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Twitter Launches Android Alpha Test Group, Gives Opportunity to “Provide Direct Feedback and Collaborate”

twitter android

Back in August of this year, Twitter launched a beta program, aimed at users who would help the company find and destroy bugs before the official release hit Google Play. Those users have gone through a roller coaster of design changes, irritable features, and countless other little bugs as the Twitter team has been tweaking its Android offering nonstop. Today, the company announced a new Alpha testing group, one that will allow members to provide direct feedback to developers and designers, plus the ability to collaborate directly with Twitter to make the best app possible. 

For now, the group is first come first serve, and it appears it is all filled up. If you’d like, you can still apply to become a member; you will just need to write a nice message on their Google Groups application sheet. If you are a current Beta tester, then it appears that Twitter is allowing those members to have first access to the Alpha group, so be on the lookout for an email concerning details if you happen to be one.

The Twitter app has changed so much in the last few months that I don’t exactly know how to feel about it. It went from being sort of a sexy app (complete with hamburger menu), to an app I barely know how to navigate. Hopefully, with the help of all of the testers, they can turn it around.

Via: TechCrunch | Twitter

  • michael arazan

    Twitter just went public this week and offering stock for the company, the people with the most followers were allowed to ring the bell instead of the executives and board.

    So now that they are public they are trying to keep up appearances and now they respect the Android user being the dominant market in the world. Every media outlet also saying “Maybe Twitter can finally make money now.” I think twitter was stupid to lock out devs to limited amount of users for their services. They should of allowed Devs to sell their app to as many people that wanted it, then just ask for a simple licensing fee for it like a small percentage. They also could of bought out the developers software to add it to their own like MS and Google does.

  • Carlyle C. Wilson

    I’m still a firm believer and user in Falcon Pro for Twitter (Twitter and their egregious terms. The audacity really) and Carbon for Twitter (Which I L-O-V-E!).

  • T S

    i opted in. use this app and tweetdeck. have to see what it’s all about.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    The beta has potential…not sure why they got rid of the slide out menu I really liked it.I Hope they bring it back.

  • coolsilver

    While killing and leaving Tweetdeck and API for other apps behind…. no thanks.

  • janicerobinson124

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