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HTC on Kit Kat: Coming to HTC One on Carriers Within 90 Days, GPE Within 15 Days

htc one google play edition

HTC is already speaking on plans to get Android 4.4 Kit Kat onto its flagship device, the HTC One. According to HTC, the HTC One found on all major carriers in America should be running Kit Kat within 90 days, a pretty impressive feat if they are able to pull it off. 

As for the international and unlocked variants, users can expect see an update within 30 days from now, and the Google Play Edition owners can look forward to running the newest version of Android within just 15 days.

If HTC can stick to this timeframe, we are officially impressed.

Via: Engadget

  • Parker E.

    Will I get the update eventually on my HTC Droid DNA ?!?!

    • Joel

      Yes it will! Actually it’s official HTC executive sent this message to Droid DNA owner: Jason Mackenzie (@JasonMacHTC) tweeted at 2:26 AM on Sat, Nov 02, 2013:
      @crmeyerhofer Chad, we will update it with 4.4. Schedule is under review currently…..Read this today. Glad DNA wasn’t forgotten.

      • alanb4130

        I sure hope this is true

  • MicroNix

    Sounds like HTC is learning. Good to see them back in the game.

  • epps720

    My unlocked One getting KK in 30 days!! That would be incredible!

  • Knlegend1

    I hope they do some noticeable improvements

  • Gekitou56

    Maybe Verizon is waiting that long so it skips 4.3 and goes straigh to 4.4 when it releases

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • HTC upates fast? it dosnt make SENSE

  • Cael

    HTC phones released before 2013 won’t get KitKat!

  • kixofmyg0t

    So between the GPE One and Moto X…..I think they’ll be very close in getting 4.4.

  • Justin W

    Whoa, whoa, whoa… 30 days from now for the unlocked/international version? I may be switching back to my One for a while from my Note 3…

  • tryptech

    Of course this excludes Verizon, not even the 4.3 update could make it out timely due to Verizon’s “network certification” process. Unless… of course HTC saw this coming and actually gave Verizon a 4.4 update to account for it – one can hope.

  • sdny8

    4-5 months with delays. 6 months for Verizon. Or almost time for 4.5.

  • Douglas Lewis

    So should we on Verizon be expecting to get an update from HTC that they are skipping the 4.3 update to concentrate on the 4.4? I wouldn’t be disappointed since the 4.3 isn’t that big of an upgrade from the 4.2.2. Probably a dumb question, but can they skip from the 4.2 straight to 4.4, or would it be necessary to go to 4.3, then to 4.4?

  • paulmike3

    And the DNA will sit at 4.1.1 for…………………………………………………………..ever.

  • Adrynalyne

    90 days in Verizon time = next Christmas (2014).


  • Droidzilla

    On an unrelated note: My Nexus 5 just shipped! Woot-woot!

    • grumpyfuzz

      Did you get two day or ground?

      • Droidzilla

        Two day. It was $4 more so I couldn’t resist.

        • grumpyfuzz

          Man, I got ground. I want this phone to ship so bad.

          • Droidzilla

            Shoulda dropped the extra $4.

          • grumpyfuzz

            I was such in a rush to purchase the phone because I was afraid the play store might crash, I didn’t even look at the shipping options. Bad mistake on my part.

          • nivek31

            I did the same. Didn’t want to miss out so I just pushed purchase..

  • SparkysShocker

    Don’t hold your breath.

  • Joel

    I guess no 4.4 for HTC Droid DNA. Officially disappointed. This is a high end phone.

    • Nate595

      Yeah the DNA is the Droid phone everyone kinda forgot about it seems like, I guess it must not of sold very well.

    • paulmike3

      “HTC is committed to bringing you* the latest updates, faster than any manufacturer in the world!”

      *Unless your device is on Verizon. Then we wet our pants laughing at you all day and night.

      • Justin W

        Pretty sure that applies to all devices on Verizon.

    • hldc1

      HTC One was only release about 4 months after the Droid DNA.

      I’m hoping that a dedicated fella somewhere decides to develop a 4.4 ROM for us weary faithful.

      • Adrynalyne

        DNA was Verizon only. The One didn’t release to Verizon.

        That said, these Verizon exclusive devices will always get screwed.

        • stang68

          That’s weird…I’m using this HTC One on Verizon…

          • Adrynalyne

            Sorry, LOL.

            I meant, didn’t release initially.

      • mustbepbs

        Development is going very strong over on XDA. We’ve got official CM support, so we’ll get 4.4.

    • T4rd

      You should have learned from the Thunderbolt and Rezound! =p

      Carrier exclusives = bad.

      • Joel

        Yes, your 100 percent right. Verizon gave me an early upgrade. Only high end phone available on Verizon in April 2013 was Droid DNA. Took offer cause specs impressed me and the 5 inch screen.

        • billy

          My wife has the DNA and I’m jealous at how much faster it is than my GNex. If you compare specs on the new Nexus 5 and the DNA They are very similar aside from the CPU clock speed being almost double but it is quad core.

    • mustbepbs

      We’ll get it through CM. CM10.2 is really, really solid. I’ve been running it as my daily driver for well over a month and use it for my business, that’s how much I trust it.

      Don’t worry.

    • Chad

      Chad Meyerhofer [email protected] Nov

      @JasonMacHTC you might be able to win back a few DNA owners you will be loosing in about a year by pushing through a 4.4 update, Just saying

      Jason Mackenzie [email protected] Nov

      @crmeyerhofer Chad, we will update it with 4.4. Schedule is under review currently.

  • richkoos

    So 90 days plus an extra month, so 120 days until 4.4 on verizon, all we can do is wait…

    • SparkysShocker

      You’re being generous I’ll take 150 days.

  • Jpx

    I have to say, this is impressive. This alone could change my opinion of htc

    • Adam Truelove

      3 months to upgrade to 4.4. How is that impressive? By then the Nexus devices will be running 4.4.2. It’s only impressive because we’re used to getting screwed with even more ridiculous times spans.

      • Jpx

        You can’t really compare an OEM to stock. And the point I was talking more so about, was the fact that their GE phones are updating in a 2 week period. The one thing that worried me about GE phones was the fact that HTC/Samsung was handling the updates, not Google. This kind of makes me want the GE phones more

      • PhoenixPath

        It’s impressive because we’re seeing improvement.

        Baby steps, Adam. Baby steps.

    • mustbepbs

      Don’t worry, they’ll let you know on Twitter over the next month or so that it’s delayed.

      • PhoenixPath

        And they’ll still beat sammy…

        Doesn’t matter; any OEM or carrier competition in update speed is a good thing.

        • mustbepbs

          You do realize that Samsung has been sending out OTAs for 4.3 for their lineup, right?

          • PhoenixPath

            I tried to avert the comment above with this:

            “Doesn’t matter; any OEM or carrier competition in update speed is a good thing.”

            I failed. Sorry guys.

  • Adam Truelove

    THIS is why you buy Nexus. 3 months to get 4.4?!?! That’s ridiculous.

    • Guest

      It took the Galaxy S4, which is currently one of Samsung’s major flagship devices, slightly more than 3 months to get 4.3. I can’t even imagine how long the wait for 4.4 will be.

      • Adam Truelove

        That is utterly unacceptable. Wake up people. Any longer than a month is ridiculous. You’re just used to getting screwed.

        • Ryan

          So now your phone is useless and horrible without 4.4. Seriously people are spoiled and expect the world. It works fine on 4.1 – 4.3.

          • PhillipCun

            No, but it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide decent updates in a relatively short time frame. Updates are important to the end-user especially since all Android updates are free and readily available. It is unfortunate that it takes a long time, but if a GPE device can be updated 15 days after it is released, then it says something about their non-GPE software. Maybe the manufacturer should find a better way to update their phones.

            It sounds like you along with other users are just apologizing for why your phone’s manufacturer cannot update your device quickly. Adam Truelove is right, wake the f up. It’s your right to have the latest software and these manufacturers need to figure out a better way to upgrade their user’s phones.

          • Ryan

            IMO i would rather have a great experience on 4.3 than horrible on 4.4 with a rushed update. look at the VZW G-Nex. It was rushed and the update turned out horrible. And dont blame Verizon it was Samsung that made the software. I have been there when software is delivered to a carrier and they have nothing to do with the UI except for their apps and to see if its buggy. Verizon doesnt write code or anything of the sort.

          • PhillipCun

            You’re missing my point completely. the HARDWARE manufacturer thinks they know how to code SOFTWARE and decides to stick on heavy skins on top of stock Android. This skin is viewed by the manufacturer to improve the experience from the consumer (IMO Sense does, Touchwiz doesn’t). If it doesn’t improve the experience, and some consider it bloaty, then it is just causing delays in updates.

            Look at what Motorola did with their apps; they moved it to the Play store so it is independent of software updates. If their features are packaged as apps, so their software is fairly stock. They are able to push out updates quicker than HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG. Partly is because they are a Google company, a company that understands software.

            What I was proposing is this: If manufacturers want to have a skin, why can’t they figure out a better way to roll out updates quicker. Just because they are stuck in their current process, it doesn’t mean they cannot find a more efficient way to do it. If the user, you, doesn’t care or demand it, then they won’t do anything about it.

        • SparkysShocker

          Some people love their skinned Android (I do not) and would be pissed if the OEM released a half baked buggy (we all know they already are no matter the time put in to them) experience in the sake of quick OS upgrades.

    • malcmilli

      i agree to a certain extent as i own a nexus, HOWEVER, i am very envious of the many advantages of non nexus phones… such as much better battery life, and infinitely better cameras, better displays, and LTE amplifiers -.-. (nexus 4 owner speaking)

  • chad hurd

    Do what! Freaking awesome if true!

  • azholio

    Haw Haw Haw and then there was Verizon

  • Guest

    90 days? Wow, that’s impressive compared to others! I really hope Samsung will update the Note 3 and Galaxy S4(s) get Kit-Kat relatively soon as well!

  • JDub

    Now it’s your turn LG. Don’t let us down now that you have made a decent devise to bring android customers to.

  • p4

    the HTC One found on all major carriers* in America …

    *except vzw

    • SparkysShocker

      Cant tell if serious…

      Never mind re-read the entire line in the article, quoting out of context is no bueno.

  • Michael

    Honestly I find it disappointing that this is impressive. I was hoping 4.4 would fully get rid of fragmentation.

    • chris125

      As long as OEM’s and carriers have their hands in it this will never be the case. Remove skins and then all you would have to deal with is the carriers.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    God I hope so. My vzw blue one would look even sexier with kitkat 🙂

    • SparkysShocker

      The red one with this as the Wallpaper

  • jnt

    Don’t see how, given that 4.3 has just been delayed a month on Verizon. Maybe other carriers, but not Verizon.

    • michael arazan

      I think this why the delay happened. HTC probably got word of 4.4 releasing today and decided to skip 4.3 altogether. But because of the handset alliance they are under a NDC so couldn’t explain why before.

  • samosa king

    YES HTC! Now that’s how a company should act!!! 😀

    • HerbieDerb

      My KitKat is coming next week by 2-day air : )