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LG Bringing KnockCode to More LG Phones Via Future Firmware Update

Ever since it was introduced with the LG G2, the KnockOn tap-to-wake software that LG patented has been a major focal point of its OEM software. LG even improved its own design by announcing KnockCode alongside the G Pro 2, which will launch later this year. Apparently, demand was so high for creating a personalized knocking pattern to unlock your device that LG is bringing it to more of their older devices. 

According to a survey done by LG, over 50 percent of the participants listed KnockCode as their most anticipated feature of the G Pro 2. After hearing that kind of response, LG has announced plans for its LG G Flex and the G2 to receive KnockCode sometime in April.

No hard date has been set in stone and neither has the list of devices to receive this update. LG promises to keep us updated in “the weeks ahead” to give us more details of when exactly we can expect this firmware update to come through.


LG's Newest UX Feature to be Available for G2 and G Flex

SEOUL, Mar. 25, 2014 — As announced at Mobile World Congress last month,Knock Code(tm) will be a key feature in LG smartphone models this year,including G Pro 2, G2 mini, F Series and L SeriesIII. Now LG Electronics(LG) will make its innovative Knock Code(tm) feature available on earlier LGsmartphone models via a firmware update starting in April. Owners of LG G2and G Flex in specific countries will be the first to receive the KnockCode(tm) update which will give users instant access to their smartphones viaa customized “knock” pattern.

With recent consumer research showing that most users check and unlocktheir devices between 100 and 150 times a day, LG was inspired to furtherenhance its KnockON feature with a higher layer of security andconvenience. KnockOn, which LG patented in 2008, was the perfect foundationto further develop Knock Code(tm), which is unique in its ability to both wakeand unlock the phone in one step, a clear time-saver for users. It’s nosurprise that more than 50 percent of participants in a recent surveyselected Knock Code(tm) as the most anticipated feature of G Pro 2,demonstrating the real need for an alternate solution to smartphonesecurity.1

The consumer benefits of LG’s Knock Code(tm) technology are obvious in itsability to wake and unlock the phone simultaneously, providing moreconvenience and greater security over conventional password andpattern-based security options. With Knock Code(tm), the smartphone display isdivided into four invisible quadrants. The user taps or “knocks” anywherefrom two to eight times in the quadrants in a specific sequence. With morethan 80,000 possible combinations and no fingerprint streaks, Knock Code(tm)offers a level of security far greater than other devices, even those withfingerprint recognition systems. And because Knock Code(tm) can be implementedanywhere on the screen in any size without having to view the screen,there’s no chance of password theft. In addition to being safer and moreconvenient, Knock Code(tm) is also more responsive compared to bio-recognitionsystems, which are much more susceptible to variations in the environment.

“LG engineers placed a great amount of emphasis on providing users withexceptional security and convenience when developing Knock Code,” said Dr.Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile CommunicationsCompany. “Making Knock Code accessible to a wider audience is consistentwith our direction to differentiate LG mobile devices on the basis of userexperience.”

  • Maranello Santiago

    I have it on my Nexus 4 with a custom kernel and i’m preferring it rather than using the button.

  • Westly Ratcliff

    I will look forward to seeing this update for Verizon in April 2017.

  • M Boogie

    Had this feature on my GN II, via custom kernel and ROM. It was cool at first, but I eventually disabled it because I was so use to hitting the power button.

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Sad really LG G2 is the best phone I’ve ever owned but the lack of a real update has be wanting to pull the trigger. The HTC One 2014 and Note 4 are here if not well be here soon. Come onLG and Verizon.

    • OreoMan

      Don’t blame LG. Every other carrier has now pushed the update to their G2’s (even foreign carriers). Blame good ‘ol VZW for this one.

    • CoreRooted

      VZW is the one to blame on this one. LG put the 4.4.2 update out over 3 months ago for carrier testing and all the other carriers (I’m not sure about Sprint) had it out within 6 weeks.

  • shelderman


  • Chippah

    VERIZON 2015!

    • Mike

      I wouldn’t be surprised

  • Manbearpig

    I want this. It needs to come with the Verizon 4.4 update

  • Mike

    WHEN’S KIT KAT COMING TO VERIZON G2?!?!?!?!?! Almost every other company, DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN upgraded to kit kat. VERIZON IS SLOW AS SH*T

    • LTEasy

      you might as well root

      • Mike

        Yea, it’s pathetic that the biggest cellphone company (Verizon) is gonna be the last to give the G2 kit kat.

        • Collin Chapin

          I left Verizon for that reason and have never been happier with my N5 on AT&T.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Look at that Verizon logo.

  • The Narrator


  • Ken Bosse

    Saw G2, saw the Verizon logo, thought 4.4 was coming, but then I actually read what it said and got sad hah.

    • Kevin

      haha my thoughts exactly.