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Google Glass has a Sign-up Page for All Interested, Your Chance to Wait in Line for an Invite


We know that $1500 is a lot to spend on a consumer electronic that is still in its infancy, but if money ain’t a thang, and you live life on the bleeding edge of tech, (and have failed to get in on a variety of Explorer invite opportunities) your chance to join the Google Glass party is not over. Google has a sign-up page for their Explorer program that doesn’t guarantee a thing, but is a way to get on their list of interested persons.

This sign-up sheet also doesn’t ask that you create a magically creative video to win a contest or share your life story with Google, it simply asks who you are and why you are interested in Glass. Should they open the program up to new invitees, they may choose you. At that point, get your checkbook ready. But for this sign-up process, no money is required.

google glass sign-up

And by the way, for those not familiar, we are now Glass Explorers. So we’ll have some thoughts and general impressions over the next week or so as we spend some quality time with it. No review will be done since these aren’t consumer products, but there is still plenty to talk about.

In the mean time, if you have questions for us about Google Glass, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Via:  Google Glass

  • paul Nicol

    I got the Google Glass invite. I signed up over a year ago. I’m on the fence and I’ve got 7 days to decide. There is a 30 trial period, so I’m tempted.

    I’m not seeing any solid ETA in sight

  • Adam Durham

    I signed up for this – and received my invite last night. And just to confirm for any in question – it is the $1500 pricetag.

  • This is the same sign up page they had up before just on a different layout. This is a NON-STORY!

    Cached version of old sign up page: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3AlCNF9FXnZ0wJ%3Awww.google.com%2Fglass%2Fstart%2Fhow-to-get-one%2F+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

  • Sporttster

    Good example of tech with no useful purpose…..

    • nbgiant25

      Good example of a reply with no useful insight.

  • AbbyZFresh

    theres a reason why this is so expensive, this isnt meant for consumers yet. google wants people who actually contribute to the progression of technology(aka developers) that wont simply throw glass away just because they’re bored. This isn’t meant for consumers yet.

  • d-rock

    I wanna be a glasshole! Just not for $1500….I could sell a kidney though…hrmmm

    • Justin W

      Yes, sell that kidney… Send the extra money my way, so I can be a glasshole also 🙂

  • markgbe

    invite me gooogle

  • nbgiant25

    I’m in. By the time this gets to the wider consumer market, it’s not like the price is going to drop drastically. Not for quite a while, at least. I’ll pay the premium for early adopter status.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    1500$ for the Explorer program… Google’s said a billion times that the actual price will be less for consumers.


    Otherwise just wait like any other consumer would.

    • decidedtochangename

      I don’t want to pay $1500, but can I convince my company to… We would actually have a decent use case for it.

      • AustinM123

        That is what I am doing. I got my Glass invite but need to come up with $1500 soon lol.

  • morgan boyle

    mass production prices will be around $350

  • Edward Coles

    More than likely you can expect to pay 1500, the invites that just closed yesterday were for 1500 so I wouldnt expect anything less until it goes full retail or it gets a 4g sim capability and can be subsidized with a contract on a carrier.

  • chaoslimits

    They didn’t say anything about price so I signed up.

    • Luminair

      The Explorer program Glass units are $1500.

    • Last box to fill in. “Just keep me up to date” or “I want to purchase glass and become an Explorer.”

  • Ryan B

    I don’t understand how you get something cool and futuristic on your wrist and its about $300 average. Get the same thing for your face and its $1500?!

    • Nathan Buth

      Well for one there are some vast differences between a smartwatch and Glass. More importantly though is the Explorer Edition of Glass is not a commercial product. It is a beta one. Google has jacked the prices up due to this for two primary reasons. The first is since it is not commercial it makes it more expensive for them to manufacture. The second is the more important one in that they are using it as a control to make sure the only people tat join the program are going to have an investment for them to actually help push the device forward until it is released publicly. Typically to get into a beta program like this it does cost a lot more than what the device will eventually retail for.

      • Ryan B

        So people that like to invest in smaller amounts of technology(per cost) aren’t willing to push things forward… right…. And since when does Google “jack up” the prices for any reason other than cost… I’m all for Google and advancing technology but this is just lame…

        • Nathan Buth

          I never said that first part. Just made the statement that the people willing to put in a higher amount will be more obligated to not put this device in particular down(which is important seeing it is a very prominent wearable). Heck I have even seen non-programmers try to learn how to code since they bought a Glass and figured they might as well develop on it if they are going to invest so much in it. Other reasons to jack up cost would be to help pay for production when they are released commercially.

          Sure part of it is for profit gain but I still would say the majority has to do with the reasons I listed in this comment and the previous one. You can call it lame, but the reasons are quite sound and so far the one about driving it forward has been proven.

    • I think they are issuing mulitple versions of Glass to explorers over the course of the property. Also, Google gives stuff away all the time and tends to reward early adopters, I trust there will be a big benefit somewhere down the line for paying the $1,500 now. Heck, when they launched Chrome Notebooks, they sent me a FREE one that is still being used daily. I am not a developer, but am well entrenched in their platform.

  • EnterTheNexus

    I just signed up. Hope I get picked.

  • Shane Redman

    Not for $1500 I won’t….not for a glorified bluetooth headset….nope

  • Morbid138

    I hope it’s not $1500!

    • palomosan

      I’ll sign up just in case is not $1500.

  • David Imel

    If they lower the price I’ll be the first to sign up!

  • NotInterested

    You can have my spot.