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HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition Now Available for $699.99

For those of you who are loving the design of the HTC One (M8), but can’t stand Sense 6.0, then the Google Play Edition is now available through Google Play. The device is priced at quite the premium, coming with a price tag of $699.99. 

The GPE will still feature the duo camera, as well as BoomSound, so the device should still be a beast with its Snapdragon 801 processor. The device comes with 32GB of storage, support for an external memory card, and compatibility with GSM networks. According to Google Play, the device ships in 2-3 weeks.

What do you think, is it overpriced? You can purchase the device off contract through a carrier like Verizon for $599.99, and other carriers have it in the low $600 range. A few would say that since there is no Sense software you are actually paying more money for less features, but some people really love stock Android.

If you love stock Android that much, go get it before its gone.

Play Link ($699.99)

  • yummy

    If I pay x for some combination of items y, and (x + n) for a smaller subset of those items (y – z), doesnt that give z (in this case sense and htc ui), a negative value of n?

  • emoney

    would trade in my N5 for this if the price was closer to $450

  • pilot25

    GSM only….I’m getting really sick of VZ but am stuck unless I give up unlimited data. No chance.

  • M3D1T8R

    Meanwhile HTC is selling the Verizon version device only for $750. (It is $600 from Verizon.) What’s up with that? https://shop.us.htc.com/detail/5896

    • Cael

      They must truly be desperate for cash. So sad…

  • kcmanuel

    Has anyone actually been able to make it through the checkout process? I Keep getting an error.

  • RaptorOO7

    Well at least you get decent storage this time and a microSD, too bad its only GSM.

    • hoosiercub88

      Even worse it’s the same camera as last year.

  • Hassan AlSaffar

    I have a question, is the Google play edition is the same AT&T one? I mean it supports the same LTE bands that At&T supports? Because I am traveling to the middle east and only ATT edition would support LTE networks here in the US and Middle East at the same time

    • BAM1789

      Yeah, it supports AWS band 4.

  • Christopher Moore

    Pricing just does not make sense. Who wants to develop for a phone when people can’t afford it?

  • GutterIsATool

    Does the Google Experience Launcher have the clear notification bar on other phones? I know it does on my Nexus 5, and the promo shots for this phone show it as clear. Just curious. I know that was a N5 feature to start with.

  • Jason Kahn

    How is the “UltraPixel” Camera on the original HTC One GPE? Did it suffer for missing the HTC Camera software?

    • Alan Paone

      The htc camera app is slightly better, but the pictures come out exactly the same.

      • hoosiercub88

        False. A lot of what makes the images passable on the original HTC One is proprietary software processing. AOSP camera software doesn’t do that. It simply utilizes the hardware and just takes a picture. It’s the same thing as using AOSP based ROMs on phones with proprietary Android OEM skins. A Galaxy S4 with TouchWiz will take better images than the GPE of the phone. The software is built around the camera from Samsung. That’s not the case with AOSP. Similar to the way not all AOSP based phones can utilize the HDR+ like the Nexus 5 can due to hardware differentiation.

        • Alan Paone

          The gpe devices use the same proprietary camera drivers, and so do AOSP Roms btw. The jpg engine is part of the drivers. You don’t get HDR+ and other gimmicks because those are separate features that use the jpgs after they’ve been captured, they are part of the app, not the drivers. The verge did an uncharacteristically thorough examination of the GPE devices’ cameras when they reviewed them last year and they are both identical to the bloated versions. The pictures are the same because the hardware and software are the same.

  • Will Frame

    So, you get stock Android and all you have to do is give up the HTC camera features and basically anything else that differentiates it from a Nexus. Why not just get a Nexus 5? At least it has a better camera.

    • PoisonApple31

      Some people put build quality at the top of the list; they want a heavier phone like it is 2011.

  • Justin Tierney

    I just want to find the unlocked, bloatware free version that will work on AT&T. Why cant I find it!?

    • Greg Morgan

      HTC has yet to announce a release date for the unlocked versions.

  • Pedro

    So, if you buy the M8 Dev Edition (when available), couldn’t you just load the GPE image on to it?

    • BAM1789


  • Cael

    HTC is giving a $100 discount for the Sense versions. $600 sounds so much better right? LMAO

    • LionStone

      Still trying to pass that off as a joke?

      • Cael

        Still butthurt?

        • LionStone

          haha… Keep trying bro… One Up!

  • Tony Byatt

    One HTC One M8 GPE = Two Nexus 5’s


  • crazed_z06


  • The Narrator

    That’s 4 months of car payments, no thanks lol

  • AjMobileGuru

    Why anyone would buy this is beyond me? Such premium hardware with no features? The M8 has all the features that would make the device stand out.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Overpriced. The price isn’t even sensible. If you really want a GPE version. Get it for $600 from one of the carriers. or even $650 for the DEV edition. And root. If that’s what you really want….this isn’t worth it straight up for $700

    • Brian Walker

      I was thinking the same thing. Since there’s a GPE, there will likely be a very easy way to load a stock KitKat ROM on there, and then you’ve saved $100. This price makes no sense.

    • Alan Paone

      And pay $50 to have it unlocked.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Pay to unlock? On what planet?

        • Alan Paone

          On what planet is it free to remove a carrier lock?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            You’re joking…. You probably should take a stoll over to XDA

          • Alan Paone

            You’re thinking of the bootloader

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            I’m not. There are ways to Sim unlock various devices if you’re rooted.

          • Alan Paone

            Cool, that’s new since the last time i was on there with a non-Nexus/GPE

  • Henry Conant

    Can’t imagine this is $300 better than a Nexus 5…

    • The Narrator

      Hardware wise. SD Slot, Aluminum, Newer processor. $400 extra? No but definitely worth it over the Nexus 5 at $499-$599

      *If somebody is looking to pay that much

      • Henry Conant

        When has a Nexus 5 ever been $499 – $599? If you look at the Play Store they are 349 and 399. Not everyone needs a 64 GB SD Slot, with so much cloud storage. Also I’m not seeing a huge hardware gap between the two.

        • The Narrator

          I didn’t say that the Nexus 5 was that much. I said it is worth it over the Nexus 5 in the $499-$599 range

          Aluminum vs Plastic
          SD vs none
          801 vs 800
          Software enhancements vs none

          To some it’s probably worth it.

          • j

            It’s also worth it next a magical non existent nexus 5 price of a million dollars.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            Um, you list the aluminum as an enhancement, but it isn’t. It’s just a preference; the Nexus 5 will be just as durable, and won’t scratch as easily. Also, since this is the Google Play edition, I believe it’ll pretty much be running stock. So you’re basically paying $300 for a slightly faster processor, SD card slot, and aluminum.

          • um

            the only time he uses the word “enhancement” is under software “enhancement”s. re read his post. so um, he doesn’t list it as an enhancement. that’s your word to characterize the left column of the comparison not his

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            He lists it with three other enhancements… it was implied 😛

        • Christopher Moore

          You make it sound as if cloud storage does not impact data caps. If Verizon still had unlimited data for everyone I would be using cloud storage left and right. But since I lost my unlimited plan I have to keep close watch.

      • Arnold

        SD slots are still a thing?

        • The Narrator

          Nobody has time for the cloud

          • Arnold

            The cloud is great. Particularly with unlimited data. Local is overrated.

          • The Narrator

            Lol, okay

          • Christopher Moore

            Overrated my A$$. The new HTC One just got added back to my most wanted list. There is no con to having a sd card slot when you also have mandatory sim slots.
            Best part is that if you don’t want to use an sd card you don’t have too.

          • Arnold

            Read again dude. Never said it was a “con”. My point was the ‘need’ for local storage is overrated. Everything is headed to the cloud nowadays. However, if I didn’t have unlimited data, I’d probably consider SD storage, but I don’t need to at this time.

          • Anon

            You know what I like about an SD card?

            I can take an app like MyBackup Pro, back up to the SD card, and have a non-cloud backup of my phone in the event I need it. It’s the one thing I really miss about an SD card, and it’s actually a big deal.

            For others that use their phone as a music player, I’d bet an SD card is a nice option too. I don’t, so it isn’t a big deal for me, but those are two real reasons. “The Cloud” isn’t the answer for everything, no matter how many vendors would like you to think so.

          • Arnold

            You know where my backups are? Wait for it….

            Google Drive.

            That way if I drop my phone into a pool, I’m not completely screwed! It’s amazing how it works, really. SD cards are so 2010.

          • Alan Paone

            It absolutely is a con. I don’t want my phone to be slower and have to think about where my apps are installed just so i can take files out of my phone on a flimsy peice of plastic

          • Christopher Moore

            The only thing I put on my sd card are music, movies, roms and backups. I’ve never noticed slow downs on my Note 3. Apps and games install to my 32 gigs of built in storage.

          • crazed_z06

            Wrong. /Arnold from Commando

          • James_75


          • Arnold


        • michael arazan

          Especially if they have tiered data

      • Maxim∑

        the difference between the 800 and 801 ARE HUGE


        • The Narrator

          Never said that. When something new is available, it’s always the better choice. Regardless of differences.

          • Maxim∑

            Yeah I agree, 699$ seems a bit steep though, especially since the M8’s camera is also pretty poor compared to the 5S,Lumia S4 etc…

          • Eric R.

            Apparently you haven’t seen the afterfocus feature.

          • Maxim∑

            I saw theverge review and they literally said the front facing camera sometimes took better photos. Its still 4MP, photos are soft and the phone still has a difficulty with exposure. If you ignore low light I would even take it as far as saying the Nexus 5’s camera is on par if not better

            The Lytro like feature is cool but that doesn’t change photo quality…

    • mavro aspro

      If Nexus 5 had a better battery (such as G2) it would be great!

    • Alan Paone

      It has a headphone jack in the right place. Not hating using your phone is worth any price

  • Arnold


  • AndrewScottRox

    Looks good except for the price.

  • Ryan5609

    Will it still support that fancy schmancy lite brite case?

    • Alan Paone

      That thing is so cool

    • hoosiercub88

      I’d guess no, in addition.. The fancy second imaging sensor will go to waste on the GPE as well.. Again, why do GPE versions of devices cost as much or more if they’re less functional?

  • King of Nynex

    Who on earth prices these things? $700? A phone shouldn’t be worth more than my ride.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Sounds like you need a new ride.

      • Will Frame

        Or he just needs to have it pimped.

      • Yo Dawg, we heard you like phones, so we put a phone in your ride. Now you can call people from anywhere!

      • Christopher Moore

        No he doesn’t. He doesn’t need to impress anyone and you stay out of debt. People would rather make payments to the devil for the next 6 years to rather than drive a beater. No shame in driving a car that’s 100% paid for. I wish I knew that in my early 20’s. Most people that drive crap have more disposable money compared to someone making payments.

  • Cameron Laudick

    Do we know anything about how the photos are turning out? I know this early on..

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Photos for the GPE version? Pretty sure no one has one. As for the Regular… read one of the reviews

    • Alan Paone

      If the last one is any indication, the back-end processing on the photos is exactly the same. Just the face of the camera app changes