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Potential Google Glass Explorers, Let’s Talk Glass, Your Invite, and the $1500 Price Tag

From the countless emails we are receiving, it looks like Google is pumping out Google Glass invites to a lot of folks. The majority of the emails from readers we receive are asking our opinion on if the $1500 price tag for Glass is worth it. Let’s be real, $1500 is a lot of cash to some people, so it is important to know exactly what you are getting for your money if you plan on dropping that amount to be an early adopter of this hardware.Β 

We know that Google continues to near the public release of Glass, but there is no for sure date yet. We anticipate it will be in 2014, but whether it’s earlier or later in the year, your guess is as good as ours. On top of that, there is no word on what the price will be once made public. Will it resemble the outrageous $1500 for the Explorer units? Again, your guess is as good as ours. There has been speculation that the price could be cut way down in the range of $400, but other reports point to around $800+ for a unit. Unless you are a developer who plans on pumping out apps for the unit or just really love the idea of early adoption, you will need to ask yourself if you want to spend a higher price for essentially a beta device that is still not ready for mass consumption, when a retail unit at a much cheaper price could be right around the corner.

Allow us to speak from experience real quick – when Google allowed existing Explorers to send invites to friends a few weeks back, we were given the opportunity to buy Google Glass for $1500, thinking it would be a good idea for the site to have a pair just in case something came up that was important for us to cover. On top of that, Google labeled these as the “new” Google Glass, with updated hardware and software tweaks. We received Glass, unboxed it, wore it around for a day or so, and haven’t really touched it since. Sure, it has been a nice toy to show off to visitors and friends during the holidays, but for the most part, people are over it within a few minutes of use, and especially once they hear how much we paid for it.

Keep in mind that Kellen and myself are two guys dedicated to mobile technology, plus we love futuristic and fancy hardware. Yet, neither of us are developers, so when it comes to making real use of Google Glass, it has become clear that this isn’t exactly a product made for us. Or maybe we just need to explore this world more. Or maybe it just needs to grow as a product more. Or maybe it’s so new that even we (“them geek guys“) need to figure out how to fully utilize it.

google glass

If you are looking for some of the things we like, then we’ll point to the ability to take pictures and videos without using our hands as a clear number 1. It’s also very cool while using it as a navigation device when driving, attaching Google Now to it to see current weather and other cards, and even doing quick Google searches while out and about. Even the new Google Music integration works fairly well, assuming you want to use the $85 Glass ear buds with it. Glass in general, certainly brings a very interesting computing platform to your life, assuming your life is in need of having a computer strapped to your head.

Essentially what we’re saying is that if youΒ really, really, need to be on the cutting edge of technology, have tons of extra cash laying around with nothing better to spend it on, and also don’t mind being the center of attention everywhere you go, then by all means use that invite you just received. It’s an exciting product no doubt, even if we haven’t found a way to fit it into our personal lives. But if you don’t have loads of unused cash and are already second guessing whether or not you should buy Glass, now might not be the optimal time. Again, we could have retail units at drastically different prices before long.

But those are simply our initial thoughts after spending some time with Glass, the real decision (as always) is up to you.

Let’s hear from the folks who received their invites – are you going to pick up Google Glass? If so, why? And if you decided against spending the $1500 for a unit, why do you think Glass isn’t worth it? Our hopes is that this post will allow potential buyers to have a clear view of whether or not they should go forward with the purchase or not.

  • Krishebden

    I just received my invite to try glass, and briefly contemplated. I work in the tech industry, so I was interested in this, but being a 41 year old mother of a 15 year old, I don’t have the drive to post/publish my every waking movement, nor record every life happening in a video no one will ever watch. I agree with the the ‘wristband’ idea more for practicality. Syncing my phone, calendar, directions in a format that isn’t designed primarially to post my every thought to Twitter is more my speed, and I honestly think, would be the majority’s opinion as well.

  • Anonymous

    I got the invite. I am really turned off by the price. I have a ton of POV video opportunities that would have been cool. But the price is not more than I can afford it is just more than I am willing to spend on something that will mainly be used in place of a Gopro cam.

  • JessicaVogel

    I have a code for sale if anybody wants one.

  • Gallegeos

    Hey, if you aren’t going to use Glass, could i have them? we could work out a deal of some sort? Or if your in a good mood you could just ship them to my address? πŸ™‚

  • David

    Anyone here that can or would be able to provide assistance in purchasing glass, please contact me . When you do, google sends you three invites. So, right now, i hold an opportunity to purchase up to 4 devices. Unfortunatley, i was not expecting to win the nerd tech lottery of the year so soon, i just started a new job yesterday. I make substantial money, will have enough in legit 2 weeks to purchase, so why now google, why not 2 weeks from now.

    My problem, it expires in 7 days. Why?!?
    Anyway, anyone willing to work with me here, please contact me . I want to, am a dev, and need to be on the front of this future trch wave about to explode. Please, anyone interested, please help. If you purchase, you get 14 days to invite 3 others. My only question at bare minimun, please send me back one invite on the 14th day, giving me again abother 7 days from then to purchase, allowing me to gather my funds for thr next two weeks. Esentially, gives me another 21 days, more then ebough that i need. Please help, anyone.

    [email protected]

  • tjubb

    I’ve got a code for anyone interested. Too rich for my blood. I think it expires tomorrow.

  • Justin

    Anyone have an invite code that they aren’t going to use? I’m looking for one or will be waiting for a potential invite from Google.

    • Bobby Jordan


      Expires in a day or two

      • Justin

        Thanks for the offer Bobby, however, someone must have gotten their hands on it before me!

  • Ulysses Popple

    The $1500 price range it set that high on purpose precisely to dissuade people from buying them to use them as everyday devices. They aren’t ready for that yet; they still have a long way to go in terms of ui, glassware, and hardware limitations. Google is targeting those people who expect to make more than $1500 by having an app in the marketplace on day one.

    This is the reason, when I got my code, that I didn’t buy Glass, but I used the code on a company account so that the web app my company makes would have glassware. It’s also a fairly reasonable marketing opportunity.

  • JacJac
  • shakeyone4s

    Gave them my money this am.really looking forward to the GPS functionalities To try out. Could become a useful tool in my career. I’m a trtruck driver and hike.and just travel for fun

  • Zoglog

    I’m still debating. My pickup time is this Saturday. This article lays it out pretty well. It’s going to very hard to justify given the price. It all depends on how you look at it. Think of it as a luxury jewelry purchase and it doesn’t seem so bad from that angle.

    One thing I noticed is that the glass community is a bit overzealous about how great the product is. Every time someone wants to return the item or says they aren’t happy with it all I hear is “well you didn’t use it right” or “go explore more.” Almost sounds like a mindless cult….

    I respect that the item isn’t for everyone and like you guys I agree that $1500 is a good chunk of change.

  • PICO

    They will give them away for free when ready. They will be used as Street/Home cameras by DoHS, NSA, COPS, you name it. Everything will be recorded, be it on your mobile or on a NSA server.

  • Panseybard

    Haha 1500, I’m a slacker, this is going to be interesting to see how I pull off getting one of these

  • Stephen Becker

    I am one of the few that got a invite, and I plan to develop a game on Glass, and use it in the medical field that I work in. But I need help funding to get them. If you wanna help me out and read my story check out http://www.gofundme.com/5mf7e8

  • Ben Udkow

    I was SO close to buying one, but really the main issue was my prescription lenses. I don’t really want to “hack” a solution, and I don’t want to have to put them away to use sunglasses. I was so tempted, and still regret passing, but if it was $800 or so, I might have pulled the trigger…

  • yah, I received the invite. First of all, I will not spend $1,500 on a device that I can not try on first. I’m waiting for them to bring Glass to Chicago. Second, there are a lot of very cool features about the device… cool features, but it hasn’t presented itself as product that adds significant value to my life ($1,500 value). Third, it needs to have the same functionality whether paired with an Android device or an iPhone device (i’m an iPhone user). I get that they want to push their Android software, but you can’t ignore (or punish) the millions of iPhone users out there.

  • Chris

    I bought them a few weeks ago and while I am not a developer, I have loved playing with them and even watching them grow in the short span I have had them. I agree, the best part is being able to take pictures and videos on the fly, but with new apps being released, I have begun wearing them more often.

  • nolabob

    I offered my Explorer code to my work. I’m sure my CEO would love sporting one, and who knows, they might let me make an app or two with it.

  • OMJ

    As someone who owned glass and sold it, glass is not even close to worth $1500. Its functionality is very limited. I wanted to like it and used it a lot for about a week before I gave up on it. It doesn’t do much and the things that it does do it doesnt do very well.

  • Tughral Turab Ali

    I also decided not to go for it once I saw the price tag. Its not adding any drastically new feature to my life which isn’t already there. Also you’re right, the retail price will probably be much cheaper. How much is one willing to pay for a novelty?

  • chris_johns

    glazz must cost google 150 bucks at most to make if that…they selling for 1500…im good

    • Adrynalyne

      It costs more than that because they haven’t been able to recoup RnD costs.

      They also are probably not setup for mass production yet, also raising the cost.

      Not to 1500, but certainly more than 150.

      • chris_johns

        None of that should be relevant in the cost until mass production esp rnd cost…im simply stating the product itself

        • Adrynalyne

          Except it is. They are not going to sell it for cost.

          • chris_johns

            I never mentioned they should sell at cost…simply that they’re grossly over priced for what your simply getting…do u know what kidn of tv you can get now a days for 1500 bucks? but yeah glass is a better investment…just saying

          • Adrynalyne

            How many devices do you buy that you get the upgrades for free?

            I could have sworn I read that new hardware revisions shipped out recently. I DOUBT anyone paid a cent for them if they already had glass.

  • Glasshole

    I think one important thing to point out is that buyers of the Alpha test of Google Glass were given a free upgrade to the Beta hardware (and the price was the same). In the very unlikely event that Google does decide to release the commercial product for less than they released both the alpha and beta models, there’s a good chance google will offer a similar upgrade.

    AND also I think it’s funny people are concerned with tumors and what not. If you’re worried about cancers forming from your phones/glass you should brush up on your physics and look at a freaking electromagnetic spectrum.

    • chris_johns

      ooooh nooooo cancaa

  • nikkipagoda

    I did get Glass! I am super excited to pick mine up on Friday!!! Being an Explorer is a unique opportunity. As this technology develops I will be able to contribute to Google offering the best product. I feel like Glass will be as revolutionary as the IPhone. Technology is a TOOL to better humanity! This human couldn’t be happier about Google Glass!!! Stop drinking hateraid and if you don’t use your Glass please give it to someone who appreciates it. And Google did not send out A TON of invites (straight from a Glass employee’s mouth.) I believe them.

    • citizen144

      I don’t know too many people who haven’t gotten an invite and work in tech, or been offered someones unused invite. Hell I got one simply for having a paid Strava membership.

  • Julie Phan

    I would love an invite code. I’m not a developer but a single mom of an active baby. I find myself wanting to record my son a lot but the phone/camera may not be nearby or I can’t juggle him while holding it (which brings up another use altogether). I feel like a lot of precious moments get missed and I’d like a hands free environment to capture some of that. Obviously $1500 is a lot and may be too expensive for that sole purpose but for me, being able to capture his first words makes it totally worth it. Hopefully, it goes retail soon! My son isn’t getting any younger πŸ˜‰

  • ignoranceisnotbliss

    I have a code for the first one that contacts me,

  • Jake Montague

    i got a invite wish i could afford it. πŸ™

  • antwonw

    I still haven’t decided if I’m going to spend the $1500 for glass. As it stands I don’t have the money. But if I become a millionaire in the next 6 days (when my code for the Glass Explorer Programm expires) then that’ll change obviously.

  • Jonathan Paul

    I have been waiting for the day to order for going on a year now. I singed up on day 1. Just got my invite, no matter how much bad stuff I hear, my vibe cant be killed. Appreciate the information.

  • Jkdem85

    Recommend picking your pair up from Google ny offices or San Francisco / LA. Was a really cool experience

  • Jkdem85

    Just got mine and have to say it’s unbelievable. Also cool to see so many people asking me to try them out. Love the enthusiasm

  • mrsastrocat

    I just got the invite last night and was THRILLED to receive the invitation. I just don’t have the money currently and while I work in eLearning and am part of a k-12 online learning department, I cannot afford the price tag at this point. I’m not a developer, but I wanted to use it and explore the opportunities for it with education and learning. Maybe one day Google will have a Google Apps for Education Glass Edition. I’ll go for those.

  • Norris Chuck Bonner

    Anyone have an extra invite? nb185065 [at] ncr [dot] com please πŸ™‚ My brother gave me his invite but i guess he clicked on the link before sending it off. I am an Android developer.

  • Steve Shafer

    Mine arrives next week!
    Main reason I bought was for use @ work-a Post Office. Its super fun seeing the look on faces when I ask my razr maxx hd for an address, zip code, etc…Cant wait to see the reactions to even newer technology.

  • Lynn Rubin

    I got mine yesterday. I will say I agonized for a few days about whether to spend the money, but when I found out I had 30 days to return for a full refund, I had to order! So far it’s cool, but of course a lot of things could be better. Phone is not great. Sound is not great, but I haven’t tried the ear bud. I really don’t exactly want to look like 7 of 9. Not sure yet if I will keep or not.

  • Alex Esparza-Sandy

    Got my invite yesterday and am completely depressed about it (lol). While I do have a legit reason to use Glass (clinical/research lab stuff) I just don’t have the money now. If this happened around September, I would be wearing a pair.

  • zapote21

    Got my invite… I am in Guatemala on business so i cant order until Friday, but I will. Wont even think twice

  • I told my wife i would buy them IF i win a local radio contest giving away $2000+ in cash. But even then, i can think of better things to buy with that money.

  • flosserelli

    Meh. I’ll wait for v2.0 when it is half the cost.

    • John Davids

      This is 2.0. I guess you mean 3.0+?

      • flosserelli

        Oops. TouchΓ©.

  • Inquizitor

    I got an invitation and spent all 7 days seriously considering whether to get it. As a computer science student and amateur developer, I made the decision in the end to purchase. I haven’t received my device yet, but I’m pretty happy about my decision and at least personally see the steep price tag as motivation to actually develop for it and make real use of my investment.

    • aQuickBit

      sunk costs are always motivation boosters!

  • hatboysam

    Anyone want my invite code? Assuming it’s not tied to my account. sam [at] habosa [dot] com, email me. Expires in like 2 days I think.

    • hatboysam

      All gone!

  • trixnkix637

    I got my invite but after thinking about it, I can’t justify the price tag for early adoption as I am not a developer as well (yet).

  • taylor banasiak

    I have had glass for a while now and why should I expect to get something back? I knew what I was getting into the price has been well known forever. People who have this were first to the party and sometimes being first cost you more. I’m glad I adapted early because you get to talk to really interesting people with great ideas. Not to say when it comes to the public more great ideas won’t happen but I think now you have people who are serious about making something out of this product and not just a cool thing to take videos with.

  • NYAvsFan

    I got an invite and seriously considered it. But in the end I decided I’d rather go on vacation and not get glass now.

  • Brandon Hinson

    I have an invite (expires in 6 days) I won’t be buying them If anyone wants my code and doesn’t plan to just turn around and sell them for profit let me know I’ll give it to you.

    • Inquizitor

      I have a developer friend who would be very interested in that invite code, if you don’t have a better offer.

  • Stud Muffler

    I just received my invite yesterday and I’m still not sure I would buy it now. It isn’t a matter of money and it is. You are absolutely right, for this price you can get a lot of stuff, especially around holidays. You can get newest Canon DSLR D70 with lens and whole bunch of accessories from online stores.It is a very expensive toy at this point and unless I win a lottery in the next five days I’m going to skip this opportunity to buy Glass right now.

  • Pakmann2k

    If you have the money, I understand the need to be on the edge of new tech, but for a portable heads up display with some voice and camera features, it just doesnt make sense to me. Yes, there are developers and programmers that can make the most of this product but that is a small niche group. I figure most people will do just like Tim and Kellex said, try it out, show it off, and then park it when you realize that wearing them just becomes a burden. At this point, it is like wearing $1500 sneakers. Most of you that buy em just will use it as a status symbol and show it off, “because you can.” Not everyone, just most of you. Don’t fall off your Segway and break em on the way to Starbucks. Lol

  • maratu

    aw, I thought I was special πŸ™

    Thanks for the write up though! I think I’m jumping in. I’m no dev, but have a few friends that would love a crack at it. And I’ve been venturing around cities a lot by myself lately, walking and driving, so I think that will help. I have lots of DIY projects, music projects, and maybe even cooking, coming up, so I think the ability to record all the time might work out for me.

  • chris_johns

    this is just a smart watch on your head…i dont see the point of a smart watch except to see stuff while in a club or something…until this has agumented reality whys it worth 1500? it doesnt even stay on all the time your like half a robocop/terminator/dragonballz guy not even full

  • ceric20

    I bought one.. was cool but i think i am going to send mine back… If the price came down to 800 i would have kept it but to me its not worth 1500

    • maratu

      Go sabres!………….. even though this year is…… forgettable………

  • flyinggerbil

    Bought mine this afternoon. Can’t wait to see what it can do… In the shower

  • Larry Wei

    If you have $1500, buy it.

    1. You have 30 days to return it.
    2. You can resell on eBay/Craigslist if you’re willing to put with the transaction costs

    If you’re not a developer and you’re tight on money, buy it and return it. I doubt Google will be mad if you “rent” it for 30 days. I think you really need to experience Glass to know its potential and limitations. Knowing what it can and cannot do is what the Explorer program is all about. Honest feedback will help the Glass team understand where it needs to go in order to have a successful consumer release. I’ve only used it for 3 days, and I already have a much better understanding of what type of product Glass is intended to be. It’s not JARVIS, but it CAN be more than a glorified bluetooth headset with a camera.

    As far as specs, I’m sure it’s relatively easy to put in a better processor/camera/etc. It’s much harder for them to build a platform that makes Glass a solid consumer product. Until they can accomplish the latter, they probably won’t invest tons of time or money to give you Galaxy S5 hardware for your face.

  • George

    I got an email to purchase Glass. The main reason I’m not getting it is because I simply do not have $1500 to spare. Hell, I barely have $5 to spare. If it were cheaper I’d try to find a way to purchase it, but it definitely will not decrease in price anytime soon so I will not be purchasing it.

  • sammy sasoon

    i bought glass last week and im loving every minute of it

  • joyfi

    Truth of the matter is it looks stupid and is quite large, not to mention the tumors its going to cause on the right side of your brain –

    • Timothy McGovern

      You’re stupid

    • chris_johns

      this should actually be a concern for people…i dont even keep my phone in my breast pocket anymore in my suit jacket bc its to clsoe to vital organs…but thats me

      • zurginator

        I definitely consider my crotch (and that general region) to be a ‘vital organ’.

        • chris_johns

          While i agree with you…my phones never near my balls…outside of my leg really

      • Adrynalyne

        I bet you still use a microwave though, and breathe in our polluted atmosphere.

        • chris_johns

          I also drink pop pills do steroids amongst other fantastic toxins…so i try to stay away from the other things that can kill me faster like unnecessary radio waves flying through my body daily

          • HarvesterX

            Loll between my smoking and after being dependent on opiods for years (finally go off and been two years off em), this is lowest on my prioritized list of what will probably kill me first.

          • chris_johns

            My man

        • chris_johns

          Jk…i live above the influence

        • Andy Taylor

          Get off my lawn!

          • Adrynalyne

            Recommend me on Linkedin, old man!

          • Andy Taylor


      • Ian

        unsure if serious…..

  • GigaCode

    I would have get if it was less thn 1k

  • lye

    I was pumped when I got the invite, but $1500 is a lot of money for something I might develop for that a lot of people don’t even like.

    • lye

      Well looks like you can flip them on craigslist in SF and make $300-400

  • Matt K

    I’m still on the fence about this. Got my invite today. The 30 day trail period with easy an easy return makes me want to at least try it for a month…

    • Jason

      I know right! Seems like a good idea!

  • abhele

    i rather spend that 1500$ at vegas when i go ces , you know what im sayin πŸ˜‰

  • Dave S.

    So $1,500 is the going rate of looking like a tool these days, huh?

    Maybe I’ll be interested when Google comes up with Google Contacts instead.

    • Adrynalyne

      Nah, you can drop a couple bills and put a tablet to your face for calls if you want to look like a tool.

  • Collin Chapin

    If it were to drop below $800 I would absolutely pick up a pair… until then… I haven’t seen enough of it yet.

  • gpaine

    I already wear glasses, and I already have something on my head that takes pictures… It’s called eyes.

    • Ian

      smh…. what if someone else wants to see one of the pictures you took with your..eyes?

      • gpaine

        Eh, I live a boring life. For $1500 I can pull out my phone. lol

        • Ian

          Wait..your eyes transfer/store pics on your phone? How much did that surgery cost?

  • Jared Muskovitz

    I just ordered it. Keep in mind you get 30 days to decide to keep it (full refund). I haven’t decided if I’ll keep it yet, but this is a good thing for those on the fence or those you just want to experience it for three weeks or so.

    Call Google Glass up, tell them you want to return it, and they send you a box with a label. Free return shipping, full refund, within 30 days of delivery.

    • Stud Muffler

      But you have only a week to decide if you going to buy it and 2 hours to cancel your order.

      • Jared Muskovitz

        True, but if you have the credit available to let the charge sit on your card for a few weeks, why not try it out?

  • Indianajonze

    well i would have bought it but google stupidly sent me an invite in the middle of the thanksgiving vacation. got around to ordering it today and “your code has expired”. gee, thanks. now that i read this article, i don’t feel so bad. $1500 is outrageous and if the code went through i’d likely be divorced as a result. google’s poor timing saved my marriage!

  • Ben

    I got the invite. I was going to get it but I realized that it makes no sense to spend $1500 now if it is going to be released for a lot less next year.

  • TylerChappell

    Still way too expensive, who wants my invite code?

  • Hunter Stephenson

    It was way too much cash for me. Although, I did consider selling a lot of tech I didn’t need and getting it. But debt sucks. Lol.

  • B A

    I recently got an invite and purchased Glass. Got it in the mail yesterday. Haven’t opened the box, but will in the next 24 hours or so. I justified my purchase by realizing that I would more than likely be able to get back most, if not all the money I paid for it if I put i up for sale sometime before it hits retail (if Google stops sending out invites….).

    • Alex

      Per the user agreement, you cannot resell them.

      • B A

        It’s also against “the rules” to root/jailbreak a phone, but I’m sure you do that also…

        Google used to disable resold devices; they changed their stance on the issue. http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/68059/20131202/google-glass-price-and-release-date.htm

        They obviously don’t care anymore…

        • HarvesterX

          It’s not against any rules to allow yourself root access to your own device. That’s silly and is equivalent to saying that you cannot have Administrator access on the latest Windows version your PC is running.

          Carriers can void your warranty though (Verizon has never cared every time I’ve told them I’ve rooted every phone I’ve had), but that’s why it’s nice to have insurance. If it’s jot a hardware problem odds are you can fix the phone yourself since you have “root” access and (hopefully) and unlocked bootloader. The insurance is there to cover situations if you actually hard brick the device or the hardware is faulty. Perfectly fair as you don’t get insurance replacements for free.

          There isnt any valid reason that we shouldn’t have root access out the box other than carriers wanting to control your actions so they can nickel and dime you for “premium” features like tethering which already come standard.

          Some will say its also to reduce the calls from people who root their phones and then delete something important and have no clue how to restore the phone. This is a valid point but anyone who roots their phones to begin with should not be calling Verizon for support or calling them to return their phone claiming it to be defective. Pay the $90 or whatever your payment is for the insurance replacement and learn from your mistake.

          I know I went off topic there…I’m just aggravated that people are letting carriers get away with this by purchasing locked down devices or even staying with that carrier (we know the carrier I’m referring to).

          I paid $550,for my G2 and I own it. Verizon has every right to restrict what I do on their network but they also don’t have the right to restrict what I do on MY phone. It’s not my problem that they can’t block people from tethering who really want to.

    • topgun966

      Ya, cant resell them. They are locked to your google account.

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    Thank you for this Tim. I was invited and was thinking about doing this OR the Moto x deal… I think ill do this as I do not need another phone. I’m very happy with my G2 I picked up from the Amazon glitch. I’ve said it time and time again, droid-life is the best site in Android news.

  • AbbyZFresh

    I got an invite yesterday but i don’t have $1500 to cough up as of right now. What do i do with it now since the code lasts 7 days?

    • Allen

      If you’re feeling generous give it away. If you’re feeling capitalistic, sell it on eBay

      • Adrynalyne

        If I get an invite, I will give it away to a developer who needs it, no strings attached.

        • Adrynalyne

          Leave it to a douchebag to downvote this.

          • George264

            There’s been a troll wondering DL the last couple of days downvoting everything in site(ha im so funny)

    • kevlar

      If you clicked the link and logged in with your google account, you cant do anything with it. If you dont open it, then you can still send it off to someone.

      • AbbyZFresh

        Darn it. I can’t do anything with it then. I already clicked the code link last night and it took me to the Glass store.

  • nicholas cusmina

    I’m trying to get a pair so my company can develop apps, but its impossible to get an invite, I have tried contacting google many different ways, but to no avail… any suggestions? In terms of price for a developer, its still a little high, knock it down to $500 and it will sell out.

    • woot

      I put in a request yesterday morning as a developer and got an invite within 12 hours. Try requesting again, maybe? One thing that threw me off was it showed up in the ‘promotions’ tab of my gmail inbox.

  • drdrowsy

    I am totally convinced that google is going to give something back to the early adapters, especially if the price of the retail units come in at $500.

    Or maybe I’m juts trying to rationalize the $1500 i spent on something that i really like but definitely didn’t need.

  • Jerry Fletcher

    “for some people”…. DL must pay pretty well. I think you are a little out of touch with the little people.

    • Chris

      Oh get over yourself “out of touch”…really?

    • Ryan

      Tax write off for work im sure. Stop being a douche.

    • aye_winchell

      i just dropped a grand for 2 phones for the wife and myself, not that i’m running out to pay $1500 for anything, but if i wanted to i could, and i don’t consider myself wealthy, tech is just where i spend my extra money, not at the movies or going out to eat or brand new cars. So yes, “for some people” its not out the the realm of possibility.

  • Kane Stapler

    I loved it! I was slightly embarrassed to be seen wearing it in public, but probably because I’m a little sky. I got one from going to Google I/O 2012.

    Returned it because it wasn’t worth that much money. It is DEFINITELY a viable product though. I saw huge potential

    • nicholas cusmina

      do you have an invite I might bother you for?

      • Kane Stapler

        No, I guess since I returned it they didn’t give me that ability

      • Hunter Stephenson

        I had an invite but they only give you seven days.

      • guest


        • nicholas cusmina

          Thank you, but someone used it already πŸ™

    • anna willoughby

      Yeah, once they get the retail version’s hardware finalized and that price comes down, I think you’ll see this device take off in a similar fashion to the way smartphones did when the phone companies started subsidizing them. People thought they were overpriced, pointless luxury items at first, but now people making minimum wage can get one.

  • chris kilps

    I would buy it, but I simply do not have the money, anyone want the code?

    • Justin

      I would like the code!

  • Andrew Scott

    $1,500 is simply too steep for me. I need to upgrade my phone before I upgrade my eyes.

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      main reason I wont get it is it has the galaxy nexus hardware, not the moto x. Point being you have to wake it up to activate voice control, with the moto x its always listening. This is on a hardware level and will certainly be in the final model, where I do not need to flip my head up, or tap the side of the unit to wake it and it would listen only to me, as other explorers have noted friends run up and can speak to the device and load it with their questions, the moto x doesnt have that problem

      • JustSoYouKnow

        So I realize that you posted this a month ago….. but the “always listening” feature. It is the actual software, not the hardware, that controls this.

    • aQuickBit

      Just so everyone is aware, when I added mine to the cart last night it came to a total of $1650 (everyone forgets tax). Also, if you simply want to try them out you can basically play with them for a month then return them for a “full” refund. I talked to the Google Glass people on the phone and they were WICKED helpful. More so than the Google Wallet people actually.

      • JacJac

        I would totally be dissilusioned if I were to spend such a sum on an item and not get anything but great service.

  • Raj Bhatt

    Expecting delivery today. The price is crazy but I think it has some amazing potential. We’ll see.

  • ya…. I got the code yesterday…. if I don’t end up using it I’ll probably give it to a friend

  • Scott

    I had it and returned it. Just didn’t do $1500 worth right now. $400 absolutely…but the paying for cutting edge wasn’t worth it to me.

    • sean parmenter

      There’s an idea! How long did you “rent” it for? What was the return process like? It might be worth turning Glass into a Boomerang…

      • Brandon Shaw

        30 day return policy. No restocking fee and you dont have to pay for shipping. I looked into this and made a phone call to confirm before I placed my order today. I love the idea and want to invest in it but I needed that guarantee that if it’s not for me I wasn’t out a mortgage payment! Once you return they will refund you in full as long as the product is still in perfect condition.

        • sean parmenter

          Perfect condition, naturally… I don’t know if it’s worth being so nervous to have it on my head. No snowboarding videos with this bad boy on my noggin. I’ll think about it though with that advice Brandon, thanks!

    • B A

      Google took a return?? After how long?

  • Chris Hilbert

    Gave mine to a friend. Didn’t have $1500 to spend.