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Google Opens Fiber Registration to Provo Residents Living Along Previous iProvo Network

The Google Fiber team has been quiet since November of last year, when installations were first taking place in Provo, Utah for a select number of residents. Well, Google has now opened up registration for the new service to residents who live along the old iProvo network that Google bought early last year.

To get hooked up, residents must pay a $30 construction fee, then there are three tiers of service to choose from. Tier one is completely free for at least seven years, providing standard Internet access with speeds up of 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up. The second tier is your popular Google Fiber 1Gbps down and 1Gbps up for $70 a month. The final tier, which also includes Google’s TV service with hundreds of HD channels, ability to record up to 8 shows at once, and a 2TB storage box to store your shows will run you $120 a month. 

Google is rolling out installations across the first half of this year. Here are the timeframes for each Fiberhood in Provo.

  • North Park – Thursday, February 20.
  • Downtown Provo – Thursday, March 6.
  • Pioneer/West Provo – Thursday, March 27.
  • Grandview – Spring 2014.
  • North Provo – Summer 2014.
  • Southeast Provo – Summer 2014.
  • Foothills – Summer 2014.

Google is going all in with Provo, setting up demo stations in malls and upping marketing efforts across the area. It must be exciting to be a Provo resident. We are all very jealous.

Via: The Next Web
  • Ryan Rupp

    STL is ready to dump charter already…. come on google!

  • Higher_Ground

    It’s still a great deal, but it’d be nice if there was a middle plan between 5 mbps and 1,024 mbps ($0 and $70) – just sayin’

    though you can’t beat free 🙂

  • picaso86

    New Jersey is waiting for you Google Fiber….

  • Gustavo Bruno

    Look up Provo.lehi and Salt Lake city and see where they rank in fastest growing cities,crime rate,unemployment. But I probably wouldn’t live in Provo but Salt lake city in the other hand is nice.

    • Zounder99

      It’s okay. Better than Provo for sure. But if you are used to larger city living… it isn’t the place for you. Plus, still no Google Fiber in the good ole’ SLC

  • BobbyG

    Lets go Google, time for NYC and Northern NJ

  • Now to move to Provo!

  • Tyrone_83

    Man I just wish Google Fiber was available in Canada.

  • robby

    What happened to Austin? Come on Google Fiber…

  • Mike Richichi

    Yeah, they can all celebrate by going to the bar. Literally. THE bar.

    • Zounder99

      I think they have two now… oh the choices!

  • Trevor

    Google Fiber makes my pants area tingly.

  • Tyler

    Why can’t this just go viral! I want gigabit internet!

  • FelisLachesis

    Oh please, Google, start rolling out to Philly. Out of the 13 channels I watch, Google Fiber has 12 of them. I lose my hockey, but I can grab that easy from The NHL website. I’m so sick of Comcast shelling me for over $200 a month for a ton of channels I don’t want, and some slow-ass Internet.

  • Tylar Overturf

    Not just Provo residents but all across the wasatch front. Because of Google Fiber, Utopia the other fiber company lowered there 1gbit to $65-70 a month. So if you live in northern Utah you can probably get 1gbit for $70 a month. So thanks Google for coming here.

  • rooster215

    To think I’m going to miss out on this by just a few miles. Ok, its 30 but still. so close, but so far away.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    ahhhhh yes. My APT complex in KC is looking forward to dumping Time Warner and going Google Fiber. I think they’re more excited than I am… Let’s just say it made it a lot easier to re-sign my lease 🙂

  • John Legere

    Looks like I’m packing my bags for Utah.

    Wait, i thought it was 1TB for DVR? Noooo

    • Maxim∑

      Utah is a very exciting place to live

      • TC Infantino

        Weren’t Donnie and Marie Osmond named Utah’s First Couple…….
        The joke is they are siblings…..

    • Tyler

      It’s a 2 TB DVR

      • John Legere

        Hmm good. Article said 500.

        • Article lied, and then they fixed it. These DL guys don’t know nothing about Fiber since it will never come to their homes. 🙁

  • Maxim∑

    Might come to east coast by 2090……

    I understand fiber takes time to setup but its expanding extremely slow and in fairly low population areas

    • Voltism

      You would think in high density areas like the north east it would be a no brainer

  • moew

    Take my $120 for all of that right now!

    I pay comcast like $85/$80 for basic cable and then internets with a static ip, so that’s a deal!

    • Intellectua1

      I canceled my cable and now since I don’t have the “bundled discount” I pay $85 for Internet alone..

      • moew

        I’ve never been bundled.

        Not sure what your issue is, as mine is like the 22M down, business, and a handful of static ip addresses. First two years required about 2 hours per month on with tech support to send a tech out to then say they needed to do something internal….. maybe it was the first 3 years. Seems to have been fairly solid over the last year or so now, lulz.

  • Derek Jones

    So jealous… I’m stuck bouncing between Verizon and Optimum/Cablevision every two years, depending on who wants to give me a deal.


      You have a choice? Lucky…

  • Tyler

    They’re doing the preliminary install early next week and the fiber crew is coming early Februrary. Google fiber will be the only benefit of living in Provo.

    Edit: I was told on Saturday that the TV box has 2 TB recording capacity.

    • moew

      Awolnation has a song called MF.

      You are so MF! Awesome, so jelly sauce!!!!!!

  • Intellectua1

    Jesus Christ fiber needs to hurry up and make its way to Seattle so I can finally get rid of Comcast.. I don’t understand how we have a Google campus here but don’t have fiber yet.. Oh yea I HATE COMCAST and Charter Communications from when I lived in St. Louis..

    • A.J.

      Charter has been beefing up big time here in St. Louis. They just went completely digital yesterday and now the second tier internet is 50Mbps. I’m paying $100 for HD with DVR and internet. Of course Google is still the better deal, but I think Charter is starting to get it.

    • jamdev12

      Im in the same boat in north cal. I wish I could get rid of Comcast, but they are the only ones with decent internet speeds. I hate att and going satellite is basically the same thing. Local companies also use phone lines so I’d basically a monopoly for Comcast. Bastards

  • JasonWhite

    Yesssss. My precious Kansas City Google Fiber. I uploaded a 1.83GB video file yesterday in less than 20 minutes. Hmmmmmm 🙂

    I’m pretty sure that would have taken like 5 hours on my old internet.

    • moew

      Uploaded through an internet drain? Of course it’s going to slow down silly rabbit!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Taken 5 hours? Lol it wouldn’t have even finished. I’m in KC but it’s not in my neck of the woods though it’s on it’s way