• superg05

    might as well scream rape now before it makes it past the hole(sitorv)

  • bkosh84

    So here is the pricing structure for this. I just got off a Sales Chat with AT&T:

    (I pay 180 dollars a month right now with 6GB of data/Unlimited everything else at AT&T)

    “Value Share Plan”:

    6GB for two lines = 130 dollars

    4GB for two lines = 120 dollars

    Two MotoX’s @ 20.38/month EACH for 26 months (Able to upgrade after 12 months)

    Total price for my wife and I to switch to this plan:

    6GB = 170 dollars

    4GB = 160 dollars

    (The above total DOES NOT include taxes/fees)

    So needless to say, there “Value Share Plans” really aren’t a value at all. Pretty sad they are making it out that way though.

    • entertainmentopia

      I went from paying $170/m on Verizon with a 19% corporate discount with two lines of unlimited data, 700 minutes, etc. (basically the plan all of us old GNEX users were locked into and holding on to) to just $90 for the same two lines, 2GB of data on AT&T using the Value Plan. For me it was a good deal as I like saving money. Coverage has been about the same as Verizon (if not better in some areas), and I only hit 300MB of data last month between my wife and I being on WiFi pretty much all day, every day. I would never do Next as I own our phones outright, but without next the Mobile Value is a good deal.

      • bkosh84

        Right, unfortunately I don’t have Wifi at work and I use about 3gb of data a month and my wife uses about 1.5 so we barely go over the 4gb plan and end up paying overages which sucks so we have to be on the 6gb plan.

        If I just switch us over to the Value Share Plan and keep our current phones we don’t get the 15 dollar a line discount so it’s basically a wash either way you look at it.

  • Joshua Kirchmer

    IF anyone’s reading this!

    I just called ATT and if I could get outta my contract (signed in August to get a custom Moto X, on a mobile share w/ 2 lines) and start paying the lower $25/mo for the lines instead of the $40/mo I am paying … and while they said they can’t get me out without signing me up for the ATT Next (worst!) program, they DID credit my account $30 for the next 3 statements, effectively bringing me down to my target.

    just be affable with CS reps, it can work wonders!

    good luck

  • DanWazz

    Verizon should do this, or just let me out of my contract,

    • michael arazan

      They’d be more than happy to let you out of your contract for $350 in etf.

  • Zack Kolev

    Is AT&T still a terrible deal?

    • bkosh84

      Yes, see my post above.

  • Austin_tacious

    I checked up on this because I really want a Nexus 5. “*NEW#” told me that I don’t qualify until May ( I upgraded my phone last May). I’m pretty sure that is 12 months, not 6. Oh well.

    • Grayson Carr

      At least you didn’t get screwed as bad as I was by AT&T. Last year I was like 2 months away from being eligible for an upgrade and AT&T changed the upgrade time from 18 (or 20?) months to 24 months, so then I was instantly 6 or 8 months away from an upgrade instead of 2. That should have been illegal.

      • Austin_tacious

        That is terrible.

      • bkosh84

        First world problems.. Such a hard life you live.

  • So you buy a $600 phone with $0 down over 20 months, which is $30/mo on top of the monthly charge. Take out the $15 discount and you are paying $15 more than a subsidized plan. After you factor in the $100-$200 you pay for a subsidized device, you end up paying $5-$10 more per month on this new plan.

    • Grayson Carr

      Yeah, I’ve done the calculations. For my wife and I, the cheapest way to share 6GB of data with AT&T is with their standard Mobile Share plan and two-year agreement. If we switched to a 6GB Mobile Share Value plan and bought off-contract phones, our monthly bill would be $119.78 instead of the $147.58 it is currently, but we would actually end up paying about $130 more over two years after factoring in the cost of the phones. Some people might say $130 extra over two years to be contract free is worth it, but when I hate Verizon (their policies and technology) and Sprint and T-Mo just don’t have coverage where we need it, I know I won’t be changing carriers anyways, so I might as well stay on contract and save the $130. Next plans would be more expensive for us as well because I can definitely sell a $650 phone for more than $260 on Craigslist after a year.

      • Austin_tacious

        I have to remember that I would end up getting screwed. I should screencap this for future reference.

      • migespy

        I’m sorry I’m trying to wrap my head around this. Is this a comparison of Mobile Share w/ traditional 2 year agreement vs. Mobile share w/ Next plan? Would it still be cheaper long term to mobile share w/ full purchase phone (buy Nexus 5 off Google play) and no contract or Next?

        • Grayson Carr

          Mobile share with traditional two-year agreement is the cheapest option. Mobile share value and buying phones off contract will cost you a little more overall, but if not being on a contract is important to you, it’s not a bad route. Mobile share value with Next is actually the most expensive route of the three. Probably not a good idea.

  • keeley991

    moto x is still $530 off contract on AT&T??????? WTF?????????

    • funnyfarm299

      Not if you buy it straight through Motorola

      • keeley991

        I understand but to participate in this you need to get a phone through at&t next. Buying it through moto would negate that.

        • hkklife

          F the carriers. I would buy directly from Moto at every opportunity possible. I wish Moto would get in bed with someone big like Costco and stack pallets of unsubsidized Moto X and GsGs in every store across the country. Give a full-court press to breaking the backs of the carriers (or at least to get rid of the traditional 2yr contract/subsidy/handset rentals/carriers as hardware resellers model) and let TMo keep gaining new converts and let the big 3 experience some real churn to shake things up a bit.

  • John M.

    It’s a trap!

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I’m just waiting here for any of T-Mobile’s moves to shake Verizon up. Even a little bit. Come on Verizon, Any change for the better?

    • hkklife

      Honestly, yeah, I would say they have changed a BIT for the better. A few months ago they lowered the full retail (ie unsubsidized) prices for nearly all of their non-Samsung and Apple smart phones. I think all of the Droids, along with the G2 and HTC ONE saw price reductions. A G2 for $450 from VZW is a solid price no matter how you slice it IMO.

      And VZW still haven’t axed (yet) grandfathered unlimited LTE plans like I was expecting them to come Jan 2014. I still predict it will happen when they announce their VoLTE plans, if not much sooner.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        I guess I meant changes in relation to their contract prices. It is great that they lowered their phone prices, but with AT&T and T-Mobile having off contract pricing, I’d hoped that Verizon would come out with something too.

        I fully expect that Verizon will come out with some off contract pricing structure, but it won’t apply to any of their old plans. I figure it will be similar to their current plan pricing but 10-15 dollars less when you go off contract. Something tells me it will come out when the VoLTE comes out, but will only apply to those plans. I also figure that their unlimited plans will be around for a couple more years before they force people off, but that you won’t be able to get VoLTE with an unlimited plan, and that will be their next try to get people off unlimited plans.

  • silver_arrow

    Meanwhile in Canada we just got 2 year contracts -_-

    • Justin W

      I feel bad for those who are still locked into their 3 year contracts… that must blow.

      • KOBALT

        3 year?! Never.

  • Ben Murphy

    I love that T-Mobile got the ball rolling on ETF’s, no-contracts, etc…. Monkey see, monkey do 🙂

    • besweeet

      Their funniest response so far was them reacting to a T-Mobile RUMOR of them paying ETFs.

      • michael arazan

        In a few months we’ll just probably see Vzw and ATT just raise the ETF to $500 per line, they same way they raised it to 350 a couple years ago.

  • Themanhere10

    Check that out verizon….


    Literally, just got my Nexus 5 from Tmobile a couple hours ago. Suck it Verizon!

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      What did you have before? Does the screen look washed out?

      • KOBALT

        I had the Note 3 as well. I’m satisfied with the Nexus’ screen. Haven’t played with it too much though, yet. Still getting everything the way I want it.

        I did have a old school Droid X that I was able to trade in. Got to keep my Note 3. Hellooooo eBay!

      • migespy

        It is a bit washed out; however, the resolution is rather nice. I went from HTC One –> Nexus 5 –> Moto X. The Moto X screen has been my favorite at the cost of high 1080p. The OLED of the moto X is so much more vibrant than the LCD of Nexus 5. It honestly is subjective as I’m sure some people feel the exact opposite.

      • Jon

        You may want to consider a LG G2. 5.2″ beautiful screen and its very fast and has excellent camera and battery life. 32 Gig RAM is the base model.

        It’s probably the best in between phone from the Note 3 and the Nexus 5.

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          Thats exactly what i did. Kind of because the nexus 5 didnt have wifi calling and thats important to me being on.tmobile. i didnt save as much as intially planned either. Got an incipio case for 6 bucks in the store.

          • jimt

            I believe you can call on wifi with a Nexus 5 using skype. If I’m not mistaken. I haven’t tried it yet but did give skype $10.00 just in case I need to.

        • KOBALT

          It is nice, but the buttons on the back is a deal-breaker for me. No thanks 😛

      • LP @ThisisEther

        $50 restocking fee??!!? is that the price nowadays?? what happened to 35?

    • John Legere

      You tell em!