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This LG G Flex Commercial is on a New Level of Awesome.

I’m mostly speechless after watching this new ad for the LG G Flex, but in a fantastic way. It is so completely, 100%, can’t-be-argued, brilliant on a number of levels.

Talking bearded hands that can be fed cheesecake while attacking you with a crab claw? That awkward moment where you take your sexual conversation over garlic too far, resulting in a kitchen counter hump session? “Wolverine, like a BAAWSS.”

Yes to all of it. Do more of this LG, do more.


  • terrorist96
  • terrorist96

    The video isn’t available anymore :

  • feztheforeigner

    Sooo… The video is down 🙁

    Anyone have a re-upload?

  • mickey4mice

    Gross. I just lost appetite for dinner.

  • ChristianPasquariello

    No press is bad press seems to have translated to modern advertising as commercials lately seem to aspire to be memorable above all else. Even if the memory is of a guy with canary yellow teeth talking into his hand which resembles a 70’s porn stars twat. Maybe it’s the 3 second attention span, the dumbing down of the population, who knows.

  • creed

    The beard on that hand brings back memories of what I saw on Orange is The New Black last night…..

  • TylerChappell

    I don’t think I will ever want to buy an LG product after seeing this.

  • Will Wilkerson


  • Bruce Wayne

    Not a good ad at all.

  • Stone Cold

    I threw up in my mouth a little. This poor excuse for a commercial will scar some poor kids for life. And HTC wonders why they lag so far behind others. Did they learn NOTHING for the RDJ ads?

  • John

    Does that hand have pubes for a beard? Not even going to bother watching this.

    • ChristianPasquariello

      Its 1970’s twat hand.

  • Sporttster

    Uh….’hairy palms’……hmmm….



  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    Mouth on hand…. hmmmmmm.

  • BadIsBad

    If you think this commercial is even remotely good you probably need to put the bag of mushrooms down and get clean. It’s beyond awful.

    Funny thing is I just saw an article about this video a few hours ago over on Android Central and they were saying how terrible it is, and then I come over here and DL is saying how great it is. It’s clearly a lousy commercial. I don’t get what anyone would like about it, but meh:


  • On2Vegas

    I will now disable my internet connection, for fear of seeing this elsewhere. See you guys in week or two.

  • Ahku Droid

    A hand that can sometimes have a lady mouth on it that eventually gets hairy. Seems like the answered prayer of a pasty acne covered fat kid that spends a lot of time playing video games in his mother’s basement.

  • ljbad4life

    Now this will be my nightmares

  • Creepy and disturbing, but definitely not awesome. I’m sure the phone is, but that commercial was whaaaa?

  • I never believed that an ad could be cringe-worthy. Any ad. I disagreed when the ad for Samsung Galaxy Gear was called creepy and the “worst ever”. I laughed when I saw iPhone’s “Cheeeese” ad. I didn’t hate GoDaddy’s Kiss ad.

    Not any more. This LG ad changed my mind.

    This one feels like an April Fool’s prank from an LG competitor. I have a hard time believing this ad even got the green-light from their marketing heads. It feels like something from Funny or Die.

    This definitely is the worst ad ever.

  • onlygoodtime88

    so I think that explains a lot … 🙂

    • michael arazan

      The only time I want to see a mouth on a hand is in Vampire Hunter D, other than that it creeps me out.

  • Drew

    Love my Moto X. LG is garbage. Same with Samsung. Garbagy companies. Moto is the best.

  • jbegs

    Such different opinions on the commercial from two of the top Android sites.

    Droid Life: “This LG G Flex Commercial is on a New Level of Awesome.”

    Android Central: “LG’s new G Flex commercial is just awful”

    I’m going to have to agree with the later on this one.

  • Severo Rivera

    Wtf is this.

  • onlygoodtime88

    Worse commercial EVER!!!!!.

  • LionStone

    ummm…no. But pretty sure if it was an HTC ad…”poor HTC, they can’t do anything right”. ..

  • L.G._A.K.A._Low_Grade

    There’s really nothing awesome at all about this commercial. Not even the phone in it that they show in the end 😛

    Weird horrible commercial = weird horrible phone. Makes some sense I guess.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I’m not even sure what just happened. That was disturbing to say the least. Someone should look into having the LG Marketing department committed.

  • bogy25

    I found this commercial disturbing… anyone else? This can’t be real

  • Ryan Steddy

    I’m not sure what is worse, the advert or the fact that you like it.
    Unless you are being sarcastic in a completely not obvious and unfunny kind of way…

  • Adrynalyne

    Hairy palms is all that cums to mind.

  • If by brilliant you mean gross, then yes.

  • 80am

    Try again LG

  • Tony Byatt

    White teeth optional…


  • JSo


  • I think you missed the /s at the end of your article.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    I think I just smoked a bad batch…

  • Colin Huber

    This is a rip off the Moto X “Lazy Phone” commercials, except weirder and not quite as cool, i.e. “Uhhh, you’ve got a text message. It’s from Sharon.” (eyes widen)

  • Bionicman


  • KingofPing

    What the…

    This doesn’t…

    Why would…

    I don’t even….

    Words can’t…

    *slams face repeatedly into keyboard until comatose*

  • Murph

    As Jimmy would say, “EW!”

    • michael arazan

      He is not funny

  • LMAO, is that garlic?

  • BrunoGama

    My God, this is terrible. Ew.

  • JermaineFerrell

    Very Intelligent, got to see it twice to absorb all what LG is doing with it. Nice…

  • Aaron Hearne

    maybe it’s just nit-picking here, but shouldn’t the mouth be at the top talking into your ear and the ear be in your palm that you talk into? seems like a major design flaw to me.

  • Dan

    Omfg that was great

  • reyalP

    LG is copying Samsung’s (Pretty Lady) creepiness to a whole new level.

  • NastyEmu

    Shouldn’t the mouth and ear locations on the hand be reversed?

    • Murph

      Yes…yes they should. But would it make less terrible? No…no it would not.

    • Chris

      They are close to making out

    • Travis H

      In anti-war Korea mouth talk to mouth.

  • Adam

    As creepy as that commercial was, I can’t get past the simple fact that the mouth and ear should have been reversed when he was holding it up to his head. I realize it was already absurd and a little more didn’t hurt, but for some reason that still bothers me.

  • scastro87

    Other than being so bad and weird that people share it, it was an awful commercial.

  • Orion

    I get what they were doing with the commercial but damn it was disturbing lol.

  • Dan Lopez

    Disturbing. That is all.

  • George264

    after watching the ad:

    this is weird I’m not sure i like this it’s even weirder than HTC ads

    • michael arazan

      They must be using some good drugs for these ads

  • Murph

    If by ‘awesome’, you mean “in the world of all things terrible and awkward”, then yes…this is awesome! I kept waiting for the sarcasm reveal in your post but it just isn’t there. Holy Mother this is bad.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      The way i read it is that using the LG Flex will give you craps.

      • Miguel

        That’s just disturbing sick stuff, I thought Old Spice was crazy but LG just went over the top.

        • Ryan

          This.. and… that’s all I have to say.

      • Sporttster

        Craps or crabs??

    • Simpsons Did It

      If this was a Samsung commercial, DL would talk about how awful Samsung is and how this commercial is as you said, terrible and awkward.

      But DL would even support the invasion of Crimea if it was done by someone who wasn’t Samsung.

      • And apparently we hate Samsung!

        • Probably Not Though

          You do. You are down on a phone in the S5 and excited for the All New (sic) HTC One which will have similar (if not worse) specs + a logo bar for no reason. When Samsung comes up with weird commercials your comments on it are nothing but negativity, but if another does it? Keep it up! Stick it to the man!

          That man you want to stick it to so bad is the only reason Google haven’t dropped Android like they have Wave, Reader, Health, (insert one of a huge amount of failed Google projects).

          It’s fine though, maybe you are fine with fanboism and favoritism, but if you ever want to get to the level of other tech blogs you should look deep down and ask yourself if you are any better than The_Narrator.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, Kellen really slammed Samsung in the last commercial post they made about them. /s


            Seems pretty objective to me.

          • Stone Cold

            Even if Kellen did. His opinion is not everyone’s that writes for DL.

          • KingofPing

            OMG! They don’t like the phone you think they should! Quick! Someone call the internet police!


            If you have a problem with others having opinions that differ from your own (Yes, even authors of articles on Blogs, heaven forbid!), the internet is not going to be a very happy place for you, my friend. I would suggest either avoiding it entirely or putting some effort into fostering an ability to entertain ideas and opinions you do not necessarily agree with.

          • C Jacobs

            He/she is entitled to his/her opinion just as you’re entitle to yours.

            “If you have a problem with others having opinions that differ from your own (Yes, even authors of articles on Blogs, heaven forbid!), the internet is not going to be a very happy place for you, my friend. I would suggest either avoiding it entirely or putting some effort into fostering an ability to entertain ideas and opinions you do not necessarily agree with.”

            Funny that you would rant about @KingofPing:disqus doing the exact thing you’re doing. Pot meet kettle!

          • KingofPing

            He/she is well entitled to their opinion, whatever it may be. I never claimed otherwise. In fact, my comment did not concern their opinion regarding phones at all.

            Try reading it again…?

          • ThoseWhoLiveInGlassHouses…

            To be perfectly honest I found what you said in your response to be contradictory to what posting as well. You were ranting about someone giving an opinion you didn’t like after telling this other person to deal with someone else’s opinions if they didn’t like it.

            I don’t care about if DL likes Samsung or whatever that case is, but you did come off sounding like a hypocrite with your comment.

          • ThoseWhoLiveInGlassHouses…

            *to what you were posting as well

          • KingofPing


            I guess all I can do is suggest you learn to read? Telling someone to try and understand that others are allowed to have opinions that differ is quite a stretch from telling them they aren’t allowed to have a differing opinion.

            …but apparently the concept is too difficult for some to grasp.

            …to be perfectly honest.

          • Well, we appreciate your support and taking the time to comment on our blog that is apparently not on the “level of other tech blogs.” 🙂

            As for the rest of your interesting opinion:

            We were the original site to point out the unnecessary HTC One black bar and were critical of it. We have been poking fun at the “All New HTC One” name since day 1. We have laughed at their poorly done teaser videos. We constantly talk about how HTC will get bought this year because they are failing. But I guess that means we love us some “All New HTC One.”


            Here is the last Samsung commercial post we ran. Seems pretty fair, if not positive to me. I’ll also include the entire list of GS5 posts we ran, none of which seem negative in any way. But hey, we all read differently I guess.



          • grayson360

            Oh no. Looks like we got a Samsung fanboy over here. How rare…. /s.

            You Samsung galaxy fellows are turning into iPhone users. Snobby and always correct.

            And if you start pointing out how “I would be the same if I had one” no I wouldn’t. I’ve had the s3 and s4. Traded my s4 for the lg g2 and have zero regrets.

          • tomgillotti

            The guy above me (‘Probably Not Though’) total Deutsche LMAO (not my fault a country has a name like that)

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        LOL man what is wrong with you? Calm down.

      • T4rd

        I think you’re confusing DL writers with DL commenters.

        • hero

          yea he is. and continues to in each of his posts since the first. I thought he was talking about commentors when he first posted but clearly is just misinformed

      • paul_cus

        No, DL hates Sony.

        • d-rock

          Everyone hates sony

          • Sporttster

            I remember when Sony used to rock. Man if you wanted the top of the heap, you went with Sony. Just goes to show it’s hard to stay on top….

  • Frisi

    It’s creepy on a new level… and what the hell with the end. Ugh o.O

  • cizzlen

    Wolverine LOIKE A BAWSE!

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Haha good ad. Now air it on the tele

  • Maximus

    There was so much weird in that video…I forgot it was about a phone…

  • I need an adult!