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Google Glass Update XE11 Brings New Compatibility With Google Play Music

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As noted by Phandroid, the newest XE11 update for Google Glass has brought along a fancy new undisclosed feature with it that Google will apparently be announcing soon. Users that decide to sideload the Google Play Music application to Glass, can then control and stream music right through the headset after saying the command, “Ok Glass, listen to…” followed by the name of a song or artist. 

Once up and running, you can skip, pause, play, stop, and everything you might need while listing to music. If you are a Glass Explorer and want to get this onto your unit, follow these simple directions to get it all working.

  1. Download the latest Google Play Music APK here.
  2. Go to Glass Settings > Device Info and turn on debug mode. Connect Glass to your computer.
  3. Using the Android SDK, issue the command “adb install FILENAME.APK“, where “FILENAME” is the APK’s actual filename on your computer.
  4. Enjoy the tunes!

If you have needed another way to drain Glass’ battery faster than it already does, you should definitely try this out. Keep in mind that the bone conduction speaker may not sound great, but with the new version of the Glass hardware that allows for an earbud attachment, your music should sound just fine.

Via: Phandroid

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  • Mike

    Does this mean Google has opened a a HW API to Google Music and now Sonos can connect to it? – Please say yes, then tell me the truth

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    • Edward Coles

      There was one documented ticket. Other than that I have not heard of any state banning them specifically. I also dont see how they can be considered a distraction when they are less obtrusive than most gps or headunits.

  • Tyler

    I wish they improved the music commands in google now, it never seems to work for me. Maybe I’m using it wrong. I should be able to say “play the song ____” and it play that song or open the app with songs with that name.

    • 4n1m4L

      Having glass control chromecast makes sense, I’m not sure about natively though…

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I’m not sure if you didnt notice but Google now usually gets updated right after glass with similar improvements.

      • Tyler

        That’s good news. I hadn’t noticed that but I’ll keep my eye out for it now.

    • Adam Marr

      No doubt, if it works like it does on my phone, they’ll just get a link to buy “x” on the glass play store…

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