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Dude Takes HD Pictures of Nexus 5, Provides Kit Kat Details in Q&A (Updated)


We’re pretty sure that today is finally the day (PLEASE, be the day). At some point, Google should announce the Nexus 5 and tell us the dirty details on Android 4.4 “Kit Kat,” which hopefully also means we’ll either by able to buy the device or at least pre-order for a release within the next week. But as we wait for all things to become official, we have one last major leak to talk about. Thanks to a throwaway account over at reddit by the name throwawaynexus5guy, we get a set of better quality pictures of the phone, a screen showing an update to Android 4.4.1, and a Q&A session which gives us a few new details to look forward to learning more about. 

As far as the pictures go, we aren’t necessarily seeing anything new in terms of hardware, however, you can see that the camera housing does indeed stick out a bit from the phone’s body. There doesn’t appear to be anything else on the phone’s back that could protect that, so it’s something we’ll all need to be careful of once the phone is in hand. Hopefully, Google and LG made that housing rock solid.

The only other thing we can really take from the pics, like I previously mentioned, is that an update may be waiting for us out of the box. The redditor who posted these images said that the 139.3MB update that can be seen downloading is an update to Android 4.4.1. He said that the update didn’t appear to introduce any radical changes, which seems odd looking at the size of the update.

nexus2 nexus3

Now, about that Q&A:

  • When asked if the phone would have always-on-always-listening features like the Moto X’s Touchless Control, he smiled. In other words, you may be able to talk to your Nexus 5 and perform actions just like Moto X owners do.
  • He mentioned that one of the big new features he noticed was a “complete backup solution” that could save “apps data, saved games, settings for each app, etc.”
  • He said that the phone “doesn’t feel cheap like a Samsung device,” “feels great in the hand” and is “similar to holding a G2.”
  • He thought that after updating to 4.4.1, that he was prompted with a Google Drive offer that could have been around 100GB of storage.
  • As far as the camera goes, he didn’t test it, but was told that it’s an improvement over the Nexus 4, but not on the level of the Galaxy S4 or iPhone.
  • The display is apparently “great” for the price.
  • The speakers sounded great, not “tinny” or weak.
  • He also said he was 99% certain we should see the phone unveiling today.

nexus5 nexus4

We could be moments away, assuming Google is ready to pull the trigger. Also, keep in mind that this is info from one guy on reddit, not a final ruling on anything.

So, any final thoughts?

Update: He’s back with screenshots!

Via:  reddit

Cheers Jes!

  • Marcus

    this phone is ugly. i swear the best looking nexus device was that nexus 1 that HTC made back in 2009-2010? with the scroll wheel at the bottom LOL wasn’t this phone made out of metal?

    this phone looks clunky.. that silver ring around the camera stands out too much. I think the nexus 4 was such a great design (as far as looks are concerned)

  • Razball

    This is getting annoying now lol

  • anonymous

    I have a strong feeling that the phone will be unveiled today at 4:40pm PST.

  • Hatyrei

    why it has only 8MP camera?

  • spark

    I think the supposed camera housing that’s sticking out is actually just a removable plastic cover protecting the camera lense that you can remove after unboxing it. The white part looks like the tab that you use to peel off the plastic.

  • Guy Meatdrapes


  • That line about the camera is annoying me

    • staticx57

      Why? It is a nexus after all

  • Jkdem85

    annndd 9 a.m. PST comes and no Nexus 5… Don’t think it’s happening today

    • Angel Cervantes

      I recall the Galaxy Nexus was unveiled at night around 8 pm western Mexico time

      • Jkdem85

        pretty sure they usually update the play store at 9 a.m. .. but again this is google so who knows

      • poeddroiduser

        The GNex was in Hong Kong by Samsung in a Press Event that was announced weeks earlier…

  • jimbob

    So if always listening gets built into 4.4 on Nexus, will the G2 end up getting it through either an official update or custom rom/mod?

    The reason I ask is that I would love this feature, but I just bought my wife an S4 two days ago. Thinking about exchanging for G2 and then swapping my S4 to her and taking G2. Thoughts?

    • jimbob

      BTW, I’m on Verizon. And yes, I know Moto X has it, but really want a more “future proof” phone.

      • Lukas Zachar

        It is a hardware component, something like a co-processor which allows for the active listening functionality.

        • jimbob

          So even though G2 has the 800r, it probably does not have the necessary hardware to do it? That’s disappointing. Thanks for the response though.

          • jimbob

            Sorry, 800, not 800r (stupid lousy typing ability)

          • Lukas Zachar

            Yes, that’s exactly my point. I am not 100% sure, so you better confirm it with someone else 🙂

  • volvo240


  • Rodeojones000

    Hmmm, keep my 4 day old G2 (fantastic device, by the way) or return it and get the Nexus 5?

    • Skittlez

      nexus 5!

    • Wyatt Neal

      Aren’t they basically the same phone except the G2 has a switch on the back?

      • trwb

        G2 has different software, better camera, different design

      • Rodeojones000

        Pretty much. G2 has a bigger battery, slightly bigger screen, 13MP camera, and isn’t 100% stock Android (although the LG skin is very minimal). Although it was so easy to root I’ve got an AOSP ROM on it now.

    • Xcalibur1011

      As a fellow G2 owner I say keep the G2, aside from the button placement and LG’s skin (which I’m ok with), it’s a great phone.

  • aQuickBit

    Serious question: Why is LG kind of becoming “the” official Nexus manufacturer? There isn’t any exclusivity right? If any OEM wants to make a Nexus they can, but for whatever the reason, LG is the only one deciding to? I guess I am just having a hard time wrapping my brain around it. Is it because this was kind of their last-resort effort to gain traction in the market? If it weren’t for the Nexus 4 would we have still seen the LG G Flex or the G2? I am happy for LG because they seemed to be at the bottom and now have worked their way back up to “quality” status, whereas HTC was one of the best and is in a state of decline (even though I love my One). Also, competition is always a great thing!

    • hkklife

      First of all, Samsung got 3 Nexus design wins in a row (NS, GNex, N10). I imagine LG was the lowest bidder and/or readily had production capacity available. I havea feeling we may see next year’s Nexus from Moto, assuming they are still operating and producing hardware. Personally, I would love to see a Moto, HTC, or Sony-built Nexus.

  • Corey Foltman

    Almost time to dig up the coffee cans of cash that i buried in my yard…

  • Guest
  • RE: Touchless Control
    Obviously, I’m not the only one who saw this coincidence, but I thought I might be on to something. “He smiled” yeah, i did too.

  • moe6

    googel pls

  • Sean

    Will the N4 get those X features as well?

    • Jes Marwaha

      Will the microphones on the N4 have to abilities to be “always listening” to you though?

    • Derin Richardson

      Doesn’t have the Snapdragon 800. So no. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • Rich Robinson

    My G2 is going to be rocking that delicious Kit Kat soon with a better battery, camera, and Verizon’s unlimited network. Amen … now an updated Nexus 10 – that has me excited

    • hkklife

      Somehow I have a feeling we might not be seeing a N10 update,, at least not today.

  • Jkdem85

    8 am is a pretty strange release time… Doesn’t google usually update the play store at 9 a.m. pst?

  • Rice30


  • “The display is apparently ‘great’ for the price”

    … WHAT PRICE?! *hopefully salivating*

  • Keith0606

    it’s past 8am on the west coast and nothing yet. My prediction is 9am PST

  • Ryan Steddy

    Great way to start an article…

  • Adam Truelove

    why WHY does it have a protruding camera?

  • JBartcaps


    • Godzilla

      cuz you touch yourself at night

      • JBartcaps


  • Artune

    This will probably be the last LG Nexus for a while, why? There’s a pattern after the first nexus (from HTC) Two years of Samsung and now this is two years of LG. The next two years might just be Motorola.

    I’m shocked that people are impressed with a 8mp and 2300 mah. It’s not bad, it’s actually great for the price? If it’s around the 300 mark ok but with phones coming out with 13mp and 3000mah batteries I couldn’t jump on this like I did for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • RavnosCC

    Already pulled the trigger on a G2, rooting tonight… N5 looks good though!

  • imnotmikal

    Kellen, I have one question about the Nexus 5, and one question only.

    How will it look face down on a rock? I need to know!

    • BTLS

      LOL, yes I need to know this too! Great comment

  • Cael

    I just received an email from Google about joining a hangout from them today?

  • Jeremy Gross

    dont be hard to hold, should be like moto x

    • JRomeo

      its not hard to hold, the phone is smaller in dimensions than the Nexus4

      • Jeff

        That is now in question, because some the specs that were listed on a Canadian (?) website before it was taken down showed it as slightly taller and wider, while still thinner.

        • JTrip

          I think it will be taller. I got a Nexus 5 bumper in the mail yesterday. It’s longer than my Nexus 4 bumper. Not wider though.

  • Jkdem85

    This is getting stupid now, every release date rumor has been wrong.. I feel like all these journalists are just guessing

    • Godzilla

      today has long been the most popular rumored date

      • JRomeo

        some people might say the same about last week’s date… until that date passed….. It doesn’t benefit google to keep delaying the announcement… they should just announce it already.

        • Travis

          How did they delay it if they never announced it?

          • JRomeo

            Simple…… some of these leaks might have been false, but some of them might have been true…… if the bigwigs at google intended to announce this on oct 24th, but then changed their minds for whatever reason, they have the benefit of asking the same question that you just ask…. when in fact what happened, is that they delayed or postponed the announcement. As a matter of fact, one of the benefits to not setting an announcement date is the BENEFIT, that you could delay or postpone the announcement without anyone thinking that you delayed it…. when in fact, the ones in charge of the announcement would be the only ones that knew how many days this announcement was delayed. But since nobody is inside their head, they might just as well say that the announcement had always been scheduled for a certain date… and we would be none the wiser.

    • Droidzilla

      Well, in fairness, every release date rumour will be wrong until we hit the release date. That’s like saying you always find your car keys in the last place you look. Of course you do; why would you go on looking once you’ve found them?

      • Jkdem85

        there has just been too many. I mean you really do loose credibility by throwing out wrong info multiple times. Yes, you can preface it by saying it’s a rumor, but still… it’s like saying “no offense” before an insult, it doesn’t erase liability.

  • TxAg15

    If I plan on getting the N5 with the famous $30 prepaid plan on T-Mobile, does that mean I must buy it directly from T-Mobile (at an elevated price probably) or can I just get it from Google play?

    • Jkdem85

      you can get from google play

      • TxAg15

        I only ask cause i read the bottom print.

    • JRomeo

      the Nexus5 doesn’t care what sim card you insert into it…… be it a T-Mobile sim card or a sim card from italy… it’ll always work with any GSM sim card.

  • Gustavo

    My body is ready.

  • Guy Pierce

    This is what you get when you take leaked Nexus5 photos with a leaked Nexus5!


    I just can’t wait any longer. For years I’ve been waiting for the day we’d finally see a device with an 8mp camera and a whopping 2300mah battery that can last half a day. And I’ve never understood why phone companies kept installing the camera flush with the back when everyone knows you’ll get much better pictures if it sticks out. IS THIS REAL LIFE? God I can’t wait to order. TAKE MY MONEY.

    • Milind Shah

      dude, do you know whether kitkat has battery optimizations? NO! Do you know whether this camera will be great? NO! if have been into phones(or cameras) for a while, or just know some stuff, you will know that megapixel count isn’t the most important thing in the world!

    • JRomeo

      I detect some sarcasm…. but not sure…..

      • Milind Shah

        yup there was sarcasm, but the shitter type

  • todaysponge

    New rumors that the embargo lifts at 11am Pacific and that today should definitely be the day.

  • Ant
    • Rice30


    • jbdan

      Friggen genius haha!