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Potential HTC One Successor Pictured in the Wild With Dual-rear Cameras

This may be one of the first looks at the follow-up to the HTC One, currently codenamed M8. As you can tell from the image, it looks quite similar to the One, except for those two tiny differences. We’re seeing a dual-LED flash along with a dual-rear camera setup. The rest, well, looks like a One.

The leak comes courtesy of @HTCFamily_ru, who has been tweeting and retweeting everything it can about HTC’s next flagship. They even included a render of what the front could potentially look like, which we have included below. 

But if you talk about the dual-rear camera setup and the similar look as the One, those are two things we have heard before. Industry leaker @evleaks said just the other day that the follow-up would look “strikingly” similar to the original, while Bloomberg reported back in mid-January that the device would sport a “twin-sensor” setup on the back. A setup with dual-sensors could “provide better focus, depth of field and image quality,” though we’ll have to experience that for ourselves before we buy in.

A previous report said that we shouldn’t expect to see the phone until late March.


htc m8 render

Via:  @HTCFamily_ru
  • Austin

    i like it and i certainly hope that they put the same 3d imaging software as they did in the evo 3d in here. i feel like this would be a much better implementation.

  • TylerCameron

    Dual LED flashes are back? o_o
    Why did OEMs stop using them?

  • Mike

    HTC One 3D

  • Tyler Casilio

    What is the possibility of this having wireless charging capabilities?

    • holdthiscat

      Zero. Can’t wireless charge through the aluminum. Wish there was a way, but there just isn’t.

  • Tyler Casilio

    That’s not an edge to edge screennnnnn 🙁

  • paul_cus

    On screen buttons, a different camera and the same design language wouldn’t be enough to make me upgrade from the One.

  • hfoster52

    This should be pretty cheap. 😉 They spent no time on design and all they did is drill two new holes in the existing case and added some new internals.

  • ChrisCorp

    I’m going to take a guess here and say that the dual camera set-up thing is going to be used as a Lytro style camera.

  • Chris

    Not too sure about the camera placement being on top. I was under the impression that they would be right next to each other like on the EVO 3D but smaller.

  • Droid Ronin

    and now Beats free!

  • Alan Paone

    Maybe its a longer lens to compliment the super wide one they currently have. If they put on an 85 to go with the 28, everyone’s selfies would look like horses.

  • Fresh360

    Are there any Photoshop gurus here who can disect this image? For some reason that extra lens just looks odd/fake 2 me.

  • hyperbeatser

    what the…

  • DJ
  • Walter Partlo

    Any word on an 18K gold edition?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      To get an 18k version of anything you just go to the website that made it for HTC

  • Chad

    How will this type of “dual camera” differ from the old Evo 3D?

    • Adrynalyne

      If it doesn’t work the first time….

      TRY AGAIN!

    • flosserelli

      I would be surprised if it ships with two cameras. The article states “dual sensors” which could mean two focusing elements, rather than two lenses. I remember years ago they tried to put multiple lenses in pocket cameras for quasi-stereoscopic images, but they didn’t pan out like everyone thought it would.

      Having said that, I suppose HTC could go with two separate cameras: one that takes better daytime/action shots, and one for low-light shots. Who knows…

    • JMonkeYJ

      My guess is they won’t be using 2 sensors for 3D. My thoughts:
      I was thinking about all the things they could do with dual camera sensors the other day, and it’s pretty exciting. There are the obvious things, like single-shot HDR and Lytro-like effects, but it should also significantly improve low-light shooting. You can potentially crank up the ISO pretty high and take very short exposure pictures, and since the ISO noise will be uncorrelated between the two sensors you can do very effective noise cancellation. I bet there are a bunch of other really cool things you could do, too.

  • Tony Byatt
    • Franklin Ramsey

      It’s like he’s thinking “Dat Backside!”

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    So Sexy. The edges also look more Rounded. I don’t know how those cameras would work, but honestly I couldn’t care less as long as I takes decent pictures. Also love that they are coming with the Onscreen buttons finally. Looking forward.

  • TruthhurtsTheIgnorant

    WTF good is two rear cameras? Why not just put one badass camera. No wonder this company is going under…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      How are you knocking it before you even understand it?

      • Philip J. Fry

        His username says it all

    • Steve B

      Incredible depth of field

    • Chris

      How abouit you educate your self and do some research before going off?

    • Cael

      HTC’s philosophy?:
      More megapixels = bad. More ultrapixels = good.

  • Jared Denman

    In other Android news the galaxy s5 was confirmed to be the announcement coming from Samsung later this month and also new screenshots were taken from an s5 and shows the new touchwiz.

  • samosa queen

    The top thing is most likely a fingerprint scanner.

  • Dee Mann

    Those are not dual cameras one is the finger print scanner.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Finger Print scanner for the HTC One has been debunked multiple times, and all leaks point to Dual Cameras.

    • Chris

      Its cameras. LEarn to read the news

  • Lolcat5

    That second camera lens at the top of the device would definitely get covered by my fingers when I take a photo in landscape mode…

    • Jared Denman

      You’ll adjust

    • Franklin Ramsey

      That just means you are holding it wrong.

      • Weber

        Exactly…your finger would come close to blocking almost any single sensor on any phone if you’re putting your finger right there.

  • Chris Mullins

    I know HTC hasn’t been doing well financially, but did they just render a concept in Micro$oft Paint?

    • Reading Comprehension

      HTC wasn’t the one who did the render

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      I think that’s the leaker who made the reader

  • Jared Denman

    On screen buttons… I’m in. Although I would miss the touchless control and the active notifications on my moto x.

    • Jonathan Figueroa

      Get Dynamic Notifications, its a very good substitute for Active Notification

      • JoshGroff

        More than good, I was using it instead of Active Notifications on my X. More customization, which is exactly what I (we?) love about Android.

      • Tim242

        On an LCD screen?

        • Jonathan Figueroa

          Yea, I have it on my Galaxy Nexus with an Full color background image as my background and I see very little difference in battery life (which is impressive since the GNex Screen is a MASSIVE battery killer). Which a reason for that is I disabled the breathing feature and got it to come on with the prox sensor, so every time I pull it out of my pocket I get my quick glance then back in my pocket and it turns off, 5seconds extra of Screen on time isn’t going to kill me. If its on the desk then I wave my hand over the phone, see what’s up and double tap the center icon and the screen shuts off, 5 more seconds and I still don’t have to hit the power button. A LCD screen in general is a lot more battery efficient, so 5-10 second bursts of screen on time on that will never be noticed.

          • nhizzat

            The Galaxy Nexus is an AMOLED…

          • Jonathan Figueroa

            I’m aware, which are not very battery efficient. Unless you got a “Blacked out theme” since black colors use very very little to no energy (how the moto X stays battery efficient with its active notifications since it’s a black background). Like I said though, I use a full color background (mountains and such) and as long as I keep the breathing feature off they’ll be no effect on battery life. For a LCD display that’s already very battery efficient in general it’ll probably work just as good if not better then how I got my Galaxy nexus.

      • TC Infantino

        I just checked out the demo video for Dynamic Notifications, and that looks just awesome. Now that I am addicted to the Droid Maxx’s active notifications, if I later get a phone that doesn’t have it natively, I will be sure to get the Dynamic Notifications. Very nice. Thanks for the info.

  • Tomfart

    Two things: Why don’t they just use a single, normal, decent lens and sensor like all the other companies, and that screen bezel on the front mockup better not be true.

    • Cael

      Because HTC likes to do things backwards. Other phones get slimmer, HTC’s get thicker. Other phones beef up the batteries, HTC goes with small ones. Other phones up reduce the bezels, HTC goes big with them. Other phones increase the megapixels, HTC goes lower with 4 MP and calls it Ultrapixels like it’s so great (maybe 7 years ago) and sucks.

    • Chris

      Why not? Why copy everyone else?

  • Alan Burnstine

    Please let it have Wireless Charging!!!

    • Jared Denman

      Likely not going to happen if it’s built in aluminum like the last one, but they could surprise us!

    • jimt

      That round shape would not work well with wireless charging.

      • Alan Burnstine

        Doesn’t look any more rounded than the DNA which has wireless charging.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Please let the soft keys be real

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      This for me would be a big deciding factor to get it over the S5

      • touchwiz….?

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          both the S4 and One can be rooted and ROM’ed. With on screen nave keys, I’d prefer the One. I have my current One rooted thats why

        • kk


          • T4rd

            I’m Ron Burgundy….?

      • 4g63mark

        I can’t take a phone with no removable battery over a phone that does carry that option……. I’m writing this from my Galaxy S4 with a Zero Lemon battery. The last time this phone was charged was 30 hours ago. 9.5 hours of screen on time and heavy usage

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          I dont get that much out of my One but it’s not bad, I get about 13 hrs with 3 hrs of onscreen time on my typical day. Works for me

          • HTC Last Chance

            Please have stock android and keep HTC camera software. I don’t want their crap UI but I want it on Verizon which means no GPE devices allowed.

    • John Legere

      Yeah i like that, except they kept the hideous bezels

      • morteum

        Bezels that tout front facing speakers…

  • TaiwanYourMom

    In other news, HTC has announced they will no longer be updating the M8 past Kit Kat as updates are overrated.

    • Philip J. Fry

      Actually they have been pretty descent with the updates for the HTC one besides carrier holdups.

      • Milind Shah

        Exactly. I mean the international HTC one got its KitKat update a few weeks after its release.

        • Justin W

          So, here’s a thought: Buy the device unlocked, and don’t support the carrier’s. I bought mine through HTC’s online store unlocked (it wasn’t specified as the dev edition, but it received the update the same time the dev editions did), and was very happy with the speed of the update. It wasn’t quite as fast as the Moto X or Nexus devices, but it wasn’t long after that.

    • Snowflake

      As a former multiple-HTC models owner, Taiwan’s comment, while snarky, isn’t incorrect. Which is why I will no longer continue to support the company. They dumped money in RDJ marketing instead of beefing up their support. Get a phone and have it orphaned after 10 minutes.

      Philip, I saw your reply come in while I was writing. The only retort I would have to you, respectfully, is that one model doesn’t make up for the abysmal history they’ve had over the last 3+ years. I’d concede it could be a sign of things to come, but for the many people who have been frustrated by the lack of support, it will take a concrete pattern demonstrating a changed approach/philosophy of supporting not-that-old models to woo people back.

      • Philip J. Fry

        I know it doesn’t make up for past phone updates but maybe it means reasonable updates from here on out……maybe.

        • Snowflake

          Absolutely, I agree with your sentiment, that maybe, just maybe it does signal a shift in their philosophy. Hearing feedback such as yours re: the One is important as it does help establish that narrative at the ground level ie consumer feedback. Off to shovel the latest 10 inches of white flaky hellspawn…

      • BobbyP

        I love reading this and it is awesome that someone actually used a well thought out reply. The trash talking over the last week makes me want to puke.

    • Cael

      Truth. It probably won’t be getting any L flavored sweets because HTC is going to be too busy with the update for the M8 and developing the M9.