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Flappy Bird Developer Speaks Out, Says Game Became “Too Addictive”

I’m sure many of you were in shambles when Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen decided to pull Flappy Bird from app stores earlier this week. Many speculated overwhelming publicity led the game maker to pull the plug, but in an interview with Forbes, Nguyen says differently.

Nguyen told the publication that he felt the app was too “addictive.” He said Flappy Bird was a game designed to play “when you are relaxed,” and that the global obsession with the app “became a problem.” 

Whatever Nguyen’s intentions, the Flappy Bird phenomenon isn’t going away anytime soon. The app, which was estimated to have generated nearly $50,000 per day through in-app advertising, has spawned countless numbers of clones with names like Flappy Plane, Flappy Penguin, and Flappy Angry Bird. Demand for the original remains high, though, as eBay sellers of iPhones with Flappy Bird pre-installed are asking thousands of dollars.

At the end of the day, Flappy Bird is just a craze, the digital equivalent of Pet Rocks or Beanie Babies. But for those of you that had a chance to play, I only have one question: what was your high score?

Via: Forbes
  • robert alexander


  • gunslinger

    3? but i can’t see my bird on my S4

  • Jimmy Leang

    My score is over 9000!

    Actually i think its in the 2 trillions.

  • Chewy789

    Nintendo and Apple have enough money. Just let the dev have his game and let the people who want to play it, still play it.

  • fritzo2162

    “Too addictive” means “Cease and Desist Order”.

  • TankerTuff

    I guess u don’t appreciate something til it’s gone. But thousands of dollars for an iphone/I pod with the game preloaded? Come on people the game isn’t even as in depth as say a tamagotchi or a furby.Im sure theres a torrent site or something they could download the game from transfer to phone then open it up and install that way. Probly could find a download by googling “flappy bird.”

  • Rushil Perera


  • bboyairwreck

    Think this game was like a 3 n half minute long session xD. Wish I had lucky patcher to remove that ad from the screenshot. Oh well. Is what it is. Best wishes to Dong

  • Rodeojones000

    Never got past 1. Although I only played the game for about 3 minutes before I realized the craze was for nothing.

  • Chris

    I dobut flippy bird is that much of a craze like beanie babies. I can think of a few other apps that have much more traction to live up to that type of hype

  • dannyWHITE

    Just got my new high score 🙂

  • Justin Larmay

    What what.

  • Justin Larmay

    164. Whoop woop!

  • Gr8Ray

    Never played this game, or heard of it before all the drama, but the dev sounds like a lying douchebag.

  • KleenDroid

    My high score is 37

  • Higher_Ground

    The app stores are full of Nintendo rip-offs, so I think it’s plausible this flew under their radar up until last week.
    Nintendo is a company that baffles me at times. They shake up the industry with things like the Wii’s remote and the 3DS, but refuse to acknowledge the huge potential of licensing out their games. I can somewhat understand – if everyone could play 3DS games on their phone then nobody would buy a 3DS, but their market will always be a tiny fraction of what it could be otherwise.

  • Scott Hardy


  • Guest

    There needs to be a separate section to set up these relationships? How do you undo the settings once you’ve made them?

  • DJ SPY


  • Sankyou

    8 – then uninstalled. Yeah that’s right – 8.

  • MH

    He quit because nintendo and sega were breathing down his neck

  • Daniel

    I don’t even understand the obsession, other than because it’s hard to get now. (though not very hard if you just instal the APK under Android). It’s just SF Cave, but worse in every way. Even Impossible Game was better than this if you wanted something challenging. End of the day, SF Cave remains my favorite, and the original, of this genre.


    • Higher_Ground

      I kept trying to figure out if there was something that came before sfcave, but couldn’t find anything.

    • Damon C. Walden

      Impossible game was/is a great game. Good soundtrack also.

  • 152

    • David Mann

      0. I don’t play mindless games; I only install quality apps such as ROM Toolbox Pro 😛

  • Thank goodness for sideloadig.

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    I’m making so much money. My life is hard 50 g a day. Who makes 50 g a day, piss, whine, moan, etc.

    • mcdonsco

      Actually a number of folks do…wish I was one of them.

      • Rob Schoenfeld

        That’s why I don’t understand why he would stop. Nintendo should hire this guy let him drive revenue for them..

  • Lawrence_Hart

    I never even heard of this game until it was pulled.

  • Higher_Ground

    I wish the beanie babies craze lasted this long, maybe then I wouldn’t have wasted my allowance week after week on stuffed animals :/

  • Adam Truelove

    Some games are very addictive. Flappy Bird is not one of them. Seriously, has anyone played it for more than 2 minutes?

    • Adrynalyne

      My 10 year old daughter.

  • Carl W.

    Selling iPhones with it preinstalled for thousands? Further proof that iOS users are crazier than we originally thought.

    • EvanTheGamer

      In another article, the writer said that he seen an iPhone being sold for an INSANE $90,000 with Flappy Bird installed! What in the hell…lol

      • There was one iPhone 5 (might have been a 4s) that was going for over $98,000 before eBay pulled the listing (apparently it says in their terms of service that every phone and tablet sold through them must be factory reset before being shipped).

  • p4

    I thought the game sucked .. jmo

  • Nexoduss

    Ugh the amount of bezel on that phone is disturbing. Haha

    Edit: oh and my high score is 63 but Idk I wouldn’t even put this in my top 10 games of all time so Idk what the fuss is about.

  • duke69111


  • Dr_Buttballs
  • dannyWHITE


  • Brodanes

    I saw a Nintendo lawsuit on the horizon, pretty sure he closed up shop before an impending or immediately after receiving a cease and desist.

  • JSo

    I dont get this whole Flappy Bird Craze

  • Voyageur
  • I don’t believe it for a second. He must have had a good reason, but this is not it.

  • T4rd
  • calculatorwatch

    It’s about time a game developer actually took responsibility for the sweet, sweet, time-wasting crack they are putting out into the world 😛

  • Morbid138


  • 94

    • jadeveon da destroyer

      thats sick highscore

    • kselby

      You probably would have gotten a better score if you were listening to better music.

    • Anon

      Yo, Imma let you finish, but several others here got a much better score.

  • Guest
  • JDub


  • Willie D

    Shouldn’t the people who play he game decide if it is too addictive. Typical crap from someone who’s government teaches them what’s best rather than let’s the user make his or her own decision with non-harmful addictions.


      He made the game. If he doesn’t like where the game is going, he can quit on it. Are you that upset that it’s gone?

  • Luis Celis

    104:D no shame lol

  • bkosh84

    When did it become HIS decision to become everyone’s moral compass? (Never played the game btw, His attitude just irks me..)

  • Intellectua1

    Hopefully this is the last time we hear of this game..

    • Intellectua1

      This was supposed to be a gif.. Apparently it didn’t upload that way..

  • Are the people that are selling their iPhones for 5,000 dollars plus, are they actually getting that price on eBay?

    • Adrynalyne

      If they are, I am stealing my daughter’s iPhone and selling it. :p

      She rather have my Note 3 anyway.

    • mosbysjedi

      No, it’s people creating new accounts, bidding on their own items, and trying to drive the price up artificially

    • JSo

      If people are actually buying the phone for that much just because of one game, I have completely lost faith in humanity.

  • Adrynalyne

    More like, “I wanted to make an Indie game and get a little ad revenue, but didn’t want major popularity because Nintendo would notice I stole their graphics.”

    • The Narrator

      8 months later and they still didn’t notice.

      • Adrynalyne

        Well, it didn’t start gaining popularity until the last month or so.

        I am guessing his nerves were frayed from the CnD/lawsuit incoming at any moment.

        • The Narrator

          He should have created a bank account, went to the disappear guy, get a new identity, then go to Panama.

    • Jeremy Gentry

      Nintendo is too busy trying to save their WiiU

      • Adrynalyne

        Yeah but this would have been easy money to help save their company :p

      • michael arazan

        Nintendo would make soo much money if they ported all their games from NES, 64, and super Nintendo to Android. Or created their own Android game market

    • Alisan_C

      Nintendo complained to Apple.
      Apple told Nguyen.
      He ‘updates’ graphics a Tiny bit.

      Nintendo not satisfiedsatisfied.
      Apple sayssays to Nguyen he gets 24hours to remove it voluntarily.

      And then Nguyen posts his 22hour message on Twitter.

      Nintendo officially denies, but insiders say its true…

      • Adrynalyne

        It is certainly plausible.

      • T4rd

        This seems more believable than anything he has said so far.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Like the game being addictive? LOL! The game is not addictive. Not in the slightest.

          • T4rd

            Eh, seems to be a love it or hate it game. I obviously love(d) it, hah.

            That took a couple hours to achieve one night, so yeah… slightly addictive, hah.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Wow! Can’t get passed 20, but then again, I’ve only ever played more than 10 minutes at a time, so probably why. Flappy Bird is too slow! Hmm…I sense a Flappy Turtle clone coming on…lol

      • jadeveon da destroyer

        nailed it this seems most plauable, no one in their right mind is gonna give up a revenue source of 1.4 million a month bc they didnt want people to use it more or over use it

        • Matt

          Why would this make any more sense? Instead of making a quick graphical switch (the pipes are the only thing that I could see being remotely enforcable), and continue to make 50k a day, he makes up a big lie and removes the game completely? There’s no more logic to that than anything else.

          • TheDrunkenClam

            The “bird” (looks more like a fish) very much resembles some of the flying fish in Mario Bros.
            This game will be forgotten in a month anyways. Its just the latest casual peasant fad.

    • Guest
  • Cesar

    In the 5 minutes I had that game, I think I managed to get 9.

    • Adrynalyne

      Thats about how far I got before I decided it wasn’t the least bit fun.

  • Damian


  • shdowman


  • Tucker Nebel

    32 :/