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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Now Live on Google Play, It’s “Episode 8-Bit”

Star Wars

Disney launched Star Wars: Tiny Death Star to multiple platforms this morning, including Google Play. In this title, you take command of an 8-bit Star Wars world, where you must construct the Death Star into a thriving metropolis. You hire galactic citizens, put in retail shops, and even create secret imperial levels to do the Emperor’s bidding. It’s quite the nifty looking game, and it sort of reminds me of the old SimTower game, where you build your empire floor by floor. 

The game is free to download from Google Play, and if you do so now, you get 50% more “starting bux.” Sounds like a good deal, I guess.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

Play Link

  • Daistaar

    Did anyone’s game just start as already in progress? I installed and launched it and was already 23 floors in. No intro or anything so i had no idea what I was doing. Tried for about an hour and uninstalled. It’s like be thrown into something huge on your first day of work.

  • Simon Tucker

    Ironically, I just grabbed the apk a week ago from the international Google Play lol

  • Prodstick

    Only problem is this game is time-based and there is no way to speed it up. 4th floor in (~20-30 minutes of gameplay), I have a Karaoke bar and it’s going to take 6 hours to stock it. I could make it instantaneous for 7 “imperial bux”, which sell for $2 for 25. I imagine timespans only ramp up from here, making the game unplayable without investing significant sums.

  • Mike

    I love this… This is so funny!!!

  • Dan

    This can’t possibly be any good, because everyone knows that the good games all get released on iOS first and android months later.

    • EvanTheGamer

      You couldn’t be more wrong. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is actually pretty fun so far. It’s just like Tiny Tower but with that awesome Star Wars flare. Download it and play it. And then uninstall if you’re unimpressed.

    • BSweetness

      I know you’re trying to sarcastic, but it just fell completely flat this time around.

  • j

    “starting bux” uh oh.. Hopefully this is still fun to play without paying like Tiny Tower, and not massively crippling after a week like Megalopolis.

    • j

      ok looks like the same dev as tiny tower, so this should be pretty good!

      • Simon Tucker

        I’ve been playing for a week and I’m getting along quite well. The Imperial Bux only really are to speed up time. I have like 11 levels so far

  • EvanTheGamer

    Just downloaded it. This should be a good break from playing Clash of Clans(can’t get enough of it!)

    Also, Tim, I think you’re thinking of Tiny Tower, which was made by the same developer.
    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobage.ww.a560.tinytower_android (Also a really fun building type of game!)

    • Never played or heard of Tiny Tower. I’m talking about SimTower on my Windows 95 desktop! 😀

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah, just realized you may be referring to another game, which is based off the same “floor by floor building” concept. And who knows, maybe Tiny Tower is based off of SimTower. Never know.

        • I miss SimTower. lol

          • Josh B

            SimTower was the best. I was never able to get 5 stars without cheating though.

        • Teddy Chen

          If you like Sim Tower, you should try Mega Mall Story.

    • Wyatt Neal

      Wasn’t this the one that Zynga tried to copy and crush some small dev out of?

    • Raven

      I have been very addicted to CoC lately too, but am still fairly new. I currently have a level 5 base. I just joined my first clan last weekend, but I haven’t been very impressed by their donating of troops. I have sent far more than I have received. Any suggestions on a better clan that would accept someone in the 800-900 trophy range.

  • Cory_S

    ” You hire galactic citizens, ” Actually, they’re Bitizens…gee come on. 😛

    • EvanTheGamer

      Was about to make the same comment after reading the post. hahah