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Nike Job Listing Outs Upcoming Nike+ Android SDK for Use in “Any” App That Integrates Nike+

We haven’t been shy voicing our frustrations over the lack of Android support from Nike when it comes to products like their FuelBand. Even though we have mostly praise for the product, the fact that the fitness giant continues to ignore the biggest mobile platform around is a bit confusing. Granted, the Android ecosystem doesn’t have anyone on Nike’s board, and Bluetooth LE is just now finally receiving support in Kit Kat, but come on, other smaller fitness outlets have had no trouble with this platform.

How much longer can Nike ignore this side of the mobile world? Maybe not much longer. 

According to a handful of job listings (9 to be exact) on Nike’s corporate job board, Android appears to be a major focus for the upcoming year. One listing in particular even mentions a job that will work on the Nike+ API team to build an Android SDK “for use in any Android application that integrates with Nike+.” The job will also help build the “future of activity measurement for internal and external clients.”

Now, that doesn’t exactly say, “Hey, come build an app for the Nike FuelBand,” but it does show some sort of sign that Nike has big plans for Android in the near future. We’re talking about building an SDK that could potentially be used by 3rd party developers to integrate Nike+ into their own apps. We are also talking about working with “external clients,” which could mean phone manufacturers or other fitness product makers to bring out the best in Nike+. Remember how Nike built a special Move app for the iPhone 5s? Could we see something similar in an Android phone?

Keep in mind that Nike already has a handful of Nike apps on Android, including the Nike+ Running app, but this is a listing for a job that is expected to build an Android SDK. It doesn’t say, “use the current SDK,” it says build a new one.

We’ll be following this story as closely as possible over the coming year.


Job Location: Portland, OR

Do you want to help design and build the next generation of the most advanced activity measurement platform on earth?

The Nike+ API team is looking for a talented and energetic Android engineer to join us in building the future of activity measurement for internal and external clients. You will be responsible for building an Android SDK for use in any Android application that integrates with Nike+. This is both a hands-on (design and development) and developer facing (collaborative) role.

As the primary Android Engineer for the Nike+ API team, you will:
§  Collaborate with app developers to identify SDK needs
§  Work with the Product Manager to identify and define SDK features
§  Design and build the Android SDK for Nike+
§  Effectively present technical details to both technical and nontechnical audiences
§  Become an expert in the Nike+ API and platform capabilities


Desired Skills and Experience:
§  Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science or a related field
§  Minimum 3 years professional experience building android applications
§  Experience with RESTful APIs
§  Passionate about emerging technologies and working with other developers
§  Experience with OAuth
§  Ability to pass a 7 year background investigation

Via:  Nike
Cheers Brett!
  • CaptainHowdy13

    Man I didn’t even realize I got the cheers on this post! I almost applied for the gig and then I realized I only know C# :/

  • MReprogle

    Nike does a 7 year background investigation? That seems a bit excessive, don’t you think?

  • Kevin

    You just don’t give up do you Kellex? :p

  • chanstar

    I don’t see any point in any fitness band unless it syncs with a heart rate monitor when active. For this reason, I purchased the Polar Loop and H7 HRM which pairs via BLE for my weight sessions. The band won’t know if I’m lifting weights without the HRM.

    • Woopwoop

      I’ve been trying to find more, but can’t seem to, about these “fitness” bands. They seem nothing more than gimmicky accelerometers. No GPS, no heart rate, and no mapping. They claim to keep track of your calories, but I implore them to do so accurately – I highly doubt it. Seems like a placebo device to make you feel psychologically better about being involved in your health.

  • Sirx

    “Job Location: Portland, OR”

    Sooo…should I be disappointed that you didn’t take this opportunity to finally infiltrate the inner workings of Nike’s + department and infect them with android support from the inside out?! Preferably while sporting a concealing-yet-incredibly-stylish mustache! Feel like you Droid-LIfe guys are slipping…

  • Kisuk3

    I get the feeling that we’ll get stuck with a crappy less feature rich Android app or some kind of dongle.

  • Chris

    Nike has been favoring apple likely because Tim Took is on nike’s Board of directors


  • Cael

    LBR, Apple [probably] is making a smartwatch and they are obviously about to develop Health hardware for iPhone, iPad, and iPod under the Apple brand. Once this happens, why would people buy Nike’s stuff when they can have official Apple products?
    This is an obvious response to their impending drop in sales.

  • monkey082506

    I bought a Fitbit force over the Nike Fuel band because of its Android support, I wonder how many other sales have gone that way for Fitbit.

    • panicswhenubered

      I went with a Fitbit also, because Nike was dragging their feet for so long. Better late than never, but Nike won’t get my business.

    • Rob

      Got me a Fitbit Force as well since Nike Fuelband is not supported. And I will probably not buy a Fuelband even if it does work on Android in the future. Waiting on the Razer Nabu and then gotta decide what to do, don’t want to look like the Doc Brown of fitness/smartbands! Or do I?…

    • needa

      force was out of stock everywhere. got me a flex at wally world.

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    A lil too late now Nike, I’m all about Razer’s project nabu. And I’m pretty sure the android army would agree with me.

    • Rob

      Yep, can’t wait for the Nabu to come out!

  • Bryan Burch

    Also: why do these fitness band producers fail to put a heart rate monitor in them? Seriously, for anyone truly active, this is a must. I’m stuck with a crappy garmin because it has a heart rate monitor.

    • Adam Martinez

      Because putting one on your wrist is not very active. I wear my heart rate monitor bra strap when I’m active, but I wouldn’t want to wear it all day, which is what the wrist bands are designed for.

      • Nexoduss

        You wear a bra bro? You mean a chest strap. I don’t think any sensible guy would call it a bra strap

        • Chris

          Don’t judge. Some men love to explore that side though mostly when they are drunk and are in college.

          • The Narrator

            Speaking from experience?

          • Chris

            Clearly you don’t know about college

          • The Narrator

            Nah. I just think its cute that you came out in college.

          • Chris

            Who Said I just got out of college?

            You clearly are dumb or are not even American

          • The Narrator

            It’s okay bro, i support equal rights for gay men and women. I got your back.

        • Vermin_Cain

          Well, it’s really a bro that h wears.

    • Rob

      Aren’t most of the wrist worn heart rate monitors kind of large and clunky?

      • needa

        i dunno about all/most… but the garmin he is talking about sure is.

      • Bryan Burch

        Yeah they pretty much all suck. I want a fitbit or a nike fuel but they have to have a heart rate monitor. I mean really, how are you going to measure someone’s real activity? By how often their arm swings? Or measure their effort?

    • Woopwoop

      Pretty sure these are just basic pedometers. If you want a specialized running or cross-training device, you have to go with an actual device built for that, not a gimmick one. Get a newer Garmin for example, they are much smaller now.

  • Tony Byatt

    Must be trouble in paradise (Nike Board of Directors)…


  • Nexoduss

    Apple will go bankrupt before android gets fuelband support. I think this is what Steve Jobs meant when he said he would spend every penny destroying android /s

    • Chris

      Apple is still raking in a lot of cash. Only the naive android fanboy would think such a thing

      • Nexoduss

        Lol you’re stupid and don’t understand what the /s only an isheep would be trolling an android site and commenting on things he knows nothing about. I bet you love Tim cooks dick all over your face don’t you?

        • Chris

          I like both platforms. Both are far from perfect though.

          Try again please.

          • Nexoduss

            This has nothing to do with either platform being perfect. I just think it is hilarious that you believe I was serious about my first post. I’m sure you love apple and get a hardon every time them announce a “new” product and wait in line for days to get it like the fanboy that you are. Go troll an apple site where people might actually give a shittt about what you have to say.

        • The Narrator

          He’s the real troll of this site, ignore him.

  • leo

    Regarding Bluetooth LE, it was officially supported in 4.3 (not 4.4) per Tim here: http://www.droid-life.com/2013/07/24/a-look-at-whats-new-in-android-4-3/

    Granted several handset makers skipped 4.3, but I think we should keep the record straight. Do you guys not talk to each other?

  • flosserelli

    I still won’t buy Nike products. Their shoes are always too narrow, and their other products are overpriced and no better than competing brands.

  • jeux999

    Another example of waiting too long: by the time this releases no one will care.

    • michael arazan

      Exactly, too little, too late. They could of came in when the market was young and had dominance, now wearable’s are out there for Android now in an already growing market. They lost getting in at the beginning because of Apple pride, and could of had a huge dominance in the Android market. Now they will be an after thought with all that smartwatches will bring to the table along with all other fitness products already available. Screw nike and their blatant prejudice and lack of forethought.

      • Lucky Armpit

        Agreed. Nike has said as much that they don’t really care for Android and are “in bed” with Apple. That’s fine, you’ll probably continue to sell a lot of things that way. But coming to the Android party a few years too late? Sorry Nike, most of us have already moved on to other products that embrace BOTH ecosystems.

      • Chris

        Still nothing is wrong with choice. After all that IS what android fans like right? or are they closed minded like Apple users and only want nexus and stock devices?

        • Guest

          Android users only care about silly nexus devices. They send death threats to Samsung and HTC demanding stock phones.

  • I’d imagine Kellen poppin bottles right now. =) It’s still going to be awhile, also after a lot of research the mumbo jumbo of “fuel points” is still not as accurate compared to the fitbit.

  • Dragonetti Surprise

    My…you’re up late…and you came bearing gifts! This is great news!