R.I.P. Google Currents.

Go use Newsstand, says Google.

This move – that being the death of Google Currents – should come as no surprise to anyone after seeing the introduction of Newsstand a couple of months back. But Google did let Currents hangout until today, when they updated the Google Play listing of the app to suggest that users head over to Newsstand where all of their subscriptions will automatically transfer to. Yes, your news feeds from Currents are still alive and well, just in another app.

Also, if you update the Currents app – like we have above – you will no longer be able to use the app at all. So really, go use Newsstand.

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Video: Android Design Team Talks Favorite Apps by Design, Including New Newstand and Timely

We are suckers for a well designed Android app, so from time to time we watch the Android team’s “Android Design in Action” show to see what kinds of tips they can offer to developers, to stay up-to-date on new design guidelines, and also to see what apps they find to be well-designed. In the latest episode that aired yesterday, a number of members from the design team took a turn at walking through some of their favorite apps. You’ll see one of our favorites, Timely (16:15), along with the new Play Newstand (6:15) app, Foursquare, Etsy (20:20) and others.  (more…)

Google Releases Newstand to Android – Combines Currents and Magazines to Give You News in One Place

google newstand

Google unleashed their newest product this morning called Newstand, which is a combination of Currents and Play Magazines. It’s sort of like a newsreader/magazine hub/read-it-later all-in-one type of app. You can still purchase and subscribe to your favorite magazines, but you can also find news from your favorite sources (like Droid Life), bookmark items to be read later, and explore other items that you may find interesting.  (more…)