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Lookout Teams Up With AT&T, Bringing Anti Virus Software Preinstalled on Android Phones


Lookout announced this morning that they have struck a deal with AT&T, enabling them to bring the anti-virus software preinstalled on all Android devices sold from the carrier. Lookout has a similar deal with other US carriers, so AT&T is just another provider they are adding to the list. 

Judy Cavalieri, AT&T Mobility vice president of voice and prepaid products, spoke on the agreement and had the following to say.

Our goal is to ensure that we provide our customers with the most comprehensive security, and we are excited to team up with Lookout to help protect our customers.

Thankfully with new versions of Android, users can disable any unwanted apps that are baked into the OS, so if you have an issue with this, you can easily disable it.

Lookout Provides Security and Privacy for AT&T Customers

Lookout now available to hundreds of millions of subscribers nationwide through its carrier collaborations

San Francisco, CA – November 7, 2013 – Lookout Inc., the leader in mobile security, today announced AT&T is delivering the award-winning consumer application, Lookout Mobile Security, to Android customers. Lookout plays a key role in protecting AT&T customers from emerging mobile threats, keeping the important information stored on their mobile devices safe. Lookout Mobile Security will be installed on AT&T Android devices.

The surge in mobile device usage has made it more important than ever for customers to take the necessary steps to safeguard their smartphones, data and privacy. According to Gartner, 1.8 billion mobile phones are expected to ship by the end of 2013, a 4.5 percent increase from the previous year[1]. Lookout will offer comprehensive protection against malware and spyware, privacy violations, data loss and loss of the device itself to all AT&T customers who have a compatible Android device.

“Our goal is to ensure that we provide our customers with the most comprehensive security, and we are excited to team up with Lookout to help protect our customers,” said Judy Cavalieri, AT&T Mobility vice president of voice and prepaid products.

Lookout Mobile Security is available to AT&T customers with Android smartphones and tablets, including the new Samsung Note3. Lookout Mobile Security enables users to find a missing or stolen device, manage phone security and easily back-up precious data. From Lookout.com, people can manage multiple mobile devices and locate a phone or tablet on a Google map. Basic protection with Lookout is free; premium protection is $2.99 per month and is billed back to the user’s AT&T account.

“As mobile devices become the dominant computing platform, we are thrilled to be working with AT&T to enhance the security of its devices. This announcement marks a significant milestone for Lookout,” said Tim Roper, vice president global business development, Lookout. “AT&T is a leader in the wireless industry and is passionate about providing customers with the best security and privacy available.

  • Except Lookout IS malware, LOL. Seriously, this crap is the new McAfee Virus.

  • speraider430

    Has anyone legitimately gotten a virus on their android phone? I’m genuinely curious to know.

  • ROB

    AVG…same and one time fee…

  • Malaka

    I think most of us who read Droid-Life are into having a phone with no pre-loaded software, but remember who this is targeted to – 90% of Android Users install so much crap. Have you ever seen a non-techie’s phone? More Games and Dating software that are more likely to have malware injected. I hate AV for Android but Lookout is the best…

  • Cowboydroid

    Never used antivirus software on Android.

    Never had a problem with viruses.

    • This was going to be my comment. Has anyone had malware issues that weren’t brought on by apps you should have known better than to install in the first place?

  • droidrazredge

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM carrier bloatware gotta love it! Lets see who Verizon picks: Malwarebytes, AVG, Norton, Macafee, Kaspersky, Webroot, AVAST, or ESET. We all know Verizon and ATT like to follow each other.

    • umbrellacorp

      Which ever one is most expensive and least productive. GO BIG RED! GO BIG RED! GO BIG RED!

  • sk3litor

    This is nothing. Just wait until Verizon puts the NSA app on our phones. Not that they even need an app.

    • umbrellacorp

      It’s not in an app, it’s already hard coded by Android now.

  • Mike Hilal

    Seriously…how the fark do you get a virus on your phone? I guess I’m doing it wrong

    • DoctorJB

      If you really wanted to, I would recommend either chinese or russian pirate markets.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Can you reach out to AT&T and ask if we’ll be able to remove it?

  • TC Infantino

    Even though I actually use Lookout, the fact that it will be another uninstallable bloatware app is crap. The carriers need to allow their customers to completely uninstall any apps that come preinstalled in the phones.

    • Nathan D

      Has it ever proved to be useful in your case?

      I have a hard time understanding the usefulness of these apps.

      • TC Infantino

        To be honest, I am not sure. I haven’t had to use the locator, remote wipe, lock, scream or signal flare, because I haven’t had my phone lost or stolen. I do use it to backup everything, and I assume it is working to prevent malware. I can say that I know a couple of friends who have had their phones stolen and I think they would have benefited from having and using the services that Lookout, and other security apps, offer. I know the first thing I would do if my phone was stolen would be to go to the Lookout site and locate, wipe and lock my phone remotely. I would even use the scream if it showed the phone still on.
        Do I think it serves a purpose? Yes.
        Do I think it should be bloatware that is not uninstallable? No. Choice is what defines Android. The customer should be able to pick whatever security app they wish, or choose none at all.

        • Nathan D

          Android Device Manager is built in and does remove lock, wipe, and locate.
          Otherwise I agree with you. Backup is useful (although other apps probably do it better); every pre-installed app should be entirely uninstallable.

          • TC Infantino

            True. I noticed the Device Manager when I bought the Droid Maxx. I haven’t looked into it yet. I need to, because I think Lookout might be using resources running in the background. I appreciate the info. Thanks

          • Nathan D

            Ohh! I have a Droid Maxx as well! High five to you!
            And not a problem, my friend 😉

          • TC Infantino

            Very cool! Yeah, I am loving this phone. I use it all the time at work, on FB, YouTube, and watching movies, and am totally impressed that the battery lasts the entire shift with at least 30% left by the time I plug it in at night.

          • HarvesterX

            I bet majkrity of people who know about it dont even have it set up as a device administrator 😀 I’m one of them. Been flashing a lot recently and always forget.

      • greggerz

        i have successfully used locator. perks of having two phones. =) found it in a field.

      • HarvesterX

        I agree with you and if had to be stuck with something I can’t remove that would help protect against tthreats, I’d much rather be stuck with something more useful which doesn’t need to actively run. An app to let everyday users set up and understand iptables. Firewall…

  • Michael Quinlan

    Yet another reason to buy a non-carrier-branded phone. Carriers are service providers, not value-added resellers. In fact, they’ve created a whole new category: value-removed reseller.

    • Adam Truelove


  • SplashMTN

    I hate bloatware, but at least this can be a semi-useful app. It’s a hell of a lot better than Let’s Golf 3

    • Adrynalyne


      • SplashMTN

        True. As are most comments on the internet.

    • michael arazan

      I have not heard of any malware infecting people’s phones, I’m guessing that is thanks to it being a linux based system, plus Google checking apps better than before. I’m sure sooner or later we’ll need them, especially as more people shop and bank on their phones.

  • John

    Hopefully, you can completely uninstall it like any app from the Play store. Disabling sucks.

  • Alan Marchman


  • Alan Paone

    It is cool that charlatans are able to make friends with the people who sell our phones. It’s cool that they can continue to lie to consumers and steal their money for a product that they absolutely don’t need because it doesn’t do anything. This is a cool thing for consumers.

  • Ryan

    they could pull a knox and make it impossible to disable

    • Blue Sun

      Shh! Don’t give them any ideas. :p

  • James Hill

    Yeah, this is exactly what everybody wants…

  • Colton

    Maybe they’ll block side-loading apps altogether 🙂

    • umbrellacorp

      One can only hope.

  • Guest

    Galaxy S5 Bloated edition

  • Noooooooooo

  • DoctorJB

    Who doesn’t love bloatware? Hopefully it comes with a 30 day trial and annoying pop ups!

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