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Flappy Bird Developer Speaks Out, Says Game Became “Too Addictive”

flappy bird android

I’m sure many of you were in shambles when Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen decided to pull Flappy Bird from app stores earlier this week. Many speculated overwhelming publicity led the game maker to pull the plug, but in an interview with Forbes, Nguyen says differently.

Nguyen told the publication that he felt the app was too “addictive.” He said Flappy Bird was a game designed to play “when you are relaxed,” and that the global obsession with the app “became a problem.” 

Whatever Nguyen’s intentions, the Flappy Bird phenomenon isn’t going away anytime soon. The app, which was estimated to have generated nearly $50,000 per day through in-app advertising, has spawned countless numbers of clones with names like Flappy Plane, Flappy Penguin, and Flappy Angry Bird. Demand for the original remains high, though, as eBay sellers of iPhones with Flappy Bird pre-installed are asking thousands of dollars.

At the end of the day, Flappy Bird is just a craze, the digital equivalent of Pet Rocks or Beanie Babies. But for those of you that had a chance to play, I only have one question: what was your high score?

Via: Forbes
  • robert alexander


  • gunslinger

    3? but i can’t see my bird on my S4

  • Jimmy Leang

    My score is over 9000!

    Actually i think its in the 2 trillions.

  • Chewy789

    Nintendo and Apple have enough money. Just let the dev have his game and let the people who want to play it, still play it.