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Snapchat’s Latest Update Lets You Unlink Your Mobile Number from Your Account

The photo sharing service Snapchat may be meant for light-hearted fun, but things got pretty serious last week when 4.6 million Snapchat usernames and phone numbers were leaked to the public. Snapchat has been pretty quiet since the mistake, but today it is pushing an update that will help to stop that from happening again. 

In post on its blog, the Snapchat team detailed the new feature that allows users to opt-out of using their phone number to identify their username. This should help for those users who fear another attack on Snapchat’s user base. The Snapchat team apologized to anyone affected by the breach in security last week and said “we really appreciate your patience and support. ”

The update is live in Google Play right now, but if you don’t see it right away check back since Google loves their staged rollouts.

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Via: Snapchat
  • Ken

    got some spam snaps today. anyway to block users that i haven’t added?

  • brkshr

    I don’t use SnapChat, but after seeing how they handled this, I never will. They ignored the warnings of the vulnerability several months ago and then their “fix” is to let you opt out of the vulnerability?! Why not fix it? I wouldn’t trust this company with any of my data. And their apology was about as forced as it could get. It feels like they had to make a 5 year old apologize for something they didn’t want to.

  • Cesar

    Anyone have an APK, or do I just have to wait until it’s pushed to my phone?

  • Jorge Guaman

    Well, damage was done. I got two spam calls today. Blaming snapchat

    • Gus

      Big articles a couple times this year about teens under 18 snapchatting naked pics and people screenshotting and sharing them online and now being linked to Kid Pron. A lot of people are getting in trouble over this. I’m sure dissociating a number from an account would make it harder to find who the pics are and trace them back. But snapchat could care less about naked teens sharing somewhat explicit content with their site.

  • laheelahee

    but today IT ARE pushing an update…

  • T4rd

    Does Snapchat suck for everyone else on GS4s? Wife uses it all the time on hers and when she’s in lower light, the camera is very laggy at like 5 FPS, so it makes her very blurry. Somehow she doesn’t mind it, but I cringe every time I see her use it. Works fine on my Note 2 though.

    • Looked horrible on my G2 running certain ROM’s, but perfect on CM10.2.

  • Jem

    Finally…mine’s now off.