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Android 4.4.2 Soak Test Beginning for Sprint Moto X Users

The T-Mobile Moto X variant may have been the first to receive the Android 4.4.2 update, but Sprint’s edition isn’t far behind. That’s according to two tipsters, who both received an e-mail from the Motorola Feedback Network regarding a new “preview software release.”

If the update carries the same fixes present in the T-Mobile firmware, Sprint Moto X users can expect to see support for cloud printing through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Google Cloud Print, and HP ePrinters. In addition, the update should improve battery life and fix issues with Microsoft Exchange syncing.

Though Motorola hasn’t yet provided a release target, considering the speed with which the company ported Android 4.4, it’s only a matter of time before all Moto X variants have 4.4.2. Sprint users especially, stay on the lookout for new of an OTA.

Cheers Fahad!
  • Phil Coleson

    Does anyone else get the heebee-geebees every time DL posts a picture with a phone face-down on concrete or rock or brick?! You guys do it all the time. Can’t stand it!

  • ImmaDroid

    You should just give me that phone if you’re gonna put it face down on the concrete like that… Thats Moto X abuse!!!

  • Gr8Ray

    Oh Verizon, you tease. I thought we had something going there.

    • Jordan Webb

      Hey, they got us the big one on time. The little bugfixes are understandably less important (especially when the big ones break root).

  • sudo

    just hope when vzw gets it, it won’t break root

    • YankInDaSouth

      This is why I opted for the dev edition … As painful as a two-toned phone is lol

      • Tirionfive

        High-Five. Me too.

    • Tirionfive

      It will.

  • Guest
  • EliteX

    Come on Verizon!!!

  • Anthony Tyson

    Multiple KitKat updates before the competition gets a single one out. Way to go moto…again. If only the carriers would stay out of it this could be even faster.

  • BK

    I got the update on my T-Mobile Moto X yesterday. Everything went without problem. I haven’t noticed much of a difference, perhaps a small speed bump in everyday tasks. Hoping the battery lives proves to be even better than before.

    • BK

      *battery life

    • Dapke

      I think (think being the appropriate word) that i’m seeing a battery life bump, but nothing dramatic. At least at night when I have it unplugged, it is not waking up every 10 minutes. The wakelocks seem to be a little more controlled.

    • JoshGroff

      I replaced Active Notifications with DynamicNotifications, seems to help a little because it only lights if there is a notification, not to mention you have more settings to tweak.

      • C-Law

        Yuck, I hated that app so much. Wouldn’t even put it in the same league.

        • JoshGroff

          I find it more useful personally, but then again I don’t like it constantly showing me when I have no notifications when on my desk at work. Not to mention the plethora of customization options added by dynamicnotifications.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Time to put Verizon back in the tool box. For a bit there I thought they changed their ways.

    • EC8CH

      Moto probably forgot to pay them off this time.

    • calum wilper

      i was just wondering how verizon was first up last time around and this time i haven’t heard a thing? i mean i’m sure it’ll be soon… just kinda weird

      • jimt

        Verizon only updated fast to stop the flow to other carriers when the Nexus 5 came out. Prepare to wait a long time now for 4.4.2 or a Nexus phone.

        • enigmaco

          Nexus phone on verizon your funny.

          • jimt

            Funny but true. A long, long, long time– forever is a long time.

          • enigmaco

            I’m still getting over the shock of them allowing a nexus tablet. i didn’t own the verizon nexus phone but I kept reading about the complaints about it not being updated though it was a nexus device time will tell how it goes I guess.

          • jimt

            I believe the Nexus 7 from Verizon is still updated by Google. It is the same as the one from Google Play store.

          • Dan

            This year will probably change that. Since Verizon is rolling out VoIP. The CDMA technology was what was holding the nexus brand back on Verizon. But now with VoIP the CDMA is gone and Verizon loses some of their power.

          • Blue Sun

            Have you gleaned nothing from the Nexus 7 LTE certification process?

          • Anon

            You mean VoLTE?

        • calum wilper

          i dunno though, verizon has shown a specific apathy towards the whole nexus line, as demonstrated by their handling of the galaxy nexus and how long it took them to “certify,” the nexus 7. Also they haven’t joined in on AT&T and T-Mobile’s game of stealing customers from eachother so i don’t think they’re worried about people leaving either.

    • enigmaco

      That’s the verizon I have grown to expect, soon I will be rid of them may be looking into metropcs.

      • AbbyZFresh

        MetroPCS doesn’t exist anymore.

        • enigmaco

          Yeah it does they have been popping up stores all over my town over the last few months. Actually heading to the one down the road in a few.

        • Gr8Ray

          Owned by T-Mobile, but still operating under the MetroPCS brand.

          PS. You can use the internet for finding out information about things like this, before you post.

    • ETPhoneHomeT

      Looks like last time was an aberration and VZW has gone back to their old ways…