chris Hannan

      That home button isn’t nearly as bad as those task switcher and back buttons. At least, if it’s anything like the Tab Pro 8.4. Constantly hitting them on accident. Awesome tablet otherwise.

  • j

    All this for only twice as much as a nexus 7! You read that correctly.. If you act how, we’ll toss in half the specs FREE! And double the cost FREE!!!

    • j

      (separate s&h applies)

    • Troof

      The Galaxy Tab 3 (7 inches) has always been cheaper than a Nexus 7 and I’m sure the new Tab 4 will follow the same pricing, so it’s not “double the cost” or “twice as much”. You don’t have to lie to kick it.

      • j

        jokes man.. jokes.

        anyway it was $199 and now $149.. OG N7 is cheaper. so.