Free Version of Threes Now Available on Google Play, Powered by Ads

If you never checked out Threes, the game that launched many clones like 2048 into popularity, it is now available for free over on Google Play. Two versions are currently available, one that you still pay for featuring no ads, and a free version that allows you to play the game in its entirety, but with the occasional advertisement to help boost the amount of plays you get.  (more…)

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 Released, Pay More Than $4.17 to Receive 6+ Games

A new Humble Mobile Bundle is available for all Android users, packed with awesome games for a great cause. With Humble Bundles, you can pay whatever price you would like for the first tier of games, this time being three titles, but if you pay more than the average price (currently $4.17), you receive three more games in the package, plus more later down the road. If you are a mobile gamer, Humble Bundles are always a great deal.

Not only can you pay whatever you would like, but you can choose where the money goes. You can split it evenly between the developers and a charity, or you can decide for the charity to get all of the proceeds. The choice is yours.  (more…)

Threes! Lands on Google Play, an Addicting Puzzler That’ll Keep You Playing

While you wait for Flappy Bird to make a return, it may be worth looking elsewhere for an addictive substitute. Threes! is the latest contender for your gaming hours. It seems the winning formula for making a game these days is a simple goal, but difficult gameplay. No, there aren’t any levels here or graphics that will blow you away, but that’s the beauty of it. (more…)