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LG Holds Korean Launch Event for LG G Pro 2, Unveils “Knockcode”

Last week, LG announced the G Pro 2, the followup device to last year’s G Pro. On paper, the G Pro 2 is marked high enough to be a flagship device from LG, with a Snapdragon 800 processor, 5.9″ 1080p display, 4K video recording, and much more, but there was one feature that LG decided to save until a press event to really dive into. 

In Korea, press were invited to come get their hands on the G Pro 2 and to take a look at the newest software addition, Knockcode. If you are unfamiliar with LG’s devices that feature back-facing keys, users can double tap on the device’s screen to turn the display on and off. While that is cool already, LG has programmed in a way for users to set up a knock code, which will allow you to assign a specific knock pattern to turn on the display and unlock the device.

The code isn’t just a series of taps, but is also dependent on where the taps take place. For example, you could tap in the shape of a square or any other shape/pattern.

To get an idea of how it works, check out the video below.

There is still no word that the G Pro 2 will arrive as we see it in the US, as it is still a Korean exclusive.

Via: LG
  • Chewy789

    Not to hate on LG because I’m sure this phone will still be great, but I find no use in tapping the screen to unlock. I see it more as a thing to show your friends how cool it is then you’ll disable it later. The double tap to sleep feature though is genius.

    • Hoffman

      @Chewy789 To avoid button abuse, I set my Note 2 to open with a wave in front of the proximity sensor and use an app to turn off the screen. Definitely not a gimmick. Invaluable for me.

      • SamC

        Can I get some details on that? Tell me how to do each of those things, please.

        • Hoffman

          @SamC The Note 2 (and maybe other Samsung phones) has an ability to display the of calls, sms and e-mail that has been missed while the screen is off by waving your hand over the sensor. I downloaded Nova Prime as my launcher and now I can turn on the screen by waving my hand in front of the sensor or even when removing phone from pocket. To turn off the phone without using a hard button, I downloaded the app “Screen Off” and use that to turn off the screen. I hope this was clear and helps you.

  • bogy25


  • S.Ober

    Samsung called, They want their phone back!

  • Droid Ronin

    The knock feature is cool, but glad that it’s not necessarily locked to LG phones. Thanks to the xda developer community, this can be achieved via custom kernels.

  • Eric Cappa

    Dumping my LG G2 as soon as the G Pro 2 is available in the US. LG makes really good products and it has the support of the dev community.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Come on LG just tune up that UI a bit and I’m seriously considering you!

    • duke69111

      Its not that bad. Most of it can be removed or hidden if you like.

  • Fresh360

    I am all for innovation but this is just another added software differentiator we can do without…Just another layer of code added to the skin which will cause updates to be slower…

  • HNIC

    Did anyone else notice the hot girls holding a phone.

    • Dos Equis

      I freaking love Korean chicks, right up there with Persian & Lebanese in my holy trinity of hotness.

      • Diablo81588


      • AbbyZFresh

        Just don’t get stoned to death.

    • Edimonk

      I’ll be honest, I noticed them before the phones.

    • j

      Unveils “knockboots”

    • Kofi Williams

      They always have girls holding their devices for pictures but tbh these aren’t as hot as they used to be. Maybe they save them for the true flagships phone and expensive TVs

    • Carl W.

      I’m gay, so I only noticed the phones.

  • jnt

    Hopefully this can come to the G2 in the next update. Not a necessity, but kind of nice…

  • Ryan

    It would be cool If different pattern taps would launch different apps or be able to be user customized. This is looking to be a great phone!

    • Scott

      Do you know what would be even better? If LG would get off their duffs and release a friggin update to KitKat for the G2. The fact that the Galaxy S3 (the phone I *replaced* with the G2) now has an announced update and G2 owners are still left scratching their heads is nearly unforgivable.

      • Bobby

        It must be really frustrating but tell me a phone that LG has provided consistent and timely updates? I really want to get a G2 at the end of the month but they have a very poor track record right now.

        • p_droid

          My Nexus 5.. 🙂

          • Bobby

            Sad you think LG is the one providing timely updates to your Nexus device.

      • The Narrator

        Did you buy a phone for updates?