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US Variant of Galaxy Gear Receiving Much-Needed Notifications and Battery Improvement Update This Week

Back in mid November, it was reported that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Gear Manager app were receiving updates to allow any third party applications to send notifications right to the device while attached to your wrist. As it turns out, the update was only for European variants at the time, and now, Samsung has confirmed that the update should also roll out to U.S. models this week. 

Not only will you be seeing more notifications, but users are reporting that the device is delivering more battery life after the update, another thing the device needed badly.

Anyone here rocking a Gear? If so, is your name Lebron James? If it is, will you send me an autograph? Thanks!

Via: Engadget
  • RaptorOO7

    So this never came to be, SHOCKER, well its not really its just Samsung as usual. I guess I will just do it manually Since Samsung can’t do it automatically as they should.

  • Phil

    I’ve tried getting Watch Styler everywhere, is it not available to Canadian residents yet? I want to personalize my screen for craps sake, saw the one here now I’m just freaking trying to figure it out. So far cool little gadget let’s hope it is able to do a lot more in the very near future, I can see people getting bored if it’s not going to have regular new apps etc. to install etc.

  • orman

    is anybody here that has the new update running Exchange email in Europe once you had the update exchange email stopped and even here in the us with the update to the gear manager Exchange mail stop sending notifications – I had to roll my back to version 1.2

  • Dominic Salcido

    Figures… And I just forced the UK update to my Gear using Odin last night.

  • Tex

    Here ya go

  • Hawkye

    I couldn’t wait and flashed the UK version a while back. This update makes the watch worth every penny. I usually go to bed with 50%-60% of my battery left on the watch and N3.

  • paul

    The update better hit before Thanksgiving or I will have only bad things to say about this watch to everyone around the dinner tabe.

  • Jamen Tyler Lang

    How much does the new firmware affect the battery life? a few extra hours? twenty minutes? Can we get a timelapse test?

  • De Nguyen

    Battery life for me is quite good.
    I’m not a “power user”, but 3 days to serve my purpose is not bad.
    I have been asking for What’sapp compatibility since I first got it. This is far from that, but a notification is fine for now.
    The one thing that I hate with a vengeance is the talkback when Tweet/FB quickviews are installed. It’s a moronic move on Samsung part. It also break S Voice as well, so no Tweeter or Facebook support as of now either.

  • RaptorOO7

    Sweet and about damn time. I was about to do the update using the UK version I d/l last night. Now I will just wait a day or five for Samsung to NOT deliver on this and then install the UK variant anyways.

  • CHRIS42060

    Unfortunately for Tim, Lebron strikes me as one of those “I don’t do autographs” kind of basketball players.

    • Unfortunately for me, I feel like you’d be right in assuming that 🙁

  • burtinboy

    If this update gets the much needed improvements that ppl have been asking for it might actually sell a few. Then again, TOQ is hot in pursuit of the title as the “most overpriced accessory for my cell phone” title.


    I Saw stephen curry with 1 on the bench the other night. of course he wasn’t playing as usual

    • Yeah, I saw that too. How interesting…

    • crazed_z06

      I saw Brandos Rios (Boxer) wearing one on the HBO 24/7 before the Pac-Rios fight..


    I wish I was LBJs kid… They look like they’re having so much fun

    • I wish I was any multi-millionaire’s kid lol I’m not picky!!!!

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  • tyguy829

    I don’t have a gear, and I’m not lebron, but I guess I could send you an autograph if you want