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Two New Wireless Carrier Reports on Quality and Experience Put Verizon at the Top, T-Mobile at the Bottom

Both Rootmetrics and JD Power released separate reports this week that focus on the consumer experience and network quality from U.S. wireless carriers. The reports peg Verizon as the clear winner in both situations, while Sprint and T-Mobile struggled to even remain in the conversation. AT&T faired well, but still remains in the distance from Verizon in overall rankings, especially in the reliability category. You may remember AT&T’s “we are the most reliable network now” campaign? According to these reports, that campaign should end now if it hasn’t already. 

The Rootmetrics report creates a score that reflects overall coverage and consumer experience. Verizon’s overall score ended up at 89.7 with AT&T closely behind at 86.2. Sprint and T-Mobile managed to pull in scores of 68.2 and 64.3, respectively. Quite the distance, right? As you can imagine, T-Mobile execs, including CEO John Legere, have already criticized the report, stating that these tests were done before they made all their end-of-year improvements.

Here are the individual scores for reliability, speed, data, calls, and texts from Rootmetrics:

Reliability Index rankings:
1 – Verizon (Reliability Score: 89.8)
2 – AT&T (Reliability Score: 84.9)
3 – Sprint (Reliability Score: 65.2)
4 – T-Mobile (Reliability Score: 57.1)

Speed Index rankings:
1 – AT&T (Speed Score: 88.7)
2 – Verizon (Speed Score: 88.5)
3 – T-Mobile (Speed Score: 74.3)
4 – Sprint (Speed Score: 65.8)

Data RootScore rankings:
1 – Verizon (RootScore: 87.3)
2 – AT&T (RootScore: 83.9)
3 – Sprint (RootScore: 51.2)
4 – T-Mobile (RootScore: 48.7)

Call RootScore rankings:
1 – Verizon (RootScore: 91.1)
2 – AT&T (RootScore: 86.6)
3 – Sprint (RootScore: 79.6)
4 – T-Mobile (RootScore: 74.1)

Text RootScore rankings:
1 – Verizon (RootScore: 94.7)
2 – AT&T (RootScore: 94.3)
3 – Sprint (RootScore: 92.8)
4 – T-Mobile (RootScore: 90.1)

In the JD Power report, scores were given by region, with Verizon topping the charts in all six regions (Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, North Central, Southwest and West). These tests focus on network quality as reported by over 25,000 wireless customers. These customers reported on things like slow download speeds, dropped calls, audio issues, web connection errors, and lost calls, to name a few. The data for this report was collected from July 2013 to December 2013, so you can imagine how T-Mobile feels about this as well.

Again, Verizon topped each region by what appears to be a wide margin. AT&T came in second in each, while Sprint and T-Mobile flip-flopped for third and fourth place in many.

We had a reader suggest that reports like these may be the reason that Verizon can still charge its high prices on data and other services. I’ll just say that’s it not only these reports, but the continued increase in new wireless customers that are reported in each of their quarterly earnings calls. Big Red isn’t slowing down, so they don’t need to result to the drastic changes that T-Mobile and AT&T have made over the last year.

Links:  Rootmetrics report [interactive map] | JD Power report
  • Chris

    the whole “this carrier gets 30 down, and the other carrier gets 20 down” is one of the stupidest arguments going around. Its the same in the Verizon/Comcast d*ck measuring wars with their broadband internet speeds.

  • And this sums up why I’m still with VZW despite all their BS. At the end of the day, what really matters is coverage and network performance.

  • moreeverything

    VZW is best all around. 2 smartphones 1 tablet and 14gb data with insurance on both lines I’m at 125

  • rob949

    I switched from Verizon to tmobile. I can’t notice a difference in speeds to be honest. In my opinion tmobile customer services is way better the Verizons. Reception is great where I’m from (O.C.California) I’ve successfully got my cousins from San Diego to switch over and they are impressed with not only speed but,reception. I would recommend them to anyone over Verizon.

  • Ryan5609

    For those of us who live and work in big/medium sized cities, just show me that data. Show me data in the city vs out of the city. In Indianapolis, T-Mobile’s service is awesome, once I go about 20 miles outside of suburbs, T-Mobile is no where near where Verizon was. But I don’t care about that data because 95% of time time I am in the city area.

  • markgbe

    i guess it all depends on where you live. Tmobile is the best IMO where i live and play.

    Verizon still has the most coverage but ehh…. i want my Nexus and low prices.

  • MvP77

    Verizon might have great service, but for me it doesn’t work where I work. Tmo, ATT, and Sprint all work, with LTE but Verizon is a no go.

    Speed and service is different everywhere. I have TMO, my girlfriend has Sprint. In North Kansas City my Speeds avg 25-30mbs. Hers is 7-8mbs on LTE. Even when I’m not on LTE I’m getting 10-15mbs on “4G”.

    The down side of course is that the one time a year I travel to Northern Michigan I don’t have service. The only provider that works up there is Verizon. I do have a verizon iPad though, so thanks to T-Mobile WiFi calling and tethering from my iPad, I have service everywhere I go with my iPad.

  • Ron

    This is a horrible report. There’s a data and a speed… what’s the difference? Where’s the details on what falls into each category, how the survey was given etc.. and this is all on the perception of 25,000 users (where were the users located? etc. There a lot of areas around here were you’ll have EITHER AT&T or Verizon, but not both (for example Petersburg, PA which has AT&T coverage but nearly no Verizon) or section of Raystown lake where you have Verizon but no AT&T). Obviously a situation like that would severely impact the users perception of the service as someone on a fringe coverage area is going to say “crap for reliability”.

    I don’t care who comes out on top or on the bottom.. frankly that doesn’t mean much to me as the service I have from the carrier I have in the area I use it has met my requirements (so a report like this really means nothing to me as it’s over such a vast area), BUT I dislike articles of reports/studies, etc that don’t fill in the blanks and elaborate on the details a bit more

  • cizzlen


  • As much as we all like to hate on VZW, I’ve never had issues with their service quality and will probably never leave because of that fact… *sigh…*

  • DanWazz

    My Verizon speeds have decreased significantly decreased in the last year and I’m tired of not being able to have the same phone that is available to run on every other network. Wonder why I wasn’t contacted for this survey.

  • Mike

    You’ve got Texas in Blue. Be careful with that, you could incite a riot. Blue makes people around here very nervous.

  • snoop

    and somebody lieing about att being better than verizon in north carolina because i travel in NC and thats not the truth but oh well i wish it were that way i would be on att

  • Ronald Bernard

    I could give two shits. I am OK with dealing with slightly diminished service.to save $80 a month. Verizon is the snobby rich kid that does what it wants because it can and doesn’t give a crap who it hurts.

  • nwva

    Unless something has changed in the past few years, huge swathes of West Virginia were total dead spots for VZW. Thank goodness I had my work issued AT&T device while we were there, so that we could at least get edge. The map seems to suggest otherwise, and something might have changed, but this (admittedly anecdotal) data point suggests this report might be flawed.

  • dontneedtoknow

    Tmobile is good for what you pay! It’s way cheaper compared to other major carriers like AT&T and verizon but it sucks over all.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Sprint here in Jacksonville is hot garbage. The company I work for bought 400 iphone 4Ss for technicians and supervisors on the Sprint network. Not 3 months later after complaint after complaint they had to buy a whole new set of 4Ss on Verizon. For personal uses I have Tmo and I couldnt be happier with the service.

    • InyRules

      I had to leave Sprint because it is also hot garbage in South Florida. I left them for Verizon, and while the coverage was great, I started to notice how screwed I was getting with their slow updates, shotty business practices, and high costs for less data. Switched to Tmobile mid 2012 and never looked bad. My roommate is still on sprint and he roams inside our own apartment.

  • John

    lol T-Mobile

  • Brandon

    I don’t really have a problem with T-Mobile, yea I drop down to EDGE occasionally but that’s only for a few minutes here and there, yea it sucks but I deal with it for the freedom I get in return.

  • Matthew Mascarenas

    The people that say Verizon is expensive make me wonder.
    I have 2lines on a “share everything plan” with 4gb of data and unlimited talk and text and pay 145 after taxes. Not bad considering that a similar plan on AT&T or sprint would cost about the same or more.
    Since we use about 3gb of data this works for us.. We do use a ton of data on wifi through comcast. You gotta pay to have great coverage… 72.50 per phone is not that bad. Am I missing something?

    • Garrett

      If you upgrade phones frequently then it isn’t that good of a deal because you’re paying Verizon the subsidization fee every month per line. I’m in the middle of researching the switch to TMo and our bill is going to be 90 a month before taxes and before 15% military discount (which I would also get on VZw). So all in all we’re picking TMo because they have good service in our area and over the course of 3 years we’ll be saving about $1500.

      I’m not saying VZw is a bad deal, and if you really need their service in your area then it would be worth it. Where I am there’s very little difference, so the money more than makes up for that.

      • flosserelli

        Same here. I am testing T-mobile service in my area and I have found it to be ― for the most part ― equal or better than Verizon. Of course, there are some places where Verizon trounces T-mobile, but the reverse is also true. I can save $2000 a year on T-mobile, and paying that much premium for Verizon just isn’t worth it.

    • Ronald Bernard

      Well I am only paying 160 for three lines on Tmob. One with unlimited data and two with 2.5. My bill with verizon was $230. F that noise.

    • PSU_DI

      Yeah I think you maybe are. I’m not sure if you’e looked at competing plans recently.
      Here are some example of current plans available.
      AT&T: http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/data-plans.html#fbid=IU1SxZlqmUD 2 phones 10GB of shared data, unlimited talk and text for $130.00+ tax

      T-Mobile: http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone-plans/family.html#tab-navigation 2 Phones UNLIMITED talk,text, & data $120.00 + tax

      or 2 phones Unlimited Talk & Text plus 2.5Gb Highspeed data per phone (5GB total) for $100+ tax

      or 2 phones 100 minutes per phone, unlimited data & text for $60.00+ tax .

      Verizon: http://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/consumer/shop/shop-data-plans/more-everything.html 2 phones 4GB of shared data, unlimited talk and text for 150.00 + tax

      Verizon’s plan that is equivalent to AT&T for 10GB runs $160.00 if sign up for Edge. $180 if you take the subsidy.

      On average Verizon customers have at least a $20 per month premium for the “extra” coverage and reliability they offer. For me and my wife T-Mobile’s 100 minute plan works best for us. I now pay $60 a month for our two smartphones where on VZW i was paying over 150.00 per month
      The slight inconvenience of slow data speeds as I’m traveling between cities is not a big deal to me since I may do that 3 times a year and I have adjusted my behaviors in the car to suit the data gaps like caching music on my phone before I travel. Also let me point out that I am less distracted on the road since switching to T-mobile,it’s sometimes nice to have some quiet time away from the internet.

  • David Tyler

    To be truthful, metro pcs had a better network than T-mobile. My mom and sister had good reception and building penetration with metro pcs. When metro and tmobile merged and was converted to tmobile network, reception and bulding penetration became crappy. Service in the house is now non existent.

  • PSU_DI

    I left VZW and switched to T-Mobile and couldn’t be happier. I have cut my bill by 2/3 and I have coverage where I need it. Around town T-Mobile’s LTE is blazing fast 2-3 times faster than I was getting on VZW’s LTE. Outside of town is certainly a different story… While traveling my signal varies a lot and data can be really slow, but it really hasn’t affected me. My Nav still works fine and I cache my music before I leave plus the areas where I usually stop are usually sports with good coverage. Sure I don’t have the warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that I can stream data from virtually anywhere anymore but I can tell you it works very well everywhere I really need it too. Also T-mobile’s voice coverage is actually decent with their 2G towers so in an emergency I still usually can find signal.

    It just took minor tweeks in my habits to save a boat load of money.

    • Ronald Bernard

      Up vote 828 times for each dollar I will save this year since switching.

  • morteum

    This is my dilemma. I live in an area where Verizon has the only reliable service available. There is some poor AT&T service, and no T-Mobile or Sprint at all. Verizon not only refuses to carry any of the phones I like (except the Moto X), they delay updates regularly and they delayed the ability to put the Nexus 7 on their LTE network until recently. These are all minor complaints compared to the fact that they are actively battling (and winning) against net neutrality.

    • flosserelli

      Millions of Verizon customers are in the same boat, unfortunately ― it’s Verizon or nothing. If you depend on your phone for your livelihood, then you don’t have a choice. I finally got enough of Verizon’s shenanigans, and I am testing T-mobile service. My girlfriend cannot get T-mobile signal at her job, so she will stay on Verizon. But I am seriously considering selling four VZW unlimited data lines while I can, and moving on.

  • renGek

    My experience in northern California, used sprint for 10 years. Voice signal very strong. 3g data very strong. Can’t speak about 4g speed because I switched to Verizon. Vz, also had strong voice signal for me. However, 4g was so so. At work data signal sucked. Wasn’t like that before and then a year later it just sucked in the office. Great at home. Now on tmo. Voice signal is iffy. Data signal especially indoors is very bad. While speed is slower than vz, the difference is not a practical difference meaning Web surfing really isn’t affected and for the most part streaming won’t be affected. Raw download would be an issue but tmo is fast enough that I don’t really mind. But since I save $50/month on tmo vs vz I can live with the issues. Not giving vz my money. Also, I travel overseas quite a bit. Cdma phones are useless even with vz global roaming service. I also spent a lot of time in ny and results are similar. Sprints signal was a little worse but tmo was much more reliable but speed was the same.

  • ChristianPasquariello

    And the iPhone is the best phone, and beats headphones are the best, etc. etc. Most expensive means the best to the mindless sheep.

    • Trevor


      • ChristianPasquariello


  • Cael

    Verizon still should remove the so called “device subsidy” if you don’t sign a new contract. Why have they not been sued for this by now?

    • Caleb Boerner

      I just spent over an hour yesterday speaking to a customer service rep supervisor at VZW who continually and adamantly denied that there is any such thing as device subsidies on VZW. He claimed that your monthly bill does not go down when your contract is up because you were never paying back the investment that VZW made to subsidize your handset in the first place, you are ONLY paying for service with or without a contract. He even had balls enough to tell me that VZW offers lower prices for handsets when you sign a contract just as a way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer. He didn’t have a response when I asked: “Then why do you you have ETFs?” A bunch of dirty, underhanded, lying thieves! I F-ing Hate VZW

      • Cael

        Make sure you keep note of any information you get from reps. I get bill credits because reps tell me one thing, don’t do it, then I call back and complain and they credit me for the trouble I experience. I even got some free screen protectors once even though they didn’t go to my phone.

      • PSU_DI

        Thats kinda odd that they won’t admit to the subsidy. because that’s exactly why they are saying here.
        “Get MORE savings with Verizon Edge onTHE MORE EVERYTHING PLAN
        $10 off smartphone monthly line access
        With plans starting at just $45 monthly access, Verizon Edge is not just flexible. It’s affordable. Get $10 off smartphone monthly line access for 250MB to 8GB plans.
        $20 off smartphone monthly line access
        Get discounts from day one. Get $20 off smartphone line access for 10GB and greater plans. Enjoy low monthly device payments. And there’s never an upgrade fee.
        Existing Edge customers will automatically receive the discounts!

        To translate… If you buy your phone outright via the Edge program we will remove the subsidy from your account.
        This text can be found here: http://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/consumer/shop/shop-data-plans/more-everything.html under STEP 3.

      • InyRules

        Wow, I am amazed he would so blatantly lie to you like that. It’s as if you don’t have the damn Internet to go and prove him wrong. I had an instance like that once with them, although not as horrible of a lie as that. I would call to ask about the update to the GNEX since every replacement phone they sent me would restart randomly. The rep told me that Verizon didn’t send out updates at all, and it had to be released by Samsung to my phone. I was so taken a back that at that. I hope that they do something for you on you bill, but they never offered anything like that to me even though I had such issues with the phones they were sending me.

  • Jason Kahn

    One question for anyone in Mid-Town Manhattan and, the Brooklyn/Williamsburg NY area, how are the newer phone with AWS support in the city? My GNEX and my friends iPhone 4S lack the support and service is absolutely horrible for us in the City. In Brooklyn we both have zero service, I can’t even connect to the 1X network.

    • BillySuede

      i’m in williamsburg and have had no issues here.

  • David Tyler

    My question is, if Sprint network is so bad, why are they charging as much as the bigger carriers? T-Mobile got it right.


    I’m fine with Verizon. Still on unlimited data and still $100 bucks a month. Just what I’m doing.

    • trixnkix637

      Same here. With company discount, $80 a month.

    • PSU_DI

      I have unlimited data and text and I only pay $30.00 a month to T-Mobile.

  • Marcus

    ….and that’s why I haven’t left Big Red even though I’d like 2..

    • NeilOMalley

      Me too. Closest decent service besides Verizon is 25 miles away. Though we just recently got 4G and I still have Unlimited, and with so few people out here I regularly get 25mbps and over. So I will stay awhile.

      • flosserelli

        Enjoy it while you can, because neither unlimited data nor super fast downloads will last very long.

        • NeilOMalley

          We will see about unlimited data. As for fast downloads, I can’t imagine them getting slower unless like a crapload of people move into the valley, which i highly doubt.

  • truth_cutz

    T-Mobile can’t be worst than Sprint!!!

  • Mikey Styles

    From these results the gap doesn’t seem to be as big as VZW would hope. Having good scores or ties throughout the South is a win for VZW considering thats where At&t(Cingular) had a lot of strength in over the yrs.

  • Cowboydroid

    My personal experience is the reverse. But…that’s just me, I guess.

    Moving from Verizon to T-Mobile is still the best move I’ve made.

  • InyRules

    On T-Mobile I pay just shy of $80/month for unlimited data, ($20 of that is for a payment plan for a phone). So pretty soon I will be paying around $60/month. In order to get $80 on Verizon (excluding taxes and fees), I would have to go down to 1gb of data/month, where right now I am averaging 5-8gbs/month. No thanks. I agree that T-Mobile doesn’t do well outside of big cities, but I’d rather take the inconvenience of no service when I travel to a more rural area than pay way more for just 1gb a month for data.

    • Cael

      I pay $83 on Verizon for unlimited data 🙂

      • zac

        Cael – I am with you on VZW right now – at right about that cost. But my contact is up and Verizon is obviously forcing me to change from unlimited if I don’t pay full retail price. Did you pay full retail price, or do you have an older phone and still have to make the decision I am going to have to make in the next month?

        • Cael

          I had several Rezounds… Which kept having problems so I bought a used Droid 4 for $100 off Craigslist just to have something different.

          My contract is up in May but I’ve already decided that I’ll probably buy a Moto x or G2 full price. I might even look at eBay or Craigslist again. I just know I’m absolutely not signing a new contract… Not worth it.

      • InyRules

        How long have you been with them? When I had them I only got 4gbs because they had a “double the data” promotion going on. That was back in 2012 when they lagged epically on Galaxy Nexus updates. If your price stays like this and you get to keep your unlimited data, that’s awesome, but for some right now who would have to go on Verizon with a new contract, you’re definitely getting less for your money. The speeds and coverage I agree are pretty stellar, but I would run out of data in like 2 days just streaming Google Music on my commute to work and the gym.

        • Cael

          Ive been with verizon since April 2009 but in May 2012. I had the Droid Incredible 2 and the guy said Verizon was doing a special promotion and letting 3g people upgrade to 4g phones early. I asked would I lose mY unlimited data and he said I wouldnt so I went ahead and got a Rezound.

          • InyRules

            That’s awesome! I hope they don’t try to mess around with the people that still have their unlimited data.

  • Beavis

    If I didn’t have unlimited data, I’d probably hate on Verizon. However, considering I’m paying $140 for two unlimited lines through the best network, there are no complaints here.

  • charesa39

    Although I can’t argue with the fact that Verizon has the biggest coverage area, my personal experience has been that T-Mobile is hands down the best service I’ve had in years. I was with VZW for around 14 years before I made the switch to T-Mobile for the Nexus 5 as soon as my contract was up with my GNex in January. I’m in Orange County, CA, and my speeds are literally 3x faster than I ever had with VZW everywhere I go. I would even get the occasional dropped call with VZW, where I haven’t had a single dropped call yet with T-Mo. I will admit, their CSRs over the phone aren’t the brightest, but I can do everything account related online so I don’t have to deal with it. Can’t say I miss VZW one bit.

  • evilfatcow

    Verizon is at the top, no doubt. Of you travel and all and need the coverage, the extra money goes a long way. If not, ATT and Tmo are still nice options, not saying that they don’t have coverage outside of big cities. I have TMo and live 30 minutes outside Boston and get great service and speeds. TMo’s target right now is ATT. Verizon can’t be touched. It’s disappointing to see that Tmo is at the bottom still, even under Sprint. But if Tmo can get to where ATT is and TMO acting like the good guys, hopefully people will be more likely to jump ship, but that could be a long road ahead to reach where ATT is.

  • eric

    Im on verizon and yes im still unlimited data ill pay full price for a phone I use 40 gigs amonth

  • Severo Rivera

    I disagree completely. I’m getting faster data speeds, better voice quality and lower prices with T-Mobile in my area when compared to At&t.

  • hahaha Tmo…. so sad I feel like they and may be even sprint should be treated more as a regional carrier since their coverage is so bad, but no one wants to do that cuz we don’t want to admit that Att and Verizon has duopoly in this industry

    Well I guess not even that Verizon kicked everyone’s but

  • kfath1978

    Verizon hands down has the best network and reliability. After 7 years with them I left for Sprint last November to get the Nexus 5 and save some money on my bill. Sprint hands down is the worst network and speed. I wouldn’t get calls, speed was so slow I couldn’t believe I was paying for service. In addition their customer service was just awful…Awful network, awful customer service. So I took advantage of T-Mobile’s ETF program last month and so far so good. Data speeds are crazy fast, like 35×15 fast. That is faster than my broad band at home. Only down side is coverage…Once I get out of Columbus call/quality suffers..I don’t travel that much so it doesn’t hit me to bad. Bottom line is Verizon has the best network and you pay a premium for that. Sprint has to be the worst company I have ever done business with in my life… T-Mobile has some work to do but overall it gets the job done.

  • DC_Guy

    The old saying holds true, you get what you pay for. If T-Mo or some other service suits your needs then great. I have had service with ALL 4 major carriers and Verizon is by far the best for my needs. I will be sticking with them as long as I can hold onto my unlimited data and since they added AWS, it is literally as fast as my home internet service. The ability to share my unlimited data with my tablet is a strong draw for me since I watch a lot of Netflix and Hulu and use about 35-40GB a month.

  • ahhh yes

    I love t-mobile. Sure when out in the middle of nowhere its either edge or nothing. but im never there. and for $30 5gb data unlimited text and 100 talk…im good.

  • zepfloyd

    Brace yourselves…the T-Mobile defenders are coming.

    • billy

      Hi, everybody!

  • T4rd

    This is why I’m clinging to unlimited data on Verizon for as long as possible. I’m hoping T-Mobile will compete with Verizon at some level for coverage by the time Verizon finally kicks me off of unlimited data. Doesn’t seem that will be anytime soon though. =(

  • roberthenderson

    It’s true. I hate big red for their prices and slow updates and locked boatloaders and sometimes skimpy phone line, but love them for their coverage and my grandfathered unlimited data

  • d-rock

    Kellen, you’re such a Big Red fanboi. You make it sound like VZ leaves AT&T in the dust when they were less than 5 points behind in every category. I’ll agree that VZ wins this test, but not by much. Another thing that’s funny are these phones used to test. I don’t call anything unfair except for GS2 on sprint.

    Galaxy S III (AT&T)

    Galaxy S II (Sprint)

    Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile)

    DNA (Verizon)

    Freedom of GSM vs CDMA easily puts AT&T over the top for me. I had my Nexus 7 LTE working from day 1 and didn’t have to wait for Verizon’s stupid approval.

  • turdbogls

    my coverage (on my Nexus5 and T-mobile)is just as good, if not better than my wifes VZW Razr HD everywhere i have been in central florida. Only time will tell how it does in other areas…but for now, I am SUPER happy i dropped Verizon when I did.

  • Asimoalex

    Finally… I hate coming here to see all the hate for VZW and preech for T-Mobile
    Trust me I hate vzw too but I can’t stand when people come on here to talk about T-Mobile like it’s the answer… With there non existing service

    • Disqus_n00b

      If you are a Brooklyn hipster coverage in NYC is the same as coverage everywhere

      • Asimoalex

        well for us who travel and need service t mobile is the worst i mean metro yes i know they are one now but even they have better service i mean even boost does
        …but every other Android site makes them sound like its as good as verizon as far as covrage and as fast as ATT

        • Alex

          Ya most people who do reviews for sites tend to live in big cities. Now if you could get someone who lived a bit outside of one like I do, about 15 miles from a major city, then I might take it serious. I have had friends who only for T Mobile service in like 2 spots in down and finally got Ok service when you drove 10 miles towards a major town.

    • Just Saying

      their not there.

      • tdurden64111

        There, not hear.

  • jimbob

    Get what you pay for.

  • Disqus_n00b

    at&t FARED** well lol

    • jimbob

      Fared fair?

  • XvierX

    “they don’t need to result to the drastic changes”


  • MettaWorldTroll

    I still couldn’t be happier to have left Verizon.

    • Miguel

      I did too but only for saving money, I had Verizon forever and I’ve never had an issue, the good stuff always costs more.

    • Mike

      I’m glad to hear that, personally I left Verizon for a month to try T-Mobile with a Nexus 5 and haven’t been so disappointed in my life. I live close to Pittsburgh and unless I was outside I got either no connection whatsoever or a weak connection and I would constantly drop calls. I hate Verizon but I can’t argue with having LTE everywhere I go not just some places. Especially when I still have unlimited data with them.

      • Nexoduss

        Me too man I live in Washington pa and let me tell you. T mobile is garbage haha

        I tried them for a month with the prepaid $30 plan and I am so happy I kept my Verizon unlimited just in case it didn’t work .

        • Epic_VS

          Really? I live on the border of Washington and Allegheny Counties and the service is fine for me. I have pretty constant LTE / HSPA+ with occasional drop downs to UMTS. I only know of one small intersection where I only get edge. Everywhere else has at least UMTS.

        • OreoMan

          Funny, for someone that uses the Nexus branding as their avatar, you’re sure all over VZW’s d*&k! I claim troll!!

  • coolsilver

    T-Mobile hasn’t improved any the 2G only service where I live. Lucky for me I drive over 40 miles to metro area for work for sweet LTE. Verizon however I have LTE at home and work and every mile in between.

  • crazed_z06

    You get what you pay for.

    • Disqus_n00b

      And at Verizon, you get less for what you pay for, year after year after year

      • Nexoduss

        Tell that to me when they get a 65 on this report bro. I’ve paid the same amount for years and the service is just getting better. 4G everywhere. T mobile loses coverage as soon as you go into a building

        • Dave12308

          You’re not paying the same amount if they are doing crap like yanking your unlimited data and replacing it with a 2GB limit. That is not paying the same as you are not getting nearly the amount of service for your money that you once were.

          • Nexoduss

            Well I have unlimited so I’ll insist on calling you an idiot. I actually save money because I sell my phones now to get new ones. If you are too poor to afford their service go to t mobile. There’s a reason everyone in the ghetto has t mobile.

        • str8loungin

          How’s that Nexus 5 treating you on Verizon?..I mean Nexus 4..oh wait.

          • Nexoduss

            The note 3 and g2 will suffice

          • str8loungin

            Unfortunately for you and the ironic username and avatar, they will have to

          • Nexoduss

            Well unfortunately for your smartass is that I’ve had a nexus 4 and nexus 7 2012 and currently use a nexus 7 2013 daily.

      • Cael

        Don’t be late to the party then.

  • jnt

    Verizon’s sitting back now with a very smug look on their face… Though I have to concur, at least in the areas I frequent. I’ve tried out T-Mobile and AT&T in the past 4 months, and while greatly improved (especially T-Mobile), they still can’t touch Verizon when it comes to *reliability* and *consistency* every where I go, no matter if I’m in a steel building or out in an open field – and notice I didn’t say speed.

    • roberthenderson

      If you spend most of your time in major cities the differences will be minimized. But if you make your living on the road like I do, VZW still is the only way to go.

  • t3lancer2007

    Test must be flawed for Sprint to come out ahead of T-Mobile, especially in reliability.

    • Not when you consider the service Tmo has outside of larger cities, which is basically nothing.

      • The Narrator

        Sprints speeds are a joke.

        • And so are Tmobile’s when you leave a city and drop to G.

          • The Narrator

            Regardless, Sprint gets nowhere near TMobiles speed.

          • Yeah they do, I had Sprint and was testing Tmobile to see if I wanted to switch. They are very even in cities with LTE. Outside those cities, even without LTE, Sprint still wins because Tmo will drop to nothing.

          • Cowboydroid

            Maybe where you tested. Where I tested, it did not.

            Which shows you how relevant anecdotal information is.

          • MicroNix

            Tmo’s coverage maps speak for themselves.

          • michael arazan

            Sprint is #2 in MO, beat out T-Mo and ATT in coverage, ATT has the Fastest Speeds. My friends and I are on all 4 networks and have checked it out and compared.

          • Cowboydroid

            And so is Verizon’s when you leave a city and drop to “4G,” but are still getting 2G speeds over their crawling CDMA network.

            Sorry, been burned by it too many times.

          • I don’t have Verizon soooo…

          • nate

            I live in rural iowa in a town of about 4000 and get over 35mbps down from Verizon. And I also get speeds above 15mbps the entire ~20 miles between my town and a “city” of about 22k with nothing but fields and a couple dozen houses in between. Can’t really complain about that lol. Although the other big 3 providers have 0 presence in my area.

          • Nathaniel Webb

            I go between glorious G and R while traveling down a major interstate. The entire way. 1x FTW! Thanks TMo!

            btw the coverage map clains 2/3G the entire route, which is horseshit.

    • snobrdr2324

      You must be lucky to always have great Tmobile service. I have Tmobile right now and it is definitely good in my 10 sq mile daily life. However, once a month I travel to another city of 400,000 people and service is terrible in the majority of the city. Sprint is actually the best carrier there in terms of reliability. When Sprint is bad its bad but when Tmobile is bad it’s non existent which has to be why its lower on the reliability scale here.

      • Gr8Ray

        I think the people that love T-mobile must not ever travel, or leave home even. Their coverage just plain sucks.

        • The Narrator

          Depending on where you live. Unless of course, everybody in the US lives within a few miles of you.

        • Pedro

          …or travel to other large towns.
          Their coverage doesn’t plain suck in metropolitan areas, or at least the Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas area that I find myself in. If you do find yourself is less populated areas, it’s not for you. If you are nearly always in a large metropolis, then it’s an option. And, an option that has improved the overall wireless landscape.

          • Gr8Ray

            I think the state of Texas has more coverage than the entire west coast combined. 2/3 of my state is “White” on their coverage map. If you never leave the interstate though, you’d think it was great coverage.

          • MicroNix

            Unless you are flying, traveling to other larger towns normally implies getting there via areas that are not large towns. What about coverage during that time?

        • Cowboydroid

          I travel quite a bit and get better coverage on T-mobile in some places than I got on Verizon, and not even in metropolitan places.

        • LiterofCola

          Nailed it.

    • Dominick White

      Because once you leave major cities, you still have Sprint service, the same cant be said for T-mobile

    • michael arazan

      25,000 were tested for 300 million people in the US, that is flawed. Maybe 50,000 per state might be a little more accurate.

      It’s about as bad as Neilson Ratings using 20,000 homes to judge whether or not TV shows get cancelled, and they don’t even measure the online viewers that the majority of 30 and under are.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Tmobile: “Started from the bottom, now we’re. . . . . . . . still at the bottom?”

    • Thomas

      As much as we love to hate Verizon you can’t argue w/ this.

      • You should read the article..

      • teeerex

        You know it brah..t-mobile lies about their speed being the fastest…well according to this, they are nowhere near close to being the fastest. Verizon is the bomb!!!! ATT lies also about being the most reliable ha..well they aint!!!

        • Ryan

          Depends on area and congestion. In my area, T-Mobile is definitely faster than Verizon, even on 4G. Matter of fact, T-Mobile’s was twice as fast as Verizon in both up and down speeds. This could change in the future if there are more T-Mobile subscribers though.. Don’t know about AT&T, never experienced their data plans, and I’m going to keep it that way.

          • teeerex

            Yeah I’m getting 40 to 50 Mbps down 10 to 15 up with Verizon where I live. T-Mobile is decent around here but nowhere near as fast as VZW and where I go back home too T-Mobile doesn’t even work. Now my speeds are fast because VZW turned on LTE advanced or true LTE. Plus my galaxy s4 can take advantage of the speeds cause it’s 5g capable if you will.

          • Dave12308

            Thanks for saving me the time of typing all of that out, yours is the same experience I have here in the Albany, NY area.

        • tdurden64111

          I only hate how VZW has to throw its branding on everything.

          • Eric R.

            Yeah, you can’t conplain about software updates anymore really, they’ve become faster than the other carriers

          • Christen Lawson

            When Sprint is bad its bad but when Tmobile is bad it’s non existent which has to be why its lower on the reliability scale here.

        • Ian Jackson

          T-Mo is awesome in my area (Houston,TX). Most people are either AT&T or Verizon here, and T-Mobile has a very nimble network in my area, and it’s awesome. It may not be as fast, but hell, no contract, $30/mo, and you can buy your own phone, you aren’t stuck to Verizon’s 5 phones. Nothing to lose here.

      • I definitely hate Verizon, and unfortunately, I still have to stay with it. I installed Glove last week, hoping to find out if T-mobile in my neighborhood is as bad as some people say — the result? Verizon got a 99.8%, AT&T 96.1%, T-mobile at 65.3%, and Sprint is a no-show.

        • Dominick White

          Where did you get those numbers?

          • jamaall

            He said it. The Glove app reported on his area.

      • LiterofCola

        Yup, people can hate all they want, but in the end you get what you pay for.

    • Ryan B

      Listen to The Swellers much?