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HTC M8 and Its Dual-Camera Setup Appears Again, Blurry Cam Front Shots Too

I’d imagine you remember the picture last week of the HTC One follow-up that showed an awkwardly questionable interesting dual-camera setup? Well, we have new images of the HTC M8 with blurry-cam close-ups of those same cameras, the frontside of the phone, and the on-screen buttons. It looks a whole heck of a lot like the original One, so hopefully HTC has something magical in store to make this a bigger success. 

First, if you take a look at the image above, you can clearly see that the secondary hole at the top of the device is indeed a camera. Why on Earth HTC thought putting a second camera would be innovative, I have no idea. I really hope they aren’t trying to bring 3D back. I also hope if they are doing some sort of dual-shot, HDR-like image processing, that the phone is powerful enough to handle it without there being a major delay between shots.


Next, we have another look at the on-screen navigation buttons that @evleaks showed us last week. You can see them turning as the phone is taken from landscape to portrait. Outside of that news, we can see a black bar that hosts an “HTC” logo. That worries me a bit if you are thinking about the massive bezel situation on the original One, something that seems to be in play if the images of the front of the device below are real. Side bezels seem somewhat slimmed, but the top and chin of the device still look massive thanks to black areas and the dual BoomSound speakers.

HTC-M8-Button2 HTC-M8-Button1

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this one. It looks a heck of a lot like the One, but with a dual-camera, dual-LED setup on the back. Is that enough from HTC?

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Cheers Tony and Bryson!
  • Gus Serrano

    I think everyone needs to calm down. I’m pretty sure this is the new HTC One Mini, and the new HTC One will look more along the lines of this: http://www.droid-life.com/2014/02/05/real-or-fake-these-purported-htc-m8-images-are-hot/

    I’m confident HTC wouldn’t do this to the flagship device.

  • Tomtom28

    This one looks a bit more convincing.

  • David Foggia

    Why do these idiots that bother taking pictures of these new phone with blurry camera, flash on in close distances, or in a dark room with NO flash?? If youre gonna spoil the phone, spoil it with a good camera and with good lighting

  • RiceCake

    Ha htc with front touch buttons and 2 rear cameras ?

    • Austin

      its like a dream come true

  • Raven

    If that is a real 2nd camera and it is not just a fake, my guess would be definitely not for 3D, but possibly for 2 fixed zoom levels, maybe wide angle and telephoto zoom modes?

  • MichaelFranz

    just a thought and it would be cool…..what if Sense 6.0 has an option to give you extend screen space and remove the on screen keys and then illuminate the existing capacitive keys around the HTC logo. Im pretty sure we saw a picture where they were missing and we all jumped to it being a bad PS job. But this would actually be nice to have it as an option for the few who didnt mind the 2 button set up and want more screen.

    • timtots

      It wasn’t a bad photoshop job, but they did cover up the HTC logo in that shop job. It would be pointless to have onscreen buttons if they are also including capacitive. If that were the case, they should just add the ability to remap the capacitive buttons how you want and call it a day.

      • MichaelFranz

        i probably would be redundant to have them both. but they may be taking an approach to please both audiences. Who knows. As they all say, we dont know until its official so take everything with a grain of salt

        • Franklin Ramsey

          That just wouldn’t make any sense though. Having both hardware and software buttons on a device? You’d have almost none of the pros of either setup, but all of the cons!

  • Alec

    Appears to be a prototype unit. Observe the lower, right-hand corner where the display bezels meets the Boom Sound metallic grille. It seems that the grille portion’s edge sticks out farther than the edge of the display. Fit and finish seems to be very rough here. Hopefully this is pre-production hardware (perhaps to test on-screen button functionality) and the retail model will do away with those hideous bezels…

  • Jeremy Gross

    (t-pain singing) all i see is BEZEL BEZEL BEZEL, and dont forget that top power button, everyone reach there hands AROUND (that huge stretch)

  • chris125

    And everyone bashed samsung for keeping the same design from one year to the next yet this will be ok if it turns out to be the final product….

    • Tflight

      No It won’t be ok.. give me a single 13MP camera on the back and get rid of the bezels and HTC logo.

      • chris125

        Yet no complaints are being made about the “same design”

        • Chris = stupid Samsuck fanboy

          Because the HTC One had the superior design and build than the S4 from day one.

  • AndySamberg

    yikes, that’s a poor decision. everything about this looks like a let-down. I’m willing to bet they also left the power button on the top left position of the device. I hope you have large hands if you decide to buy this stinker.

  • rocs_macho

    That big ass bezel is pointless. That extra space could have expanded the screen size with the same form factor. What are these people not seeing over there? I am 99.9% sure that every person who buys the phone will know who tf made it. Can’t believe they haven’t improved the design from the first One. *If this is legit.

  • MistaButters

    Boomsound + HTC Bezel + On Screen Buttons = too much wasted space. Goodbye HTC. You made some beautiful phones in your time.

    • Samvelavich

      At LEAST take a look at the phone in person before making any judgement calls. I’m pretty sure HTC knows what they’re doing better than you do.

      • MistaButters

        I’m sorry, but if that leak is the actual phone, then I don’t need to see it in person before I make a judgement call. I’ve had an HTC phone. I think they really have done some beautiful stuff. However, the original One looked like it had an awkwardly massive bezel because of the boomsound and button bar. This phone just takes the buttons and moves them on to the screen without removing any of the bezel below. It’s bad design.

        Also, between this phone and the One Maxx, I’m pretty sure they have no clue what they are doing.

        • Samvelavich

          The phone itself could be smaller. The photos presented don’t do too much justice when it comes to the size.

          • calculatorwatch

            He’s not talking about the size, he’s talking about the wasted space. Having that fraction of the front of the phone taken up by a big strip of plastic is going to make it bigger than it needs to be regardless of how big it actually is.

      • chris125

        Apparently they Dont know what they are doing or they wouldn’t be in the bleak situation they are in now…

  • Jared Tau

    the on-screen buttons are enough

  • 213ninja

    edge to edge display…….supwitit?

  • MichaelFranz

    The front HTC logo is probably going to say Verizon…..

    • ToddAwesome

      probably not though, for realz.

  • Scott Erckman

    it would be nice if they could place the HTC logo over the bottom speaker to make that lower bezel smaller. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still getting this phone on launch day, no matter what.

  • Steve B

    Why the F would they leave a bezel at the bottom of the phone like that? If they’re going to be that stupid, just stick with the damn physical keys.

    This people (among other things), is why HTC is going out of business. Right here people.

    • ricecake

      Seeing the htc logo there makes me think it’s a fake front. As in they are running some rom that is either a rendition of the m8 hopes or they added front touch buttons. I had those same front buttons on my gnex.

    • calculatorwatch

      Funny how the massive chins on Droid devices marked the downfall and near death of Motorola. Now it appears HTC is making the exact same mistake and going down the same path.

      • Steve B

        That’s not what caused the downfall of Moto or HTC, Samsung’s marketing is responsible for that. That’s why Google is getting closer with Sammy because they know this is a one horse race.

        • calculatorwatch

          Yeah I’m not saying it caused their downfalls just that it marked them. Kind of like evidence that the companies are/were out of touch with what consumers want because they don’t realize that huge chins are f’n ugly.

          Also yes I realize Samsung’s marketing is a juggernaut to be contended with but apart from the sheer amount of money they spend it’s really not all that great. Motorola and HTC simply failed to produce marketing that effectively takes attention away from Samsung products. As evidenced by Apple’s classic anti-Microsoft PC campaign and Samsung’s own anti-iPhone ads while they were on their rise to dominance, going against the current incumbent is an opportunity for great and really effective marketing, and so far no one has accomplished that against Samsung.

          • alexxx

            All great points, but i think the pic is fake or proto, also why does it look EATEN?!???

    • alexxx

      Its not REAL, stop grabbing all the votes lol! It just cant be like that, the whole row just for the logo, no, FAKE.

      • Steve B

        I gave you a sympathy vote.

  • NGagen

    Maybe one camera will have a horizontal sensor and the other will have a vertical sensor so it prevents people taking vertical videos.

  • Eric

    Not a fan of the rounder corners…and hopefully that thick black bezel is not there come release day

  • TLufsey

    I think it’s for focusing after you’ve taken the picture. Here’s a Toshiba dual camera module that does that


  • Chuggowitz

    Ok, now I’m concerned. I don’t want a super long phone.

  • chris_johns

    aaaandd the moto x reigns supreme…da faq is that bezel about hasnt htc learned anything? you prob made the original one a 5″ screen bc you just removed the phsycial buttons for on screen…and did nothing else drilled a hole for another dopey camera…like really? the mock ups someoen did were sooooo much better…they need to fire their design and marketing team asap if they plan on surviving next year

  • If they we’re going to keep that black bar anyway, I’d prefer if they just made the three button layout off screen. So now we have wasted screen real estate and large bezels.

  • Frettfreak

    i LOVE my HTC one, but if that bezel and chin are not SIGNIFICANTLY smaller, i am no way getting this one. Will have to move over to the dark side and get an s5. This pics make it look like they went even BIGGER than the original!

    • rawr

      So if (presumably) all other Android manufacturers are the light, and Samsung is the dark side. What is Apple? Or more importantly, is Windows mobile Jar Jar Binks?

      • riceCake

        Apple is clearly the death star. Samsung is the whole dark side of the force andyes windows is jar jar binks.

        This analysis is due to market share and sales. Also sammy makes a good chunk of the stuff for apple.

        Im so glad star wars is real. Bring on the clones!

  • chris125

    I’m interested in battery size. Stick a huge battery in and I’ll buy. Hopefully those dual cameras help fix the issues the one camera had.

    • Cael

      Unless HTC has figured out how to make phones slimmer with bigger batteries like every other OEM, then it might be the same thickness or more…but since it may possibly be taller we might get a what…2600 mah? LMAO

  • tomn1ce

    With the HTC logo and the front facing speakers taking up all that space this phone is going to be as big as the G-Note 3. They should get rid of the HTC branding at least so the phone can be a bit smaller.

    • Frettfreak

      THIS!! 1000% agree. That chin looks so massive! it was already big on the OG one. But this looks even bigger!

    • bobolone

      So sad, hope they’re really not leaving that bezel in the release phone.

    • Steve B

      Get rid of the HTC branding so people will actually buy the device. BAZINGA!

    • alexxx

      I really hope thats fake cuz htc doesnt waste space like that.

  • CHRIS42060

    Well I am glad to see that, although they are still using the blurriest camera then can find to take the pictures, they are at least wiping off the fingerprints this year.

    • Gigan

      Well he had his HTC M7 he got last year.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    There’s still bezel for the logo!?

  • Loid

    Dual camera to record in 3D?

    • Steve B

      Nope, post processing power.

    • j

      Infrared camera!

  • interstellarmind

    Could the dual cameras be some sort of Lytro-esque technology?

    Lytro is the camera that let’s you focus anywhere in a photo AFTER it’s been taken.

    • flosserelli

      One camera will be for daytime/action shots, the other for low-light shots. Software merges the two images > HDR.

      • Walter Partlo

        I have been wondering if they were doing this. One ultra pixel and one regular sensor. Ultra pixel is cool in it’s own right, but not good enough to be a daily driver. This may be a decent solution.

  • EC8CH

    I <3 phones with NO logos on the front

    • Cael

      and they won’t have the beats logo on the back? HTC just loves wasted space.

      • Tyler Casilio

        No actually I don’t think it will

        • Cael

          I know. Instead of putting the unneccesary HTC on the front they could have put it on the back. Not like anybody will see it on the front when its on your face anyway

  • EdubE24

    The duel LED on the iPhone is really awesome. Hope all phones come with this!!

    • RiceCake

      Apple will sue if it is a dual led.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Actually, HTC has a 10 year licensing agreement with Apple.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      HTC has a license agreement with Apple, so it could be a similar/same one?

    • derp

      pretty sure the dual led flash was out on other phones before the iphone -_-

      • TC Infantino

        Now that is a sweet looking phone. I can’t wait for that one to come out.

  • flosserelli

    If that top hole is another camera (and it appears to be), it looks misaligned like a stray headlight illuminating the sky instead of the road. A preproduction sample, I guess.

  • Dale

    As long as it has a competitive battery size and the camera quality has improved, this will certainly be a device to consider.

  • Godzilla

    This is HTC’s last ditch effort before they decide internally if they want to keep fighting an almost hopeless fight or be purchased by a larger company such as LG. 2014 Will likely decide the fate of HTC.

    • The Narrator

      They said they messed up last year by focusing mainly on their flagship, and that’s what hurt them. They are going to enter the low cost market with hopefully, more than decent phones.

      • rawr

        How many people buy budget smartphones for themselves? MAYBE their kids, but everyone I’ve met has flagships from Apple, Samsung, Moto, LG, etc.

        • Godzilla

          In the united states yes

          • rawr

            Is there any place else? :p

            So in SK, everyone doesn’t have Samsung / LG flagships? They are running around with free Nokias?

          • Jordan Webb

            India, China – both huge markets for budget devices. And when I say huge, remember we’re talking about a third of the world population.

          • alexxx

            Its hard for a white North American to grasp anything beyond 8″ of their fence. Dont waste your energy.

          • Jordan Webb

            White North American here…don’t be an ass.

        • The Narrator

          This could also mean worldwide sales, i mean, if Samsung can do it, HTC should be able to do something.

        • alexxx

          And most of them dont use 5% of teir capabilities. North Americans will buy anything if its got catchy ads.

      • Godzilla

        Well sure, but if you do some reading and research HTC’s current financial state, it is not good at all. They are bleeding money. With all of the agreements between Samsung and google and Lenovo getting Motorola HTC simply does not have resources capable of fighting much longer.

    • Orion

      Been saying the same thing. I think this is truly the make or break year for HTC.

    • Steve B

      Well, this is already a failure, so bring on the buy out.

    • alexxx

      And then you woke up. WHAT part of your comment should one take serioisly. Troll

  • The Narrator

    What exactly is the point of dual cameras?

    • Godzilla

      Nothing at all to be honest.

      • Tony Byatt

        HTC may have their issues, but you can’t seriously think there isn’t a reason for a company design a phone with dual rear cameras…

        • Godzilla

          It honestly depends on the quality of the sensor they are using. The biggest advantage would be low light performance but only if done right. But in the end its just another marketing gimmick. Not that I dislike gimmicks but it is what it is.

    • flosserelli

      HTC is trying to shift attention away from “Ultra Pixel”.

      • rawr

        So it is Ultra Pixel^2 now?

        • flosserelli

          Hahah good one.

        • The Narrator

          Ultra Dual Pixel

    • MettaWorldTroll


  • Ben Murphy

    In this day and age, there is no excuse for a blurry photo. Unless of course you’re Mr. Blurry Cam himself.

  • Nicholas West

    is that a front flash next to the camera, or have they just moved the light sensor?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Does everyone remember all the leaks from last year for the M7? All we were seeing was this random black slap (Video Leaks and all) which turned out to be not true at all?

    Then we saw a render for the M7 and everyone laughed it off with it’s front facing speakers…then BOOM that was your device. I kind of feel the same way about these shots of the dual-camera. I know that’s where all the leaks are pointing to but I’m not believing just yet.

    • Frettfreak

      I am more worried about the chin on that thing. You are going to have a 5″ phone almost as tall as the One max (6″ phone) if those images are accurate.

  • S5 vs M8

    I have a bad feeling that the M8 on Verizon will not have a giant HTC logo on the bottom…

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Fake fake fake fake!

  • BTLS

    does the NSA really need their own camera on each device…

    • The Narrator
      • ButThatsJustMe

        A lot of hate for just data collection and analysis (how else do you put your PhD in CS,ML to use?), weird that MKUltra happened and no one threw a hissy fit about the CIA.

        • Tony Byatt

          Yeah, a lot of the folks that have been up in arms about the NSA recently are just ignorant…

          Government has been collecting data for decades and it has been pretty out in the open…

        • michael arazan

          MK ultra happened in the 60’s, before most of us were even born, and it was about using acid for mind controlling, and other things we probably will never know about.

          And from what Google MS Yahoo and the telecom’s have said so far is that the NSA has only collected real data on about 10,000 Americans (so far) from what they can tell. Probably people with questionable past or people who have immigrated here.