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Samsung to Update Galaxy Gear to Tizen OS as Seen on Gear 2 and Gear Neo

Tizen has been making headlines this week, shipping on the new line of wearable devices from Samsung, which includes the Gear 2 and Gear Neo smartwatches. For buyers of the original Galaxy Gear, it appears as though Samsung has not yet forgot about you, and is reportedly confirmed to update the OG Gear smartwatch to the new Tizen OS, wiping it of any Android ties. 

According to TechRadar, a Samsung rep has confirmed the company’s plans to bring Tizen to the device. No other information was provided, like when or how the update will come, but this is a pretty big move for the company.

As for what Galaxy Gear owners should expect once the device is updated to Tizen, it’s hard to imagine that too much will change. A long list of developers are already working on the Tizen platform (thanks to Sammy), and all of the device’s functionality will likely remain the same. It is speculated that thanks to a less processor intensive OS, that the Gear’s battery life might even improve.

Galaxy Gear owners, how do you feel about Samsung updating your device to a completely different OS?

Via: TechRadar
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  • jay

    Galaxy gear is dead early adopters of it have come to realise it was prematurely released and never had googles backing in the first place even the so called app store is stale with no new apps for months instead of samsung focusing on new functionality and apps for existing hardware they realease another rushed disaster waiting to happen oversaturating the market with something not many people have reason to want yet? Their stupidity will get the better of them i hope.

    • Logo & Shibboleth

      Coming from someone who does not own one, your opinion is worth absolutely 0. I got one and I love it.

  • san1987

    Great news for my galaxy gear1 because there are not allot apps and if they do not upgrade to tizen, app developers will no longer develop for the gear1 (android 4.2.2) and that will be bad for gear1 owners like myself because the gear 2 is only less than 6 months after the gear 1 release. I love my gear so far but if the gear 1 already gets outdated with software I will never buy a gear anymore from samsung.

  • I’m wondering if this is why there was a lack of apps on the gear. Maybe we’ll have more apps now.
    One thing I don’t like though… is when someone changes their mind about something. Changing the OS completely? wow…

  • pzayx

    if the gear 2 sdk is for tizen, and we get tizen on GG1, maybe we will finally get some decent apps that is gear optimized! the only thing gear 2 has that i would like is the IR-Led and some more apps! bring me tizen, a new system to rip appart!

  • Pmallon

    It will mean the end of my Samsung purchases if they change the os on my device. Period. It was bad enough they stiffed all those that bought 3rd party accessories and then made them incompatible with no warning. This is not a good sign for what has been such a good company.

  • wmsco1
  • wmsco1

    I’m waiting for the Google Now watch, see if they get it right. Down Right Android!

  • wmsco1

    The playstore wasn’t hooked up to the gear. The samsung app store was hooked up through gear manager. Tizen is linux base ,html much like ubunto. I heard from some post xda it could lead to greater abilities. who knows?

  • crazed_z06

    Awesome.. I was afraids us owners of the OG Gear would be left behind..

  • Cael

    Tizen, the OS where all Samsung bloat is already baked in and doesn’t have to be added after the fact.

    • Graham Green

      Tizen is akin to ASOP Android, Samsung’s implementation of Tizen is akin to Android with Touchwiz added after the fact.

      • Cael

        Thanks Joke Killer!

        • Graham Green

          To be a joke killer it would require the original comment be funny.

  • Tyler

    Personally if it makes the experience better such as improve battery life that would work. Is there any benefits to keeping android on it? It’s a watch not a phone.

  • Guest

    Switching OS midstream pisses me off!!!!!!!!! If I wanted a Tizen based device instead of Android I would have considered that when buying it.

    • Ryan N

      hah. “mid stream”… “pisses” you off.. I’m seeing a theme.

  • imHOWIE

    How long until they just decide they’re switching all of their devices to Tizen? If I owned a gear, I would not be happy about this.

  • Tim Aries

    Somehow I feel really bad for Samsung fanboys…

  • Guest

    It’s too big, I hate TouchWiz, and Samsung was never known for having strong radios (signal strength is important in my hilly area).

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Meh… More Sony Z2 news please guys. . . . As for Samsung updating a device to a whole new OS? I’m sure there will be a lot of annoyed customers

  • Ryan N

    As if it wasn’t bad enough for the unfortunate 12 people that bought a gear, this adds insult to injury. Please Sammy save them 100mb after the ROM install. Out of sympathy.

    • 213ninja

      by 12 do you mean 1 million?

      • Nikuliai

        no, he meant the 15 buyers minus the 3 ppl who returned it when they knew Sammy’s was pushing Tizen

        • 213ninja

          Ah. It doesn’t matter, anything less than 1 million is wrong.

          • Nikuliai

            Except 15, 15 is accurate

      • Ryan N


        Nearly a million shipped to retailers. Of which only 50k sold… soooo… there’s that.

        • 213ninja

          that story was reported a hundred different ways by a hundred different outlets. look at this retraction by sammobile.


          since the price reduction, bestbuy.com has sold out. so whatever they shipped, they sold, at least to bestbuy, which is a fairly decent sized retailer.

          they are probably masking the number because it clearly didn’t do as well as expected, but you gotta come off the 12 crap.

      • William Robertson

        1 million? Wow, that’s a little over half of the number of Blackberry phones sold in Q4 2013 . Samsung’s just slaying those sales figures.

  • Tomfool

    They might as well switch over all their devices to Tizen, Every time they update TouchWiz, it’s becoming harder to see the Android behind it.

    • panicswhenubered

      I think it’s only a matter of time. I thought there might be a possibility the S5 would run Tizen on their international version. I don’t think the Samsung Tizen market for apps is mature enough yet.

    • C-Law

      This is why Google signed the cross licensing with them and sold off moto and will stop making nexus phones. At least that’s the rumor. Google wanted to bring Samsung back in line and that was how. Samsung removed their apps from their phones and are apparently supposed to remove that new ui we saw on the new Samsung tablets. Looks like Samsung may not either care and will still leave android for tizen one day since they easily could as long as touchwiz is on top, or maybe they will only use tizen for android accessories Like this. I dunno

  • Bob

    Can you just stop posting stories re: Tizen and we can all ignore that it exists? It will save us a lot of time down the road when Tizen fails in 1-2 years, k thx.

    • JBartcaps

      I’m sorry but this a dumb comment, really dumb. Why would we ignore Tizen, the OS created by the company that has the largest marketshare of Android phones? Samsung is literally taking out Android in a device people already own and replacing it with Tizen. Whose to say they don’t do that in the future to every device? I hate to say it, but with Samsung’s track record, Tizen is here to stay

      • The Narrator

        I want Tizen to burn in H3ll.

        Edit: you can see the Tizen in some of the new TouchWiz. Which is alarming

        • Jarred Sutherland

          What is more alarming is that some people consider TouchWiz acceptable. Regardless if it looks like Tizen, it’s still butt ugly and slow as molasses.

        • 213ninja

          love it or hate it, Tizen could be good for the market, since competition helps drive innovation, at least from what i hear…

      • Patrick Crumpler

        Maybe because tiezen isn’t android. Now this particular is about an android device switching to a completely different os. But all the other articles shouldn’t really be mentioned.

        • Menger40

          The Tizen smart watches connect to android phones (well, some android phones), so even if they aren’t android devices themselves they’re at least android accessories. No reason to ignore them.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I have a feeling replacing a phone OS with Tizen would violate a lot of laws. Considering that the Galaxy Gear does not come with the Google Play Store they are not bound to any agreement to keep Android on the device. Now if they replaced your phone OS with Tizen, that would constitute a massive change in usability because you can no longer install apps like you enjoyed before, etc.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I doubt it would violate any laws or they wouldn’t be doing it. Replacing an OS on a device isn’t against the law as long as it is able to do everything they state the watch is supposed to do.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I think you need to do a re-read of my statement. I stated that a replacement of the OS on a Phone would violate a lot of laws, but then the qualifier to that would be replacing Android with Tizen would seriously limit the usability of the device the customer originally purchased because you would be removing their ability to have access to their apps that were on the Play Store. Since the Galaxy Gear does not have access to the play store and has no user installable apps (without modification), it isn’t going to violate any laws.

            Replacing Android with Tizen on a phone would cause many issues, such as no longer being able to access the applications that were purchased on the Play store, among many other things.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Except Samsung never guarantees that their devices are able to sync up with Google services. Read the Terms of Service if you don’t believe me. They don’t take responsibility for any third party apps or services on the device. In other words, they could push out the update and not break any laws. I’m thinking if they were going to do this with a phone they would make the update available but wouldn’t push it out OTA. That way people could switch if they wanted, but if they decided not to, they just wouldn’t get any support from Samsung anymore.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Companies can write in whatever they want in their terms of service, it does not mean that it is contractually binding. Also, while Samsung may push an update it still requires approval from the carrier and we all know how quickly that works. I cannot believe for a single second that any of the carriers here would approve an update that would cripple the handset and generate a flood of angry callers who can no longer use their apps.

            Yes, they can push out an update via Kies and that is different, anyone stupid enough to flash a new OS without understanding what they are doing will have to live with that fact.

      • Nikuliai

        hmm and who owns the gear?

    • cjohn4043

      I know its kinda off topic, but Tizen is also a open source platform. Samsung is not the only one that actually uses it.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        I find it funny yet sad how many people don’t realize that Samsung isn’t the company that is created this, they are just one of the partners helping to develop it.

    • Miguel

      You may night like it but Sammy is pushing Tizen , their Galaxy line is like a mix of Android and a lot of Tizen software, it doesn’t bother me since I’ve never bought a Sammy phone.

  • Jasper Vinkenvleugel

    And gone are all your settings.

  • jonzey231

    That is definitely crazy that they’re changing the OS completely. Hopefully they’ll stick with the same recovery so people don’t have to hook it up to their computer and hopefully there’s enough storage set aside for updating purposes because it won’t be just an update, it’ll be a whole new ROM so it’ll have to be able to store the whole ROM AND the exisiting OS in order to update. Unless they plan on making people hook it up to the computer to do the updates but then a lot of people (unlike us techies) that bought it along with their Note 3 won’t have any idea how to do it, or even that they’re supposed to do it for that matter.

    • They may even decide to have Gear owners send in their watches and wait for them to be returned after being flashed at a factory. Cause you know, not everyone is super tech literate. Plus, there’s like 15 Gear owners, so it shouldn’t be too bad 🙂

      • JBartcaps

        14, my coworker returned theirs.

      • EC8CH

        15 galaxy gear owners all standing in line for their watches to be flashed to Tizen… I think I’ve seen a commercial like that before somewhere.

      • 213ninja

        Your objectivity on your blog post makes my butt hurt.

        • I really hope you’re kidding. I own two Gear watches, truth be told. I have it all. Couldn’t care less about brand loyalty or any of that crap. Go ahead and keep up the hate.

          • 213ninja

            no hate whatsoever dude.

          • Nikuliai

            Tim does anyone on the DL staff owns a Pebble?, I would pretty much love a Pebble or Pebble Steel review “after the hype” (everyday use when you had it a couple months)

          • Kellen and Ron both own Pebbles. Kellen is STILL waiting for his Steel to show up. He purchased it on announcement day, so who knows what the deal is.

          • Nikuliai

            as far as I know they are going to start the shipments of the steel on February 28, at leist I think that’s what I read when I was thinking on buying one, so i guess he should get his somewhere march 5 or so

      • BigBernard

        “not everyone is super tech literate.” – Yes, you’re living proof of that.

    • CoreRooted

      It would actually be very simple for them to just update the Gear Manager app to support backing up the current config and then flash the watch to the new OS and then sync the settings[ish] back. The watch itself wouldn’t have to store much of anything if they did that. All 12 users would be oblivious to the process. LOL

  • Does this mean they can change the GS5 to Tizen in the future?

    • jonzey231

      I doubt they would but that’d be an effective (and shady) way to force people to use their in-house OS.

      • Patrick Crumpler

        Plus they would loose all google services. The gear isn’t that big of a deal. It’s essentially a dolled up pebble.

        • Nikuliai

          and the pebble (steel) looks nicer, it’s compatible with everything and lasts longer, tbh I don’t get all the hype about this :B

        • Zach Cline


      • Franklin Ramsey

        Tizen isn’t an in house OS. Samsung is just one of the larger device manufacturers that supports it.

      • Cael

        Or they can offer it to people who want to use Tizen… like how HTC is offering the Evo 4G LTE update to people who want it….

        • “want to use Tizen”

        • michael arazan

          If they really want people to get interested in Tizen, and it is Open, they should give it out to some xda dev’s and let them tinker and create some downloads with it as a rom for it on different devices. They get it out to the public to create buzz without any responsibility to themselves if people brick their phones or find bugs, and it also will get them some feedback on it at the same time.

    • Maxim∑

      If they do Samsung is gone.

    • Miguel

      No since their phone are Android based, sure they can add all the software they want but they must keep the Android Core App and they’ll loose the Play Store.

    • j

      No, it doesn’t mean anything for the Galaxy line of phones. A switch to Tizen for Halo phones in the near future would be death for Samsung. A switch to Tizen on a Halo phone released with Android would be death for Samsung.

      As MS and BB are finding, smartphones are nothing without a suite of apps. Android has apps. iOS has apps. Everything else fights for 1% market share..

      watches are a wholly different thing though, since they only need to run a limited suite of apps.

      • EC8CH

        Going to Tizen will they miss out on Google Now integration in their smart watches…. cause that could be H U G E !

        • CoreRooted

          Kind of depends. They *could* receive the gNow notifications through some app on the phone and send that to Tizen on the watch. Given that the gNow API is still pretty paltry when it comes to async communication, it would be limiting for sure, but not impossible. I remember seeing a few Pebble/gNow integrations and test apps on the Pebble dev site before.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I really doubt this. Google has moved their API set (several versions already) into a closed source model so that without access to the Google Play Store, apps cannot interface.

      • CoreRooted

        I somewhat disagree in terms of “death”. Given that most of Samsung’s base is actually non-technical users (much like Apple’s iPhone base users), I doubt most people would even know the difference between Tizen and Android. Your comment about MS and BB is absolutely accurate though and unless Samsung finds some way of allowing Tizen to natively host Android apps and makes it seamless, then it would absolutely be a blow to their sales.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          They would notice instantly when they were no longer able to load their favorite apps. You don’t need to see it’s marked “Android” or “Tizen” to know if you can no longer install any apps you used to.

      • panicswhenubered

        “A switch to Tizen for Halo phones in the near future would be death for Samsung.” That’s pretty naive.

        Samsung could transition to Tizen somewhat easily. If Tizen already runs on their devices and Touchwiz is the unifying UI on top of Android, then users will already be familiar with how to use it. Casual everyday users may not even know the difference. The big obstacle would be access to Google services and the Play Store. Samsung has been working on replacing Google Services with their own “S” versions of everything (Some examples are S Voice, S Health, S Suggest, Music Hub, etc.).

        • Adrynalyne

          Not really. They won’t have the app ecosystem. That is a pretty big deal.

          • panicswhenubered

            At one point in time, Apple and Google didn’t have an ecosystem either. Do a search for Polaris App. It converts Android apks into Tizen compatible installers.

          • Adrynalyne

            It doesn’t matter. Samsung cannot take applications from Google Play and offer them on their own unless developers agree. A hacky converter is fine for sideloading and only then if its offered off the play store. That clears up legal obligations. As for helping, it doesn’t. The average consumer doesn’t know about sideloading.

            You are right, at one point, Apple and Google didn’t have it. It took YEARS to build it up though, and with them having majority marketshare, it will take Tizen even longer to steal it away. Apple offered something totally new. Google offered an alternative to it that wasn’t locked to hardware. Tizen is merely offering the same thing Google did, making it less attractive than Android was. That means it is an uphill battle. A great OS doesn’t mean it will survive. Remember Meego?

          • panicswhenubered

            Samsung is sneaky. They will slowly transition users to their OS, while keeping it aesthetically similar to their Touchwiz versions of Android devices. They’ll grow their app store internationally before unleashing it on the U.S. market. Many casual users will never know the difference. It will be a slower version of the tactic Amazon used when they reskinned and heavily modified Android for the Kindle Fire tablets. They stripped out the Google Play Store and replaced it with their own. Samsung already has a solid base of users, that will continue to upgrade from current Galaxy devices to future generations of Galaxy devices.

        • tjrchka

          According to what I’ve read Tizen will have the capability to run Android apps as well.
          I’m sure with the Touchwiz being synonymous with Galaxy Devices consumers will be transitioned easily.

  • Ariel Enriquez

    As long as it works