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“All New HTC One” on Its Way to Verizon Stops by FCC, Model HTC6525LVW

An FCC listing for the “All New HTC One” or HTC One (2014) on AT&T showed up ever-so-briefly last week before being pulled. That listing has now returned, along with a somewhat similar listing that also shows AT&T LTE bands (could be unlocked or T-Mo variant) and another for Verizon. You may recall last year when HTC failed to launch their flagship on Verizon, leaving it as the only major carrier in the U.S. without it for months. I don’t think we’ll see the same misstep this time around. 

The listing doesn’t give us anything new in terms of specs or features that we don’t already know, but at least confirms LTE bands 4 and 13, plus global roaming. The battery and chipset information haven’t been made public just yet, nor do we have the massive photo screw-up that accompanied the Nexus 5 launch. We’ll keep digging for more, though.

If there is one takeaway that you should keep an eye on, it’s the model number. Verizon and HTC have given the One 2014 on big red a model number of HTC6525LVW. In case you were wondering, the original One from last year dropped as model number HTC6500LVW. Going for 6500 to 6525 seems like a natural progression, right?

verizon one 2014 fcc lte

Via:  FCC [2]
  • Patrick Crumpler

    I will get this one probably. Either that it the G2 Pro or X2. Done with nexus and BT issues. Its crazy.

  • tylerc23

    I just finished this. Here’s what it looks like the Music App for Sense 6.0 will look like, according to that leaked video. The words aren’t right, I just screenshoted some stuff from my DNA, but thought it would be nice to visualize another piece of Sense 6.0, besides BlinkFeed

    • Chris

      they took their stock music app and just added a spash of holo.

      looks good though.

      • tylerc23

        Basically, yeah your right. It looks better though I think, not so dark

    • Patrick Crumpler

      Kinda gross. Lol. Sorry couple of IPA’s.

  • Radgatt

    Who has band 7?


      No one in the US. Plenty in Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and even Canada.

  • chris125

    Seems like with the note, verizon waited at first and this time around gets it right away. Good move verizon and htc

    • Cael

      Verizon wanted to get rid of all of their DNA inventory before they released the One.

      • Kyle

        and I got one for free! whoohoo.

  • Qbancelli

    Meh, waiting on the All New Nexus.

    • Kevin

      And we can’t have a Nexus until OEMs release their flagships. : )

      • Ralph Bretz

        Or if you are on Verizon.

    • Jkdem85

      That will be a loonnnnggg wait on Verizon!

  • Droidarmy

    My body is ready

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    One thing that hasn’t leaked is the battery Size. I’m going to guess 3000mah? HTC always seems to bottom out on the battery….though the HTC One battery was solid…defnitely better than my nexus 5

    • The Narrator

      I hope 3000 is the minimum for 2014. After Samsung, that is.

      • Tim242

        It won’t be…especially for HTC. They have always skimped on the battery.

        • The Narrator

          Sounds like your love and HTC have something in common.

    • flosserelli

      Given HTCs track record, I would say 3000 mAh is optimistic. But I hope you are right.

    • Chris

      2800 is my guess…

    • chris125

      I would be happy if they matched the 2800mah that samsung did, but then again we know HTC loves to be on the lower end of battery so I am going to say just a slight increase over the battery size in the original htc one.

      • LionStone

        Yep! I’m thinking 2600 or 2800mAh also… hopin’ for the 28! 3000mAh would be unexpected. I also don’t expect wireless charging, but hopefully VZ version will, like the G2!

        • chris125

          Being metal I’m not sure we will see wireless charging.

  • The Narrator
    • Juan


    • El_Big_CHRIS

      This was my reaction when I saw the headline of the article. I was hoping that HTC would release the new One on VZW at the same time with the other carriers. I was not gonna wait until Q4 for it.

    • BMC123

      dewey crowe has 4 kidneys!

  • Alex Boro

    Wow the only thing that has my interest on this phone is the new cameras. All the other stuff is minor upgrades.

    • The Narrator

      Too bad the idiot didn’t know what it was for. Now we have to wait 3 weeks, lol

      • Tim242

        You, calling someone an idiot? I could make more sense out of him, than your posts.

        • The Narrator

          Good ol Timmy, keep it up. I’d say you’re butthurt, but then again, that would be too literal.

          • Tim242

            Yeah. Sound, movement, and other stimulations don’t affect heart rate either, do they, Fry?

          • Let us keep those comments to ourselves. Thanks.

          • rawr

            You are the ones who let him troll constantly. People were bound to start lashing out against him every time they see his name.

        • tylerc23

          He’s talking about the leaker kid I think

          • Tim242

            I know lol

  • Trent Russell

    Don’t these usually go through certification after the “unveiling?” They must be pushing a tight release schedule.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s always before.

      • Trent Russell

        That’s not true. The iPhone 5S for example went through the FCC several days after the unveiling. http://www.slashgear.com/iphone-5c-and-iphone-5s-battery-sizes-tipped-by-fcc-12297576/ The Galaxy S4 FCC documents were also posted after the unveiling.

        • Tim242

          Android phones always go through before. Apple withholds.

          • Montrale Hammonds

            He just showed you two Android phones that negated your response, yet you still chose to post it lol its like you didn’t even read it.

          • Tim242

            No, he posted a link to one, which clearly states that it was before the launch. It was sent through just a few hours after the announcement. That is the only Android phone to even come close to what he was claiming.