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Threes! Lands on Google Play, an Addicting Puzzler That’ll Keep You Playing

While you wait for Flappy Bird to make a return, it may be worth looking elsewhere for an addictive substitute. Threes! is the latest contender for your gaming hours. It seems the winning formula for making a game these days is a simple goal, but difficult gameplay. No, there aren’t any levels here or graphics that will blow you away, but that’s the beauty of it.

The object of the game is simple: add ones and twos to make threes, and from then on add two of a kind to make an even larger number. Take for example matching two threes —  you’ll end up with one six, and if you have another six that you can move this six to, you can make 12.

Your ultimate goal is to beat your friends’ scores, so you won’t find an intricate level-up system or bosses to face in this game. After every time you make a move, an additional number is added to the board, so you have to carefully make your moves so your board doesn’t get filled before you hit a high score.

Some users have mentioned that they’ve had trouble getting Threes! to work with ART, so keep in mind that you may have to switch back to the default Dalvik runtime to be able to play the game.


  • Endless challenge from one simple game mode
  • An endearing cast of characters
  • A heart-warming soundtrack
  • No IAP – Threes is a complete experience the moment you download it

We’ve been jealous of this game’s iOS time, so it’s safe to say we’re ready to give in and try this Android implementation out. Threes! is now available on Google Play, and for $1.99 (a 33% discount from the usual price), a new addiction may be worth it.

Play Link ($1.99)

  • thajack

    There’s a free version called Fives.. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rcg.fives

  • Scott Tucker

    I’ve now bought this game 3 times, and couldn’t be happier. SO GOOD.

  • Nathan Bryant

    I didn’t get it by reading it, but the video made it a lot easier. Looks fun.

  • MrMLK

    Its just like 5s, except that 5 got to Android first. And 5s is free if you don’t mind ads.

    • IrishSid


    • Clay Mitchell

      Thanks for this. Why pay $2 when you can pay $0 for the exact same game?

      • Bluewall

        Because Threes! is the original one, has a very nice soundtrack, a wonderful graphics, very polished and cute animations ?

        • MrMLK

          On the other hand, Three’s decided to concentrate on the iPhone market and came out with the Android version a month later. Why would I want to reward a company for ignoring the platform I use?

          • Scott Tucker

            Only taking a month to port a very popular title isn’t that bad quite honestly. Also, entitled much?

          • MrMLK

            Not at all. I think they should do whatever gets them the most money, and when it comes to games, I should do whatever gets me the most fun. For me, in this case, that meant buying the game that came out first, and then not buying the one that started off on a different platform and didn’t come out until I already had paid for the exact same game.

          • JMonkeYJ

            Because you don’t want to get caught up in the whole iOS vs Android thing and just want to play a good game?

          • MrMLK

            I’m already playing a good game. My point was that I didn’t feel the need to buy it again.

          • Bluewall

            I think releasing a game a month after on the other platform is quietly different from “ignoring”

          • MrMLK

            How about “prioritizing lower”?

            Why would I want to reward a company for prioritizing lower the platform I use? I’m all for them going the way that makes them the most money, but I’m certainly not going to rebuy the game now that they have released an Android version. I already paid to remove the ads in 5s, and I don’t see any pressing need to buy it again.

          • Nathaniel Webb

            They ignored Android by publishing an app for Android?

          • MrMLK

            I’m sorry, my post presumed that you understand I was talking about the whole of their actions, not just the ones today. Let me see if I can explain.

            They decided to publish on iOS first. That gave someone else time to come up with a similar game on Android before them. I purchased the Android game, but I don’t plan on purchasing their game because I already have the other game. Had the published to both platforms at the same time, I would have probably have purchased their game, but since they chose to prioritize the platform I use lower, they lost a sale and I ended up with a different game. They are definitely correct in doing whatever is best for them, but sometimes that is going to cost them some sales. I can’t imagine that many people who have 5s are going to purchase 3s.

          • Pedro

            Just out of curiosity, how many developers does the company have? Is it 1000? Is it 2?
            Even if it’s 1000, 4 weeks isn’t a bad transition time once the company knows that the game is a valid, money making venture. If it’s 2, then 4 weeks is an amazing release cycle.

            edit: I see you went with the knockoff version. Go China!

          • MrMLK

            Amazing, spectacular, wonderful, great. Just not fast enough to get to market on Android first.

            Edit : oh, I see you went with the racist comment. So proud.

  • Pedro

    I love a $2 addiction.