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Madfinger Games Teases Dead Trigger 2 Arena Update, Coming Soon

An update is soon to come to Dead Trigger 2 from Madfinger Games, bringing the much-hyped Arena feature. In Arena, your character is thrown into a closed environment, while hordes upon hordes of the undead come at you. Your goal? Kill ’em all, of course. 

No exact word on when the update is set to go live on Google Play, but it should be soon if Madfinger is already hyping it.

Check the Google Play link below, and keep your eyes peeled for the update.

Play Link

  • LordErosHD

    i have banned for no reson lol im facebook player wtf i was banned? Omg my skype contact lol.woops

  • Ray

    Yeah im sure this will cost $5 or 3 days wait to play. Love the game but their ethics suck

    • Transverse45h

      lol… Dead Trigger 2 is far better than any other IAP games… you can play without any wait and the wait is only for weapon and health upgrades

      most upgrades uses $ and you win them with each game..

      • Ray

        well you sort of need a weapon to kill Zombies so its the same thing as waiting to play the next level. I have been playing the game since it came out im pretty sure im aware of how it works.

        • Transverse45h

          you get 3 weapon at the start of the game. yes you will have to wait if you want to use(build time) other weapons but that wont stop you from playing the game. you can still play the game with that 3 weapon anytime.

          IMO DT2 is a lot better compared to other games when you cannot play the game at all without the upgrade complete

        • I’ve played both DT and DT2 without buying anything from IAP. I’m able to complete the levels with the normal weapons with occasional upgrades. What I hate about DT2 is the story is very short and only lasts one or two mission for entire week. Then you have to keep playing the single side missions.