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This LG G Flex Commercial is on a New Level of Awesome.

LG G Flex hand

I’m mostly speechless after watching this new ad for the LG G Flex, but in a fantastic way. It is so completely, 100%, can’t-be-argued, brilliant on a number of levels.

Talking bearded hands that can be fed cheesecake while attacking you with a crab claw? That awkward moment where you take your sexual conversation over garlic too far, resulting in a kitchen counter hump session? “Wolverine, like a BAAWSS.”

Yes to all of it. Do more of this LG, do more.


  • terrorist96
  • terrorist96

    The video isn’t available anymore :

  • feztheforeigner

    Sooo… The video is down 🙁

    Anyone have a re-upload?

  • mickey4mice

    Gross. I just lost appetite for dinner.

  • ChristianPasquariello

    No press is bad press seems to have translated to modern advertising as commercials lately seem to aspire to be memorable above all else. Even if the memory is of a guy with canary yellow teeth talking into his hand which resembles a 70’s porn stars twat. Maybe it’s the 3 second attention span, the dumbing down of the population, who knows.

  • creed

    The beard on that hand brings back memories of what I saw on Orange is The New Black last night…..

  • TylerChappell

    I don’t think I will ever want to buy an LG product after seeing this.

  • Will Wilkerson


  • Bruce Wayne

    Not a good ad at all.