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Google Releases Newstand to Android – Combines Currents and Magazines to Give You News in One Place

google newstand

Google unleashed their newest product this morning called Newstand, which is a combination of Currents and Play Magazines. It’s sort of like a newsreader/magazine hub/read-it-later all-in-one type of app. You can still purchase and subscribe to your favorite magazines, but you can also find news from your favorite sources (like Droid Life), bookmark items to be read later, and explore other items that you may find interesting. 

google newstandgoogle newstandgoogle newstand

We aren’t sure if Currents will be completely killed off, but would assume so eventually. For now, it’s all about Newstand. Truthfully, we’re kind of liking this idea of an all-in-one reader from Google, especially after playing with it for a few minutes.

You can swipe between columns with ease, access the hamburger menu should you need more control, and again, subscribe to Droid Life to get all of your news. Once subscribed, you’ll see our news feed, YouTube stream, and even have the chance to listen to our podcast from within the same app. We know that many of you wanted to see the return of a Droid Life app, but this offers you a much better experience than we could for the time being.

Newstand also does some cool things when it comes to recommending you new content. It does its best to learn from you as you read and should only get better about it as you read more. It’ll even give you hashtag like categories to tap on to get you into similar articles. Oh, it also works great on tablets and phones.

The update should be rolling out at any minute, so check the play store.

google newstandScreenshot_2013-11-20-09-21-29Screenshot_2013-11-20-09-21-44

Play Link

And if you haven’t seen the update yet, feel free to sideload the app now. [Download Link] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS9gmW7uFXo[/youtube]

  • stevo

    Newstand totally sucks, so confusing to to get to read articles offline that i am wondering whether it is faulty. Give us the option to get rid of it and revert back to the old one i didnt ask for this crap.

  • Zero interest in this. Give me a proper RSS a- oh wait

  • eddy

    Pretty nice!

  • itsgonnalast

    The timing is so funny… this week I rediscovered Currents and started using its excellent stacked widget.

    Today I installed Newsstand, and it seems to be better than Currents in many ways, but oddly it lacks a widget and I’m still not sure if it handles podcasts. So weird…

    • ddpacino

      It’s the old magazines app, which didn’t have a widget. I’m sure they’ll add it over time, and why Currents still available.

  • epps720

    Huge improvement from Currents. I’m guessing Google will be using this info to start recommending articles on your Google Now cards too.

  • zurginator

    Now they need to roll Google Books into it, and recycle the Google Reader brand.

    I prefer unified apps to a full drawer of things for specific situations. One of the many reasons I like the new Hangouts.

  • Henry Flower

    Does this support a RSS feed like G Reader did or Feedly?

  • jbdan

    Really dig it!

  • Jason Kahn

    This is great, at least compared to Currents, although I will say pulse was starting to piss me off.

  • DC_Guy

    Pretty nice, tho I have recently fallen in love with the My Magazine feature on my Note 3 and Note 10.1. It’s something that I thought I would never use, but I decided to give it a try a few days ago and I love it, especially the social media integration.

  • How does this compare with feedly?

    • DroidzFX

      No web version which I think Google really needs to add for people to adopt it.

  • fauxshizzl

    I am glad Currents is dead. That was a terrible app. This actually looks pretty nice.

  • saimin

    Can I migrate my Google Reader RSS subscriptions to this app, or does it use a different protocol?

  • brkshr

    It works better than Currents I guess. I think I still prefer Pulse better though. I like being able to see multiple articles from multiple sources all at once. So I can scan quickly and see what I would like read first.

    With Pulse I can see 4 articles each from Droid Life, Android Police, Android Central and Android and Me all on one screen and decide which article/source I would like to read first. I can easily read an article from DL, then hit back and read about the same subject from AP, to compare views.

    Compared to Newsstand, where I can only be in one source at a time and only see 2 articles a screen.

    • shooter50

      absolutely agree and Pulse isnt a battery killer like Currents

    • I had exactly the same thought. It is a shame. I want to switch..

    • Fresh2infinity

      Too bad the latest pulse udpate completely ruined the application…it sucks beyond belief now

      • brkshr

        I agree that the UI sucks now (I hate linkedin too), but it still gives me what I posted about here, so I’ll be sticking with it until someone can offer the same type of multiple sources/multiple articles on the same screen.

  • Detonation

    Any better than feedly?

  • Steve B

    Wow, nice job Google. This is really really nice, Currents was an eye sore and a usability nightmare. This is just so pretty and intuitive. Feedly on the backburner for now.

    • ddpacino

      WHOAAAA. Just tried it out.

      Can they PLEASE make this, or something, a native podcasting app where we can search and subscribe??

  • terry12s

    This is really nice!

  • Chad


    • James Friedman

      How is this bloat? Your not required to download, nor use it…..

      • Chad

        Can you uninstall it? That’s what makes it bloat. Don’t say you can disable it. You know that isn’t the same. You all should really take off the Google glasses occasionally.

  • Chippah

    Still don’t have “HONCHO” Magazine! ABOO!

    • Silver Veloz

      OK now. Is that magazine still around.

  • Ron Burgundy

    Looks good at first glance, but it needs widget functionality so I can see headlines on my home screen or lock screen.

    If they make a widget, please include a left arrow, unlike the Google+ widget.

  • nerds

    Currents sorts news sources by type…so if you wanted to read all about sports you go to that section. This app lacks that. It also lacks immersive mode which is annoying. How does Google expect developers to utilize their new APIs if they themselves don’t do it!! Another beta product from google.

  • Silver Veloz

    Got the update on my Moto X this morning. Just checked, when I click on Play Magazines, it goes right to Google Play Newsstand. Currents still opens up the same. Maybe when I refresh or reboot, they will have a new app icon for Newsstand(?).

    • Steve B

      Uninstall Currents.

      • Silver Veloz

        Will do. Thanks. Just checking to see if my other saved items moved over.

        • Steve B

          Should save them to your Google account.

        • ddpacino

          They’re moved over for me

  • EC8CH

    Kind of following the same line of what Hangouts recently did

  • After looking around, I must say I really like this app. Easy to use and combining Magazines and Currents was definitely a very logical thing to do. I’m happy with this.

  • jerflash

    I installed it and it took all the feeds i had in currents and already had them waiting for me in this new app. I did not use currents in awhile but this app looks and feels great. Droid like also looks great on it! I love pulse and us it but this might just replace it

  • Evan Wickes

    is it newsstand or newstand (1 or 2 S’s)

    • Pedro

      It depends on whether you read the title or the app.

      So both!

    • Charlie

      two s’s will bring it up in Play Store – it did for me. when you search, the results will give you “Google Magazines”, but when you click on it, the title automatically changes to Google Newsstand.

  • XxPixX

    If anyone gets the APK then can they share it please?

    • XxPixX

      oh, woops… sorry I didn’t see that you have already given it 😉

  • Robert Macri

    Does this get rid of the magazines app?

    • It does.

      • Robert Macri

        Unfortunately, No immersive mode

    • ddpacino

      It’s the old Mags app rewritten, like when Docs was converted to Drive.