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Wednesday Poll: Which OEM Would You Want to Make the Next Nexus Smartphone?

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With the Nexus rumors for 2014 already warming up quite nicely, it’s time to see which OEM our readers would want to make the next Nexus smartphone from Google. We know plenty of folks would love for the new Motorola create a Nexus device, and if rumors are anything, that could very well happen. Unfortunately for Moto fans, the same “rumors” are now pointing to LG making the next Nexus phone.

Alas, that is the beauty of rumors, and nothing is ever confirmed until an official announcement is made. With the Nexus 5 being released back in October, we still have quite some time before we see what Google actually has in store for this year.

We have seen Google take quite a stance with the launch of Google Play Edition devices over the past year, with a total of five different devices becoming available, all from different OEMs. Is GPE the future of the Nexus program? Potentially, but that’s a story for another day.

Let us know below which OEM has your vote for the 2014 Nexus smartphone.

Which OEM do you want to make the next Nexus smartphone?

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  • Keg Man

    Phaxus Please. Phablet + Nexus

  • Justin Abe

    Sony Xperia Nexus…. Why 88% of the people don’t understand life is beyond me.

  • LLcdPH

    Doesn’t much matter… I’m stuck with Verizon 🙁

  • Mike Robertson

    And make it for Verizon!

  • poop

    HTC or Sony, but if I had to choose just one, HTC no doubt. I feel Moto has basically already delivered on a Nexus device — it’s just not explicitly labeled Nexus (and comes with a bit of magic from the great fingers of Moto).

  • jesse

    I want an asus, intel powered nexus

  • John Friend

    I thought it was already established that there would only be Google play edition devices and no more nexus devices.

    Either way, I think we need a motorola nexus.

  • marclee

    z2 is actually a better device than s5

  • Give us one last great Moto phone before it goes off to China. {{-_-}}

  • Sagar

    Would love to see Nokia do that.

  • Viet Hoang-Tran

    Motorola 🙂

  • ki11ak3nn

    I picked Moto only because I love my wife’s Moto X. But I would love to see a Sony Nexus. Their build quality is amazing.

  • tech247

    Absolutely nothing beats the reception of a Motorola radio…..

  • Trevor

    Voted for Motorola. I love what they did with the X. I think their version of a Nexus would be super sweet.

  • RockMarz

    I wish it were pantech.darn!!

  • Motorola has been the most requested company to make a Nexus for a while now. The X is rather close to a Nexus at this point.

  • Synacks

    I like where HTC’s head is at in terms of hardware and design. If Google pushed them to work a little more at design and implemented the stock always good Android, I think we’d have a powerful, reliable, damn good looking phone.

    • Intellectua1

      Not everybody is a fan of stock.. Stock Android is pretty boring. If all phones were stock Android what would be the point of choice in manufactures..

      • Synacks

        Well we’re talking about the Nexus 6 here, which Nexus devices will ALWAYS be stock Android. Sorry man.

        • Intellectua1

          Yea true lol.. Sorry about that, I forgot the topic was Nexus..

  • flosserelli

    I know it is unlikely to happen, but I would love to see HTC make another Nexus. Even today I think the Nexus One exudes style, and will always be a classic design. If HTC offered an updated version of the Nexus One with a modern SoC, LTE, 4.5-4.7″ IPS display, 32 GB RAM and SD card slot, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Steveo

    If Verizon isn’t getting it, could care less who makes it!

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I’d like an HTC metal phone with a 5.2 inch screen, with the Tegra 4 or K1.

  • Jeremy Gross


  • Erik Grudzien

    LG. Don’t fix what ain’t broken. LG has done a great job with the Nexus 5 and Nexus 5. Why change it? Samsung is long past it’s days of playing nice with AOSP, as seen from Galaxy S4. Even the Play Edition was riddled with Touchwiz and the binaries provided refuse to work with AOSP. They’ve deemed AOSP and Developers aren’t important to them, so why reward them with a contract to make a phone for the tech savy and the very people they isolated? Let alone they are embracing Tizen more and more every day, and replacing their Gear lineup’s Android with Tizen.

    I wouldn’t be mad if they tried Motorola, or Sony out. But please just not Samsung.

  • vital


  • ljbad4life

    I think two phones and Google should move onto a new manufactuerer. LG has made some solid phones. My n5 is literally one of the best phones I’ve ever owned. But give some other company a chance. How about Oppo? in fact if Google get can get project Ari off the ground I would be happy with that.

  • Rodeojones000

    Where’s the “anyone but Samsung” option?

  • Lumia Nexus

    Nexus is Dead

    Nokia should have been on the list tooo

  • paul_cus

    At least Sony got to 10% in this poll.

  • 7h3_4pp12en7ic3

    The only reason I hesitate to vote for Moto is due to the recent transaction to Lenovo. I want to make sure Lenovo stays relatively hands-off of Moto before I start asking for them to make a Nexus. As far as the other OEMs, HTC still seems to be circling the drain, IMO. Sammy is already too big for Google to give them the Nexus contract on top. Sony? Meh. So, LG. They did a great job on the N4 and N5, if you ask me, and I would be more than happy to see them do the N6.

  • ahmed ehab

    Well, I would prefer instead the Nexus to have Sony’s camera , Samsung’s screen and processor , HTC’s build quality, but anyway they will choose LG again probably.

  • Beefy

    how bout just work on verizon

  • Ryan5609

    If you ask me, LG has done a fine job with the Nexus 4 and 5. They could maybe up the design quality a bit to make it more interesting, but thats all in my opinion.

  • Arty McBert

    I’ll be the first to say that I don’t want Motorola to make a Nexus phone. Why should they when their phones are running stock Android and update as fast as an older Nexus/GPE device? Besides, I wouldn’t want a high-end Motorola phone stripped of features found on the Moto X. With that said, HTC needs some sales, they should be the next OEM to make a Nexus.

  • DrewNusser

    I would want either Sony or ASUS, personally. To have a Nexus version of the PadFone with all the docks – that would be amazing.

  • staticx57

    Never motorola unless they somehow find a decent camera for once. Motorola was the only company that could make the galaxy nexus camera look decent. As of now, I vote sony, followed by HTC.

  • Abrahan Reyes

    I’ve been a Moto user for a long time and their HW quality is prime. I like HTC too my wife has been an user since the day of the Droid Eris and she loves HTC.
    I have to said that I’m very impressed with the LG phone, my Nexus 5 is the first LG phone and I love it.
    Any of those is fine for me.

  • BenG

    Motomaker Nexus? Sploosh