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Video: Android Wear Hands-on and Tour

Today, has been 100% about Android Wear, Google’s new wearables platform. We saw an announcement from Google, then LG and Motorola both make watches official, and then a developer preview go live. We spent the better part of the afternoon getting the preview up and running and are ready to show it to you now. After all, isn’t that what we care about – how Android Wear will look and function on your wrist?

So in the video below, you’ll see how to interact with notifications, how to maneuver through the UI, how actionable buttons will look, ways to dismiss or manipulate an item, and more.

Keep in mind that this is a developer preview, so it’s pretty bare bones. You won’t see “OK, Google” working or flashy clock faces. Those will come later.

If you have any questions, let us know! 

  • master94

    Decent but the open option should be before delete

  • My panties continue to get soaked… *changes wet panties*

  • Phillies3429

    What’s your thoughts on price? I’m thinking $299 for Moto 360. Looks amazing.

  • Ghgore

    Take my money xD

  • Norsedakotan

    Video won’t load?

  • hatboysam

    Is it killing anyone else that the Delete/Open/Reply circles aren’t concentric with the outer watch face circle? Hopefully that’s fixed eventually, hurts me eyes.

    • Raven

      No, what is killing me is that you have to swipe to get to each action. There is plenty of room on the watch face for 4 or so action buttons to be displayed st the same time.

  • you a dev now kellen…good for you…..good for you

  • Chad

    360p? Lol

  • morteum

    Went to try this myself, but when I was using the command prompt under platform tools and typed in “adb -d forward tcp:5601 tcp:5601” it kept giving me an error message saying “device not found” even with my Moto X connected via USB with USB debugging checked. Anybody know what might be wrong? I managed to get the emulator running and everything.

  • Jim

    Really Cool Article

  • jbdan

    Looks nice who especially being a dev preview. Thanks for sharing

  • James Burkett


    • Franklin Ramsey

      How do you figure? Nothing on the iWatch has even come out?

      • James Burkett


        • Nexoduss

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          • James Burkett


        • Franklin Ramsey

          What do you mean BS? Nothing on the iWatch has leaked. So at this point, if Apple releases something similar, no one is ripping anyone off, or Maybe Apple is ripping Google off. Something tells me you are just trolling.

          • slik101

            You had to feed the troll.. Good job, he now succeeded

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I’m sorry. It was a lapse in judgment. I just can’t figure out how anyone can be that stupid to actually think that is true.

        • ビッググリーン

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          • Allen Byrd

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        • LiterofCola

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    • SeanPlunk

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      • James Burkett

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        • SeanPlunk

          I figured that’s what you were doing.

        • The Narrator

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          • James Burkett

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          • The Narrator

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          • James Burkett

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          • The Narrator

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          • James Burkett

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          • The Narrator

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          • Nexoduss

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  • rdrizzle

    Looks to be inspired by Nest to some degree.

    • Higher_Ground

      i would’ve written it off as coincidence but the fact that it’s the first round faced smart watch I’ve seen makes me think you’re on to something, even if they did come in fairly recently.

  • Maxim∑

    not judging until its ready, which would be at I/O it feels a bit incomplete at the moment on the simulator

  • Franklin Ramsey

    That actually seems very useful and fairly intuitive.

  • Shawn John

    Please, Please have Mirasol display [http://www.qualcomm.com/mirasol/technology], I hate having to stand in the shade to view my N5 when outside, I could imagine having to be in the shade to view my watch could be even more frustrating. Or maybe I need to move from Sunny San Diego… I wonder if Android wear will have it’s own app repository.

  • needa

    thumbs up to pebble claiming bankruptcy. they better get off their bumms if they want to stay relevant… that is for sure.

  • The Narrator

    A lot better than that Tizen sh!t

    • Richard Yarrell

      Same old battery draining Google products I can’t help but laugh actually. Google fanboys unite now they want to sell wearable products can’t even get kitkat working right on devices. Plain and simple GOOGLE SUCKS monkey balls period.

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            He does the same thing on google plus, I’m surprised to see him here though since he’s banned from every other major android site.

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      • Heisenberg

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      • LiterofCola

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      • Sean Walton

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      • master94

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      • squiddy20

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    • LiterofCola

      Although I do wish they had this UI on the Galaxy wearables. The software on those puppies do look horrible, but the devices themselves look sexy.

  • Ben Murphy

    is this going to work through Bluetooth or WiFi Hotspot?

    • Beavis

      Has to be bluetooth. Couldn’t imagine WiFi.

      • JSo

        I agree. A hotspot connection on all day just to give your watch internet would be a little much.

        • kashtrey

          Not to mention would likely burn a hole through your pants or wherever your phone happens to be stashed.

    • silver_arrow

      Bluetooth 4.0

    • Razma

      i’d imagine it’s bluetooth. wifi hotspot would annihilate the battery life

    • Considering WiFi hotspot prevents your phone from connecting to WiFi, the only intelligent option is Bluetooth.

    • Simon Belmont

      Bluetooth LE, most likely. It should be rather nice to your battery life.

      Wi-Fi would be battery costly. Not likely.

  • Wally

    Now please!

  • Mike Aurin

    Basic and buggy yet still leaps and bounds better than anything that has come before it. If they manage to throw a nexus device pricing structure on this then I think we have a winner and a device that forces other OEM’s to step up their game. THANK YOU, GOOGLE.

    • The Narrator

      Maybe on other devices. The LG and Moto. Probably not.

      • jamaall

        You have to remember that Moto has been trying to price their devices affordably the past year. Will it be extremely cheap? Probably not, but don’t expect it to be outrageous. I would hope that they would price it at either $149 or $199.

        • The Narrator

          The Moto X opened at $499 i believe.

          Also, the Fit Bit, Pebble, Pebble Steel cost $150-$250.

          Don’t expect it to be $199, because you will be very disappointed in the coming weeks

          • jamaall

            Hasn’t Motorola been talking about lowering the prices of mobile devices? I highly doubt they would price it higher than their own Moto G.

          • The Narrator

            You must not know how it works.
            I’ll just let you be disappointed.

          • jamaall

            The most I’d pay for it would be $250, and I bet many others would not pay over that. But I feel like $199 is a good price. We’ll see.

  • JSo

    I like it