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Verizon BOGO Deal: Buy an HTC One (M8), Get a Second Free

Verizon not only has an in-store availability exclusive (through April 9) on the new HTC One (M8), but they are also hosting quite the deal for interested parties. For a limited time, starting today at 1PM Eastern, customers will be able to buy the One (M8) and receive a 2nd One (M8) for free, as long as they sign 2-year contracts.

Big Red is selling the One (M8) for $199 on-contract. 

Via:  Verizon

    great info guys/girls I saw the two codes on a blog “VERIZON30”-$139.99 & VZWDEAL-$149.99 has anyone tried using these Verizon codes yet ? Is it legeit ?;-)

  • RKSoni

    I don’t think deal at Verizon is good even if BoGo, in long term, service plan costing matters a lot and
    T-Mo has best competitive rates hence deal of HTC M8 would be best at
    T-Mo….. check out >>>> telecomvibe(dot)com

  • Rob

    Too bad this doesn’t apply to off contract phones. I could sell the other and pay for the one I bought.

  • Adol

    Is this deal online only?

  • Dundunnit

    So basically, buy one, get one, absorb ETF, sell both… money increase!

  • tonylogan

    Actually went to Verizon store, bought the new one. No BOGO deal available.

  • Does HTC lose money from this? Or did verizon pay regular price for the phone and verizon is eating the losses?

  • Daistaar

    Never seen a liquidation sale so soon after release… What is this? HP with the Touchpad? HTC with the First?

  • redskins59rocs .

    This thing is just beatiful especially if black is available at Verizon. My family got a line open for upgrade so might try out edge. It sounds tempting, because I am getting bored with my S4.

  • LionStone

    I could do this… but I won’t

  • leram84

    Sooooo…. get the deal, and then switch over to tmobile and have them pay your early termination fees?

  • flosserelli

    Not a bad deal if you don’t mind being married to Verizon for another 2 years. But Verizon is like that batshit crazy girlfriend that you dump when you get enough of her BS.

  • dougefresh

    how much money does daat cost?

  • James B

    IDK, I clicked on the Verizon HTC One M8 banner and it brought me to a page with the old HTC One pictured. Careful, might not be what it seems.

    • needa

      same here. it makes more sense for them to be doing it on the old one. if it is a mistake… i feel for verizon if they end up giving away phones they just paid top dollar for.

      • James B

        The strange thing is that the banner specifically says “HTC One M8”. Bait and switch or false advertisement? Either way they’ll blame it on a technical glitch.

        • needa

          i clicked on two different ones that said that. both took me to the same thing. im chatting with verizon. will see what they say.

          • James B

            They’ve changed the page. Looks like offer is now only for the older HTC One. Keep us updated though.

          • needa

            your site says you can get the all new htc one by one get one free. but when you click on the banner it takes you to last years model. which is it?

            It is the new one, the links aren’t working 100% yet, hover over Shop, at the top of your screen, and click smart phones, then filter for HTC.

            i did that a bit ago. there was nothing that said buy one get one. and when i added two to the cart it was charging me for both.

            It will until you get to the Review cart, or Shipping and Service page 🙂

    • itsacardigan

      If you add 2 M8’s to your cart and go to checkout it say “found a better deal” and makes the cost on one of the M8’s $0.

  • Zack

    When I click on the HTC One (M8) BOGO banner it takes me to a HTC One 2013 BOGO sale. Something’s not right.

    • BMC123

      I’m getting that too. sneaky verizon.

  • Zeph

    On this note, does anyone have one of those discount codes for a Moto X still? No… seriously

    • flosserelli

      At the rate they were being discounted, you can probably get one for free in a couple of months.

  • Chippah

    Ha! This was probably why BOTH my UNLIMITED month to month lines just got
    “HEY UPGRADE AVAILABLE!” Txts from VZW the other day on My G2’s..


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Okay that’s it! Phone on sale in 15 Minutes… time to go to……”Lunch”

    • JBartcaps

      You really want this phone lol, I might have to try it. It’s been six months with my Moto X so I can upgrade, just gotta finishing paying off half the phone.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Lol nah I’m just excited to get a hands-on in a VZW store. I won’t buy until there’s an Unlocked Verison from HTC.

        • The Narrator

          It should be up on their site later today.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Are you getting it on Verizon? Under contract?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Nah, I killed my VZW contract when I decided I was done with contracts. I’m on goPhone with Nexus 5 now. Getting it Unlocked once HTC goes live with that Version….

        I could go At&t model but I’m not a fan of waiting for updates.

  • Fresh360

    On an unrelated (but kinda related) note I am very dissapointed that BGR had a review unit and not Droid Life, this is a travesty of the highest regard.

    • vj1824

      Yeah, I find it weird that iBGR got a unit and not Droid Life.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Sad indeed

    • T4rd

      I’ve always wondered what exactly is required of a “tech journalist” to be allowed a review unit. Do you even need to have your own publication? If so, does a Youtube channel count? Because MKBHD doesn’t even have a site and gets review units.

      • Boblank84

        i think a million plus subscribers will get you that.. i do agree dl should also over some though.

        • T4rd

          Well I’m pretty sure he was getting review units well before his 1 mil subscriber mark. I see other newer/smaller tech people getting review units on there too. Maybe the threshold is lower than that or OEMs allow it on a case-by-case basis.

      • Fresh360

        Honestly I have no idea…I understand MKBHD he grew his following organically and is very active and even keeled…I just disagree with BGR because it has become very “Tabloidish” since Geller sold the site they epitomize click bait…

    • The Narrator

      Is this gonna be the new thing. Who cares

    • crazed_z06

      Probably because of DL’s un-wavering devotion to the Moto X. Maybe HTC didnt feel like they’d get a fair shake.

      • Fresh360

        You my friend must not see the blatant Android bashing that goes on over there…

      • Jim890

        I agree 100% with you on that!

    • Jim890

      That’s because DL was all over moto than HTC. They know the mistake they made. Enough said.

    • Jim890

      Got over it. ITS DL fault in this matter.

    • 213ninja

      BGR bought it from the kid who stole it from his dad to post that premature youtube vid that DL did cover a few weeks back…

  • cizzlen

    Still no news from T-Mobile on when they are selling this phone. Argggh

    • flosserelli

      Someone posted a link to a T-Mobile announcement saying the first week of April.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    They PUSHING this fast! HTC Getting those UNITS out the door! Thanks Verizon for supporting my favorite OEM

  • Fresh360

    1st day BOGO this is Nucking FUTS!

    • fillyo75

      Clearly trying to lure in customers before S5 launch, which is smart on their part, though margins will suffer.

      • j

        This.. plus they will absolutely get people to lock in TWO phones to 2 year contracts which nets them more $$ than the $200 they lose by giving one away “free”.. win win.

  • needa

    i think this cheapens the android brand. and it for sure cheapens the htc brand. it reminds me of microsoft giving away lumias that werent selling well.

    • 213ninja

      it doesn’t.

  • I’d say it was tempting, but it’s not. It’s a great deal for the phones, but I won’t go back to Verizon over T-Mobile.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Don’t do it!…. Be Free!

  • eeeeeeeeeee

    I was going to just take a leap of faith and get it but this worries me that carriers are already trying to give them away.

    • needa

      it is no doubt a ploy from htc to show high sales opening week, but i totally get where you are coming from.

      • If they wanted high sales they wouldn’t have made this an exclusive in-store phone.

        • needa

          it is quite possible that they did not have the supply to stock every single carrier and smartphone store in two countries with the phones. but i see where you are coming from. just as i see the point behind what pinochio said. someone grab a phone and call peter chou.

      • PoisonApple31

        HTC just needed some extra cash, exclusivity is the easiest way for the company to get it.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s Partially Verizon saying…”Well if you come here we’ll give you a 2 for 1 special before hte other carriers get the phone” They’re just trying to lock in subs… not an issue with the phone…it’s the first day for gods sake

    • flosserelli

      Don’t worry. Verizon will more than make up for the cost of the phone over a new 2-year term.

  • MichaelFranz

    i wonder if this a store would allow you to do the deal if you only have 1 upgrade but multiple lines on an account …..i’d be curious…

    • Bob

      No only available if you have 2 upgrades available

      • Joe Pants

        I chatted and confirmed. Need 2 upgrades or open new lines

  • T4rd

    Too bad this deal doesn’t apply or appeal to anyone here. =p

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Only to a few like me. Does anyone know if Verizon has the gold version? I want that one, or another blue

      • T4rd

        You have two lines available for upgrade and don’t have unlimited data still?

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          I have 4 lines with unlimited and a dummy line. One of the unlimited has an upgrade so I’ll use that. But I want to get a gold one haha

          • PoisonApple31

            I thought Gold was a Best Buy only SKU?

      • 213ninja

        LOL i thought Blue was a Best Buy exclusive…

    • 213ninja

      that’s false. i saw several folks getting excited about it.

    • The Narrator

      Only because nobody likes 2 year contracts.

      • PoisonApple31

        If you don’t plan on switching carriers in the 2 year span, it really is no big deal. Not to mention many people are tied to specific carrier for work discounts anyway.