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Here is the Changelog for the Verizon HTC One Kit Kat Update, Build 3.11.605.1 (Updated: It’s Live)

This morning, HTC announced that it had received approval from Verizon to start pushing the Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat” update to the carrier’s variant of the One. Here we are hours later and Big Red has published the support documents that detail all of the changes users will see once upgraded, meaning we are closer than ever to seeing it arrive. Typically when these documents go out, the update is imminent. 

The update – as mentioned earlier – is indeed Android 4.4.2, the newest version of Android currently available. Included along with 4.4.2 is the newest version of Sense (5.5), new BlinkFeed, a redesigned gallery application, better Highlights management, simplified lock screen widget setup, do not disturb mode, and camera low light enhancements.

That’s just a taste of what’s new in the update. The full 3-page document is included below.

Once you see the update, be sure to let us know!

UPDATE:  It’s live now! Enjoy your Kit Kat, One owners.

verizon htc one kit kat verizon htc one kit kat

verizon htc one kit kat

  • amhippi

    I so hate this update. Much less aesthetically pleasing. One of my favorite features of this phone has been destroyed with this update, and that is the options you have with your lock screen styles. I miss my Highlights photo album being on my lock screen. If you are going to fix bugs with patches, great… but why must you mess with the user interface and take away features that users may actually enjoy?

  • James Leonard

    Got the kit Kat update but have seem to have lost the back and home butt and aren’t illuminated anyone else have this probl HTC one.

  • liz

    how can I change my lock screen on this new software update. I cant seem to find how to change my lockscreen wallpaper 🙁 please help!!!!

  • Ariel

    has anyone had issues with being able to download recieved SMS through the stock messaging app?

  • kerri m

    Can I remove the lock screen anyone? It’s a pain

  • Overviewer

    I update my HTC one to android 4.4.2, but I think it all most the same android 4.2 .The different is that my battery symbol change from green to gray color. It makes a change to blink feed but seem not improve. HTC Sense upgrade to 5.5 (android 4.3) And at setting add one option is Do not Disturb and change little bit lock screen. Once i note is that my camera is not good like before, it more dark. All in all it not much different.

  • Ray

    It broke my wifi thethering. How do I Uninstaller this crap?

  • richkoos

    Can anyone tell me why the emojis are different? They look a lot like the iOS ones now, this isn’t a huge deal but I liked the ones that google had originally. Are the emojis still the “hand drawn” blobs on other 4.4 devices?

    • Mike Lee

      I was wondering the same thing. Anyone have any insight on this? Hangouts isn’t the same with these emojis!

      • richkoos

        You can get to the old ones by using the htc keyboard, but who wants that. These emojis look so bland throughout the OS.

        • Mike Lee

          The thing is while in Hangouts, the good emojis are shown in the keyboard but then when you send the message it displays it as the HTC Sense version. Any way to change that?

  • Chuck Ehrlich

    Foxfi hotspot stopped working.

    • Sean

      This is exactly why I refused to upgrade. Till there is a solution for foxfi wifi to work, I’m sticking with pre Kit Kat.

      • Eddy

        Hi. Kindly explain how to refuse. I want to do the same. Thanks.

  • John Crisp

    Any word on the HTC One MAX?

  • mgdking

    We can no longer have a different wallpaper for our lockscreen then our homescreen is! That blows

    • johnLogic

      is it possible to have “no lockscreen” ?

  • mgdking

    One thing i cant stand now is i cant have a different lock screen wallpaper then my homescreen wallpaper is!

    • Stuart Moroz

      I can’t stand I can’t have lock screen widgets on my lock screen anymore, don’t care about the background. They hide the widgets and you have to swipe them from the right to see them. I might as well swipe up to get to my main screen widget instead.

  • sski66

    One thing is maddening still, no matter how deep u go into settings u can’t unsync the HTC Calendar, it even tells u that. I just want notifications from my Google Calander, & Tasks, it drives me crazy, I was hoping this update would take care of that, nope!

  • nick rigsby

    I still don’t have my 4.3 update yet. Can’t pull it… Already factory reaetted and verizon tech support was less than helpful. They told me the rollout could take 3+ months

  • Anthony Saylor

    I can’t figure out how to turn on ART, any one know how?

    • Adrynalyne

      Is it not under the developer menu?

      • Anthony Saylor

        I can’t find it

        • Adrynalyne

          The menu?

          Tap the build number a bunch of times to show it. Or if you meant the option in the menu…well they might have left it out.

          • Anthony Saylor

            Apparently they left it out because sense isn’t compatible with ART yet

    • Stuart Moroz

      What is ART?

      • EnterTheNexus

        The new Android Run Time. It makes the phone run faster, in essence.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Does this update allow us to use tap-to-pay now?

    • Dominic Powell


      • Sat Sharma

        Its grayed out for. I can’t use it.

  • qudwls6933

    HTC has beated Samsung for the KitKat update omg!!!

    • TylerChappell

      That’s because Samsung has been too busy pumping out device after device like some ghetto baby mama.

  • sski66

    Downloading the Update now, can’t wait to see what the new Sense UI looks like.

  • steve30x

    whats the deal with “htc apps” in the app drawer?

  • Christopher Webb

    I’ve noticed that the weather app looks a bit different (better, in my opinion), the WiFi logo in the status bar is different… and I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this, but on 4.3 and below, when hitting the home button (while already on the home screen or when exiting an app) the status bar would take an extra second to change from black back to clear. Well, that has been fixed as well. I prefer the older multitasking layout (the tiles are now a bit too large), swiping up from home to launch Google Now is not as responsive as before, and I wish the quick toggles could be rearranged through a press and hold; the menu is just an odd design choice. Anyone else noticing anything small that wasn’t necessarily spelled out in the changelog?

    • D.B.Evans

      Was already expecting this change, but I miss not being able to have Google Now as my lock screen; need to swipe to the left to view it now.

      • Stuart Moroz

        Yeah, kinda sucks not being able to have lock screen widgets visible on the lock screen anymore. Bet the app devs are furious over that one. I know I am. If I’m gonna swipe left to see my lock screen widget, I might as well swipe up to see my main screen widget instead.

  • Jamie

    Blinkfeed on/off switch in the widgets menu.

  • Lee Sandy

    Got it.

  • Mike Lee

    Yes! I can finally turn Blinkfeed OFF!

    • Tim Buchanan

      Still can’t seem to turn the constant wifi status reminders off.

      • Arcendus

        Or the persistent LED when charging/charged

  • C-Law

    Hey look, it beat the moto x. Why did we get 4.4 so fast but are waiting forever for an incremental update

    • cns2007

      “incremental update” I think this may be the answer. They’re getting other phones to Kit Kat before updating a phone that already has it.

    • Tim242

      Are you serious?

    • Sankyou

      The answer is so obvious: Lenovo

    • Chris Hughes

      God.. Some people are never happy

  • mgdking

    Downloading now!

  • I want to see Google Wallet on this… I need proof that Verizon isn’t messing with code to remove/block Wallet again. Any screenshots or videos?

    • Justin Bontrager

      Tap and pay works perfect with my Verizon moto x

      • Awesome! Thank you for confirming. I figured they wouldn’t do anything to block it because it would then be a breach of the Open Handset Alliance if I am not mistaken. Hopefully LG gets on the ball with the G2. Not having full Wallet functionality is killing me!

  • reyalP

    Did Verizon really throw their logo on the back of this aluminum body?

    • Philip J. Fry

      Of course they did. I’d be shocked if I didn’t see a logo on it.

      • Jared

        Tmobile didn’t put their logo on it

    • DJ SPY

      Seriously, why are people still shocked about this? When has Verizon not branded any of their phones? I’ve been with them for 12 years and they’ve all had Verizon branding. Get over it.

    • Detonation

      AT&T put their logo on it too..whoop dee doo

    • Sankyou

      They did it because:
      1) They hate you.
      2) They can.

  • paul_cus

    I can’t believe Verizon beat AT&T to the punch on this update. Or that Sprint beat both of them to it. Strange days.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Sprint was always the first carrier to do updates because they have less phones to deal with compared to AT&T and Verizon.

  • Michael

    Update incoming

    • Mike Aurin

      Wallpaper please?

      • Michael

        The metrosphere icon pack

        • Mike Aurin

          Thanks, Michael!

      • Mike Aurin

        LMFAO…I get down voted for asking for a wallpaper.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      The clutter on dat status bar…

      • Eric R.

        I hate the status bar on my DNA, it always get like that

      • Gr8Ray

        Installs 10 battery status apps, wonders why performance is crap and battery doesn’t last.

        • Justin W

          Especially since battery stats are already included… and the percentage is also already included….

    • Danny

      Middletown Delaware ?

  • AnthonyMoya

    Downloading it now. Hopefully it goes good.

    • Dominic Powell

      Can you check the Google wallet Tap to pay feature and see if it is not incorporated or being blocked by Verizon still.

      • AnthonyMoya

        The option to use it seems to be working but not sure if it actually will though until I try it out. Haven’t used google wallet in a long time.

        • Dominic Powell

          Is tap and pay available in settings?

          • AnthonyMoya

            Yep. It’s available.

          • Dominic Powell

            Can you send a picture with google wallet as the highlighted provider / option?

          • AnthonyMoya

            It doesn’t come up as an option. When I click on tap & pay it’s empty. No option to select google wallet.

          • Dominic Powell

            Do you have wallet installed from the play store and opened the application and ran through the setup… Sorry for all the follow up

          • AnthonyMoya

            It seems I missed a step when setting up google wallet. It shows up now as an option when I click on tap & pay. If you hadn’t of asked this I would have never known I could use it now.

          • Dominic Powell

            Much thanks.. It is one if the changes in 4.4 that not a lot of people are talking about… But it’s the future of google wallet. Ibwas checking because in a leaked 4.4 note 3 build it was not working and people assumed either Sammy or carriers blocked it Isis still worked.
            .. Or it wasn’t integrated yet

            Have fun with NFC payments.

  • arthur2142

    Downloading now… But I’m going to wait to update until I hear there are no problems… My VZW Galaxy S3 got hosed last year, forcing me to root and flash old radios… Not ready to go down that path with my 6-month old HTC One.

  • sirmipsalot

    I wonder if this will kill rumrunner

  • steve30x

    Already downloading! I just hope this brings back the battery if I had!

  • Chris

    If only Sprint can get on ball with the EVO LTE 4.3 update….

    • Tim242

      You’re still using that POS?

  • Stephen

    checked on my phone and it was available for download. Here we go!

  • Matt Gondek

    Downloading Now!

    • Dominic Powell

      First thing can you check if tap to pay and google wallet are supported

      • Yes please! +1

      • Matt Gondek

        Appears to be. Haven’t tested it though

        • Justin W

          Is it in the settings for mobile payments?

      • Tim Buchanan

        As soon as my device restarted, I got a notification saying that tap to pay is now available on my phone!

      • michael arazan

        Under 5.5 You may now take blink feed off of homescreen

        • LionStone

          That option came with 5.0 on my DNA. 5.5 allows disabling altogether.

      • Jay

        As soon as I booted the phone up, Wallet prompted me to set-up tap and pay. It is now enabled on my HTC One.

  • Benjamin Richardson

    Just got it! 4.4.2 and Sense 5.5 here we come!!

  • Eric R.

    DNA better be soon

    • T4rd

      You should buy carrier exclusive phones with the expectation that it will not ever received major updates or at least timely ones (i.e. Thunderbolt, Rezound, etc.).

      • Chris

        I miss my rezound. It had decent specs (2mp front camera was a major one) but blogged down and forgotten by verizon.

        • T4rd

          My wife’s Rezound was a complete POS after the ICS update, then it got totally forgot and left with horrible software/performance issues. Battery life was atrocious and it was significatly laggier than my Gnex at the time with similar specs. There was no reason that phone shouldn’t have at least got 4.1.

          • Eric R.

            Snapdragon S3 support

          • T4rd

            Pretty sure there were S3 based GS2 phones that got 4.1+.

      • Eric R.

        Only option available on Verizon, unless I wanted the Note 2 or S3, which just got 4.3. The DNA was top of the line when released, Quad Core 1080p. Actually first 1080p for a smartphone.

        • hkklife

          Yup. DNA had the largest screen on VZW when it was released (aside from the Note 2) and was the only 1080P phone anywhere in 2012! I am still stunned it didn’t get a stronger marketing push from VZW but I personally knew a ton of people who bought them between launch and last fall…primarily because it was easily the best $50 or “free” phone available from VZW On contrqct when they started blowing ’em out.

  • crazyg0od33

    glad I’ve been running this for the last month+ (rooted)

    Screw you Verizon!

    • Chris

      Your loss

      • greyhulk

        If he’s already running it, how is it his loss?

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    • KingofPing

      I lol’d.

      • VFacharnmethe85

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    • John Legere

      You forgot one more.

      – added Verizon logo