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Google Glass Finally Gets Frames for Prescription Lenses, “Titanium Collection” Available Tomorrow

This evening, Google unwrapped a set of four new frames for Google Glass, a group that includes options for prescription lenses. Yes, people who wear real glasses on a daily basis will now be able to wear Glass and actually see the world as they use it. These new frames may also help the product look less super-cyborgy-awkward-nerdgastic-wtfisonyourheadweirdo. Well, one can hope.

All four are made of titanium, so they are ultra-light and “designed just for you.” In other words, they are trendy, work with prescription lenses, and are also there in case you “just want a new look.” Oh, and your vision insurance may even help cover the frames.

The frame collection is being called the “Titanium Collection.” Google Glass Explorers will have access to the new frames tomorrow afternoon, with frames starting at $225. 

Here are the four frames:

google glass frames google glass frames google glass frames google glass frames

  • Webritu bhaskar Master

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  • akhnaten

    I would prefer that they bounce the image off the prescription lens rather than requiring the attached glass.

  • Mk6maymay

    So i’m blind in my right eye. Will there be Glass for either eye? Because then this makes the product totally useless to me.

  • Carlos Ortiz

    Sorry! but someone knows whats the name of the girl in the cover pic of the article?

  • joseph barrientos

    i would buy these just because they look so much better, would be cool with lenses that turn to sunglasses for people that don’t need the prescription

  • Raven

    I only wear my glasses when driving at night for astigmatism, but I much prefer the look of my 4 year old Titanium frames than any of these. Although much more normal than standard Glass, there is something similar about all of the frames that I don’t like. I think it is something around the nose bridge. Mine are made out of titanium wire and are very thin. These all look like they are laser cut out of a plate of titanium or something, too thick and flat. They just do not look “right” to me.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Too expensive.

  • TBolt

    To be sure … the cost is $225 + whatever Glass costs (around $1,500?) + is NOT available to the general public … right? Thanks.

  • bogy25

    Her mouth….. I can’t stop looking at it and thinking I want to ….. well am I the only one here interested in it?

    • Blue Sun

      It is a very interesting image to say the least. The glass frames she is wearing are awful too. They aren’t ideal for her facial structure.

  • Kree Terry

    i am hoping once this comes to consumers it is affordable. I want a pair so bad!!! Ive been holding off on the pebble bc Glass looks more promising, but if the price is off it will be a no go for me.

  • xzombiex66

    I think they look better.

  • chris_johns

    I got a serious question…why couldnt they make them wrap around the back of your head…i mean id be less obtrusive if it didnt go across your forehead on an eye glass frame all together

  • chris_johns

    Yeah thats great and all…but do they read powerlevels yet? thats all i want

    • Raven

      That will be model number 9001.

  • epps720

    Here’s a link to the actual Glass site where you can see all the frames. Not so terrible. http://www.google.com/glass/start/

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    i wonder if these will work with the retail version whenever it comes out. it probably will…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sooooo… About the actual cost of glass Google. Can we work on that?

    • Nathan Buth

      They said a while ago that the commercial cost they are aiming for is between 300 and 600 USD. The 1500 is just for the Explorer model. 🙂

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        :-/ We know that. We still don’t have a price.

      • J Dub

        If it’s not $300 or less it’s dead IMHO. If they can get the Nexus line in that price range they can get Glass too.

        • joseph barrientos

          i think the max limit for them is $400. This gets it into tons of consumers hands, not all, and when the 2nd gen is close to out they can knock it down to $250 for those who cant spend the 400. just my opinion lol

  • Philip J. Fry

    Looks so much better. I wouldn’t have a problem going out in public with these at all.

    • Chris

      your mommy and daddy can’t afford it?

      • John Legere

        What does that have to do with anything? Oh right, you’re Chris. You like to make unnecessary comments and troll people.

        • Mike Aurin

          Kind of like John…but without the entertainment value.

        • Chris

          Sort of like you?

      • sc0rch3d

        Philip J Fry clearly has funds available for any random need. We know not where he gets it, but please expect a harsh comment related to silence while simultaneously being smothered by paper with dead presidents on it.

        • Chris

          settle down child

      • Philip J. Fry

        Look here, christina, I will buy my whole family a pair including my “woman” while making it rain.

  • cwillen

    What they need to do is build them into sunglasses and have them sit behind the lenses. These things will still have a hard time selling in the general public until it doesn’t look like you’re wearing Google Glass. Sure, these frames help, but there’s still a ways to go.

    • epps720

      From a far distance that may seem OK but won’t look so great when the lens is 4″ from your face since you have to fit in the Google Glass lens. That would also render the sunglasses useless as light would seep in easily

    • MistaButters

      Yeah, but then you go from looking like a douche with glass on, to a douche with sunglasses on inside.

  • Chris

    $225 not including the co pay….

  • Guest

    $225 including the co pay….

  • Andrew


  • Ray Gray

    Even if you don’t need a prescription these glasses make glass look 10x better…

    • Would have to agree. I could walk out of my house with some of these lenses on and Glass attached.

      • Ray Gray

        Are these Titanium glasses made to hold glass with the screw or could one just purchase glass and screw glass onto any pair of prescription glasses?

        • Nathan Buth

          They are made specifically for it. Others have jerry rigged their pairs of prescription frames to sort of work, and others still have built frames for Glass that work better than the jerry rigged ones, but I think these would work the best for now. The primary differences would be how they support Glass on the bridge of your nose correctly still and more importantly how the lenses are cut out to allow the structure of Glass but also to make sure the display has the lens between itself and your eye so that it can be seen clearly.

          • michael arazan

            Near sighted people can see things normally when upclose and need to see things at a distance. If glass is only an inch or two in front of their eyes they would be able to see it without glasses and the glasses themselves would strain their eye looking at it through prescriptions that close.

            This is good for far sighted people to see up close. But near sighted people can see normally up to a certain distance a lot of times. I wonder if glass can be adjusted to be between the lenses and eyes?

          • Ray Gray

            Thanks for the details Nathan!

        • epps720

          I agree these look a million times better! My question is if Glass can be removed from the frame easily. Can you just rock the glasses w/o Glass?

    • Chris

      less geeky is always good.

    • WAldenIV

      One major issue, which anyone with glasses will tell you: all of the frames shown have foot pads for the bridge of the nose. These are difficult to adjust and keep from moving. They also wear out and become uncomfortable during the day. The weight of Google Glass isn’t going to help, either.

      Many newer frame designs forgo the traditional foot pads and simple rest on the bridge of the nose. If Google doesn’t offer frames of this style, they have failed.