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Power by Gen Releases HoneyDru, a Cute Little Honeycomb Inspired Car Charger

honeydru andru charger

Power by Gen makes some of our favorite Android accessories, thanks to previously releases like the Andru (in a variety of colors), so it’s no surprise that we’re digging their newest release, the HoneyDru. Created as a charger that resembles the official Android Honeycomb icon, this mini car plug should be a great addition or replacement for whatever it is you are currently using. 

As previously mentioned, the HoneyDru is an excellent take on the official Honeycomb icon, but what I really love about it is the size. Most car chargers tend to be awkwardly large, yet this little guy could be stored away with the best of them. It also comes in a two-tone color scheme with retractable 3-foot cable for better management in your glove box or mid-console, glowing eyes and wings when plugged, and charges at 2A output.

Oh, it should also work with your Apple products, as long as you supply the USB cable.

honeydru andru charger

The HoneyDru retails for $19.99 at Power by Gen’s site.

honeydru andru chargerhoneydru andru charger

Via:  HoneyDru

  • Just ordered mine. This is awesome!

  • kselby

    Bought one right when they announced it. Can’t wait to get it! It will be here Friday. I always support Gen, great company with great customer service.

  • Wazzifer

    I have to get this.

  • Chris

    little feminine if you ask me.

  • Greg

    Perfect car charger, now also available in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia: http://www.androidy.com.pl

  • does anyone have issues with their car chargers? haevnt fuond a reliable one, always have to fidget with it to get it to charge

  • Pierito


  • Bill Anderson

    “Oh, it should also work with your Apple products, as long as you supply the USB cable.”

    That concerns me. Android uses USB Battery Charging Specification (Data pins shorted) while Apple uses their own standard (different voltages on pins). If it works for Apple, it isn’t going to work well for Android…

    • Adrynalyne

      Really? I have a car to USB converter and it works fine for anything plugged in, be it Android or Apple.

    • Joseph Reisinger

      For the HoneyDru – the data pins are shorted per the USB Battery Charging Specification (1.2 – Dedicated Charging Port). We’ve tested compatibilty with Apple products (iphone 4 and above) and found no issues, even though the iphone charger does use a different standard.

      • Bill Anderson

        Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

  • Jeremy Gross

    now i just need a car for my new collectable

  • JoshGroff

    It’s so adorable, too bad I have absolutely no use for a car charger.

  • Daniel Ogilvie
    • JustRandy

      That doesn’t come with the cable you frickin idiot

      • Kevin

        Hey! no name calling!

    • Droidzilla

      Doesn’t that completely defeat the purpose of the above stated product? That would be like showing off a new case for Wolverine fans that has Wolverine on it, then commenting, “Or, you know, get an Otterbox because it’s better and doesn’t look all stupid.”

      • Chris

        two usb ports instead of one?

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    • Wazzifer

      People like you are what’s wrong with the world.

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